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NAL Watch: A Look At FCC Enforcement

Some NALs (Notices of Apparent Liability), Forfeiture Orders, Notices of Violation (NOVs), and Consent Decrees issued by the MB (Media Bureau) or the EB (Enforcement Bureau) are worth taking a look.

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  • 11/12/20 - 73.3559 - Late filing for license renewal has tripped up for than a couple of stations this year. The latest to feel the FCC’s Fin1 Machine are KLSP(FM), Angola, LA and KVDP(FM), Dry Prong, LA. Each received an NALF for $3K for the late filing, nearly missing even the expiration date of their license. (Yes, KLSP is at the Louisiana State Prison, where the station is already “locked up.”)

  • 11/5/20 -  73.3539 – Without explanation, South Central Oklahoma Christian Broadcasting Inc. licensee of KOUI(FM), Louisville, MI filed its renewal four months late, on June 1, 2020, the actual date of the license expiration, instead of on February 3, 2020 . The NALF issued for $3k, is, again, the FCC's way of saying "do it on time."

  • 10/30/20 -  73.3539 - filing renewals on time means by the renewal date set out by the Commission, not the actual date the existing license runs out. With the license running out on April 1, 2020, Imani Communications' WBFZ, Selma AL did not meet the filing date of October 1, 2019. In fact, the application was filed March 23, 2020 - not 8 days early, but almost six months late. The NALF issued for $3k is the FCC's way of saying "do it on time."
  • 10/26/20 - Sections 310 and 11.11, 73.840, 73.845, and 73.878 - The FCC continues its enforcement against LPFM stations that violate the Rules. Jupitor Community Radio, Inc, operators of WJUP-LP, Jupitor FL, received an NALF for $25k, due to a failure to operate according to the authorization, LPFM technical rules, not making the station available for inspection, and not having EAS equipment (nor logs). According to the FCC Field Agent, the station was running more than eight times the authorized ERP at a site 1/3 of a mile from where it was licensed.
  • 10-6-20 - Sections 310(d) and 399B, 73.503, 73.860, and 73.865 - The Marconi Broadcasting Foundation (no known connection to Gugliemo) has agreed to pay $15k and institute a compliance program to resolve violations of several rules at WWRI-LP, Coventry RI, including ownership issues, commercial announcements, license transfer, and filing requirements for an LPFM station.
  • 8/10/20 - 315(e)(3), 73.1943 - It seems each day several more groups of Consent Decrees again have gone out from the FCC, for many stations - most smaller than the first group - in the current renewal queue. The Commission is apparently serious about the failure of proper political file entries in many of those stations' files. This should be a warning to all stations still working on their renewals, as well as anyone taking political ads in the coming election season.

    While it is not stated directly, it is apparent that we are seeing one of the "advantages" of having the FCC Public Information File online: Candidates and organizations can scan your Public File to see if there are any competing political ads and how much is being paid for them. This likely drove enough complaints that the FCC felt they had to do something about it.

  • 8/5/20 - 1.903(a), 74.1235(e) - FM stations are licensed by ERP (Effective Radiated Power), while translators are licensed by TPO (Transmitter Power Output). These are not the same. Ondas de Vida's K256BS in Palmdale CA has received a Memorandum Opinion and Order affirming a $12k fine for running excessive power. The amount, numerically, was not that great: 7.5 W TPO vs 5 W licensed into a directional antenna, to create 33.7 W ERP. But, as the FM band continues to become more crowded, the FCC is taking a stronger stance against such actions by stations.

    The licensee sought a reduction, based on no previous monetary fines. However, the FCC pointed out their record was not quite so good,(Footnote 41!) with other examples of excessive power and other violations.

  • 7/22/20 - 315(e)(3), 73.1943 - The FCC requires stations to upload additions to the Political File "as soon as possible" for public inspection. Six major groups have not been doing so, but the Commission has decided to a Consent Decree, where Alpha Media USA LLC; Beasley Media Group Licenses, LLC; Cumulus Media New Holdings Inc.; Entercom License, LLC; iHeartMedia, Inc.; and Salem Media Group, Inc. - holders of 1884 commercial licenses - will implement strict compliance programs and report on the compliance programs to the Media Bureau for the next 17 months.

  • 7/8/20 - 73.1216 - Two stations received NALFs for not conducting radio contests substantially as announced or advertised, a violation of 73.1216. Two radio stations were found to have apparently broken these rules. An NALF for $6k went to Townsquare Media's KSII, El Paso TX, and an NALF for $5.2k to Gow Media's KFNC, Mont Belvieu TX. The fines were upheld even though the stations eventually managed to provide some settlement for the content winners - the delays, attributed to employee errors, deemed unacceptable by the FCC.
  • 7/2/20 - 73.503(d) - NCE and LPFM stations are prohibited from airing advertising commercials. KELS-LP, Greeley, CO, seems to have gone a bit over the limitations of underwriting announcements, running some 1600 commercials for 14 companies over the period covered by the NALF for $15k. (In Exhibit 1, the FCC gives examples of what are prohibited ads.) While noting there had been complaints about KELS-LP as early as 2015, and they could have fined KELS-LP up to $512K, the NALF was issued for only $15k.
  • 7/1/20 - In an unusual move, two Boston Pirates, Radio Concorde, and Radio TeleBoston, have agreed to a fine, to destroy their gear, and no longer be involved in pirate broadcasting for at least 20 years. The payments of $9k are far short of the $604k the FCC had assessed, but the outcome is better than most such enforcement efforts. There are two separate Orders: here and here.
  • 6/3/20 - 73.3539 - Another fine for a late Renewal Application. DWTOY (AM), Salem, VA will have the "D" deleted when they pay a $7k fine. The FCC reduced the fine by $4k, but sanctioned WTOY with a two-year renewal term.
  • 5/5/20 - 73.3539 - With just four days left, WMBT-LP, Gainsville FL, barely got its renewal application before the license expired (or, four months late). The FCC noted the delay and issued an NALF for a $1.5k fine.
  • 4/9/20 - 73.1745 - Daytimers must keep an eye (and ear) out to ensure the station shuts down at sundown. Cumulus' KBED, Nederland TX has received an NOV for operation after sunset. A missing tower "door" was noted, although repaired after the FCC notification. The station is to explain further the "failure of remote system."
  • 4/7/20 - 11.45 - For some reason, air "talent" seems not to have gotten the message about the misuse of EAS tones in skits/jokes/etc. Entercom's WNEW NY has been sent an NALF for $20k for the misuse of the EAS attention signal in a morning program. Alerted by a whistleblower, the determined that the morning team apparently made fun of the nationwide WEA test on October 2, 2018. As Entercom did not disclose the violation, it was increased from $8k to $20k.

Solar FM Retransmitter

  • 3/2/20 - 11.52, 73.1201, 73.1870, 73.1690, The River Delta Unified School District received an NOV for operations by KRVH, Rio Vista CA. The station was not monitoring the proper EAS sources, the Station ID did not include the City of License, no Chief Operator was designated, and having a different antenna than authorized. The FCC gave KRVH 20 days to respond with explanations that were acceptable.
  • 3/2/20 - 74.1251, 74.1232 - The FCC requires translator operators to notify the Commission when changing the primary station and showing a "technical need" for the change. Carolina Radio Group's W225DF in Raleigh NC received a Forfeiture Order for $2k as the FCC says they did not respond to an NALF in December 2019.
  • 2/26/20 - 73.840, 73.1820 - An NOV was issued to an KCGG-LP, Kansas City MO, for being way over power. Instead of 10 Watts, the station was running 49.9 Watts, or 499% of the authorized power. The NOV also noted the station, owned by Iglesia Pentecostal Casa De Dios Para Las Naciones Inc , did not have any EAS logs.
  • 2/19/20 - A cluster in the St. Louis area is having its authorizations pulled. The Order of Dismissal affects the stations controlled by controversial talk host, Robert S. “Bob” Romanik, despite documentation showing someone else as owner of Entertainment Media Trust in St. Louis. Romanik is a convicted felon, and unable to hold a license. The upshot is that the license renewals were dismissed and KZQZ-AM (98 years on the air, orginally as WIL), KQQZ-ZM, WQQW-AM, and KFTK-AM are all headed for silence.
  • 2/14/20 - Now it is KNCR, Fortuna CA that has received a "pay up or lose the license" from the FCC. The Show Cause Order notes some $14k in unpaid fees dating back to 2007. Del Rosario Talpa, Inc has 60 days to pay the $14 plus fines and interest or receive the "D"
  • 2/11/20 - Occasionally the FCC pulls the trigger a bit too quickly. A notice today rescinds the license revocation for Cox Broadcast's WCGA, Woodbine GA (see 1/16/20, below). The FCC acknowledges a December pleading that was not yet considered, hence the revocation is rescinded pending action on the pleading.

Meanwhile, KVOZ, Del Mar Hills TX, received a "pay up or lose the license" notice (aka Show Cause) from the FCC, for failure to pay regulatory fees for the past four years. The company is to pay some $12k plus fines and interest in 60 days or KVOZ becomes DKVOZ.

  • 2/3/20 - 73.1720 - Daytime radio stations are supposed to "run down at sundown.' Failure to do that could cause interference to others and - as Townsquare Media's WUPE in Pittsfield MA learned - an NOV from the FCC. Agents monitored WUPE from Nov 27 to Dec 1 and heard it well beyond sunset each of those days and issued an NOV.
  • 1/28/20 - 73.1208 - If you say "live" on the air, you need to be live. Salem Media Group has just agreed to an Order to pay $50k for failing to note a broadcast of Healthline Live on KRLA, Glendale CA, was actually pre-recorded. (Some might remember that, in the day, it was common to announce a program as "transcribed.") Apparently, the tip-off to the complainant was that the host had died before the broadcast.

Replaying a program previously recorded? If there is probability the average listener might think it is live, it never hurts to disclose the origins. In general, voicetracking tends to follow the pattern of automation, with previously recorded voices run over music, etc. However, we are not lawyers here. If in doubt, consult your DC attorney.

  • 1/26/20 - 1.1164 - You have to pay. Not just fines, but the regulatory fees. KIJN, Farell TX, is in danger of becoming DKIJN, unless they rapidly pay the fees and fines accrued since 2013, now over $14k plus fines. Even after all these years, the FCC has given KIJN 60 days to pay up.
  • 1/28/20 - 73.3541 - It may take the FCC some time to get around to matters, but DWNBN, Meridian MS, the now deleted station of the late Frank Rackley, Jr. is gone. The Memorandum Report and Order notes that the 2011 renewal application was not filed until October 2012. The involuntary transfer of the license was not filed December 2017, until nearly six years after Rackley died, instead in 30 days as required - with the station operated by "undisclosed" persons.
  • 1/23/20 - The concern over interference from 5G broadband to terrestrial receivers of satellite programming may well be validated by a Consent Decree. In February 2019, the FCC issued an NOV to Brevard Wireless, Inc. dba Florida High Speed Internet Licensee of Station WQMJ660 for unauthorized operation in the 3.65-3.7 GHz band. This was a result of reported interference with satellite receivers in the Jacksonville FL area. The Consent Decree included a $16,000 Civil Penalty and the institution of a compliance and reporting program.
  • 1/16/20 - If the FCC assesses a regulatory fee, it is not "optional." WCGA, a Cox Broadcast Group in Woodbine GA, got the "D" for deleted, as it failed to pay fee repeatedly over the years (2010, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018) and did not respond to the Commission's request for information or payment. The station was also temporarily deleted in 2005. D-WCGA is no longer licensed.
  • 1/15/20 - An LPFM station in Las Vegas has been deleted, for operating at an unauthorized sites over a period of some 5 years, never having been at the authorized site. Under the Memorandum Opinion and Order, D-KQLS-LP Las Vegas NV is no longer licensed.
  • 1/13/20 - All stations have a responsibility to observe the proper operation of tower lighting, keep a log, and notify the FCC (and FAA) about certain issues. Many stations do not. Cordillera Communications (purchased by Scripps Broadcast Holdings last May) was one. A 2018 plane crash into a tower at Kaplan, LA led to an investigation. The FCC determined that 10 if 11 towers were not properly maintained and observed, and 12 lighting failures were not reported. As Scripps had assumed any liabilities in the purchase, the FCC and Scripps agreed on a Consent Decree for a $1.13 million payment and an ongoing compliance program.


  • 1/13/20 - The FCC has admitted errors in processing renewal applications, and rescinded fine for three stations: WHDZ, Buxton NC, W281CH, Washington NC, and W282CQ, Bridgeton NC. All were fined for failing to file by August 1, 2019. Then the FCC realized that it would not have been possible to file on time, due to the dates of the existing or applied for licenses. Curiously, W281CH is licensed to the Pirate Radio Group.
  • 1/7/10 - A rather massive Consent Decree has been entered into to resolve an investigation into practices by WBPU, DeQueen AR and KTYC, Nashville AR, in violating the underwriting laws by running inappropriate advertisements. The Order sets a fine of $76k and the implementation of a compliance program.
  • 12/18/19 - The FCC has issued a number of NALs listing fines to stations that filed their renewal applications after the due date.

With applications now on-line and the Public File on-line, the FCC is a lot less tolerant of late or missing filings.

  • 12/13/19 - We do not normally spend a lot of time reporting on pirate stations. They usually ignore the FCC until a Field Agent turns up, leading to an NAL, which they do not pay, and they tend to pop up elsewhere. Whack-a-mole, in effect.

But two NALs show an escalation of the FCC's Enforcement Bureau's actions. Radio TeleBoston and Radio Concorde are being cited for various illegal operations and ignoring the FCC's warnings. Potential fines of $453k and $151k are noticed.

The FCC Commissioners have issued statements condemning pirates but, aside from issuing higher and higher fines, few solutions have been found.

