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4/10/24 – Bringing several products closer together LAWO took the opportunity of a pre-NAB event to display their new HOME mc-2 DSP app, which is basically the  A__UHD Core in a microservice-based environment. The HOME mc² DSP app is a ultra-low-latency, server-based, agile audio engine.

4/10/24 – Nautel will display several enhancements to their line this year, including, later this year, a new audio player, now built-in to the VX series, as a backup to program loss.

4/10/24 – Telos Alliance has announced their latest series of audio processors for television: the Linear Acoustic AERO.20, AERO.200, and AERO.2400.

4/3/24 – Digital Alert Systems has released the Version 5.3 of firmware for the DASDEC EAS series. The download is free to all users of Version 5.x firmware. In addition to security enhancements, Version 5.3 contains features that improve how alert videos appear – for example, the GPO will hold a two-hour tornado alert video for the whole two hours, instead of only while the alert actually plays on air.

3/27/24 – WorldCast is introducing their APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder. A significant improvement offers greater signal transparency, minimal encoding delay, and exceptional IP transmission stability while significantly reducing the required bandwidth. Also available, the release of version 3.2.1 of the Ecreso FM AiO Series transmitters.nced the release of the Telos Hx6, a digital phone hybrid.

2/27/24 – Looking to upgrade the receiver in your EAS bax? Inovonics is showing off their new 677 Triple Tuner for AM/FM/NOAA reception and monitoring.

Reports after the 2023 NPT indicate the half-rack wide receiver works well.

2/23/24 – Lawo has some interesting plans for NAB 2024 (April 13-17). They will be focusing a large portion of their exhibit activities at the  Show in Las Vegas to unveil its latest innovations to provide operators with a unified platform for IP video, audio, control, and monitoring technology to fully address the requirements of users today and in the future. 

2/23/24 -All four EAS receiver manufacturers have now made the updates required by the FCC – and are already ready for the FEMA update in April. Get your updates from their websites or contact your favorite rep firm.

2/21/24 – Dielectric has announced a new partnership with SCMS for an exclusive distribution agreement for the domestic FM radio market. All new leads will be directed to the SCMS sales team who will work directly with customers on design specifications as needed.

2/19/24 – Both Shure and Sennheiser have issued statements welcoming the FCC’s action on WMAS, and are bringing new products to market to take advantage of the new technology.

2/14/24 – Inovonics has a special until March 31st – or when stock runs out – it includes the popular 719N DAVID IV FM/HD Audio Processor and a 703 RDS Encoder. All you have to do when buying a 719N FM/HD Processor, Inovonics will include a 703 RDS Encoder at no additional cost is mention the Special Offer code: “719N+703” !

1/18/24 –NextGen also released information on four new ATSC3 converters to hit the market. The first, the ADTH receivers are already at Walmart. Dana tells me this converter is a good one.

1/11/24 – Displays at CES showed off the new ATSC3 converters and an interesting new app: The UK’s ROXi FastStream Technology and NextGen TV are set to offer a new experience with “app-style interactivity” to linear Broadcast TV. Initially, the plan is for three new interactive music TV channels to launch across USA – the ROXi Music Channel, the ROXi Music Video Karaoke Channel, and the ROXi Music Games Channel, which will allow Broadcast TV viewers on connected TVs to pause, play and skip music videos for first time without downloading an app on the TV. One study shows 77% of US households want such free interactive music TV channels, karaoke and music games.

11/2/23 – Dave Mandelbaum has announced the closing of DM Engineering at the end of the year. They make a number of products.

DM Engineering will stop taking orders at the end of November, but will remain “open” in 2024 for technical support and whatever parts remain. 

10/25/23 – ADTH has released an new ATSC 3.0 (aka NextgGen) compatible set-top box. Cost is $90.

10/17/23 – Digital Alert Systems has released the Version 5.2 of its DASDEC EAS software, designed to meet the FCC’s requirements as of December 12, 2023. This update is free to users of V5.x.

10/17/23 – Inovonics has retired the 531N Modulation Monitor, replacing it with the new, all-digital 541 Modulation Monitor. Over 5000 531Ns were sold over the past 20 years. Inovonics showed the 541 at NAB and IBC, and is now shipping the new model.

10/17/23 – If you are a fan of Shure SM_7 microphones, you will enjoy the launch of the new SM-7dB XLR dynamic vocal microphone. The SM-7dB features a built-in active preamp that removes the need for inline amplification.

10/4/23 – BE/Elenos has launched The Radio Experience – TREplus, which now will manages  data and visual content across every available audio
delivery method, including Analog FM – RDS, HD Radio®, DAB, DRM, streaming, mobile apps, and station websites

TREplus offers a scalable solution allowing broadcasters to grow their capabilities as they expand their audience and optimize their operation.

