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News from the Manufacturers

9/14/20 - A collaborative approach to improving the FM + HD air-chain was announced by Nautel and The Telos Alliance. Using the world's first completely time-locked FM + HD air-chain that can be managed via the cloud. A demonstration video is located here.

9/11/20 - The LBA Group has announced that 100% of its technical staff have been certified for installing CBRS facilities.

9/4/20 - WorldCast Systems' Ecreso FM 3kW transmitter has been approved by the German Public Broadcasting system (ARD), having met their rigorous specifications, among the most demanding.


Digital Alert Systems has prepared the small upload you need to make your EAS box work with the new FEMA certificate. The old one expires on October 28th. You can get the new one here


LOGITEK is now offering a Dante option for their JET67 console engine - the engine that powers their inexpensive mixIT console. It will work with a Helix as well. More information here.


INOVONICS BROADCAST is in the evacuation zone for one of the big California fires. Thus, they are doing their best to service customers, but response times may be less than optimal. So far, no injuries or damage reported to the factory, but owe want to send our "positives" in their direction.


Logitek's Helix TV console package, a touchscreen audio console available in physical and ?virtual? formats, now provides 64 x 64 channels of Dante audio along with AES67 networking. All new JetStream Plus/Helix TV systems include AES67 and Dante; current users should contact Logitek to purchase an upgrade. For more information, click here.


Nautel and Telos are teaming up for a trio of webcasts every other week, starting this Thursday (August 13) at Noon EDT, on the factors that affect your air chain and deploying the newer technologies in the studio and at the transmitter. Register here.


Nautel has released a new eBook, "9 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Transmitter," including space requirements, potential delivery issues, site preparation and more.

"No matter what brand of radio transmitter you are considering, there are many details involved," said John Whyte, Head of Marketing at Nautel. "Failure to account for even small details can drive up your total cost of ownership. This eBook addresses what we consider to be the top nine issues involved with a new transmitter purchase and includes questions you should be asking yourself in the preparation process."

Get your own copy of this valuable resource here.


Angry Audio is offering the promo code GETREAL20 to receive 20% off all genuine StudioHub products, making their products as inexpensive as off-brands. For more information, contact your favorite dealer.


Digital Alert Systems continues its Price Relief Program for stations needing to upgrade their EAS boxes to handle the new Version 1.2 TSL security layer, which now supercedes V1.0 and 1.1.

Version 4.2 will continue to be available at a reduced price through Sept. 7th. Savings can be as much as 60% off retail.


LAWO has a "Mix Kitchen" suite to simplify remote control of audio surfaces. Incorporating a Mackie  (or similar) fader panel, is it possible to assist and control audio mixing from anywhere in the world.

Here is more information.


Angry Audio is having a BOGO sale on the StudioHub (formerly Radio Systems) ADA-2x8SS Distribution Amplifier.

Buy one and get a second one free. Contact your favorite dealer. And see the other products at:


Digital Alert Systems has announced their new Software Assurance Plan.  For all users of Version 4.0, DAS will provide all future software updates for a set yearly fee, along with discounts on additional options, service, and parts.


New firmware for all three Inovonics SOFIA models has just been released. This applies to the SOFIA 568 HD Radio SiteStreamer+, the complimentary SOFIA 565 FM, and SOFIA 567 AM versions. A number of new features have been added, including a more secure login for non-technical "casual users," and UDP streaming. More information can be found here.

SOFIA 565 Firmware Rev => HERE
SOFIA 567 Firmware Rev => HERE
SOFIA 568 Firmware Rev => HERE  
Tips on installing firmware => HERE


Henry Engineering has another unique problem-solver called "BackUPS,"  an "automatic UPS bypasser" whichsolves the problems of (a) how to automatically (or remotely) bypass a failed UPS and (b) how to fix a failed UPS without shutting off power to critical equipment.

The BackUPS units will ship in early May.  More information here.


Lawo is reacting to the need to get things done, while dealing with Social Distancing protocols. To help commission new radio systems, Lawo engineers are using the latest technologies so they can conduct a fully-remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), using carefully selected online conferencing media to interact with station engineers and certify their new systems to be broadcast-ready.


World Wide Antenna Systems announces the availability of the
new HEBA (High Efficiency Broadcast Antenna) that can be installed at something like 1/4 the height of a standard AM antenna, without guy wires, without a buried ground system, and no aviation lighting. For more infor-mation: check the Spring Showcase or contact them at 781-273-1147 or 800-946-7007


Worldcast Systems announces a special Covid-19 promotion, where they will provide their new SmartFM - free - to Ecreso owners for the next year. This can reduce transmission energy costs by up to 40%. For more information, check the Spring Showcase.