Circuit Werkes

  • 10/26/19 - It is not only the Issues & Programs lists that the FCC is checking during renewal season, but if your station owes any money to the FCC, not only will your renewal be held up, your license may be cancelled! Four Georgia stations were warned this past week. La Favorita and Cox Broadcast Group got formal notice.
  • 10/8/19 - 73.3526 - Yes, the Issues & Programs lists need to be on file, on time. Renewal Applications are going to get "dinged" for failure. WPEX(FM) in Kenbridge VA was issued an NALF for $15k for failure to file the I&Ps and update the FCCs OPIF file. Oh .. and yes .. a short renewal term!
  • 10/8/19 - 73.3539 - Renewal Applications need to be filed on time. WRIR-LP, Richmond VA was due on June 3rd, but not filed for six week, netting the station an NALF for $1,500.
  • 10/7/19 - 73.1365 - Stations that are off the air for damage or equipment failure are to notify the FCC, asking for an STA within 24 hours. WXUT, Toledo OH, was off for five months without seeking an STA. Additionally, as a share-time arrangement, deviation from normal programming hours requires notification of the FCC. An NOV was issued.
  • 9/20/19 - As License Renewal season gets underway, the FCC has now provided evidence that they are watching the on-line Public Information Files and are ready to issue fines against stations that fail to do the Issues & Programs lists on time. This is the lesson from the NALF for $15k issued to WLLL, Lynchburg VA. WLLL had not filed any I&P lists during the last license period. The excuse was the owner's age and lack of computer literacy - but the FCC rejected that. In addition to the $15k fine, the station received a short, two-year license term.
  • 9/10/19 - Despite a reprieve (see 6/6/19, below), the "D" has returned to WGEA, Geneva AL, as the Shelley Broadcasting Company has not made good on regulatory fees due since 2008. The accumulated fees, about $10,000, are still unpaid with the station claiming the IRS owes it money. The FCC has now deleted the license.
  • 9/9/19 - The FCC continues to show it is serious about misusing EAS tones or simulated tones. It has proposed an NALF for $272,000 fine against CBS Broadcasting for misusing the EAS tones. This was in an episode of Young Sheldon on 15 O&O stations, plus 212 others on April 12, 2018. The tones were modified, but the FCC contends it still resembled actual EAS tones.
  • 9/5/19 - San Tan Educational Media (KFXY-LP, Mesa AZ) has concluded a matter with the FCC regarding improper changes in ownership and improper underwriting announcements. The $1.5K payment in the ORDER will settle the matter.
  • 8/27/19 - You do have to pay the FCC. You do! Three stations in GA, LA, and TN were given notice that if they do not pay up their regulatory fees for periods of 3 to 7 years, the FCC intends to move them to the "D" class. The licenses for WDSP(AM), De Funiak Springs GA, KDLA(AM), De Ridder LA, and WVOL(AM), Berry Hill TN are told to pay up or explain why quickly. This is not a place to play "chicken" with the FCC!
  • 8/20/19 - Translators can cause out-of-band interference, too. Two translators were issued NOV's for spurious emissions on the aeronautical frequencies 114.8, 126.47, and 127.58 MHz. W272DH, Smyrna Beach FL and W274AY, Deltona FL each received an NOL requiring a response and remedy.
  • 8/15/19 - The FCC released a Public Notice and a list of settlements (totaling $634,000) from the Enforcement Bureau for misuse/abuse of the EAS (and WEA) tones. The settlements range from broadcast television (ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! - $395,000) and radio (KDAY/KDEY - $67,000) to cable channels (AMC and Discovery). The FCC has said for some time it is serious about using EAS tones in promos, news, or commercials, although it has been somewhat lenient for news items following the Hawaii false alert. There is one exception, the FEMA has produced a set of "simulated tones" which sound similar, but will not set off an EAS receiver, and that may be used for promos, news, etc.
  • 8/6/19 -An NALF for $233,000 was issued to four Cumulus license holding entities for a number of violations of the Sponsorship ID rules in 2017 and 2018. This follows previous actions against Cumulus in 2011 Included are WFBE(FM) and WTRX(AM), Flint, MI, WTKA(AM) and WWWW-FM, Ann Arbor MI, WMAC(AM), Macon GA, WDVD(FM) and WDRQ(FM), Detroit MI. Previously, Cumulus paid $540,000 to settle issues primarily involving WOKQ, Dover NH, and agreed to implement a compliance program. The FCC determined Cumulus had not lived up to its agreement.
  • 7/31/19 - Stations required to reduce power at sunset need to do so, the FCC reminds everyone. WAJD in Gainsville, FL was issued an NOV after being observed with day power (5 kW) after sunset.
  • 6/13/19 - The FCC issued an Order reducing the fine levied on KIBH, Seward, AK, requiring a payment of $2k (down from $66k), to conclude a messy inspection in 2013 (7/19/17 below). The Commission decided that deletion was done too early, and issued a warning that failure to pay would result in a final deletion.
  • 6/6/19 - 11.52 - KWUL, Elsbury MO, received an NOV for apparently not monitoring the assigned LP-1 and LP-2. The station is in receivership, but the EAS monitoring must go on!
  • 6/6/19 - 1.1910 - Two stations have dodged the dreaded "D" prefix to their call letters. WGEA, Geneva AL, and WNPZ, Knoxville TN, both were granted partial dismissal of the revocation of license. They got the "D" removed and renewal applications reinstated. However, both were reminded of their "Red Letter" status and that paying due fees was essential. One station had been paying $42.97, but stopped in 2015.
  • 4/18/19 - 73.1745 - Daytimers should, according to the FCC not be on the air at night. WPSO, Port Richey FL, was issued an NOV for being on for nearly an hour after sunset.
  • 4/18/19 - 74.1251 - Translators, like fill power stations, must get permission to change site or antenna. K296FT, West Haven, OR, received an NOV for changing from an omni to directional antenna without permission.
  • 4/5/19 -11.35, 11.56, 11.61, 73.1820, 73.1560, and more - An NOV was sent to Hubbard Advertising's WLLL in Lynchburg, VA. The station was found to have a slew of violations, including EAS violations, no EAS, tower lighting failure, operation at 533% of authorized power, and more. This will take a lot of 'splaining!
  • 4/4/19 - 1.1164 - There are two things you do not want to do with the FCC: (1) You never lie to them, and (2) You do not ignore correspondence from them. The is why DWJDF(FM) Orange, MA received a Revocation Order for failing to pay regulatory fees for five years. When notified by the FCC, the owners Deane Brothers Broadcasting did not respond. Hence the Commission deleted the station. April 4 - two more stations were told to pay up or lose the license: KSBH, Coushatta, LA, owes over $11.5k dating back to 2009, and WJRI in Metropolis IL owes somne $15.2k dating back to 2007. Both stations were given 60 days to pay in full. Superman is not expected to be of much help, Kryptonite is not accespted.
  • 4/3/19 - 73.1610 - The FCC for some reason does insist a station be built where authorized. For some reason, LPFMs violate this rule a lot. An NOV was issued to KZLU-LP in Baton Rouge, LA. The station did notify the Commission of the construction, but it was 3.5 miles from where it was supposed to be.
  • 3/27/19 - 301, 74.1251, 74.1231, 74.1263 - Translators must operate from their assigned locations and obey the rules for translators. An NAL for $18k was issued to Alabama Media LLC for operation of their translator W299BX from an unauthorized location, with programming originated only on the translator, and being off the air for 11 months without permission. The FCC actually increased the fine for way the owners did not notify the Commission properly and apparently only acted after a Field Agent discovered the violations.
  • 3/18/19 - 97.301, 97.103, 97.113 - An Amateur station operating on 95.7 MHz. The FCC wants to know why and has has issued an NOV to Daryl Thomas (KE6MWS) of Charmichael CA.
  • 3/14/19 - 11.15, 11.52 - Even LP stations must obey EAS rules. KBSF-LF in Portland OR received an NOV for not having an EAS Handbook at the "normal duty position" and only monitoring one station - one not in the State EAS plan.
  • 3/13/19 - 73.49 - The FCC expects to see a secure, locked fence around an AM tower. KVAM, Loveland CO was not secure when the FCC came by in April 2018, and has now received an NOV for the lapse. It is unclear why it took a year for the NOV to be issued.
  • 3/8/19 - 73.1251 - Keeping a station to the authorized power is not a "service suggestion." The FCC issued an NOV to the owner of translator W228DF for running as much 368% of authorized power.
  • 3/4/19 - 17.48 - Failure to report tower lighting that was inoperative drew an NOV for Steckline Communications in Goymun OK. Field Agents noted two towers were without top flashing lights.
  • 12/6/18 - 73.845 - When constructing a station, is seems like it is obvious to build it where approved. An NOV sent to WQJJ-LP in Jasper AL, suggests they were off by about 4 miles from bring in the right place. The FCC is asking for the station's explanation.
  • 12/4/18 - 17.23, 17.48, 17.57 - When a station tower changes hands (whether the station is sold as well, or not), the Commission must be notified of the correct ownership and contact information. Also, every station whose license specifies a lit tower must ensure it is operating properly - or promptly notify the FAA of issues. .An NOV to MTS, Inc. in Bradley, IL, notes both problems existed and requires an answer to the Commission.
  • 11/29/18 - 17.4, 17.6, 17.48, 73.1740 - When a station owner dies, especially a smaller market owner, paperwork problems can crop up rapidly due to those caring for the station not fully understanding the Rules. That appears to be the reason for the NOV issues to the Estate of James Rouse for WTOW, Washington NC. The station was on an unregistered tower over 200 feet and without FAA approval. The lights were not working, and the station was silent for longer than permitted. The Commission has asked for corrections and explanations.
  • 11/16/18 - 73.845 - When a CP is issued, it is important to build according to the CP, not just where the station decides it is convenient. 305 Community Radio, owner of WMIV-LP, Miami FL, was issued an NOV for constructing at 45 m RCAG as opposed to the 15 m granted. Additionally, the constructed site was approximately 5.3 miles from the authorized site specified in the CP.
  • 11/13/18 - Section 319(a) - The FCC really gets upset for stations to build facilities without authorization (a CP). Preliminary site preparation can be OK, but installing an antenna is absolutely "not good." KJJG-LP, South Houston, TX, was issued a Memorandum of Opinion and NALF for $5k, for constructing a new site before a CP was issued. Interestingly, the FCC noted the violation was for duration of only three weeks, and reduced the original fine by half.
  • 10/21/18 - A Chicago TV station aired EAS tones as part of a news teaser related to an Amber Alert earlier in the day. Robert Feder's column also notes large fines the FCC has been issuing for this sort of action.
  • 10/18/18 - 1.89 - An NOV was issued to Marion Williams' W288DL in Clinton MS for not having notified the FCC that construction of the translator was complete and being fed with programming - yet was it was not rebroadcasting the AM station to which it was tied (the AM was not even on the air).
  • 10/17/18 - 74.1263 - The FCC does not like it when stations are turned off without an STA or surrendering the license. Failure to do so earned Alaska Educational Radio System a Forfeiture Order for $8k for discontinuing operation of K223BJ and K283AZ without authority. The fine was reduced from $10k when AERS turned in the license of a separate station
  • 9/22/18 - 73.3527 - The FCC has reached a Consent Decree and $1k payment to the US Treasury for failing to file quarterly Issues And Programs from 2004 to 2014 - 12 years. Acknowledging that the then student run station WMPH. Wilmington DE, was still required to have complied with the FCC Rules, the FCC invoked a policy where first time NCEFM offenders would not be fined as usual, but permitted a small payment from the Brandywine School District to the Treasury.
  • 9/18/18 - 73.845, 73.875 - An NOV was issued to WDKK-LP, Hollywood, FL, for apparently moving to a site over 12 km from their licensed site, without permission. The station has been asked to explain!
  • 7/19/18 - 73.3539 - It seems a steady trickle of "failure to file renewal on time" NALs are going to lead right up to the next renewal period. An NAL issud to KMFR, Peasiall, TX, starts with a $7k fine, for late renewal and unauthorized operation in 2017, but was reduced to $5.6k.
  • 7/18/18 - 73.515, 74.1263, 73.1740, and 73.1745 - As Keeping not only your main station on the air, but also translators - or at least informing the FCC of what you are doing is essential. The Alaska Educational Radio System has received NALFs (#1 and #2) and Orders from the Commission including fines of $30k. The main issue revolves around KABN-FM Kasilof, AK, and its translators. The main station was operating at reduced power without FCC consent and was silent for extended periods without consent. The FCC noted that this would, reasonably, include translators. While a protest was lodged by a competitor, the FCC decided to renew KABN and its translator's licenses, but issued a total of $30k in fines for the infractions.
  • 7/3/18 - The FCC has issued a Public Notice that they intend to take a look at tightening up EEO enforcement. Chairman Pai has indicated he would like to shift enforcement of EEO issues from the Media Bureau to the Enforcement Bureau.
  • 6/6/18 - There seems to be some attention given to LPFM stations, being where they are supposed to be, with correct tower height and power output. Two LPFMs: KOOH-LP, Hanford, CA, and WDKK-LP, Hollywood, FL have received NOVs for being as much as 4 miles from their authorized site, using five bay antennas instead of one and being at the wrong height (more than 2 meters above or 4 meters below authorization). Stations were give time to respond before a forfeiture is issued.
  • 6/5/19 - The FCC does not like gear that radiates where it should not - especially with excessive power. Hobby King, a manufacturer of audio/video transmitters, especially for use with Drones is facing an NALF for $2.8 million for not preventing use outside authorized frequencies and with twice the power authorized. Meanwhile Bear Brands (dba Pure Enrichment) is facing an NAL for $590k for failing to prevent their products from improper radiation. The FCC also issued a warning to other manufacturers to be careful.
  • 5/30/18 - Just because you "forgot" to file your renewal or STA application on time does not mean you can keep broadcasting without penalty. WBNZ(FM) Frankfort, MI. received an MO&O and NALF for $18k for $18,000 for unauthorized operations, late-filed Special Temporary Authority request, and failure to disclose material information.
  • 4/26/18 - Operating a signal jammer is among those actions that will get the FCC's attention. While the Forfeiture Order for $22k issued to Ravi's Import Warehouse in Dallas is not essential broadcast oriented, it does show the FCC does not tolerate cell (or any other) jammers - even if the goal is to prevent employees from using their cell phones at work. Furthermore, telling an Field Agent you just tossed it in the dumpster is not a particularly good defense. (There is also a hint that the owner offered to sell it to the FCC Field Agent - an offer declined.)
  • 4/17/18 - Another station that was very late in filing for a renewal gets an NALF for $7k. KMFR, Pearsall TX, filed for renewal over a month after the license expired, and then, after an STA was issued, operation after that expired. The FCC reduced the fine for unlicensed operation from $10k to $4k, dismissing the excuse that they had just bought the station in 2015 and did not realize the license ran out the following year.
  • 4/6/18 - Inspections by the FCC can be revealing, whether or not a station uses the ABIP program in their state. An LPFM in Florida has a lot to answer to for their operation. It appears they were over 4.5 miles from their authorized spot running nearly eight times their authorized power. And, then, you ask, how did they find out about the operation at 800% of authorized power? Could it be a tip from a disgruntled employee? The NOV issued to WEXI-LP will be interesting to follow.
  • 3/29/18 - In an unusual escalation of the FCC vs. Pirates, the FCC worked with the US Attorney's office, the US Marshals, and the Boston Police Department to confiscate two transmitters from the Boston area. The FCC Public Notice is here.
  • 3/28/18 - 73.3539 - As we get ready for the next round of license renewals, the NALF given to KLLS, Beaumont TX, is worth a quick read. Renewal applications need to be filed four full calendar months before the license runs out. KLLS filed, not on April 3, 2017, but on August 9th, one day before the license expired. The FCC decided this was worth a $1.5k fine. KLLS got a consolation prize, in that the fine was reduced (from $3k) and KLLS was not cited for pirate operation (after expiration of their license).
  • 2/7/18 - 73.3526 - A series of NALs were issued to Cumulus stations in South Carolina following a $20k NAL for EEO violations (see 12/12/17, below). This time, the total is $58k in NALs for failure to keep the Issues and Programs documentation in the Public File. NALs went to WSEA, WSYN, WRWM, WLFF, and WDAI. 12/23/17 - 11.35, 11.52, 17.61, 73.1820, 73.1840 - Even LPFMs must care for EAS responsibilities and maintain gear in good condition, keep logs, and determine the reason for any missing tests. The NOV to KZUP-LP in Los Angeles says that the station was negligent and seeks a written explanation and corrective actions taken.
  • 12/23/17 - 74.1283 - Translators need to identify themselves at least three times a day. The NOV issued to the Association for Community Education's translator K295AI in Riverside, CA, observed it was not running ID's as required. The NOV tells the owner to submit information explaining what happened and what it will do to prevent re-occurance.
  • 12/22/17 - 17.6, 17.47, 17.48 - We have mentioned this before: tower owners - often radio stations - are supposed to notify the FAA right away and arrange for repairs. The owners of a tower in Channing, TX, received an NOV for not only having lights out, but telling the FCC they were not aware - that their monitoring service did not inform them nor the FAA. The FCC is demanding an explanation and may issue a fine.
  • 12/21/17 - 73.1212 - A big fine against Sinclair Broadcast. The NALF for $13,376,200 was issued for failing to identify the sponsor of some 1700 items that were run as if they were news items. There was a rift with FCC Commissioners about how big a fine they wanted, with the Commission settling for doubling the base fine.
  • 12/15/17 - 1.1910 and 0.283 - A formerly licensed station is now "unlicensed" and is warned further broadcasts will be treated as "pirate" broadcasts. DWCAZ, Carthage IL, was stripped of a license in May (see 5/22/17 below).
  • 12/14/17 - 1.89 - The Rules say you have to operate as licensed. K253AN, Austin TX, was only 13 miles from their authorized site, 214 meters higher than permitted, along with Transmitter Power Output 15% over the authorized power. The NOV issued to Westface Ventures LLC requires an explanation and plan for correction.
  • 12/13/17 - 73.1225 - Do not turn the lights out yet. The FCC still expects someone to be home when they call at the Main Studio. WDJS in Mount Olive NC received an NOV when agents came and found no one home. Additionally, the FCC says WDJS was transmitting from a tower about four miles from its authorized location - and the FCC is expecting an interesting explanation.
  • 12/12/17 - 73.2080 - EEO Rules tripped up the Cumulus cluster in Myrtle Beach, SC, leading to an NALF for $20k. Some of the violations go back to 2008 with some being repeated, leading the FCC to add $4k to the original $16k fine.
  • 12/6/17 - 73.3526, 73.1740 - An Order and a $20k donation to the US Treasury should bring to a close problems at KRIT, Parker, AZ. The FCC determined that a number of required items were missing from the Public File, and the station had provided misleading information to the FCC. The station was also dark longer than permitted.
  • 12/5/17 - 74.1231 - It took over five years, but the EB has finally issued an NAL for $4k to TEA-VISZ, operator of translator W272AY in Park Falls, WI. There were several allegations against the renewal application, but the one that stuck was the translator originating its own programming. The company says they were unable to run the football games on the main station - and blamed the engineer - but the Commission did not accept that as a valid excuse but did not accept the other accusations.
  • 9/7/17 - 73.840, 73.877 - It has become too easy - and relatively inexpensive - to buy transmitters well in excess of licensed power. The problem is: you cannot do that! Unfortunately, a number of LPFM stations, disappointed with their coverage, have decided to just "turn the power up." Now, the FCC is catching some of them. An NOV for overpower was issued to WFBS-LP in Salem, SC. Licensed TPO: 50 Watts. Operating TPO: 300 Watts. 600% overpower. The station tried to hide it, but the log in the transmitter showed it running 300 Watts until immediately prior to the inspection, when it was turned down to 50 Watts. (This sort of flagrant violation should pull a fine!) Another case involves an NOV issued to KDEL-LP in Sacramento. Licensed TPO: 86 Watts. Operating TPO: 209 Watts, or 240% of licensed values. The station also was not at the address on the license.
  • 8/15/17 - The FCC is living up to its promise to attack pirate stations. A dozen citations in the list week along, and it seems few weeks pass without three to five more added. Of course, controlling pirate stations is like a whack-a-mole project, with few having the enough money to pay the fines, should they get caught. But, we will have to give the FCC at least one "atta-boy" for their efforts.
  • 8/3/17 - A Randy Michaels-owned station almost was a test case in an FCC crackdown for stations that had spent more time off the air via STAs than actually on the air. WRAX was one of those stations, with limited siting and NIMBY neighbors. Hence, the station went on the air for a short period each year (one day a year for seven years).
    What is especially interesting from an observer's viewpoint is that Michaels paid for the license in Auction 37 - $169,650. This is in contrast to most licensee, who got their license by simply applying. Some folks have opined that by buying the CP/License, the station had a greater expectation of renewal than most stations and that, if it went to court, the FCC might have less control over such stations. However, no precedent was set this time, as Michaels turned in the license rather than spend more money on a station with limited potential.
  • 7/26/17 - 73.1350, 73.1560, 11.52 - An NOV to KSVG, Mettler CA, contains allegations that the station was not operating at licensed power, was not monitoring EAS properly, and - this is the big one! - moved the transmitter over 28 miles without authorization two years ago. A tip-off: the station was poorly heard in its City of License. One can only wonder what fine will be proposed on this one.
  • 7/19/17 - 11.15, 11.35(a), 11.52, 73.3527, 73.1840, 73.1125(a), 73.1870, 73.1400, 73.1015, 1.89 - a whole raft full of violations by KIBH-FM in Seward, AK led to an NAL for #66k, $50k in base fines and a $16k augmentation for repeatedly ignoring the FCC communications. Violations of EAS issues include improper settings, despite warnings from field agents, along with missing EAS records. Then there were other violations like Main Studio violations, Public File violations, lack of a Chief Operation designation, and failure to ensure operations within authorization. The FCC did take time to admonish the station for failing to respond to their letters, increasing the fine by $16k.
  • 7/14/17 - 73.3539 - Failure a renewal application three months late, led to an NALF and $1.5k fine to WVCD, Bamberg-Denmark SC. The Renewal Application was due on August 1, 2011, but not filed until November 9, 2011. But since the application
  • 7/6/17- 1.1910 and 0.283 - This week's "D" story concerns DKCKY, Coolidge AZ. As with other stations that did not pay an FCC fee and ignored a letter and a phone call, DKCKY was ordered off the air
  • 6/26/17 - 1.1910 and 0.283 - And another "D" has been awarded. This time DWNPZ, Knoxville TN, was told its license was deleted and to terminate broadcasts immediately.
  • 6/19/17 - 1.1910 and 0.283 - Another "D" has been awarded, to DWKMB, Stirling, NJ. As with similar cases in the past month, the FCC sent letters in 2015 that had no response, nor was the FCC successful in telephoning the station in January. Again, the result was an immediate suspension of the license - and an admonishment to maintain tower markings until the tower is pulled down.
  • 6/14/17 - Weber State University's KWCR-FM in Ogden Utah received a renewal of license despite several Petitions to Deny and accusations of violations. In the Memorandum Opinion and Order, the FCC dismissed some objections and notes several actual violations by the station, off-the-air since November 3, 2015. The resulting MO&O for $9.3k also admonishes the station and requires it to put a program into place to avoid future problems.
  • 6/12/17 - 1.1910 and 0.283 - "D Season" continues. This time Nievezquez Productions failed to respond to verbal or written "Red Light" notices from the FCC that they owed money. As a result the station, now DWPRX, Bristol CT, was ordered off the air immediately. Interestingly, this is the second time the "D" was placed on the station, but the first time they managed to get reinstated.
  • 6/7/17 - 1.1910 and 0.283 - If you think there recently have been more licenses deleted due to past due amounts at the FCC, you would be right (see 5/22/17 below). WJTB, North Ridgeville, OH got the dreaded "D" this week due to failure to pay. Taylor Broadcasting was sent a "Red Light Letter" as a warning, but did not respond. When Staff tried calling, the listing phone had been disconnected. DWJTB has now been ordered off the air.
  • 5/30/17 - 325(a), 11.45 - Just barely over two years since the FCC hit iHeart with a $1 million civil penalty and required compliance program, the Enforcement shoe has dropped on TEGNA, licensee of WTLV, Jacksonville, FL. The issue again is misuse of EAS tones. WTLV ran an advertisement for the local NFL team, which used simulated EAS tones and an announcement that "this is not a test." A WTLV staffer noticed the ad on its fourth run and notified management, but the four runs resulted in the ORDER and $55k fine (and a compliance plan!!!).
  • 5/30/17 - 73.49, 73.1560, 73.1300, 73.1820 - Hot on the heels of an NOV (5/17/17 below) dealing with tower light operation, a multipart NOV was issued to KCKY, Coolidge, AZ after an inspection. The station had tower base fences that were not locked, was not running authorized power (at some points only 10%), the studio/transmitter control point was not secure, and there was no EAS log. The FCC is collecting more information, so more items may develop.
  • 5/26/17 - 312(g) - Some companies try to find that space between "the letter of the law" and "the intent of the law" to avoid regular operations. STAs are often strung together to keep stations off the air for long periods of time, either to put off maintenance or in hopes of selling the facility.

