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Inovonics Broadcast

Inovonics is introducing the new 551 HD Radio Modulation Monitor, the ultimate choice for advanced FM and HD Radio signal monitoring, whether you are at the transmitter site or halfway around the world. Simultaneously monitor in real time the off-air FM modulation along with up to 4 HD Radio Channels.

The 551 & 552 Models will be available beginning January 2022. Inovonics is accepting pre-orders now. Contact Inovonics for pricing and availability.


  • Monitor off-air analog FM and HD Radio signals (HD1-HD8) on the Hi-Res 7-inch Front Panel Touch Display and remotely via the Web interface.
  • Fulltime off-air program audio is available simultaneously as L/R-analog, AES3-digital and Dante®-based AES67 AoIP streaming, all with adjustable levels, plus a multi-listener Internet IP stream and front-panel headphone jack.
  • The 3U package features a 7-inch graphic touch screen display, wide-range LED level meters with rear-panel tallies.
  • The 551 collects the history of signal parameters and displays HD Radio� album artwork, stationn logos on the front panel display and remote Web interface.
  • Front-panel alarms and/or rear-panel ‘tallies’ indicate Audio Loss, Low Signal, RDS Errors, HD Loss, HD Power, FM/HD1 Alignment, HD Artist Experience, and many others.
  • Spectrum graphs include RF Baseband, MPX and Left/Right Audio. O-Scope views for MPX, Pilot, RDS and all Audio Channels.
  • Measures real-time audio diversity delay between the FM and HD1 broadcast.

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