The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource

The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource

The Virtual Lunch Gathering!

Each Thursday at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific, we get together to
discuss topics of interest to broadcasters and learn things.

  • The meeting is held using Zoom - to prevent Zoombombing the URL is not published on the web. Broadcasters are invited, just ask for an invite.

Upcoming Events:

  • January 14th - Power Clamp - Hany Landsberg
  • January 21st - MoM – Stephen Lockwood and Ben Dawson – Hatfield and Dawson
  • January 28th – Prevention/maintenance for towers - Steve Wilde – American Amplifier Technology
  • February 4th – Getting the best out of ferrites - Jeff Welton - Nautel
  • A screen file should have the key info and links used during the meeting. Just click here.

Recordings of the meetings are usually posted here a day or so afterward.

1/7/21Avoiding Single Points of Failure - Jeff Welton AudioVideo
12/24/20 Audio Recording History - Jack Mullin (AES)AudioVideo
12/17/20AVATAR - Chuck Kelly (BE/Elenos)AudioVideo
12/10/20Maxxcasting & Zonecasting - Bert GoldmanAudioVideo
12/3/20Audio Consoles move from analog to digital - Tag Borland (Logitek)AudioVideo
11/26/20A Century of Broadcasting: Fact & Myth - Donna Halper & Barry Mishkind AudioVideo
11/19/20Maintenance Issues - Group DiscussionAudioVideo
11/12/20High Efficiency Broadband Antenna - Grady MoatesAudioVideo
11/5/20Planning Your Studio - Gordon Carter AudioVideo
10/29/20Audio Processing, Streaming, and Podcasts - Cornelius GouldAudioVideo
10/22/20Antenna Patterning - Sean Edwards, Bob Surette, Kyle Sanders - ShivelyAudioVideo
10/15/20Designing Sennheiser Headphones & microphones - Brian Walker AudioVideo
10/8/20Digital AM Operations - Dave KolesarAudioVideo
10/1/20Angry Audio/Studio Hub - Clark Novak, Mike DoschAudioVideo
9/24/20Nautel's App: a bridge to HTML5 - Matt HerdonAudioVideo
9/17/20ABIP and you - Ken BennerAudioVideo
9/17/20FEMA uses IPAWS to link non-weather alerts to NWR - Ed CzarneckiAudioVideo
9/10/20Multi-Cam Systems - Mary Ann Seidler/Stan Walbert AudioVideo
9/3/20Texas Broadcast Museum - Chuck Conrad AudioVideo
8/27/20Blade 4 - Jay Tyler (Wheatstone)AudioVideo
8/27/20C-Band Lump Sum payments - Mark Johnson (46 markets)AudioVideo
8/20/20Remote Control Features and Flash Update - Bob Tarsio (BDI)AudioVideo
8/13/20Diplexing FMs - Steve Moreen (Dielectric) SimSmith app AudioVideo
8/6/20Shure Broadcast Microphones - Michael PettersonAudioVideo
7/30/20Getting Remote Delta Temperatures - John Ahern (Davicom)AudioVideo
7/23/20Unscaring you about Rivendell - John Anderson (Paravel)AudioVideo
7/16/20The XPN-AM Audio Processor - Bob OrbanAudioVideo
7/9/20Right Streaming Choices - Mike Erickson (Wireless Media)AudioVideo
6/25/20Static Dissipation - Jim Burt (Nott Limited)AudioVideo
6/18/20 Audio Processing vs Multipath - Frank Foti (Telos Alliance) AudioVideo
6/11/20 Liquid-Cooled FM with Don Backus (Rohde & Schwarz) AudioVideo
6/ 4/20 IP Audio Monitoring with Ben Barber (Inovonics) AudioVideo
5/28/20 NRSC Measurements with Burt Weiner AudioVideo
5/21/20 IP audio transport with Tony Gervasi (GatesAir) AudioVideo
5/14/20 BackUPS with Hank Landsberg (Henry Engineering) AudioVideo
5/ 7/20 Generator "Experts" with Gary Minker AudioVideo
4/30/20 High Efficiency BroadBand Antenna with Grady Moates AudioVideo
4/23/20 Station IT Security with Fred Gleason (Paravel) AudioVideo
4/16/20 The C-Band Revamp status with Mark Johnson (LinkUp) AudioVideo

Do you have any suggestions for topics to cover during the meeting or things you would like to learn from manufacturers or vendors, please let us know!

Thanks for being part of our group!

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