    One of the companies that has become a bit infamous for this game is Cochise Broadcasting (and several iterations of similar names), run by Ted Tucker. In two sharply worded ORDERs, The Commission stripped Cochise of its license for KXMK, Oatman, AZ, noting that since January 2014, the station operated, by Cochise's admission, at most three days. The ORDER states the license - and equipment - is to be given to a non-profit entity or surrendered.

21 additional Cochise stations were put on notice to donate at least 10 licenses and either operate or similarly donate or surrender the remaining licenses. A revealing chart is included showing operations of as little as one day (a couple show "0"), over several years.

  • 5/22/17 - 1.1910 and 0.283 - It is dangerous to ignore letters from the FCC, or fail to tell them of a phone number change.
  • A station in Senatobia, MS, WSAO, now has the dreaded D: DWSAO, for failing to acknowledge letters telling them they were on the "Red Light" list - stations that owed money to the FCC for one reason or another. In this case, the license renewal was dismissed, and the station ordered off the air.
  • Another "Red Light" situation leaves Carthage, IL station with the big "D": DWCAZ. Ralla Broadcasting apparently failed to pay FCC fees and did not respond to communication efforts. The Commission then pulled the license.
  • And a third one this week: DKFVR(AM), Crescent City, CA was also notified this week that unpaid fees led to the loss of license. The Commission did try to contact by mail and by phone, unsuccessfully.
  • 5/17/17 - 17.6, 17.47, 17.48 - Properly operating tower lights are required for air safety - to warn pilots of metal stacked hundreds of feet high. When lights fail, tower owners - often radio stations - are supposed to notify the FAA right away and arrange for repairs. The owners of KCKY, Coolidge, AZ, received an NOV for not only having lights out on two towers, but telling the FCC they were not aware they were supposed to check each day or notify the FAA. Might one suppose an NALF could be next?
  • 5/11/17 - This is a strange one - but further show why inattention to the status of one's FCC license is dangerous: an LPTV apparently operated for some 18 years after its license expired due to no renewal application being filed. The FCC has issued an NALF for $144,344 (the maximum) for deleted D10BM in Morehead, KY. The station offered couple of excuses, but the FCC pretty quickly rejected them.
  • 5/11/17 - 312(g) - Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting is another company with a long series of mis-steps in terms of compliance with the FCC (See 5/23/16, 2/28/13, and 7/26/12, below). This particular action concerns a letter deleting KAWK(FM) Custer, SD , for failure to properly file and update authorizations. The letter describes long periods of STAs for Silent, operating only 39 days in one 3.5 year period, and by failing to live up to the terms of the existing STAs, effectively lost the station in late October 2009. Considering the unauthorized operation for the last 7.5 years, the Commission chose to issue the "D" (DKAWK), deleting the station. No other specific fine was imposed.
  • 4/5/17 - 1.80 - Is indecent language OK if not in English? WSKQ-FM, New York was cited for broadcasts in 2005 that contained indecent material. Other allegations included hoax material (which was not upheld). This held up the 2006 license renewal and the 2014 license renewal. To close the issue a $10k Consent Decree has been issued. The Media Bureau wants all licensees to be aware of what their station broadcasts - not being in English is no excuse for indecency.
  • 3/16/17 - 73.3540 - Unauthorized transfer of control is not common - it usually involves an LMA or some such arrangement. That is the case in Lake Isabella and Kernville, CA. Katherine Bohn, owner of three stations was given an ORDER and Consent Degree for an $8k civil penalty , related to an LMA without her having staff presence at the station and very late filing for transfer of control.
  • 3/8/17 - 73.503 - An ORDER brings to a close an action against an LPFM station in Florida (WVVF-LP, Town N' Country, FL) based on accusations by a commercial broadcaster. Beasley Broadcast had accused WVVF for running a standard commercial message on a non-comm station and playing only music (instead of educational programs). The ORDER includes a Consent Degree with a $2k "civil penalty" to be paid to the US Treasury, the license granted to WVVF, and a warning "don't do it again."
  • 3/1/17 - 73.3526 - The FCC now requires Public File entries for most stations to be on the FCC website, and when they are not, a fine will happen. This one also includes the stations self-reporting its failure in the license renewal. An NAL for $7k followed.
  • 12/30/16 - 303(q), 17.23, 17.48 , 17.50 - Failure to ensure their towers were lit and properly painted, and notifying the FAA when they were not - even after several visits by field agents - brought Pentecostal Temple Development Co.'s WGBN in Lincoln Borough, PA an NALF for $25k. As one might expect, the base fine was increased due to the station's failure to do as promised.
  • 11/4/16 - 73.3539 - Failure to file an acceptable renewal application in 2004 has brought an NALF for $13k to WINW, Canton, OH. A "red light" hold on the original application led to dismissal of the renewal application and the station operated without authorization until it filed an acceptable application in 2011. (The station has had a number of addition issues, including vandalism in February 2013, and loss of its transmitter site - and has operated with several STAs since.)
  • 11/4/16 - 73.3539 - Failure to file a timely renewal application in 2013 has resulted in an NALF for $1.5k for KHQN, Spanish Fork, UT. Although late, the application was received before the license was to expire, so the FCC permitted the renewal, but assessed the $1.5k fine for the lateness.
  • 10/28/15 - 303(q), - A Hearing Designation Order was issued in the matter of KDND, Sacramento relating to a contest in January 2007 that led to the death of a listener/ participant. "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" encouraged participants to drink massive amounts of water without elimination, in order to win. As the contest progressed, the hosts increased the amount of water to drink and, eventually, this led to the death of Jennifer Strange. Entercom paid $16.8 million in a civil suit. And now the FCC wants to look at the event.
  • 10/28/15 - 1.17, 1.65, 73.1015 303(q), - Another lengthy issue, one going at least back to 1988, involved Brian Dodge and stations and translators he has owned. According to the FCC, critical information was either withheld or otherwise "hidden" for years. The Order notes a $100k payment to the Treasury, cancellation of some licenses, approval of transfer of some others, and short term renewals.
  • 9/23/16 - 73.1660 - The FCC had cited SCMS for illegal marketing of a transmitter from BW Broadcast that was not properly certified. However, after being questioned, the FCC Enforcement Bureau backed down. Bob Cauthen of SCMS explains why broadcasters need not worry about using BW Broadcast transmitters sold through SCMS. BW Broadcast CEO Scott Incz also addresses the issue.
  • 8/11/16 - 73.1740 - Stations playing the clock against the FCC's "one year" rule should be aware that the FCC does not view operating for one day a year - or several days - will justify being dark most of the time. The FCC's Peter Doyle notes “Silence instead of licensed operation is a fundamental failure to serve station’s community of license because a silent station offers that community no public service programming such as news, public affairs, weather information and Emergency Alert System notifications."

    Doyle was specifically commenting upon the KLIM, Limon, CO situation, where the station spent most of the last four years off the air, sometimes with STAs, sometimes not. The FCC assessed a $5k fine and renewed the license for just two years.

    In the Memorandum Opinion and Order, Doyle pressed the point: brief periods of station operation sandwiched between prolonged periods of silence are of little value because the local audience is not accustomed to tuning in to the station’s frequency.”
  • 7/28/16 - 97.119 - Even Hams must do station IDs. The FCC has issued a fine of $1000 for failing to identify his station according to the Rules. David Tolassi was fined for not identifying within the 10 minute limit required.
  • 7/21/16 - 73.561, 73.3527, 73.3615 - A student-run station - WHYC, Swan Quarter, NC - facing $18k in fines for violations was allowed to sign a Consent Decree and Order for $2250 to resolve a number of serious violations: failure to notify the FCC if off the air for 10 days, failure to seek permission to stay off longer than 30 days, failure to maintain the Public Information file, and failure to file the biennial ownership reports.
  • 6/20/16 - 73.3526, 73.3615 - Failure to maintain the Public Information File and to submit the required Biennial Ownership Reports resulted in a Forfeiture Order for $12k and a short renewal term for Quetzal Bilingual Communications' KURS in San Diego, CA. The station did not respond to the original NAL, so the FCC proceeded with the forfeiture, plus a short term renewal. The station license whill apparently now end in January 2017, unless a timely renewal application is not filed.
  • 6/16/16 - 73.3526 - A station MUST allow a member of the public to view the Public Gile during business hours - at least until the current transition to online Public Files (OPIF) is accomplished. WQBQ, Leesburg, FL failed, in 2011, to immediately show the visitor the Public File. The visitor complained to the FCC, and also filed a Petition to Deny the license renewal. Five years later the Memorandum and Order and NALF has arrived: $15,000 and a two year renewal.
  • 5/27/16 -73.3539 - Failure to file their renewal application on time in 2013 has brought an NALF for $1.5k to KFPZ-FM Lakeport, CA. The fine was reduced from $3k because the renewal application was filed before the license had expired.
  • 5/23/16 - multiple items - Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting and the FCC finally reached agreement on a Consent Decree and Order, disposing of some $134.5k in fines for a series of violations, involving main studio staffing, public files, tower painting and lighting, and main and STL licensing. (See 2/28/13 and 7/26/12 below). Claiming inability to pay, the fines were reduced to $25k and committing to a compliance and monitoring plan. The Commission also noted that if it is found that Mt. Rushmore lied about anything, the whole fine comes back.
  • 5/23/16 -73.3539 - Failure to file their renewal application on time in 2013 has brought an NALF for $1.5k to KDCQ(FM) Coos Bay, OR. The fine was reduced from $3k because the renewal application was filed before the license had expired.
  • 3/6/16 - 73.3527 - A Forfeiture Order for $10k was the FCC's response to Peconic Public Broadcasting's petition for a reduction in a fine related to a Baker's Dozen of missing Issues & Program lists at WPPB in Southhampton, NY. The station tried everything from "it wasn't our fault" to "We're just too poor to pay," but the FCC declined to give an inch - or a dollar - especially after the station failed to provide tax records that the FCC requested multiple times.
  • 1/7/16 - 73.1212 - The trend of late for fewer but bigger actions from the EB continues with this one that landed on Cumulus. The FCC has issued an Order for a $540k Consent Decree over the failure of WOKQ, Dover NH to adequately identify the sponsor of some 2011 ads that supported the construction of a controversial electric transmission line. That $540k? That is three years of monthly payments of $15k. And there is a requirement that Compliance Plan be initiated with a Compliance Officer, etc. etc.
  • 12/17/15 - 73.2080 - Some of the most difficult rules to read, understand, and comply with relate to the FCC's EEO rules - and for some stations represent a major part of their legal expenses whether or not there is ultimately a fine.

    Davidson Media in Richmond VA was cited (see
  • 12/19/14, below) for violating recruitment and "self assessment" rules at four of their stations in 2009-2011 by hiring a walk-in and two "client/employee referrals, and three others with insufficient public recruitment. The Commission rejected station explanations, requesting reduction or cancellation of the fine, issuing a Forfeiture Order for $5k and a reporting requirement.
  • 12/15/15 - 73.3540 - It took a sale 23 years after an early LMA was set up for it to come to the Commission's attention and the MB to issue an ORDER, which included an $8k payment to the Treasury. A proposed sale of KRDO-FM Colorado Springs was therefore allowed to proceed.
  • 11/25/15 - 73.49 - "When the fence fails, so do you." WDJZ, a three-tower directional in Bridgeport, CT, received a Forfeiture Order for $10k, relating to an inspector finding the fences falling apart in July 2012. Excuses that People's Broadcast Network fixed the fences after the inspection and inability to pay were tuirned down, leaving the fine to stand.
  • 11/23/15 - The FCC this week admitted it takes too long and they collect too few fines levied - especially the heart-stopping, large fines - as many companies try to run out the clock on the Statute of Limitations. A Memorandum Opinion and Order in a case that goes back to 2011, has five stations (Pacific Empire) fighting Public File fines ever since. The FCC says they have to pay up. The amount, $25k, is small compared to the ones mentioned below (11/4/15). And the FCC does have more leverage than with the hotels: they can "red-flag" the licenses at the next renewal.
  • 11/16/15 - 73.3527, 73.3539 - The FCC issued an Order for $6.7k to American International College and its WAIC(FM), Springfield, MA. $1200 was for filing their renewal late, and $12k for Public File violations over several years (32 quarters), which was reduced to $5.5k, partially in consideration of the station's past as a student run station. A Compliance Plan will also be implemented.
  • 11/11/15 - Not just the AM and FM transmitters need to be properly signed and fenced to keep the public from high rf exposure. Rooftop transmitters (two-way, RPU, STL, for example) must also prevent the public from getting too close. A couple of NALFs issued to companies in Phoenix, AZ are instructive - and worth consideration by broadcasters.

