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discuss topics of interest to broadcasters and learn things.

Upcoming Events:                                            

  • February 23rd – What’s News at BE/Elenox – Rich Redmond
  • March 2nd – Jeff Welton
  • Marche 9th – Catfish Dosch – Angry Audio
  • March 16th – Jeff Williams – YellowTech
  • March 23rd – Mark Johnson – LinkedIn Sentinal
  • March 30th – TBA
  • April 5th – Jeff Welton


Recordings of our Lunch Gatherings are usually posted a day or so afterward on the Youtube theBDRnet channel. 

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LinkUp's new Sentinel service - Mark & Karen Johnson, Eric Wiler - 3/23/23Video
Yellowtec pre-NAB product review - Jeff Williams - 3/16/23Video
Angry Audio's Chameleon has new models - Mike "Catfish" Dosch and Corny Gould - 3/9/23Video
BE/Elenos get ready for NAB - Rich Redmond - 2/23/23 Video
Audio processing and PPM - THe Orban 5950 - Daniel Hyatt - 2/16/23 Video
*nix OSes and the BlueOnyx - Michael Stauber and Chris Gebhardt - 2/9/23 Video
On the job training and mentoring - Jeff Welton - 2/2/23 Video
Open Source applications for broadcasting - Tom Pozar and Brian David - 1/26/23 Video
EAS 2023 and Your Budget, Plus the NRSC requirement - Bill Robertson - DASDEC - 1/19/23 Video
Life Cycle Planning - Jeff Welton - 1/5/23 Video
Has the FCC gone too far on EAS? - Bill Robertson, Ed Czarnecki, Gary Timm - 11/10/22 Video
Dana's Daily Deals - Dana Puopolo - 10/13/22 Video
Selecing the Right Console for your facility - Darrin Paley - 10/20/22 Video
iQs - Kirk Harnack 9/23/21 Video
Audio Consoles move from analog to digital - Tag Borland (Logitek) (12/3/20)Video
Can an SFN Save AM - John Kean - 7/28/22 Video
Multiplexing AMs - Tom King - 1/28/22 Video
Digital AM at WFAS - Conrad Trautmann 10/7/21 Video
High Efficiency Broadband Antenna - Grady Moates (11/12/20)Video
High Efficiency BroadBand Antenna with Grady Moates ( 4/30/20)Video
Method of Moments - Ben Dawson & Stephen Lockwood (1/21/21)Video
Digital AM Operations - Dave Kolesar (10/8/20)Video
NRSC Measurements with Burt Weiner (5/28/20)Video
StreamGuys - Robert Minnix (7/15/21) Video
Handling Streaming Audio - Joh Kean and Corny Gould 10/28/21 Video
HLS Audio - Greg Ogonowski - StreamS (3/18/21) Video
Multi-Cam Systems - Mary Ann Seidler/Stan Walbert (9/10/20)Video
Right Streaming Choices - Mike Erickson (Wireless Media) (7/9/20)Video
RadioDJ - Greg Ogonowski (6/24/21) Video
Follow the Audio, and The C-Level Preprocessor- 9/15/22 Video
The Audio Chameleon - Corny Gould/Mike "Catfish" Dosch - 3/10/22 Video
Omnia 11 V4 and the Silvio Clipper - Frank Foti - 1/21/22 Video
Audio Processing, Streaming, and Podcasts - Cornelius Gould (10/29/20)Video
The XPN-AM Audio Processor - Bob Orban (7/16/20)Video
Audio Processing vs Multipath - Frank Foti (Telos Alliance) (6/18/20)Video
Getting the best out of Comrex BRIClink Codecs- Mike Freidman & Chris Crump - 6/23/22 Video
Solving the Problems of audio over IP- Tony Gervasi - 2/17/22 Video