GatesAir will produce several web seminars during April to show off things they would have demonstrated at NAB. Starting on April 7th and 9th, seminars that discuss their 5 to 150 kW VHF and UHF transmitters with updated HTML5 GUIs, featuring advanced security, and a review of products and features for radio content delivery - HD, DAB, DRM, and more.


With many stations asking staff to work from home, remote control of studio gear is important. Logitek notes that every JetStream system ships with an embedded PC running LogMein and vMix+, which can quickly configure a virtual console to be run from anywhere. For more information or assistance, check with Logitek at 713-664-4470.


As the NAB Show has been cancelled for the time being, a lot of new products and services that companies were working hard to get ready still need to be featured. While things are a bit in chaos this week, we will do our best to let you know what is new this year, and what you need to know.


Digital Alert Systems has teamed up with DigIt Signage Technologies/ChyTV to showcase the company's new standardized look and feel for improving the visual presentation of emergency alerting information on video displays, including the addition of dynamic elements, providing broadcasters with a powerful new way of displaying emergency information.


Angry Audio has now acquired Studio-Hub, purchasing the famous brand of RJ45 adapters, cables, and studio accessories that pioneered the use of CAT5 cabling for broadcast audio.


Henry Engineering is pleased to announce a new product, SUPERLIGHT, which controls and directly-powers LED and other low-voltage tally lights is now in stock.  It can interface with virtually any networked studio installation or broadcast console, controlling tally lights using the ?mic tally? circuit.


The SOFIA 567 AM SiteStreamer+™ is the latest addition to Inovonics series of remote monitors with advanced features for critical situations.

The SOFIA 567 provides analog, AES3-digital and AoIP-streaming audio outputs and the web interface enables remote AM tuning, streamed audio, source switching, alarms, and much more. Check here for more information.



RAM SYSTEMS has consolidated their Dixon Systems News Mixers and Line Matchers, Studio Items, and the Torpey Time product brands into the RAM Systems brand. Check them out at


Nautel reminds us that their 2020 Radio Technology Forum will be held April 19th at the Flamingo, Las Vegas from 9 -12:30 PM, followed by a lunch provided for attendees. This must-attend industry event covers broadcast transmission, best practices, challenges, and technology trends. The event is free and open to anyone passionate about radio transmission.

New this year: attendance now qualifies for a ½ credit towards SBE recertification in category H!

Register free at:


American Amplifier Technologies announces a distributor partnership with SAS Audio for both companies to represent the wider range of products of both companies at the same time. Together, the companies will now have six locations around the country to provide products, services, and support. More information will soon be available on their website.


LAWO recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. The German company has become a major producer of broadcast and media production technology, with an emphasis on IT connectivity using open standards.
More information is at


Henry Engineering has a new PowerClamp SERIES 200 surge suppressor - rated at 200,000 surge-amps per phase, and will attenuate powerline spikes and surges to within a few volts of the AC sine wave.

Series 200 has more surge-amp capacity than previous PowerClamp units, but costs less thanks to newer production technology, including a hybrid of multiple technologies to greatly reduce the amplitude of AC spikes and surges that often damage these switching supplies.

For information, contact any Henry Engineering/Sine Control dealer, or call Hank Landsberg at 562-493-3589.


Inovonics is now shipping their Sophia 565 SiteStreamer+ Monitor.


DAVICOM has announced their new DEX - The Davicom Exchange Portal, an online platform to bring together information and tips to allow you optimize the use of your Davicom unit and take advantage of its full potential. This new knowledge-base holds definitions, how to's, blogs, announcements, FAQ's, setup guides, articles and more. More info is located here.


Comrex has released a new update for its line of IP audio codecs. Firmware version 4.5p2 is being released in conjunction with ACCESS MultiRack, a new multi-instance codec from Comrex, to provide seamless integration of all functions with legacy single-instance ACCESS codecs. This new firmware simplifies CrossLock connections between the new ACCESS MultiRack and legacy Comrex IP audio codecs.


Nautel reminds us that registration is now open for Nautel's annual NUG@NAB Radio Technology Forum, to be held Sunday morning, April 19 at the Flamingo Las Vegas. The annual educational event is open to all broadcasters interested in Radio transmission technologies, begins at 9 AM and will feature a broad range of speakers including Nautel's highly popular "Tips & Tricks" session. A hot lunch will be available to attendees immediately after the meeting, along with an optional AUI session.