    Wirelessco, L.P., owner of station KNLF254 in Phoenix, and and T-Mobile, operator of WQGB378, WQGA745, and WQQQ249, were sent NALFs for $25k and $60k, respectively.
  • 11/4/15 - Section 333 - The FCC still does not like signal jammers - and are doing more and more crackdowns on hotels playing the game to charge huge fees for WiFi access. About a year ago, Marriott Hotels agreed to a $600k Consent Decree. Smart City paid $750k earlier this year. And now M.C. Dean has an NALF for $718k - adjusted up from $182k - for jamming WiFi signals at the Baltimore Convention Center, so they could charge up to $1095 for access to their WiFi signals. The FCC noted that this went on even after the previous cases and Public Notice was made explaining the FCC's decision and position.

    And, enforcement on this issue is still not over. Hilton Hotels is getting an NALF for $25k - increased from $4k - for its actions in Anaheim California, where it apparently "obstructed the FCC's investigation" into how it charged $500 to get on the Hilton WiFi system. Additionally, the FCC promises more and higher fines should Hilton not get the message and stop the practice in its hotels.
  • 11/3/15 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.48, 17.51 - Another about two years ago, an Alaskan tower owner, Johnson Towers, fell afoul of the FCC rules regarding lighting and painting requirements on towers. Now it is an Order for $3k, -but the consolidator will have to pay another $231k if they continue to violate the FCC Rules.
  • 10/28/15 - Have you noticed a distinct fall-off in the NALs since June? There are rumors that the FCC's cutbacks in the Field Offices has been rocky, and the offices are not as productive as before. Congress is even asking if the FCC has an Enforcement Strategy.
  • 10/13/15 - Three late renewals were all addressed today with Memorandum and Order and NALFs for $1.5k. The three stations, WIMG, Ewing NJ, WLIH, Whitneyvilla PA, and WSPQ, Springville NY all turned in renewals late but before the license expired, so they were not tagged for broadcasting "without authorization."
  • 10/10/15 - A late renewal by a student-run station was granted by the FCC, surviving challenges by two stations seeking to improve their signals. However, the Order included a total of $6250 in civil penalties, including operation without a license and at variance with the previous authorization. Some leniency was granted due to the station being student-run.
  • 9/22/15 - Holders of a Construction Permit are expected to, well, actually construct the facility permitted. In past, some stations have tried to put up temporary facilities, often short tower and a transmitter mounted on a pickup truck, and then file, vertifying they had fulfulled the conditions of the Construction Permit. The FCC is no longer amused.

    In June, the FCC accepted the withdrawl of an application for license for the 80-mile move of KWCX into the Tucson market when the Chief Engineer of Journal Broadcast submitted documentation that nothing was at the designated coordinates. Despite several excuses, including lease issues, the end result was dismissial of the CP to move.

    This week, the FCC dropped five stations in Texas and New Mexico for the same reason - failure to construct as permitted - deleting all five stations involved. Tango Radio, LLC and South Texas FM Investments, LLC lost DKNOS(FM), Albany Texas; DKANM(FM), Skyline-Ganipa, New Mexico; DKKUL-FM, Trinity, Texas, DKAHA(FM), Olney, Texas, and DKXME(FM), Wellington, Texas.

    The wording of the Memorandum Opinion and Order is meant to be a warning to others to construct as authorized. Period.
  • 6/21/15 - 73.3527 - A Consent Decree including a payment of $2.2k closes a matter involving Bucknell University's WVBU(FM), Lewisburg, PA, and the station's failure to place the Issues & Programs lists in the Public Information File and moved the PIF itself to a location other than the Main Studio without a wavier. Under Comission Policy, a negotiated fine for $2.2k included a wavier to permit relocating the station's PIF.
  • 8/18/15 - 301 - Smart City Holdings found itself on the wrong side of the FCC's policy against jamming WiFi of individuals in hotels and conference centers, so as to drive the sales of their provided "access" at rates of $80/day. The Order and Consent Decree levies a $750k fine, along with a compliance plan and follows the similar $600k Consent Decree with Marriott International last October (see 10/3/14, below). Jamming was said to occur by Smart City in a number of convention centers, including Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Orlando, Florida, and Phoenix, AZ.
  • 8/5/15 - As we discussed in March (3/23/15, below), the FCC took a rather jaundiced view of a Texas station carefully matching tower members and antenna to develop a hyper-directional antenna with an ERP of nearly 275 kW toward another market. Today an Order was issued, as expected, instructing the station to turn the transmitter down from 25 kW to 9.1 kW. The FCC said it had reasons to deny this KFWR from using the antenna regardless of the somewhat loose understanding that side-mount FM antennas are no longer perfectly circular. Whether this will lead to further specifications in the Rules, remains to be seen.
  • 7/28/15 - 97.119(a), 97.101(d) - The Egyptian Radio Club, an Amateur group based in Granite City, IL, notes that the FCC EB has dropped the hammer on a pair of Amateurs who ignored some basic rules. One was a $1k fine for not properly identifying the station. The other was $22k for intentionally causing interference to other stations, including "using animal noises."
  • 7/23/15 - 73.3526 - 73.1740 - The lengthy illness and death of the owner (and only fulltime employee) of Larko Communications WMYQ (FM) in South Whitley, IN, led to a Memorandum Opinion and Order and NALF for $15k. After Christopher Larko died in 2010, Public File items were not kept up to date, and the station subsequently suspended operations for more than 30 days without an STA. These issues also caused a holdup in the station renewal. The EB decided $15k was appropriate and agreed to allow the renewal when the fines were paid, so the station could be sold.
  • 7/6/15 - 301, 73.3539 - Filing a renewal application after your license expires puts you in the dog house on at least two points - and excuses generally will get a deaf ear. First, you get the D (for dog house - or actually Deleted), and then comes the fine for late renewal and for operating without authority - in addition to the legal costs. For DWKYY, Lancaster, KY, the NALF for $7k comes with a Memorandum Order and Order, reinstating the call letters, but demanding payment in 30 days. Complicating matters was the death of the owner, but the FCC held the Trustee should have sought an STA earlier.
  • 6/30/15 - 73.3526 - Failure to maintain the Public Information File as required was the basis for three separate Forfeiture Orders for a total of $12.72k. In each case, one of the excuses offered was "we corrected matters after the FCC told us." Simply put, this excuse does not fly. At the same time, the EB is showing leniency to poor stations.
    • J & J Broadcastings' WJSM (AM) and WTMI (FM) Ironwood, MI were fined $10.3K for missing Issues & Programs, and the failure to update their Antenna Structure Registration (ASR). While the FCC dismissed excuses that "someone took the files" and "we fixed the ASR as soon as you told us," the fine does represent a reduction from $13k, due to "inability to pay."
    • Gerald Park's WEKC, Williamsburg, KY, took a $1.5k fine for having no Issues & Programs in the files. Various excuses were rejected, but the fine reduced from $15k due to inability to pay.
    • Curran Communications WPAM, Pottsville, PA is to pay $720 for missing "numberous" Issues & Program reports from the files. The original Fine of $10k was again reduced based on inability to pay.
  • 6/17/15 - 73.49 - Lock the gate! The engineer for WENY in Southport, NY left the gate open for a tower crew (See 6/3/14, below), and a week days later FCC field agents found it. The station called it an inadvertent error that the tower crew did not relock the gate; the FCC disagreed. The definition of "willful" came into play, with the FCC saying it was not necessary that one intended to violate the rules. "All that is necessary is that the licensee knew it was doing the act in question." The bottom line: $7k fine stands.
  • 6/11/15 - 73.1745 - Although Catholic Radio may say they answer to a Higher Power, the FCC does not accept that as an excuse for running higher power than authorized. This four-year old violation and repeated excuses and appeals (see 2/12/15, below) comes to a close with a Memorandum Opinion and Order for $3.2k.
  • 6/10/15 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.51 - A Forfeiture Order for $10k was issued to Global Tower LLC, for violations regarding failure to monitor lights at their Oak Park, MI site. Global did not respond to the NAL, so the EB made it permanent.
  • 6/9/15 - 73.3527 - A Consent Decree closes a matter involving WIUV(FM), Castleton, VT, a university station that did not properly maintain the Issues & Programs lists. The station apparently suffered a flood and as a student run facility, it qualified under the FCC's current policy of a one-time reduction of fines for student run stations. That left a
    civil penalty of $1k and an agreement for a required compliance program.
  • 6/5/15 - 73.1350 - Fellowshipworld's WFWO, Medina NY, station was denied a reduction or wavier of the $8k fine issued 7/18/13 (below). The FCC found none of the excuses were acceptable, and reaffirmed the fine with a Forfeiture Order (which was already doubled for the disregard of the FCC's orders).
  • 5/28/15 - 73.1740 - Another Consent Order and another unusual violation is settled. KPSO-FM in Falfurrias, TX was signing off early each day, in violation of the minimum operating standards for full time station. The fine was reduced due to financial hardship.
  • 5/18/15 - 325, 11.45 - The Enforcement shoe has dropped on iHeart Media for the false EAS tones (a repeat of the National EAS Test) run on the Bobby Bones Show on October 24, 2014. The Order for $1 Million in civil penalties (plus a compliance plan) was agreed to by iHeart Media to conclude the matter. It is worth noting that part of the reason for the large settlement was that the program was more than just on locally in Nashville (WSIX) - it was on satellite and carried in a number of markets.

    This fine is part of the EB's continuing policy to get more and more aggressive and firm with stations that casually violate the Rules. The last such fine, for three seconds of pornography on a Virginia TV station (WDBJ), was for $325 k.

    However - it is also worth noting that none of the other radio/TV/cable stations that ran the EAN were - or will be fined. Officially, under the current - non-new-rewritten Part 11 that the FCC has been promising for years - Rules, an EAN must be relayed regardless of the timestamp. That would have prevented the fake EAN from running. But, in typical bureaucratic manner, in reaction to a slight delay at some stations in the 2011 National Test caused by a programming error at the FEMA, a more recent Policy statement and part of the NPRM for Part 11 now says stations are to run an EAN immediately, regardless of the timestamp.

    This will need to be sorted out in the - eventual - new Part 11.
  • 5/4/15 - 73.3526 - An NALF for $9k - and an admonishment - issued to KBFD-DT may validate some of the concerns many stations have about the FCC push to put all Public Information Files online on the FCC servers. While the forms were filed locally, the station failed to upload 20 quarters of Children's Programming Reports to the FCC site. The station did self-report this on their renewal, and the FCC tripled the "normal" fine of $3k due to the number of missing reports.
  • 4/21/15 - Perhaps you have noticed a lack of activity over the past month. Perhaps it is because there is a new "Enforcer in Chief." The Enforcement Bureau's new Chief, Travis LeBlanc, has set some ambitious goals. During last week's NAB Show, LeBlanc indicated he is as interested in "prevention, not just enforcement." He also said he does not intend to have the same "license hold ups" that were common under his predecessor.

    Some have speculated the intent of the rather stiff penalty proposed for WDBJ (next item), whether it was "a shot acroos the bow" or a desire to announce his arrival. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the EB carries on from here.
  • 3/23/15 - 73.3999 - A small box triggered the top FCC fine - an NALF for $325k - for a single vioation at WDBJ(DT) Roanoke, VA. The violation - showing a video image of a hand stroking an erect penis - came during a news story about a porn star becoming a community volunteer. Unfortunately for the station, while grabbing a picture from a web site, the station included an inset box with the video. To put it mildly, the FCC was not amused.
  • 3/23/15 - How much is too much? In other words, how far can you push FCC policy before it hits back. The story above is fairly cut and dry, given the content. A station in Texas received a CP to move and upgrade but, according to the FCC, went a bit too far in trying to rim-shot a station into a larger market. KFWR, Jacksboro TX, was granted 100 kW @ 425m HAAT. The Order to Show Cause issued after a complaint by KCKL would reduce TPO from 25 kW to 9.1 kW.

    Why? KFWR appears to have planned to make their non-directional antenna even more directional than would be permitted by the Rules, using the tower structure and mounting to send an ERP of 262 to 274 kW toward the larger market: Dallas. While it a pretty open "secret" in FM that a non-directional antenna can be side-mounted in such a manner as to result in an augmented signal in a particular direction, this one with its 4.386 gain got the FCC's attention.

  • 3/19/15 - 73.3527, 73.3615, 73.561, and 11.56 - KTJO, Ottawa University, in Ottawa KS, discovered the limits of the FCC leniency for documentation matters at first time NCEFM (student-run) offenders. While the Commission issued an Order for $12.2k, only $1.2k of that was for missing Public File and Ownership Reports, an additional $11k was assessed for EAS CAP Compliance and Minimum Operating Schedule rules. One more thing: the renewal was granted - for four years. In other words: a short leash.
  • 3/11/15 - 73.3527 - WPPB, Southampton NY, admitted on their renewal form that they failed to put materials in the Public Information File in the format as required by the Rules. Although the station has since corrected the problem, the FCC issued a Memorandum Opinion and Order and NALF for $10k. The violations were considered "extensive" but not "serious violations" which could have triggered more actions.
  • 2/25/15 - 73.3539 - Filing their renewal applications last year cost two stations $1.5k each. KLLB in West Jordan, UT, and KFBR in Gerlach, NV, both failed to file their renewals as required - one a month late, one nearly four months late. In both cases, the FCC relented from the "normal" $3k fine and issued the Memorandum and Order and NALF for $1.5k
  • 2/12/15 - 73.1745 - There is a path for many violations. First the NOV, then the NAL, then the Forfeiture Order, and finally a Memorandum Opinion and Order. Naturally, each step usually requires lawyers, appeals, Petition for Reconsideration, and more. Catholic Radio Networks' KPIO, Loveland, CO went through the whole process, and sill are ordered to pay a $3.2k fine (1/9/14, below), reduced from $4k. Somehow, one suspects the lawyer's fee is more than $800 ... probably more than $4k. At least they got 4 years to pay from the violation!
  • 2/8/15 - 11.35, 73.1690, 73.3527 - A slow-moving process has reaffirmed the NAL issued (10/24/11, below) to a 12-Watt Non-Comm station for not having a Public File, no operating EAS receiver - and having moved the transmitter a half-mile without authorization. RJ's Late Night Entertainment now has a Memorandum Opinion and Order to pay $22k (about $1833 a Watt!).
  • 1/28/15 - Have you attended a conference or meeting and found that your mobile hot-spot did not work? An FCC investigation into this situation stemming from a complaint at a Marriott hotel in Nashville has concluded that the hotel - and anyone else doing the same "jamming" - is wrong. In fact, Marriott paid $600,000 to close the case. Nevertheless, the FCC has issued a Public Notice that you can refer to ... or carry a copy with you to show hotel employees and help them back down.

  • 1/27/15 - 73.1740 - If you have a license, you are supposed to broadacst. WTRI in Brunswick, MD received a Forfeiture Order for $5k for going "dark" a number of times since 2005,for as long as 359 days, without timely filing for STA permission within 30 days. The station has had financial issues, and went into trusteeship, but the FCC does expect to be apprised of the operation - or lack thereof - of stations.

  • 1/26/15 - 325, 11.45 - OK, show of hands: how many think it is illegal to use EAS tones for so-called comedic or other purposes? Oh .. look, the "talent" at Univision's Spanish language WXNY-FM, New York, have their hands up, too. Yes, those brainiacs that used the tones repeatedly in a skit on the air - telling the audience it was illegal - and doing it again. As has been noted, the FCC is becoming less and less amused. Do not expect the Commission to set aside the Adopted Order for a $20k fine and a three years compliance program nor reduce the fine. In fact, this event may play into another issue. And there is another lesson here.

  • 1/20/15 - 11.45 - The FCC has issued yet another warning not to play with the EAS tones. Perhaps you remember early last year when the FCC fined NBCUniversal, Disney/ESPN, and Viacom about $2 million for violations, primarly in regards to a commercial run for the movie Olympus Has Fallen, with unauthorized tones in them. NBCUniversal paid their half million, but the others wanted to have the fines reduced or waived. Instead, the FCC has stood fast, and issued an NAL for $1.4 million against Viacom and ESPN, as well as a Public Notice on the matter.

  • 1/8/15 - 301, 333 - We do not take a lot of time dealing with the pirates that get cited and fined. Usually they often ignore the FCC and have no money anyway. However, the case of Drew Buckley in Bay Shore, NY it is worth noting because not only was he operating a pirate station, he was interfering with the public safety transmissions of the Melville Fire Department. The well-deserved Forfeiture Order (usually $10k) is for $25k. Whether Buckley will pay up or not, the interference needs to stop.

