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Common Issues



The 2011 License Renewal Cycle
    * On Time Renewal Makes the FCC Happy - Brendan Holland
Preparing for FCC License Renewal - Brendan Holland
3/31/11 - First in a series to help stations navigate the renewal process
       4/26/11 - Part 2 - Getting a handle on the FCC License Renewal
5/24/11 - Part 3 - Form 303-S and lots of fun!
    * Information on the dates and requirements for FCC license renewal.
3/14/11 - There are some revisions to the procedures and 303-S form.
                                                         They are here.

        * An important reminder: Renewal reminder notices now will be sent ony by
                 email now, instead of via post card notices. Stations are reminded to
                 ensure their contact information is correct in the FCC databases.



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