webRTC and Opal - Chris Crump - Comrex 10/14/21 Video
APT MPX Links - Tony Peterle (3/11/21)Video
The Tieline Gateway - Doug Ferber/Jacob Daniluck (2/11/21)Video
CallMe IP codec family - Mike Dosch/Ian Prowse (2/25/21)Video
Blade 4 - Jay Tyler (Wheatstone) (8/27/20)Video
IP audio transport with Tony Gervasi (GatesAir) (5/21/20)Video
Firewalls! - Brad Parsons, Wayne Pecena, Danny Boyer - 1/12/23Video
What the Heck is A Firewall, Anyway? - Tim Pozar - 10/27/22 Video
What the Heck is A Firewall, Anyway? - Tim Pozar - 10/27/22 Video
EAS and Station IT Security - Bill Robertson - DASDEC - - 8/4/22 Video
IT Security at the transmitter - Jeff Welton- 2/3/22 Video
Cybersecurity - Wayne Pecena (8/26/21) Video
Station IT Security with Fred Gleason (Paravel) (4/23/20)Video
ATSC3- Dave Folsom - 4/14/22 Video
Digital AM at WFAS - Conrad Trautmann 10/7/21 Video
Digital AM Operations - Dave Kolesar (10/8/20)Video
EAS 2023 and Your Budget, Plus the NRSC requirement - Bill Robertson - DASDEC - 1/19/23 Video
DASDEC-III and new EAS features- Bill Robertson - 4/21/22 Video
Reviewing the NPT (8/12/21) Video
EAS for the NPT (7/22/21) Video
A Chat with the FEMA - Mark Lucero (4/29/21)Video
NWS Partical County Activations - Schott, Berc, Hart (4/22/21)Video
FEMA uses IPAWS to link non-weather alerts to NWR - Ed Czarnecki (9/17/20)Video
Inside the ABIP - Mike Langner (8/19/21) Video
FCC Exposure Rules - Raj Mathur (5/27/21) Video
ABIP and you - Ken Benner (9/17/20)Video
Dielectric Pylon Antennas and FM DA Software- Nicole Starett and Connor Pittman - 7/21/22 Video
Update on Nautel AUI and VX transmitters- Matt Herdon and Mike Woods - 6/2/22 Video
FM Antenna Patterns - Shively (7/10/21) Video
Antenna Patterning - Sean Edwards, Bob Surette, Kyle Sanders - Shively (10/22/20)Video
Slug Tuning for a Better Antenna Match - Steve Wilde - American Amplifier Tech (1/28/21)Video
Antenna Matching 102 - Steve Wilde - American Amplifier Tech (4/15/21)Video
Maxxcasting & Zonecasting - Bert Goldman (12/10/20)Video
Diplexing FMs - Steve Moreen (Dielectric) (8/13/20)Video
Liquid-Cooled FM with Don Backus (Rohde & Schwarz) (6/11/20)Video
As the Antenna Burns - Clay Freinwald (3/25/21)Video
Centenary Radio - WBZ 9/16/21 Video
A Century of Broadcasting: Fact & Myth - Donna Halper & Barry Mishkind (11/26/20)Video
Audio Recording History - Jack Mullin (AES) (12/24/20) Video
Drake-Chenault Radio Automation - Hank Landsberg Video
Texas Broadcast Museum - Chuck Conrad (9/3/20)Video
Protecting Your Transmitter - Jeff Welton - 11/3/22 Video
Troubleshooting - 12/15/22 Video
Watch Out for That ... ! - Gordon Carter - 9/22/22 Video
Making Sure Your Transmitter is in Compliance - 9/1/22 Video
Finding Help When You Need It - 8/25/22 Video
Getting Help in Difficult Times- - 6/9/22 Video
The New PowerClamp/Talent Pod II - Hank Landsberg - 2/24/22 Video
Maintenance - How, Where, When? - 1/14/22 Video
What Can Your Transmitter Tell You? - Jeff Welton - Nautel- 12/2/21 Video
Things You Didn't Know You Needed - Jeff Welton - Nautel 11/4/21 Video
How Long is Long Enough? - - Jeff Welton - Nautel - 9/2/21 Video