    1/8/15 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.48, 17.51 - We start the new year with a series of Forfeiture Orders for failure to monitor and exhibit the tower lighting as required by the FCC. Interestingly, in each case the FCC reduced the fine somewhat.


  • 12/19/14 - 73.2080 - December seems to be the time the EB decides to offers an EEO fine or two (see 12/5/13 and 12/30/11, below) - and iHeart (formerly Clear Channel) seems to be a favorite target of failing to carry out all the parts of the EEO rules. (If you have more than five fulltime employees, this is something you want to know about. Among other things, hiring "walk in" applicants and failing to advertise, incluiding notifying all local organizations that ask for notice7 will get you into trouble.)

    This time, iHeart's Savanna, GA stations were found guilty of violating the EEO rules when hiring new staffers, and received an NALF for $9k. But the big cost, along with the lawyers' fees, is the requirement that the stations provide the FCC with an annual report for the next three years on what they have done to correct their errors and live by the EEO rules.

  • 12/19/14 - 73.2080 - If one EEO fine is good, two are better reckons the FCC. Davidson Media in Richmond, VA received an NALF for $5k for EEO violations when hiring new staffers. The big sting though, is the requirement that the stations file annual reports for three years detailing how they are now compliant.

  • 12/18/14 - 303(q), 11.35, 17.50, 17.51 - Back in July (7/30/14, below), Pittman Broadcasting received two Memorandum Opinion and Orders totalling $12k for KVOL-AM and WUUU-FM in Lafayette and Franklinton, LA for EAS and overpower violations. The stations put up various excuses which the FCC did not accept, and the fines stick. although reduced by 2/3.

  • 12/17/14 - 301 - Several important points of compliance here. First, if you ever wanted an almost perfect example of "Willful and Repeated," you will find it in the Forfeiture Order for $25k issued to Four Corners Broadcasting in Durango, CO. The three stations moved their studios and ran STLs from a place one kilometer from its assigned place. After enhancing the fine due to the seven year of action, a reinspection showed continued operations. The stations argued they filed for licenses. The FCC said "no, they were dismissed for cause." The stations argued they had had an ABIP inspection. The FCC said "sorry, we can inspect and cite any time we are made aware of violations."

  • 12/16/14 - 73.1125 - A Forfeiture Order for $7k brings to an end the matter of Cochise Broadcasting's KOMJ in Omaha, NE not having a staffed Main Studio. An additional violation regarding the Public File access was dropped (see 8/1/13, below).

  • 12/10/14 - 11.45 - Another EAS fine for misuse of EAS tones: are your station employees listening? Apparently staff at WTRC-FM in Niles, MI were not. The FCC issued an Order to Pathfinder Communications after arriving at a Consent Decree with the station - and a penalty of $46k, plus initiating a compliance plan. The essence: using EAS tones in an advertisement. Look for future fines/penalties to get more expensive.

    12/10/14 - Section 503(b)(5), Section 325(a), 11.45 - This seems to be EAS Week at the EB. This one is interesting because it involves a non-licensee that has violated the FCC Rules. The Citation to SM Radio states that inserting very brief EAS tones (about two seconds) in a promotional advertisement on the Stephanie Miller Show on Sirirus XM violates the Communications Act of 1934 - including sending what "constitutes a false distress communication" - and gives notice that the FCC can indeed cite and fine SM Radio with "significant fines" for repetition. If you doubt they are serious (no pun intended), see the item immediately above.

  • 12/9/14 - 11.35 - Another station without an EAS receiver. But this one also tells the story that timing is everything. Bold Gold Media's WWRR, Scranton, PA had a $6k fine confirmed with a MO&O. It appears that Bold Gold's appeal to the original fine was filed three days late.

  • 12/9/14 - 11.35 - An EAS receiver must be operating, even when a station is under a CP or PTA. KBXD, Dallas received a Forfeiture Order for $7.2k for failing to have an EAS receiver operational during an inspection. A slight reduction was granted for previous compliance, but the majority of the fine stays.

  • 12/8/14 - 73.1212 - A Consent Decree and Order for $115k is the result of Journal Broadcast's KTNV-TV in Las Vegas violations of the Sponsorship Identification Rule. The station disguised advertising as news reports.

  • 12/2/14 - 73.1206 - There have been several fines issued, from time to time, to stations that continue to ignore the FCC's Telephone Broadcast Rule that requires notifying a caller that their conversation will be recorded - before the recording begins. The Commission continues to escalate fines related to this practice. This week KTVX-DT in Salt Lake City received an Order for $35k for broadcasting a recording twice. It did not help that the station did not respond to the FCC when directed.

  • 11/18/14 - 73.3539, 73.3526 - Fiesta Radio, currently in the process of selling KAZA, Gilroy, CA, received a Memorandum Opinion and Order and an NALF for $18k for two late renewals (2005 and 2013) and Public Information File violations. Responses that employees were not familiar with the process were rejected.

  • 11/13/14 - 73.3539 - Failure to file the License Renewal application on time brought an NALF for $7k to the Lincoln County, NV School District. KLYX(FM) in Pioche, NV did not file a Renewal Application until almost three weeks after the License had expired.

  • 11/4/14 - 73.49 - Alaska Integrated Media won a slight reduction of a fine issued for failure to properly enclose an antenna. The Forfeiture Order for $5.6k notes a history of compliance for the reduction of $1.4k.

  • 10/14/14 - Section 301, 1.903, and 1.947 - The FCC does not like unauthorized operation. That is one reason you see the periodic fines against pirates. Midessa )TX) Television LP got an NALF for $86.4k for operating three broadcast auxiliary services (BAS) without authorization - and six additional BAS operated at variance from the licenses, some as long as 22 years (!). Turning down a request to reduce the $54k fine, the EB actually increased it by $32.4k due to the seriousness and length of the violations.

  • 10/3/14 - Section 333 - The FCC does not like signal jammers - even on WiFi. Marriott Hotels agreed to a $600,000 Consent Decree to settle complaints that the hotel chain's Nashville operation at Gaylord Opryland purposely jammed WiFi frequencies to stop ad hoc mobile "hot spots" from working. Marriott admitted to the violation, which was an effort to sell high-priced access (as much as $1000 per device, according to the FCC notice) to convention attendees. The FCC also required a three-year Compliance Program, which includes regular reports to the Commission on their operations.

  • 918/14 - 17.50, 73.49 - Equity Communications will have to give up equity to the tune of $30k in Forfeture Orders, as the FCC reaffirms the NALs issued in October 2011 WMID and July 2012 WCMC (see both below) for failure to paint a tower and repair gates and fences. Equity had promised immediate corrections, but the FCC says they have a different concept of immediate - some things were still not corrected according to an inspection seven months later.

  • 9/5/14 - 73.3526 - The FCC reaffirmed the violation at Western Slope's two stations in Colorade (see 7/10/13, below) for not having complete Public Files. The Forfeiture Order for $20k, effectively reversed the original fine's augmentation, noting the station did make some efforts to comply but it was after the fact and did not change the fact that the files were missing at the time of inspection.

  • 9/5/14 - 73.49 - Another reduction concerns York, PA station WOYK. The original fine of $7k was reduced to a Forfeiture Order for $5.6k, again based on the station's history of compliance. (It is probably worth noting that the legal costs in this case far exceeded the reduction.)

  • 8/29/14 - 301, 1.903 - M.J. Phillips Communications has a studio for WJJL in West Seneca NY. Unfortunately, their STL (WHB714) has been licensed for many years to a site in Niagra Falls, just over 24 miles away. The FCC responded to a complaint in 2013 and issued an NOV. The station acknowledged the problem and said it would resolve it. However, over seven months later, the Field Agents found the station had not complied The Commission hiked the fine by $2.4k due to the "willful and repeated" violations. Hence the NAL for $6.4k and a requirement that the station report in 30 days as to how they have come into compliance.

  • 8/28/14 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.56 - A Forfeiture Order for $7.5k issued to Telava Wireless in Fordsville KY, is a reminder that the FCC takes seriously any failure to monitor and/or rapidly care for tower light outages. In this case, the Commission did reduce the fine from $17k in response to a plea of inability to pay - but just as with the new policy in dealing with student run stations, makes it clear that a repetition of the violation will not be dealt with so leniently.

  • 8/22/14 - 301, - The FCC has been in an "understanding" mode this month, modifying or waiving fines for some situations. KTZZ in Conrad, MT was running an STL without a license (7/24/13, below). When the FCC cited the owner, she pleaded poverty. The Field Agent did report that KTZZ stopped the unauthorized transmissions. The Order reminds the station that such leniency may not be granted in future.

  • 8/13/13 - 73.3527 - Cazenovia (NY) College's WITC was the benficiary of the FCC's recent William Penn University Policy: a student-run station can be let off easy for a first-time violation of certain rules. In this case, WITC will donate $1k to the US Treasury and devise a complaince program to prevent re-occurance of their Public File violations.

  • 8/5/14 - 17.57 - It is important during a transfer to make sure all the necessary paperwork is done. That includes changing the ownership information on the ASRN (tower registration). Alpha & Omega Communications did not do this for their West Valley, UT tower, incurring a Forfeiture Order for $2.4k (marked down 20%).

  • 7/30/14 - 303(q), 11.35, 17.50, 17.51 - Pittman Broadcasting received two Forfeiture Orders totalling $36.5k for KVOL-AM and WUUU-FM in Lafayette and Franklinton, LA. The fines stem from a series of EAS and over-powerviolations (see 5/30/13, below). While the stations claimed inability to pay, the FCC declined to reduce the fines, although the $15k fine for KVOL was reduced to $14k somewhere along the line.

  • 7/29/14 - 1.1310, 73.1560 - The owner of KGNT, Smithfield, UT received a Forfeiture Order for $9.2k, marked down from $14k. The company, Frandsen Media, claimed that the violations, for excessive RFR in public areas and running the transmitter ERP at 156%, should be reduced or cancelled due to vandalism at the site. The FCC responded that the station apparently knew of the issue since 2005, but not inspected the site for five months prior to their inspection.

  • 7/13/14 - 303(q), 17.48, 17.51, 17.57 - Latin Broadcasting in Dallas Center, IA was the recipient of a Forfeiture Order for $14k. The company tried several excuses, which the FCC did not accept. They did win a $3k reduction for a record of prior compliance.

  • 6/26/14 - 73.49 - You will note the FCC is a bit frustrated with Birach Broadcasting. After several cases where fines were issued for inadequate tower fencing - and $27k in fines - Birach acknowledged it knew the fences at WWCS in Cannonburg, PA needed repairs. The fine was augmented to an NALF for $12k - now $39k in tower fence related fines - and an order for the company to report on all their towers and the status of the fencing.

  • 6/19/14 - 303(q), 17.23, 17.48 - Many stations have de-lit a tower or three and saved a lot of money - there are many cases where the lighting consumes more power than the transmitter! However, to de-light a tower requires permission from the FCC, even if the FAA says it is OK. Duhamel Broadcasting in Rapid CIty, SD just received an NALF for $10k - and is required to turn the lights back on, even though they had been off for eight years.

  • 6/19/14 - - 301, 333, 302, 2.803, 2.805, 2.807, 15.1(c), 15.3(o), and 15.201 (and maybe the kitchen sink, too) - The FCC has previously fined companies that make signal jammers, as well as users, but this is planned to be the largest fine ever issued by the Commission: $34.9 million. Of course, the big question is whether the FCC can collect from CTS, a Chinese company that sells the units on the Internet. FCC personnel bought 10 of them, to be test, and the result is a demand to stop making and selling the units, and to provide a list of who bought them. Again, the big question is whether the FCC can actually enforce this one.

  • 6/9/14 - 17.50 - Failure to maintain lighting exposed another violation at two towers: failure to conform to the terms of authorization. The NAL for $10k pointed out that the tower's ASR authorization specified painting the tower. In fact, the tower owner, Dalrymple Realty in Elmira, NY had installed white lights ten years ago but not kept the paint up to date. When the obstruction light failed in July 2013, no NOTAM was filed and agents discovered the variation. The other NAL for $15K was assessed against Northeast Passage Corp, in Hightstown, NJ.

  • 6/9/14 - 73.3526 - Vision Latina in Port Neches, TX dodged at $25k fine due to poor finances. (see 4/2/12 below) The FCC had previous reduced it to $500, but will now settle for an admonishment to the former operators of KBPO.

  • 6/9/14 - 11.35 - A reduction from $10k to a Forfeiture Order of $6k was won by WWRR in Scranton, PA. The initial violation was (see 1/31/11, below), that alhough EAS gear was on order at one station it did not have a working unit nor were tests being run when inspected. The fact the EAS unit was on order, plus a good reputation got the $4k reduction.

  • 6/4/14 - 73.3526 - When 24 Issues & Program lists are not in the Public File, the FCC considers that a fairly bad move, and therefore an NAL for $10k was issued to WMMG in Brandenburg, KY. In reply, the station made an argument they should not have: Claiming a history of compliance that was ... erm ... not a history of compliance.

  • 6/3/14 - 73.49 - Lock the gate! The FCC rule is that there mus be "an effective locked fence" around an AM tower. The engineer for WENY in Southport, NY left the gate unlocked for six days before an FCC agent discovered the problem. Ka-Ching: the NAL for $7k was issued to Sound Communications, the owner.

  • 6/3714 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.51 - The KAGM-FM Joint Partnership in Strasburg, CO ducked a $15k NAL for failing to light their tower and properly monitor and log observations. In an unusual resolution, the FCC dropped the fine and put an Admonishment int he station file. This after an agent discovered the outage nearly four months after power was disconnected due to non-payment of the electric bill.

  • 5/28/14 - 73.1745 - All it takes is a relatively minor error in programming a remote control to cause big problems. An NAL for $6k was issued to WIFI in Florence, NJ, for running day power until 10:30PM. The Real Life Broadcasting station was observed to have had no field intensity changes after sunset. Ka-ching. The thing is, not only did the field agents discover the station had programmed the computer to change power at 10:30PM, two hours after sunset, but this station was cited for similar violation in 2009. Add $2k to the $4k base fine.

  • 4/29/14 - 301, 333, 302, 2.803, 2.805, 2.807, 15.1(c), 15.3(o), and 15.201 - You will probably admit that you would love to have a cell phone jammer - especially every time you get cut off or are nearly the victim of a crash and see the other driver is talking on a cell phone. Unfortunately the FCC is not sympathetic and tossed a litany of technical violations, issuing an NAL for $48k to Jason Humphries, in Seffner, FL, for running a cell jammer for almost two years, PLUS emphasizing the point by issuing a Public Notice.

  • 4/28/14 - 73.1125, 73.1225, 73.1350 - $89,200. That is the fine issued in an NALF to WPHA-CD, Philadelphia. The D.T.V, LLC-owned station received the full ire of the FCC, not just for operating at an unauthorized site, not just for violating the Main Studio rules, but for refusing FCC Field Agents access to the facility on several occasions. Leaving FCC agents outside locked gates and telling them to come back later is not a good idea. In fact, the FCC said: "This is simply unacceptable." (Thanks, Tim Sawyer)

  • 4/24/14 - 17.57 - The FCC issued a Forfeiture Order for $4.2k to Coastal Television Broadcasting Co of Anchorage, AK for a four and a half year delay in notification of a tower ownership change (see 10/25/13, below).

  • 4/17/14 - 73.3527 - The FCC Order affirmed the NAL for $10k to WTXR, Toccoa Falls College in Georgia (see 5/12/12 below). However, the FCC exercised its relatively new policy of giving NCEFM stations a break under some circumstances, where students were involved and money an issue. The fine was changed to a $1k donation to the Treasury and a compliance program. WTXR (and similar stations) are urged the break is not to be "expected."

  • 4/4/14 - 73.3539 - Failure to file the License Renewal application on time brought an NALF for $7k to DWBRY in Woodbury, TN (the "D" in the call sign means deleted). The station did not pay the renewal fee on time, hence the Renewal Application was dismissed. Because the station moved to correct matters as soon as the FCC inquired, the fine was reduced by $6k and reinstatment/renewal of the license will be allowed.

  • 3/31/14 - 73.1740 WTRI in Brunswick, MD received an NALF for $5k after having gone silent several times, and not properly informing the FCC.

  • 3/27/14 - Sections 301, 302(b), 333, 2.805(a), and 15.1(c) - Not strictly broadcast, but this highlights Part 15 and other issues: R&N Manufacturing in Houston, TX received an NALF for $29,250 for the use of a cellphone jammer to prevent employees from using their cellphones while at work. The Commission takes a dim view of this, but allowed a 25% reductionin the fine (from $39k) because R&N surrendured the jamming transmitter.

  • 3/25/14 - 73.3526 - Entertainment Media Trust received a reduction due to inability to pay for one of the fines issued on 5/19/11 (below) for lack of public acces to the Public File. The reduction from $24k to $8.5k came in a Forfeiture Order.

  • 3/21/14 - 73.49 - The cowboy song might beg "Don't Fence Me In," but the FCC requires sufficient fencing aound towers. WDJZ in Bridgeport, CT, received an NALF for $10k, due to poor/missing fences around its three towers. Unfortunately for WDJZ, when field agents returned over a year later, the fences were still not repaired, which added $3k to the base fine of #7k.

