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Looking for an *nix alternative to Windows?

How about a package with OS, GUI, and a Server Host?

Worried about cost? You have come to the right place!

More than a few folks have found that there is reason to have one or more systems running a flavor of *nix.

Recent purchases and consolidations have left some of the older open-source OSs, like CentOS either deprecated or stuck with problems from the commercial companies that have “taken over.” Worse, learning all the command line commands can be daunting.

A good choice for those that want to get a simple package that will load and get started is the BlueOnyx GUI that will run the OS for you. There is no cost for the ISO files that will build you a system, including OS, ready for apps, even a Windows clone. (There is even an OS and GUI management panel combination for the Raspberry Pi!)

Check it out:

Additional apps that are ready to integrate are found at:


You can use the BX to control your local machine, or make it full of DNS, etc., to host your webpage, email, and more.  Do you need an ISP or server host? We recommend a ISP with complete Internet, email, and other services available at a modest price.

By the way, if supporting open source is something you like to do, the author of BlueOnyx, Michael Stauber does all this as a “volunteer” for the BX project. However, donations to keep going are appreciated.

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