10/3/23 – Gorman-Redlich has released their V2.81.0.1 for their EAS receiver. It is the update to the CAP program ready for the required changes in December. The company will help install the new version for $150, in any receiver with previous updates already installed. More information is here.

9/25/23 – WorldCast Systems’ Audemat MC6, designed for DAB/FM test and measurement, was awarded the Best of Show Award at IBC2023

9/24/23 – Lawo has received the prestigious RedTech Award at the IBC Show 2023 in Amsterdam, for its Power Core Rev3 software-defined DSP mixing engine and I/O gateway.

9/22/23 – Sennheiser has several new products, including their MKH 8030 figure-of-eight RF condenser microphone and a new filter for the Sennheiser MKH 8000 RF condenser microphone series. Also and AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio live renderer plugin will be available later this year.

9/13/23 – Telos Alliance has two new additions to their product line family of popular streaming audio encoders and processors: Z/IPStream® X/20 and Z/IPStream R/20 Stream Encoders.  Z/IPStream R/20 is a dedicated 1RU encoding and processing hardware appliance with and Z/IPStream X/20 is implemented in software for deployment on Windows PCs and servers. 

9/12/23 – GatesAir will show off the GatesAir Maxiva GNSS-PTP, a standalone 1RU solution with a sophisticated switching algorithm that assures high-precision 10MHz and 1 PPS reference signals to mission-critical components in the signal chain, including transmitters, networking, and studio equipment.

7/12/23 – Davicom’s Axon series of monitoring interface units are now shipping. Orders are now being taken for the next batch, due in September. And the NEURO – the big brother appliance – is expecting delivery to happen in October. 

7/9/23 – BE/Elenos reports delivering almost 200 transmitters to Nagyfrekvencia Kft (the leading Hungarian company in local and regional radio), literally covering the whole country. One special use of the transmitters: ensuring coverage throughout the capital with a temporary 8 – channel mobile FM simultaneous interpretation system, which was operating during an international religious event. The Elenos Group

7/4/23 – The Telos Alliancehas posted their web seminar on their AudioTools Server WorkflowCreator.

6/22/23 – Inovonics is now shipping their new 4th Generation Model 541 FM Modulation Monitor.

6/22/23 – BE/Elenos has delivered a pair of ETG-2000 transmitters to the Mid-West Family radio group in Benton Harbor, MI. More info here.

6/22/23 – Sage Alerting and Gorman-Redlich both have announced their EAS updates to meet the FCC requirements will likely be in July. More info here.

5/30/23 – CW Broadcast – the new company name for Circuit Werkes and PTEK brands is debuting their new line of transmitters: 50, 100, 150, 300, 500, 750, 1200, 1500 2000, 2500 and 3000 Watt units, all redesigned, with multiple power supplies in the larger models.

CWB is also offering “Remote Control – Webserver” add-ons for existing and new transmitters.

5/30/23 – WorldCast wants you to know about their SynchroStream – APT’s technology for time-synchronous IP transmission and audio/MPX content playout. It is the ultimate solution for time-locking IP transmissions and synchronizing FM modulation. It is designed to control delay differences and their impact on the listening experience in an SFN.

5/14/23 – Digital Alert Systems has now released Version 5.1 Software for current DASDEC and One-Net platforms. More information here.

5/14/23 – Telos Alliance new product: The Axia Altus is on display here.

4/17/23 – Angry Audio’s latest gizmo is the USB Audio Gizmo.  More info here.

4/13/23 – Shively Labs has announced they have been acquired by American Amplifier Technologies  (AAT). 

The sale includes all assets and intellectual property – including the Shively test range. Employees were offered jobs at the new factory in Sacramento, but Howell Labs also offered continued employment in Maine. (A nice choice for anyone caught in a similar sale.) The brand will continue as Shively, originating and shupped from Sacramento since March 24th.

All orders before March 24th are being shipped from Bridgton, ME, Future operations will be out of a new facility in Scaramento, CA. During this period, phone numbers will be maintained for contact.


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4/13/23 – Angry Audio’s Chameleon has wideded the line with the latest version, the C4 version, will take care of your streaming audio with no fuss, no mess. Feed it audio. It just works. 

4/12/23  – DirectOut and Lawo announced that the modular Prodigy.MP and Prodigy.MC audio converters, which were only recently on tour with Coldplay, are now fully integrated with Lawo’s HOME platform. Additionally, Lawo and intoPIX will provide lossless JPEG XS support. NAB Booth C4111.

4/12/23  – Broadcast Electronics/Elenos  are launching AudioVault 11  More info here.

1/27/23 – Comrex is now shipping the BRICKlink III.