  • 3/21/14 - 73.1216 - Failure to conduct a contest according to announced terms resulted in an $8k NALF being issued to South Central Communications' stations in and around Evansville, IN. As the contest was conducted over four stations, the FCC decided to double the fine to $8k. Another station, WEJK in Boonville, IN, programmed by South Central, also received their own $4k NALF.

  • 3/20/14 - 73.35 & 73.1125(a) - WLBH AM & FM in Mattoon, IL, received a major gift from the FCC: a 96% reduction the fine issued on 5/14/11 (see below). The Forfeiture Order for $500 included a warning that the station could not count on similar reductions for any future violations.

  • 3/12/14 - 73.1740 - KPSO-FM in Falfurrias, TX shut down every day at 7PM for almost four years. The FCC was notified on the Renewal Application and noted no STA had been sought our granted. An NALF for $5k was issued for not meeting minimum operating requirements.

  • 3/11/14 - 73.3527 - A quarrel on the board of station KWRR, Elethe, WY. The station self-reported the lack of two Issues & Programs lists. The EB noted the efforts the station put for to recreate the "looted" Public File, and reduced the normal $10k fine to an NALF for $1k.

  • 3/11/14 - A Part 15 NALF for $25k indicates the FCC is responding to complaints. This one is also in the 900 MHz band, suggesting the complainants might be cellular companies (similar to the LTE complaints). In any event, the key to this one is a previous complaint and warning from the FCC. The new complaint got a pair of $10k fines and $5k for ignoring the warning.

  • 3/5/14 - 73.3526 - Public File violations brought a very cold day to Icicle Broadcasting: the message was in NALs for $46k to four Icicle stations, KOHO-FM, Leavenworth, WA, KOSI(AM), Chelan, WA, KOSI-FM, Chelan, WA, and KZAL, Manson, WA. The normal $10k fine was enhanced for three stations due to the length of the violations. And, if that were not enough, the cold enforcement wakeup shower continued: License renewals for four years, half the normal span.

  • 3/3/14 - 11.45 - OK, one more time: it is illegal to use EAS tones for anything but EAS activations. No movie trailers, no news reports, no silliness. The FCC is not amused. This NAL for $1.9 million to Disney, Viacom, and NBCUniversal push off all excuses - including weasel-wording from lawyers saying it was not "transmitted," or it was not false, or it was "obvious." Broadcasters, cable networks, anyone who transmits or causes to be transmitted the EAS tones will find themselves in hot water. That is the FCC's strong message. Got it?

  • 2/2714 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.48, 17.51 - Kemp Broadcasting received an NALF for $14k for repeated lighting violations on their Moapa, NV tower. The fine was increased 40% because of repeated failure to call the FCC for a NOTAM and the six month delay in making repairs. The FCC agents were also unimpressed that the visual inspection was usually done "twice a month."

  • 2/20/14 - A couple in Austin, Texas have tried a novel approach to avoiding the FCC's Regulations and a fine for operating an unlicensed station: Texas is not part of the US. While many observers might tend to agree with the basic sentiment, the FCC was not amused at Walter Olenick and Rae Nadler-Olenick's demand that they see a treaty between Texas and the International Bureau. An NALF for $15k is the result. However, it is likely this is not over.

  • 2/20/14 - 73.1125, 73.3526 - The Commission's response is in, after Cochise Broadcasting's excuses for why a field agent was unable to locate a Main Studio no Public Files for KOMJ in Omaha, NE (See 8/1/13) below. The NALF for $17k notes that it takes personnel and equipment to equal a Main Studio and leaving a message on a phone answering machine in another state does not meet the requirement for Public Files to be available during business hours.

  • 2/19/14 - 11.35 - Another station that apparently felt it did not need EAS gear. This time it was in a large market. JCE Licenses, owner of KBDX-AM in Dallas, TX received an NALF for $9k for not having an operational EAS receiver nor logs to indicate when and why a receiver was not operational.

  • 2/10/14 - 73.1212 - Almost exactly two years after getting the NAL for $44k, Cumulus' WLS in Chicago got a Forfeiture Order for failure to properly identify advertisements. The 11 misleading announcements (see 2/6/12 below) were tagged for $4k each. The news report cum advertisement is quoted in the FO, which was issued while WLS was owned by Citadel. None of the appeals or excuses ("it was inadvertent employee errors") to moderate the fine were deemed acceptable.

  • 2/7/14 - 73.3526 - Pacific Empire Radio Corporation in La Grande, OR netted a $25k Forfeiture Order from the FCC for Public File violations. The fine, originally assessed 5/22/12 (see below) was reduced from $50k, but the company appealed, wanting a further reduction or wavier. The FCC declined and affirmed the fine.

  • 2/7/14 - 11.35 - A TV station in Ogden, UT received an NALF for $9k for failure to have an operating EAS receiver and logs. The station, KPNZ, operated from a Main Studio in Salt Lake City, but had a Master Control in Burbank, CA. With all the logistics, they never ensured the EAS operated properly, hence the fine.

  • 2/5/14 - 73.3527 - Northeastern Illinois University receceived a $9k reduction from the $10k fine for failure to have all the Issues & Programs items in the Public File. The NAL for $1k refected the fact that WZRD was honest and straightforward with the FCC, and had a reasonably credible excuse for part of the problem.

  • 2/5/14 - Steckline Communications received Forfeiture Orders for $42k today, bringing to an end (for now) the violations originally noted on 12/14/12 (see below for the long list of violations). The usual run of appeals and excuses did not find favor at the FCC, so the NAL is now a Forfeiture Order.

  • 2/5/13 - 73.3539 - Failure to file the License Renewal application on time brought an NAL for $2.4k to KWBM(TV) in Harrison, AR. The Word of God Fellowship station was over three and a half months late, last year in filing. A good previous record with the FCC allowed for a $600 reduction.

  • 2/3/14 - 73.3526 - Yes, there were Public File items missing, but the major issue the FCC found in issuing an NALF for $4k and short term renewal (only two years) to KOME-FM in Meridian, TX, was that the station was silent for nearly half its existence, coming on for only short periods of time to avoid 12 consecutive months of silence. The FCC notes "it is clear to us that Licensee's conduct has fallen far short of that which would warrent routine license renewal." This is intended as a warning to stations that pretend to serve a community but pop on the air for only a few hours a year; their licenses are not secure.

  • 1/29/14 - You have likely often heard how important it is to tell the FCC the truth, what you did and when you did it. Evidence that it is not a good idea to try to "fudge" facts is shown by a footnote in an NALF for $10k issued to Omaha Dirt and Wire in Omaha, NE. The footnote (#6) notes that agents in Kansas City, MO used Google Earth to verify that the tower actually had been repainted. The fine stood because the station did not repaint until it was inspected. (Warning: this procedure might also yield other "remote inspections" for fencing, etc.)

  • 1/28/14 - 1.89 - Perhaps you wonder why Onda Mexicana has been issued an NALF for $8k (the fine was doubled) for repeatedly not responding to Commission requests for information and explanation. WWFL in Clermont, FL still needs to answer for a litany of violations, ranging from lack of proper fencing, lack of station log, lack of Public File, lack of Chief Operator, lack of EPM, and studio location not as authorized. The owner claims he eventually responded to the Tampa office, but the FCC says it was not complete and not sent where he was told to respond. This matter will continue. Cue the lawyers!

  • 1/24/14 - 11.35 - An LPFM in Greenville, TX was granted a $2k reduction and a Forfeiture Order for $5k after having been cited for not having an operating EAS machine in 2012. The Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer's KYLP-LP did order and install an EAS, but the violation stands, as does the warning that a reduction this time does not mean a future reduction will be permitted.

  • 1/23/14 - 73.49 - Two in two weeks - maybe it is time to check your fences? Birach Broadcasting received this NAL for $10k for its WTOR operation in Youngstown, NY. The Field Agent found the towers were not secure, one gate completely removed and laying on the ground, foliage growing through the fences, several in really bad shape, and missing significant sections. The normal $7k fine was increased to $10k because Birach had previously been cited for a similar violation.

  • 1/16/14 - 73.49 - Failure to maintain an effective locked fence around AM towers brought an NALF for $7k to the Catholic Church, licensee of WKVM in San Juan, PR. The fence, said to be damaged in a storm six months before the field agent's inspection, was missing sections, as was the fence around the entire property.

  • 1/15/14 - 11.45 - If your staff has not gotten the message as yet, the FCC has "had enough" of the misuse of EAS tones in advertisements - wherever they are, not just over the air. Today an NAL for $200k was issued to Turner Networks for running 14 advertisements with EAS tones in them during a six-day period in 2013 - despite assurances from an earlier violation that procedures would change. The Public Notice issued at the same time makes it clear, this is not going to be a "we forgot" or "sorry, our mistake" issue any longer.

  • 1/10/14 - 73.3527 - Pacifica Foundation's KPFK in Los Angeles netted at $1k fine in the NAL for Forfeiture after admitting on their Renewal Application that they had missed filing four of the Issues & Programs Lists.

  • 1/9/14 - 73.1745 - The FCC issued a Forfeiture Order to close the account with KPIO in Loveland, CO. Back in 2011 (See 10/31/11 below), the Commission found the Catholic Radio Network station operating above its authorized power. Although it did not accept the excuse of malfunctioning equipment, the $4k fine was reduced to $3.2k

  • 1/8/14 - 73.3526 - Excuses. In June 2011, WLSW, Scottdale, PA was tagged with an NAL for $15k for missing ll their quarterly Issues & Programs lists. Originally, the station claimed that "a person or persons had gone through the file and that some items had been removed.... " The station committed to replacing or constructing new files to replace the missing ones. A followup inspection revealed - surprise - that there were no Issues & Programs lists. This time "the snow ate it" and/or the files were in storage somewhere else. The FCC was not persuaded, although they did reduce the file - this time only - to $7500.

  • 12/19/13 - 73.3526 - When the old hands tell you not to lie to the FCC - even if it gets you in trouble - that really is the best practice. Often the FCC will work with a company that is not hiding anything, and is working to fix a problem. On the other hand, if after two years, the violation continues, and the station checks "no" on the Renewal Application when it asks the station to certify that it has been doing what is required, an NAL for Forfeiture is going to happen. This week, it is KBAA in Grass Valley, CA that got an NALF for $10k. The good news is that their License Renewal was granted.

  • 12/5/13 - EEO is one of the touchiest as most annoying requirements placed on stations. License renewals get held up and/or fines are assessed for missing even minor parts of the EEO "dance." Clear Channel's Chicago cluster was been issued an NAL for Forfeiture for $20k - largely for failing to notify all organizations requesting job opening information. The EB says they violated procedure in 33 of 36 hires in a two year period - in some cases missing as few as three organizations. There is also a regular "self-assessment" requirement. No wonder EEO problems and complexities drive many stations to take a deep breath and write checks to their DC attorneys for navigation of the EEO Rules and procedures.

  • 12/5/13 - Another EEO NAL for $20k went to Maryland Public Broadcasting.

  • 12/2/13 - The FCC issued a list of eight radio stations in California that did not file renewal applications and, if they are still on the air, are unauthorized. Fines may follow.

  • 11/18/13 - 73.3539 - Being ill is not sufficient reason for being late with a license renewal, but the FCC is not totally heartless, they want you to know. Stations KELG, Manor TX, KOKE, Pflugerville, TX, and KTXZ, West Lake Hills TX, were two months late in filing their renewal, and two weeks late in requesting an STA when the licenses terminated. The Memorandum and Opinion and NAL for $18k notes the late filing and unauthorized operation could have totalled $39k, but they discounted it by $21k.

  • 11/18/13 - 1.903 - Just because you have an STL license does not mean you can use it on any frequency. WSJU-TV in San Juan, PR, had a proposed fine of $10k, but the Forfeiture Order issued was for $4k, acknowledging the license, but not forgiving the unauthorized frequency.

  • 11/14/13 - 73.3539 - If you are late with a renewal, what do you do? Turn it in, and make sure you ask for an STA if necessary. Although WTKN in Corinth, MS was given an NAL for $1.5k, the FCC did reduce it 50% because the station tried to "recover" from their error.

  • 11/14/13 - 74.1234 - A rather complex series of filings related to translators, moving, CPs, STAs, and co-channel interference uncovered the fact that Apple 107.1 Inc. in New York City had no access nor control of a translator outside of business hours. The NAL for $3k did not affect the rest of the issues, where Apple 107.1's requests prevailed.

  • 11/5/13 - 11.45 - The FCC finally has issued more than a mere Public Notice regarding the use of EAS tones (and sound alikes) in ads, promos, and programning. Bottom line: it is illegal. An NAL with a rather large fine - $25k has been assessed to Turner Broadcast for violating this rule. Turner claims it 'wasn't exactly' EAS tones

  • 11/5/13 - 11.45 - Meanwhile, the FCC has allowed Bowling Green, KY station WNKY(DT) to escape an NAL with a consent decree. While WNKY did admit using EAS tones, and it appears they did take action to stop the violation, but it was in a local commercial. Therefore, to close the books, the station agreed to $39k as a "voluntary contribution" to reduce the US Debt.

  • If you are still not sure how serious the FCC considers this (Do not even think of running the old "musical EBS Test!") ... check this and also this one. The Commission has apparently encouraged the regional heads to send out these last two to local SBE chapters.

  • 11/5/13 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.48, 17.51 - Another Alaskan tower owner fell afoul of the FCC rules regarding daily verification of proper operation and received an NAL and Forfeiture Order for $10k. The key issues: lights were out, but no NOTAM was filed with the FAA. An operator is required to visually inspect tower lights every 24 hours, unless an automated system is in place to do so (with an alarm when the system fails). ACS Wireless did not, and is being asked to pay.

  • 11/4/13 - 302(b) - A proceeding from 2009 has culminated in a Forfeiture Order to Richfield Electronics (China) for $18k for producing and selling FM transmitters that violated the Rules.

  • 11/1/13 - 303(q), 17.21, 17.23, 17.57 - The FCC looks dimly (pun intended) upon towers that do not light as required. Johnson Towers Corp in Pinellas Park, FL had three towers. They requested to light only one, and that was granted. However, the lit tower was "accidently knocked down in 2006." Six years later, an FCC Field Agent responded to an expired NOTAM and found two towers with no lights. Over the next year and a half, the agent noted that, despite his warnings, the towers were still not lit. The NAL and Forfeiture Order for not updating the registration was tripled to $9k. Each remaining tower was cited for willful and repeated, for the maximum allowed, $112.5k. Total: $234k. It will take a lot of tower rentals to cover that.

    The rest of the story: You know there has to be more, right? This was a three-tower AM DA that lost one of its towers, according to the STA form, when a housing construction worker clipped a guy wire and killed a tower. The DA reduced power to maintain monitor points - and the station owner is in good shape with the FCC. The landowner has been in extensive litigation with the county to get a permit to rebuild the tower, for seven years. The AM station continues to explore its options with the remaining two towers.

    The FCC's beef - the lack of tower lights - stands, since the tower owner could have (should have) installed lights on the remaining towers but chose not to do so.

  • 10/29/13 - 73.3526 - A Forfeiture Order for $8k (reduced from $10k) was issued to KUKY in Welton, AZ for not having the Public Information File available. The Commission did accept an excuse that the employee did not fully understand the request due to a language issue and did not direct the Field Agent to the local library, where the PIF was located.

  • 10/29/13 - 73.3526 - Failure to provide a Public File for a Field Agent (Seel 7/29/11, below) netted an NAL for KFOX, Torrance, CA. In issuing the Forfeiture Order to HK Media, the Commission did reduce the amount from $10k to $8k because the station had a good history of compliance.

  • 10/29/13 - 73.1125(a) - Another Forfeiture Order in an older case was issued to WQOR, Olyphant, PA had its $10,000 forfeiture reduced to $1.5k for the violation of Main Studio rule (See 12/3/10, below) due to inability to pay. However, the Commission did point out that repeated violations would not get similar reductions.

  • 10/29/13 - 11.35, 11.51, 11.52 - Failure to maintain the EAS receiver so that alerts can run while the station is unattended (See 1/14/13 below) brought an NAL to Centro Colegial Cristiano's WVID. This week, a Forfeiture Order was issued, dropping the fine from $8k to $6.4k

  • 10/29/13 - 73.1350 - Hoosier Public Radio Corp was issued an NAL for $8k. The fine to the owners of WRFM-FM was doubled for the unauthorized broadcasting approximately 3 miles from its licensed location. The station claimed to have had an STA, but it was apparently for another location.

  • 10/28/13 - 73.3526 - Telling the FCC on the License Renewal for that you did not place six sets of Issues & Programs lists in the Public Information File (18 months) is not going to bring a commendation for honesty. About the only positive for the station was the FCC's NAL for $4k issued to WMKG-CA was discounted from $10k.

  • 10/25/13 - 17.57 - When you transfer the ownership of a tower, it must be reported to the FCC. That less will cost Coastal Television Broadcasting Co of Anchorage, AK an NAL for $4.2k. The fine was adjusted up due to the four and a half year delay in notification. In fact, the listed contact on file had not been valid for 10 years.