Inovonics has developed a new free firmware update for our INOmini Receiver-Monitors, models 661, 673, 674, 676, 679. This latest firmware update improves the internal reference clock and lots of little things that have come-up since the products were first launched in June 2019.

Inovonics recommends that users download and install the new firmware updates at their earliest convenience. It should be noted that a factory reset is required after the update.


Comrex is now shipping its ACCESS MultiRack, its new rackmount multi-channel IP audio codec. ACCESS MultiRack occupies only 1RU, it can handle up to five full-duplex IP audio connections simultaneously, and is compatible with all Comrex IP audio codecs.


LBA Technology is now showing off their new CAMICAT broadband AM isocouplers. The product makes it easier to use an AM tower for revenue production.


Nautel and GatesAir have announced their annual events for the 2020 NAB Spring Show. Nautel will remain on Sunday morning; GatesAir will move their gathering to Saturday afternoon.


LBA is offering a new Hybrid ColoCoil for 4G/5G Cellular that makes isolating Hybrid cable on AM towers hassle free and dependable.

The Hybrid ColoCoil -series isocouplers economically isolate current fiber/copper hybrid cables from “hot” AM towers. Hybrid cables are fast replacing coaxial cables for advanced 4G and new 5G cellular installations. For legacy AM colocations, LBA Hybrid ColoCoils become drop-in upgrade replacements for coaxial ColoCoils, saving valuable space in tower-base compounds.

More information is here.


BW Broadcast has released Version 3 of firmware - as a FREE download for their V3 transmitter series. Information and download link is here.


Inovonics has been making the INOmini line for ten years now. To celebrate, they have set up a "Rack Pack" bundle promotion that may interest you, as it lets you build a "rack pack" that fits your needs. More details are here.


Angry Audio has announced their new Headphone Gizmo, a high quality amplifier with or without a volume control.
Find more info on Angry Audio's Headphone Gizmo here.


Nautel has a special deal for those who want/need to retire an old tube transmitter: until January 31, 2020, stations can get up to a $10,000 credit AND keep the old transmitter for backup use. Get the info here.


Comrex introduced two new products at the Radio Show this year. The new ACCESS NX Rack is a complete redesign of the industry standard ACCESS Rackmount IP audio codec, featuring a more powerful processing core, new HTML5-based web browser control interface and AES67 compatibility. The new ACCESS MultiRack features five ACCESS IP codecs in a 1RU, 19-inch rackmount chassis with the same new features as in the ACCESS NX Rack.


The Telos Alliance has a new console, the Axia Quasar, a 6th Generation AoIP Console. 
It was unveiled at IBC and NAB, and there is more information here.


GatesAir has now added Video transport added to the Intraplex audio transport platform.


Nautel will have a special program at IBC on Saturday on DRM implementation. We are told it will also be available later on the website.


At IBC and NAB, the Telos Alliance demonstrate the new Omnia MPX Node.
This hardware codec is capable of transmitting a complete FM composite signal via IP, at rates as low as 320 kbps.


The Telos Alliance announced a new audio processor, the Linear Acoustic LA-5300. The LA-5300 is specifically designed to deliver loudness control, upmixing, watermarking, coding and monitoring for ATSC 3.0 audio.

The LA-5300 provides loudness control via the Dolby® Real-Time Loudness leveler (when encoding to AC-4). The LA-5300 can upmix from stereo to 5.1-channel and can also decode incoming AC-4 streams for confidence monitoring, bitstream analysis, and for audience measurement using the optional Nielsen and Verance watermark encoders.


LAWO Announces Power Core MAX, a AES67 mixing engine that supports up to four independent Lawo mixing surfaces.
In addition to giving users incredible amounts of processing, routing and I/O capabilities, Power Core has 96 available DSP channels and the capacity to handle hundreds of analog, digital and AES67 audio signals. According to Clark Novak, "with the Power Core MAX license pack, a single engine can be controlled by more than one mixing surface."


GatesAir, has expanded its range of DAB Radio transmitters and solutions to include multi-carrier and liquid-cooled innovations, starting with debuts at IBC2019. Many of the new innovations result from the company?s recent acquisition of ONEtastic, known forward as GatesAir S.r.l.


LAWO announces their AES67 Stream Monitor, a new software product for Windows PCs, debuting at IBC 2019.

Called an easy way to keep themselves informed about the state of their program streams, Clark Novak says: "Broadcasters are vocal about their support for the AES67 standard. But they've had no easy way to inspect and monitor critical audio streams. AES67 Stream Monitor addresses this issue and fills their need."

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