Effective Troubleshooting Policies- Gordon Carter - (8/12/21)Video
Planning for Maintenance - Jeff Welton - (3/4/21)Video
Maintenance Issues - Group Discussion - (11/19/20)Video
Burning Down the House - Jeff Welton - (4/1/21)Video
Avoiding Single Points of Failure - Jeff Welton - (1/7/21)Video
Shure Microphones - Ben Escobedo 9/16/21 Video
Designing Sennheiser Headphones & microphones - Brian Walker - (10/15/20)Video
Shure Broadcast Microphones - Michael Petterson- (8/6/20)Video
ROI - Jeff Wleton - 10/6/22 Video
Magnetic Light- Duncan Crane - 5/12/22 Video
Unscaring you about Rivendell - John Anderson (Paravel) - (7/23/20)Video
What is an 5G Update, and more- Mark Johnson - 3/17/22 Video
5G Update - Mark Johnson - LinkUp Communications 9/9/21 Video
The C-Band Revamp status with Mark Johnson (LinkUp) - (4/16/20) Video
C-Band Lump Sum payments - Mark Johnson - Linkup - (8/27/20)Video
Handling Streaming Audio - Joh Kean and Corny Gould 10/28/21 Video
Moving to a Digital Studio - Clark Novak, LAWO - 8/19/22 Video
Building a Great Monitor System - Dana Puopolo - 8/11/22 Video
NIRO - Acoustic analysis for studios - John Storyk and Peter D'AntonionVideo
Planning Your Studio - Gordon Carter - (11/5/20)Video
Angry Audio/Studio Hub - Clark Novak, Mike Dosch - Angry Audio - (10/1/20)Video
Controllers and Monitors - Bob Tarsio - 12/8/22 Video
Test Gear that Will Not Break the Budget - 9/8/22 Video
FM and HD Monitoring - Ben Barber - Inovonics - 6/30/22 Video
Remote Control Hacks- Joe Flemming - 6/16/22 Video
Monitoring and Control - Tony Peterle - WorldCast - 11/11/21 Video
Nautel's HTML5 AUI - Matt Herndon - Nautel;- 10/22/21 Video
RF Hawkeye - Dan Glavin (Dielectric (7/29/21) Video
AVATAR - Chuck Kelly (BE/Elenos) (12/17/20)
sUAS (drones) using IR cameras for antenna and tower inspection - Paul Shulins (4/8/21)Video
IP Audio Monitoring with Ben Barber (Inovonics) (6/4/20)Video
Getting Remote Delta Temperatures - John Ahern (Davicom) - (7/30/20)Video
Remote Control Features and Flash Update - Bob Tarsio (BDI) - (8/20/20)Video
Nautel's App: a bridge to HTML5 - Matt Herdon - (9/24/20)Video
Making sure your ground is ground- John Belk, Tom LaBarge - 5/19/22 Video
The Importance of a Grounding Audit - Tom LaBarge - Groundlinx- 2/10/22
Linking the Gozoutas to the Gozintas - - Jeff Welton - Nautel Video
Grounding at the end of a Branch Circuit - Tom LaBarge - Groundlinx - (2/18/21)Video
Static Dissipation - Jim Burt (Nott Limited) - (6/25/20)Video
Getting the Best out of Ferrites - Jeff Welton - Nautel - (2/4/21)Video
BackUPS with Hank Landsberg (Henry Engineering) - (5/14/20)Video
Power Clamp - Hank Landsberg - Henry Engineering - (1/14/21)Video
What is an Engineer? - Discussion - 11/18/21 Video
Finding Elmers - not glue - Jeff Welton Nautel - (5/6/21)Video

Do you have any suggestions for topics to cover during the meeting or things you would like to learn from manufacturers or vendors, please let us know!

Thanks for being part of our group!

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