  • 10/25/13 - There is no better indication that the Sheriff is back in town than the return of NALs to the FCC's Daily Actions. And the flow has begun.

  • 10/25/13 - 301 - "Willful and Repeatedly" was the key to the more than doubling of a fine to a trio of stations that moved STLs without authorization. Four Corners Broadcasting in Durango, CO. moved the STLS for three stations 0.6 mile from the licensed site and operated for 6 years without filing proper applications for relocation. The NAL for $25k more than doubled the $4k per STL fine.

  • 10/25/13 - 301, 74.1251 - Iglesia Ebenezer in Greenville, TX got its NAL for moving its translator without authorization. Operating that way for 17 months brought the NAL for $8k.

  • 10/24/13 - 73.62, 73.1560, 73.1745, 73.3526 - The bill has arrived for Steckline Communications KQAM and KSGO in Wichita, KS (The NOV was issued 12/14/12 - see below) and the NALs have now been released. A total of $42k in fines were issued for a whole series of violations by these two directional AM stations. The litany of violations and the tab for KQAM is here, as is the KSGO bill.

  • 9/27/13 - 73.1015, 73.3526 - A snapshot of what TV stations are dealing with - and radio may soon be in the same boat. Abundant Life Broadcasting's K20JX-D failed to place certain documents in its Public Information File - now on line for television stations. It failed to respond to FCC inquiries and netted a Forfeiture Order for $14.4k, reduced from $16k.

  • 9/27/13 - The FCC continues issuing a long series of NALs for Class A TV stations failing to file a timely report on Children's Television. Some are as high as $20k, and there are also licensing implications.

  • 9/25/13 - 73.3527 - With all the publicity given to FCC enforcement of Public File requirements, it is somewhat surprising that we still see regular examples of failure to be in compliance. Today's FCC notices include an NAL for $12k issued to KGLP in Gallup, NM, for missing 21 quarters of Issues and Programs Lists from their Public File. The Commission increased the fine to Gallup Public Radio from $10k to recognize the "extensive" nature of the violation - there was also a short (4 year) renewal.

  • 9/23/13 - 73.3539 - Another late Renewal, another fine. This time WDKA-TV in Paducah, KY. The filing was over a month last, but before the license actually expired. Due to the station's "good record" with the FCC, the late filing netted an NAL of only $1.5k.

  • 9/18/13 - 73.3539 - When the FCC says to file applications on time, they do not kid around. DWHEW (the "D" stands for Deleted) in Franklin, TN, not only received an NAL for $7k, but had their license revoked. This follows the station missing several filing deadlines, even after an STA was granted. Curiously, the FCC still showed enormous patience, allowing a reinstatement of the license if they pay the forfeiture and file the necessary paperwork. The story is not over yet!

  • 9/11/12 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.48, 17.51 - The FCC expects tower owners to know any lighting requirements are being met - and prompt notification to the FAA when failures occur. Failing to either visually inspect the lights each day or install a working alarm system on at 55.8m tower - and then not notifying the FAA doubled an NAL to $20k to GCI Communication Corp in Fairbanks, AK. The Commission noted the company has "annual revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars" - and increased the fine to send a message they do not want such fines to be "a cost of doing business."

  • 9/6/13 - 73.3573, 73.5005 - In general, if the FCC sets a deadline for filing an application, applicants should not think of them as "serving suggestions." Even missing the date by one day could have financial repercussions. Two NALs, each for $3k, issued today demonstrate that point, one of the was for missing the deadline by just one day.

  • 8/30/13 - 11.56, 11.52 - It is not enough to have a CAP-enabled EAS box. You have to plug it in. That appears to be the essence of the NOV issued to WZOT in Rockmart, GA. Over a year past the requirement to have the EAS-CAP receiver on line, the Field Agent noted that "The required CAP-formatted EAS equipment was not connected to a power source."

  • 8/1/13 - 73.1125, 73.3526 - Cochise Broadcasting's KOMJ in Omaha, NE was hard to find when the field agent tried to inspect it on August 1st. In fact, according to the FCC, the agent could not find the Main Studio of Ted Tucker's operation. The station's webpage gave no location; the "local phone number" transferred to a recording for stations in Arizona. The FCC records showed a Wyoming Post Office Box, and the contact number was an attorney in Virginia. The studio location given by the attorney turned out to belong to another company, which said the Main Studio was not there. Nor was the Public Information File. The NOV issued to Cochise Broadcasting directs the company to identify its Main Studio location.

  • 8/1/13 - 11.21, 11.15, 11.35, 73.3526, 73.1870, 73.1590 - KCID in Caldwell, ID was a bit shy of required paperwork when a field agent visited their studios in Boise. Accordingly an NOV was issued. There was no current EAS plan in the Control Room with CAP information; there was no EAS Operating Handbook on hand either; the Sage Endec was not connected to the Internet, so it was unable to access CAP messages; the most recent Issues and Programs List was not in the Public Information File; there was no Chief Operator designation in writing; a current Equipment Performance Measurement report was not on hand.

  • 7/30/13 - 73.1212 - An unusual Consent Decree was released today, requiring a $15k donation to the US Treasury, having admitted to running commercials with the identity of the sponsor concealed. Additionally, Townsquare Media (successor to Regent Broadcasting of El Paso) also will need to administer a complex plan to prevent a repeat of the infraction, including staff training and dismissal of anyone who violates the rule in the future. (Basically, the stations ran spots for "The Cigarette Outlet" but left out the word "cigarette."

  • 7/24/13 - 301 - Do you have an license for your rf STL? Are you sure? Jeannine Mason's station KTZZ in Conrad, WY operated for over a year without one until an FCC Field Agent noticed the unauthorized transmissions. Although the station shut their rf STL down and went to a phone line STL, the FCC issued an NAL for $10k for transmission without a license.

  • 7/18/13 - 73.1350 - Fellowshipworld's WFWO, Medina NY, station was issued an NAL for $8k. The fine was doubled for the unauthorized broadcasting 36 miles from its licensed location, noting that after agreeing to turn off the offending transmitter, the station turned it back on. An excuse claiming the landlord was removing trees was rejected.

  • 7/10/13 - 73.3526 - A station's Public File must be available at the station's Main Studio or properly designated location in the community. Locating them at a co-owned station in another city is not permitted. This led to a $25k NAL for Forfeiture from the FCC to two Western Slope stations in Rifle and Glenwood Springs, CO. KRGS and KRGV were both fined $10k for missing 20 of 27 quarterly Issues and Programs reports locally. And due to the number of missing reports, the fines were increased 25%.

  • 6/27/13 - 73.3526 - Public File violations usually start at $10k. However, in a case where six years of Issues & Programs Lists were missing, the FCC reduced the fine to an NAL for Forfeiture for $1k for each station. Why did KXEO/KWWR, Mexico, MO merit this reduction? The Commission accepted the excuse that a former manager walked out with the files - and tried to sell them back to the station for $100k.

  • 6/27/13 - 73.3539 - KSRA AM & FM, Salmon, Idaho were only five years late in filing for license renewal in 2011 (See 10/20/11 below). The FCC today pushed this to a Forfeiture Order - $26k worth. (FM Forfeiture here)

  • 6/25/13 - 73.3539 - Someone at the FCC EB apparently got confused with "cut and paste" and has issued an NAL for $1,200 to translator K265AS Livingston, Montana for late filing on a Renewal application and operation without a license.

    The only problem: The NAL lists an expiration date of October 2005 for a Renewal application due on April 1, 1998 - and asserts the licensee did not file for renewal until ... December 2001.

    Perhaps an "erratum" notice will be issued. Any guesses?

  • 5/30/13 - 11.35, 17.50, 17.51, 73.1745 - Lack of an operating EAS receiver and logs work up the FCC Fine Machine woke up this morning with a lot of ca-chings. The unfortunate recipient of the NAL for Foreiture and Order is Pittman Broadcasting in Louisiana. Fines totalling $37.5k were issued for two Pittman stations, KVOL (AM) and WUUU-FM, including adjustments of about $7.5k.

    At the time of inspection in 2012, the EAS receiver was inoperative. A claim of a recent lightning strike was rendered moot by the lack of EAS logs for some eight or nine months. Then there was the matter of the paint on the antenna was faded, and the beacon was out for 9 months, with no current FAA notication since the light failed. Add to that operating a 5 kW signal at night, when the license said 1 kW - oh, did we mention this is not the first time KVOL has been caught doing it? Result: $37.5k to pay to reduce the US deficit. At least that is how it looks on paper.

  • 5/16/13 - 17.56 - Over two years without tower lights cost Union Broadcasting an enhanced fine of $15k for their NALF. The tower in N ashua, MO was unlit from August 2010 to December 2012. The FCC noticed the apparent lack of concern for aircraft safety.

  • 5/13/13 - A major gift to student-run NCEFM stations. The FCC has issued a Policy Statement and Order in connection with a William Penn University's KIGC in Oskaloosa, IA. Recognizing that routine fines levied for some violations may exceed the total income of a station - and motivate colleges and universities to simply sell off their stations (only about 500 are left) - the Commission has set up a procedure where First Time Offenders can sign a Consent Decree, set up a training program, make a $2,500 contribution to the US Treasury, and avoid a crippling fine.

    For 230 Watt KIGC, it was candor on their License Renewal that got them into trouble - and generate the new policy. By admitting they failed to file some forms (Ownership) on time and others (Issues and Programs) were missing, they were almost guaranteed the FCC's regular $8k to $10k NAL. The Consent Decree helped them get past this without going bankrupt.

    After noting some of the recent cases where educational FMs were sold off, as well as that the entire year's budget was $6,650, the FCC decided to issue the Policy Statement designed to helps similar student-run stations survive. The Policy is supposed to offer "one time" relief, not allowing for endless excuses. But student-run stations should understand both the benefits of this program - and the need to learn and perform the requirements for operating a radio station.

  • 4/25/13 - 73.1570 - A bit out of date order, it is worth noting that Lotus Communications' KVMX in Bakersfield was issued an NOV for overmodulation. While this is still a long way from the NAL, overmodulation has not been a commonly cited violation in recent years.

  • 5/6/13 - 73.49, 73.3526, 73.1125 - Steckline Communications has received a total of $27k in fines from the FCC for fencing, Public File, and Main Studio violations. A $7k fine on an NAL for Forfeiture was issued for KIUL, Garden City, KS for a tower fence that was not considered secure. At their KYUL, Scott City, KS the FCC found no Main Studio with staff nor a Public File. Steckline shut the station down the next day, but the FCC found that they had operated over 14 months with no Main Studio nor Public File. The NAL for Forfeiture was augmented to $20k.

  • 5/6/12 - 11.35 - In Greenville, TX the Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer's KYLP-LP received an NAL for Forfeiture for $9k. The LPFM station had no EAS equipment installed and was not sending and receiving tests.

  • 5/6/13 - 17.48, 17.51 - Towers registered under the FCC's ASRN program remain under the FCC control, even if no broadcast station is on the tower. In Katy, TX, CenterPoint Energy received an NAL for Forfeiture for $10k regarding a tower which was unlit and not properly notifying the FAA - neither for the outage nor the completed repairs.

  • 5/3/13 - 17.4, 17.50, 17.57 - An NAL and Forfeiture Order for $25k went out to Emeraldbrooke II LLC for a 91 meter antenna in Novi, MI that had no ASR number posted, faded paint, and the failure to notify the Commission of an ownership change about ten years ago. The $15k find was increased due to the "deliberate disregard for the Commission's rules."

  • 5/3/13 - 73.49 - A Forfeiture Order for $7k was sent to JMK Communications' WPWC in Dumfries, VA for a fencing violation. The original violation (7.18.12, below) stated that one of the four towers had no fence, the other there were "partial." The Commission declined to reduce the fine after an excuse of "storm damage."

  • 5/2/12 - 11.35 - The Forfeiture Orders continue as the FCC seeks to close the books on several NALs in the past year or so. This time is for WMAF in Madison, FL for an inoperative EAS receiver (see 7/9/12, below). However, this station did get their $8k fine reduced to $3k by proving severe financial issues. However, the FCC did say that repeat offences would not receive repeat discounted fines.

    (For those interested, the manpower at the EB currently seems to be focused on the very large number of citations frequently being issued for 'illegal receipt of Lifeline Support cell service.')

  • 5/1/13 - 73.3526 - Forfeiture Orders for $10k were issued to two stations, denying their appeals against NALs over Issues & Programs lists (See 5/26/11, below, for more details and link to the original NAL). Stephen Peters, former licensee of WHAW in Lost Creek, WV and Della Jane Woofter, licensee of WVRW in Glenville, WV were cited for missing files. Both stations' were co-located in Weston, WV where the station manager first said they had no files, then claimed the files were damaged in a storm and were still "drying out" ... two months later. The FCC somewhat dryly noted that lists submitted to the FCC later did not show evidence of water damage.

  • 4/22/13 - 73.503(d), 399B - WOBO(FM) in Batavia, OH was issued an NALF for $3k as part of a Memorandum Opinion and Order. The station was judged to have violated underwriting announcement rules multiple times, but the fine was moderated. Other issues in the MO&O appear to have stemmed from disagreements of Board members and were mostly dismissed, although the FCC has forwarded to the Department of Justice a note that the station did violate Section 1335 of US Code Title 15, relating to the broadcast of commercials for tobacco products - a commercial from a program recorded in the latge 1940s.

  • 4/1/13 - Despite the date on the News Release, it appears the FCC has solved much of its backlog of indecency complaints by - are you ready? - dimissing over a million of them in the past six months. The Commission directed the Enforcement Bureau to pursue only the egregious cases and - wait for it! - has asked for comments on whether to keep the current policy or change it.

  • 3/28/13 - 73.3527(c) - KCET in Los Angeles has entered into an Order and a Consent Decree with the FCC regarding incidents in 2011 (see 2/7/11 below), where entry to inspect the Public File was denied to a member of the public - who turned out to be an FCC Field Agent - citing "security issues." After discussions with the FCC, KCET has agreed to implement some procedures and practices to prevent a reoccurrance. the station also will make a $6k "Voluntary Contribution" to the US Treasury.

  • 3/26/13 - 73.3527 - Failure to allow timely access to the Public Information File was the main reason for a $10k NAL for Forfeiture, issued to CSSI in Weatherford, TX, on behalf of its six non-comm FMs based in Weatherford. There has been quite a bit of back and forth on this since 2008, but the FCC is holding CSSI liable.

  • 3/20/13 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.51 - The FCC really does not have a lot of patience for stations that do not quickly take care of tower light failures. Cornerstone Television received an NAL for $15k - increased from $10k because the lights apparently were out for months at their tower in Brookville, PA - and there were conflicting stories trying to place the blame on a neighbor. (When arranging for a neighbor to do a daily visual inspection, it helps if there is an actual agreement, preferably written. But even that does not take the responsibility from the station.)

  • 3/13/13 - A pirate station in Boston has been playing Haitian music and interfering with FAA air traffic communications has been completely shut down - US Marshalls came and seized the equipment. According to the Boston Globe, the station had move at least three times, trying to avoid authorities.

  • 3/11/13 - 73.1216 - A Forfeiture Order for $4k was issued to Journal Broadcast's KJOT(FM) in Boise, IA for failure to properly disclose all the terms of a contest.

  • 3/11/13 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.51, 17.57 - The failure to report a tower with malfunctioning lights, as well as not updating tower ownership records brought an NAL for $14k to Latin Broadcasting Co. in Dallas Center, IA. The station claimed a report to the FAA was made, but the Operations Manager did not understand the process due to language. Interestingly, the logs for dates the FCC knew the lights were out indicated no problems.

  • 3/7/13 - 73.1350, 73.3526, 73.1590 - Entertainment Media Trust was presented with a Forfeture Order for $8,500 - reduced from $25K for infractions at St. Louis, MO area KZQZ was found to not be switching directional patterns, and with sister KQQZ missing Public Files and NRSC measurements. (Another NAL against sister stations WZQZ and WQQZ are also on deck.)

  • 3/7/13 - 17.57 - Failure to notify the Commission of change of ownership of an antenna structure he purchased eight years ago, brought an NAL and Forfeiture Order fine of $6k to Paulino Bernal in Tulia Tx.

  • 3/7/13 - 11.35 - Another NAL turns into a Forfeiture Order. This one to LPFM station KCYP-LP where the fine for $1750 for not having an operating EAS receiver was affirmed.

  • 3/4/13 - 74.1236 - Failure to properly attenuate out of band emissions was the source of Order on Review confirming a $4k fine to Playa del Sol's K238AK in Palm Desert, CA. The station was interfering with a Sheriff's helicopter.

  • 3/4/13 - 73.1216 - A Forfeiture Order for $4k was issued to Greater Boston Radio's WJMX for "willful and repeated" violation of the FCC's Contest Rules. In addition to having the rules only on a website, it turns out that the "free car" was only a two year lease - to someone who qualitifed for credit.

