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The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource

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The new DAVID IV 719N FM/HD Radio Broadcast Processor

Introducing the new DAVID IV 719N FM/HD Radio Broadcast Processor with Network Interface - adding easy Web Access for set-up, control, and increased networking capabilities to the popular DAVID IV 719 processor.

The Network Interface upgrade to the popular 719 processor, adds two very important features. One, the Web GUI can be controlled from any web enabled device; and two, adding SNMP makes remote management and control a breeze.


  • Intuitive, menu-driven set-up and IP interface for remote Web access and control
  • 25 factory presets and 20 customizable presets
  • IP connectivity for SNMP monitor and control
  • Streamlined 4th Generation DSP-based audio processor
  • 5 Bands of Dynamic Range Compression and ´Graphic EQ´
  • Precision FM Stereo generator with dual outputs, internal metering of your RDS/RBDS subcarrier
  • Multilingual Front Panel Menu in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • HD Delay (optional)

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