  • 3/1/13 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.51 - There is proof the FCC does occasionally temper fines. Martin Broadcasting in Beaumont, TX received a Forfeiture Order for $8k, for tower lighting violations (see 6/5/12 below), a reduction of $2k, due to a record of previous compliance. The "poverty" excuse did not fly here, howerver.

  • 3/1/13 - 11.35 - Another Forfeiture Order, this time for $8k to KDDD AM&FM Dumas, TX for failure to have an operating EAS receiver for almost three years (7/6/12 below). The station asked for a reduction because they could not afford it. The FCC declined to reduce the $8k fine.

  • 3/1/13 - 73.49 - A Forfeiture Order for $7k was sent to KLRG, Sheridan, AR for a fencing violation. The original violation stated that as much as half the fence was down (see 7/20/12 below). The FCC did not acceprt any of the excuses offered by Wagenvood Advertising, and reaffirmed the fine.

  • 2/28/13 - 73.3526 - Another set of fines are mounting for Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting in Casper, WY. Their four stations failed to put the Issues & Programs lists in the Public File for 23 consequent quarters. The $40k in fines were enhanced to $60k for KASS(FM), KQLT(FM), KHOC(FM), and KMLD(FM). The NALs included Forfeiture Orders.

    This is the same cluster that got $63k in fines last July (7/26/12, below) for improper STL operation - for as long as 15 years.

  • 2/15/13 - 11.35 - KFSD, Escondido CA, received a Forfeiture Order for $4.8k, for failing to have an operating EAS receiver. Interestingly, two stations used the same receiver, but only one appears to have had problems, later identified as "a capacitor."

  • 2/15/13 - 73.3526 - The FCC affirmed another $8k Forfeiture Order against Lazer Licenses KSSB in Calipartia, CA for failure to have Issues & Programs lists available. Various station arguments were rejected, including that the company had a "record of compliance" (see 1/5/12, below).

  • 2/11/13 - 17.57 - Failure to notify the Commission of change of ownership of an antenna structure, brought an NAL and fine of $4,500 to Hacienda San Eliado, in Juncos PR.

  • 2/11/13 - 73.1350, 74.1235 - Following up on a proceeding from last year, the FCC issued a Memorandum Opinion and Order reaffirming the fine levied April 23, 2012. Operating a translator as much as 280% over power and with a non-licensed antenna brought an NAL for $11k to the Ace of Hearts DJ Service in Cape Canaveral, FL. Protestations that the agents were wrong did not fly with the Commission.

  • 2/11/13 - Section 301 - We do not post a lot on the continuing battle with the FCC finding and fining pirate broadcasters. However, a Forfeiture Order issued for $25k shows the FCC is losing patience with some repeat offenders - in this case a pirate who has operated for at least five years. Despite many pleas of everything from poverty (one previous fine was reduced from $20k to $500), undergoing bankruptcy, mail errors, typos, etc, etc, the Commission now points out that criminal prosecution and confiscation of equipment are next on the program. The question is: will this finally stop this person?

  • 1/29/13 - 73.1560 - Responding to a complaint, field agents monitored WNAP, Norristown, PA, and discovered it was at 561% of its authorized power (124 Watts, instead of 22.1 W). An NOV was issued.

  • 1/24/13 - 11.35, 11.51, 11.52 - Failure to maintain the EAS receiver so that alerts can be broadcast during hours a station is unmanned netted an NAL for $8k at WVID, Anasco, PR. The Centro Colegial Cristiano station admitted someone had to lower or mute the program audio for an EAS alert to air.

  • 1/20/13 - 73.1350 - An NOV was issued to KPFR, Pine Grove, OR, for having its vertically polarized directional antenna mounted 5 meters lower than authorized.

  • 1/16/13 - 11.52, 11.61 - The EB continues to cite stations that are not monitoring the IPAWS OPEN CAP server. KKOV, Vancouver WA was given an NOV when a field agent observed the receiver "was offline from the FEMA's IPAWS server." With no logs to show reception from August through December, the NOV was issued.

  • 1/16/13 - Section 302, 1.17(a)(2) -Inter Tech FM's case has now reached the Forfeiture Notice point, with the fine at $22k. The EB notes that Inter Tech FM did not respond to the earlier Notice of Apparent Liability.

  • 1/10/13 - 1.89 - A translator owned by Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls, ID was given an NOV for failure to have a visible sign at their translator W208BB in Highland Park, MI giving the require contact information.

  • 1/9/13 - EAS ALERT: If you were wondering when the FCC was going to enforce the requirements for stations to monitor IPAWS OPEN CAP feeds, wonder no longer. An NOV was issued to KPRI, San Diego for not having records of monitoring the CAP feeds nor reasons why tests were not received.

  • 1/4/13 - 15.1 - A transmitter made for Part 15 use was found out of band, and hence a non-permitted use. (This is a frequency band often used by broadcasters for unlicensed STL applications, for example.) After a complaint from the FAA, Directlink received an NAL for $25k for being 115 MHz below the authorized band - and interfering with some of the FAA's radar gear.

  • 1/3/13 - 73.3526 - As readers of this page know, Public File rule violations are among the most frequent reasons for Enforcement Bureau action. And the EB has started 2013 of with, you guessed it, a Public File rule violation. WEKC, Williamsburg, KY received an NAL for $15k for failure to keep the Issues & Programs lists. Seeing that this was a repeat offense was the reason for the extra $5000 in fines.

  • 12/14/12 - Steckline Communications was another company which seems to have been found, upon inspection, to have more than a few "problems. NOVs were issued to KQAM and KGSO, Wichita, KS, and KGYN, Guymon, OK. Steckline's operations were tagged for:

    • Over power operation (156% of night time power)

    • Monitoring points out of tolerance and no action taken.

    • Antenna monitor readings out of tolerance and no action taken.

    • No station logs to account for out of tolerance operation.

    • The Issues & Programs lists had no programs on them.

    • Over power operation (141% of daytime power) for over 24 hours.

    • No alarm system for improper power/pattern operation.

    • Two of three monitor points out of tolerance.

    • Antenna monitor out of service for 6 months without notice/permission.

    • Broken wooden fence around a tower base.

    • Missing Antenna Registration Number.

    • Missing EAS Log.

    • Failure of Chief Operator to review logs each week.

  • 12/13/12 - NOVs were issued to the former licensee of two Nevada stations, KWNA and KWNA-FM, Winnemucca NV, for a raft of violations. Given all the publicity this year on Public File and EAS issues, it will be interesting to see how this one shakes down as the NAL is issued:

    • Interference with a Department of Interior Firefiighter frequency

    • Apparently no EAS receiver, no tests, no proper monitoring of EAS Plan assignments, nor documentation prior to 8/13/12

    • No weekly log check by Chief Operator

    • Missing political records from the Public File

    • No station authorization available

    • Missing Ownership Report from Public File

    • Missing Issues & Programs lists from the Public File - none were on file

    Ely Radio, LLC was asked to respond.

  • 12/7/12 - Another NAL for $3k was issued on 7/5/12 to James Lout in New Llano, LA, for being about a week late with his 301, after winning the auction. It is now a Forfeiture Notice.

  • 12/4/12 - 73.3526 - Radio stations are back on the EB's firing line again. Hayco Broadcasting's two stations in Celina, OH, WCSM and WCSM-FM self reported on their Renewal that they had not placed all the required documentation in the Public File - at least nine Issues & Programs lists were missing in 2004 and 2006. The NAL for $20K was issued, $10k for each station.

  • 12/4/12 - 73.1350, 73.1740, 73.1015 - Failure to respond promptly to the FCC, operating from an unauthorized site, and being silent without authorization brought a Forfeiture Order for $18k to the now deleted DWVUV, Leone, American Samoa. The Commission rejected various arguments and, for the second time, affirmed the fine.

  • 12/4/12 - Section 302, 1.17(a)(2) -Inter Tech FM was tagged in 2009 with an NAL of $18k for marketing unauthorized FM transmitters in the US with the trade name "Cybermax." The FCC now makes it a Forfeiture Order.

  • 11/21/12 - Apparently vacation time at the EB is over! An NAL for $13k. And the winner is: W40CN-D Waubonsee Community College's station in Sugar Grove, IL did not file with the Commission nor place their Children's Television Programming report in the Public File during a conversion from LPTV to a Class A station. The Commission did not accept the explanation that the station did not think they had to file the forms.

    Another ... and there seems to be a large string of these fines for this issue. For examle, W33BY in Detroit, MI got another of the $13k NALs. There are more, but the basic story is the same: electronic filings were not made and the paper reports are missing. "Willful and repeated" replies the FCC.

  • 10/16/12 - It may be hard to believe, but the FCC Daily Digest has not reported any real broadcast-based fines so far this month. There was a big blast this week about companies selling cell phone jammers on Craig's List, etc, but either the EB was on vacation or stations have suddenly become "perfect" in compliance. The best guess: this lull is almost over.

  • 9/28/12 - 73.3526 - The failure to maintain a Public File properly was the cause of an NAL for $15k to KESQ in Indio, CA. Gulf-California Broadcasting had no Issues & Programs lists since 2005. Excuses that a company with a Time Brokerage Arrangement was responsible did not gain any favor; indeed, the fine was upped by $5k.

  • 9/28/12 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.51 - Another tower lighting issue: Cox Communications received an NAL for $20k for not having had proper lighting on their 300-foot tower at Portsmouth, VA. The fine was doubled when Cox admitted they had not done the quarterly lighting system inspections and did not know the system was not alarming.

  • 9/27/12 - 73.3526 - KPIR, Granbury, TX was granted a $2k reduction in their fine, as noted in the Forfeiture Order for $8k. As noted below (2/7/12), the station was unable to provide its Public File to Field Agents.

  • 9/27/12 - 17.50 - And now, three: James Cable, LLC was handed a Forfeiture Order for $10k for failing to repaint/repair its tower in Durant, OK. Although the company said it had been talking about replacing the tower, the FCC essentially said "talk is not enough."

  • 9/26/12 - 303(q), 17.50 - Two of them this week. Another failure to keep tower paint properly maintained. Allegiance Communications in McAlester, OK, received their NAL for $10k after an inspection. Again, an agent reported he could not distinguish the bands of color at 1/4 mile. This is an easy test any station could - and should - make regularly.

  • 9/24/12 - 303(q), 17.50 - The importance of keeping tower paint clean and regularly maintained was highlighted by an NAL for $10k given to CBTR Services in Bridgeport, TX. The field agents found enough deterioration that they could not see the different bands from as close as 1/4 mile away.

  • 9/20/12 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.51 - KAGM-FM, Strasburg, CO, received an NAL for $15k after the FCC noted their tower lights were inoperative - and the station had not been doing a daily check. In fact, the lights had been out for four months, for non-payment of the electric bill! The fine was increased 50% for the length of violation and failing to act until after the FCC notified the station.

  • 9/18/12 - 73.3526 - Opus Broadcasting had four of its FM stations in Florida cited for not having the Public File complete. Opus actually had self-reported (see 4/26/12 below), but that excuse did not carry and a Forfeiture Order was issued for $16k.

  • 9/11/12 - 73.1216 - Good Karma's WKNR, Cleveland apparently did not have enough good karma to avoid an NAL for $4k, for failing to conduct a contest properly.

  • 9/8/12 - 11.35 - This one is not strictly radio and TV related, but the cable system on St, George Island, FL received an NAL for ... ready? ... $236,500, for EAS violations and TV signal leakage. Part of it was they had an EAS box, but never installed it. But after they added the leakage fine, the failure to respond (and shut down) fines, etc., the FCC is demanding a quarter of a million dollars. Again, not necessarily broadcast, but an indication of how serious they take some of these issues.

  • 9/4/12 - 73.1820 - WDCE, Richmond, VA received an NAL for $1k related to the EAS log not being complete. An informal complaint had been filed, but the FCC essentially dismissed most of the allegations.

  • 9/4/12 - 73.3527 - Failure to have a complete Public Inspection File has cost another public radio station. WBNI, Roanoke, IN received an NAL for $10k for lacking nine Issues and Programs lists.

  • 9/4/12 - 73.3598 - What is the tab for a five year delay on a license renewal? KRZE in Farmington, NM received an NAL for $13k.

  • 8/31/12 - 73.3598 - How likely is the FCC to waive a fine if you file a 302 about four years late? (See 8/1/11 below) Somewhere between not a chance and who are you kidding? WKLC, St. Albans, WV just got a Forfeiture Order, indicating the FCC is not interested in any more excuses or adjustments. The fine of $7k stands.

  • 8/23/12 - 73.1206 - And now the other shoe: Spanish Broadcasting's WSKQ in New tm

  • York City got the Forfeiture Order for $16k, for a prank phone call. The FCC did not accept the contention that because a "vendor" actually recorded the call, it did not violate the Rules.

  • 8/22/12 - 73.1206 - Someone at Spanish Broadcasting Company will likely be paying attention, as the FCC confirmed their policy on recording phone calls without permission with a Forfeiture Order for $25k. The incidents go back to 2006 at WZNT, San Juan,PR.

  • 8/22/12 - 73.3573(f)(5)(i), 73.5005(a)- NALs went out to two companies that failed to file their 301s on time after Auction 93. Valleydale Broadcasting, Vaiden, MS was fined $3k and RF Services in Giddings, TX was hit for $1.5k.

  • 8/22/12 - 73.1216 - The CBS station in Gastonia, NC, WBAV, received an NAL for $10k for repeatedly violating the FCC Rules about conducting contests as announced. The NAL notes that the company has done this before, raising the fine 250%.

  • 8/21/12 - 73.3526, 17.57 - It was another Public File Violation that will cost J&J Broadcasting's WJMS and WIMI(FM) $13k, according to the NAL from the FCC. It was a failure to maintain and make available the Issues and Programs lists - five of them since the stations were purchased, plus not notifying the FCC of change of ownership of the radio tower.

  • 8/21/12 - 17.50 - Towers generally need to be seen. Failing to keep their tower clean and painted meant Mobile Phone of Texas received an NAL for $8k.

  • 8/15/12 - 11.35 - LPFM stations are not immune to EAS regulations. That cost KCYP-LP in Mission, TX an NAL for $10k. The FCC noted the station apparently had never installed an EAS receiver since it began operations in 2007.

  • 8/13/12 - 73.3527 - WWHI, Munci, IN received an NAL for $1k for Public File violations. The amount was reduced based from $10, on the station's explanation of how the Issues & Programs lists were lost.

  • 8/13/12 - 73.3539 - The FCC tagged WDSR, Lake City, FL. for failing to turn in the renewal in 2004 on time. Largely on the failure to have an STA and renewing it, the Forfeiture Order for $3.2k represented a slight reduction as the FCC was barred from fining the station for operation between 2004 and 2006.

  • 8/1/12 - 11.35, 73.1745 - The former owner of WLTM-FM and WNIX-AM in Greenville, MS was given an NAL for $15k. When a field agent inspected the stations, Debut Broadcasting Mississippi had been operating with non-directional day power at night, and an EAS receiver was out of service for an undetermined time period.

  • 8/1/12 - 303(q), 17.21 - The NAL of $20k to Renacer Broadcasters Corp in Mariaco, PR was doubled because the station's tower, built some ten years ago, was never painted nor lit.

  • 7/31/12 - 301 - An NAL for $10k was issued to WSJU-TV in San Juan, PR for using an STL frequency without a license.

  • 7/27/12 - 73.3526 - Another Self-reported violation is affirmed for WWNQ, Forest ACres, SC. The NAL was for $10k (see 4/10/12 below) Public File violations. The FCC again rejected arguments as to the amount of the fine and the issue of "willful," but also noted that "recreated" Issues & Programs lists do not obviate the violation.

  • 7/27/12 - 73.3527 - The FCC affirmed the NAL for $10k to WTXR, Toccoa Falls College in Georgia (see 5/12/12 below). The Forfeiture Order clearly rejects one by one all of the common excuses for Public File violations: "it wasn't willfiul," "we are an NCE station," "we self-reported and told the truth," "it wasn't so bad," "the fine is too high," etc.

  • 7/27/12 - 73.49 - An Alaskan station received an NAL for $7k because their base fence was missing several planks. Agents noted the base was within 500 feet of a house and only 300 feet from a public road.

  • 7/26/12 - 301 - NALs for $68k went to Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting's stations in Casper, WY for operating STLs without licenses or, in one case, being 0.3 miles from the authorized location. In each case, the fine was doubled because of the long period of violation - in two cases it was over 15 years - and that the stations had no documentation permitting their operation. The stations involved were KASS(FM), KQLT(FM), KHOC(FM), and KMLD(FM)/WLP722.

  • 7/26/12 - 73.1125 - WJDZ, Pastillo, PR was tagged with an NAL for $7k for not having anyone at their Main Studio when inspected during Business Hours. Apparently, it did not impress the station, as the field agent came four more times in the next two weeks, only to find the station locked and empty.

  • 7/25/12 - 73.3527 - According to the NAL for $10k issued to WPRK, Winter Park, FL, it was a complaint that sent field agents to inspect the Public File. They found no Issues and Programs lists for almost four years. The Rollins College station had no explanation.

  • 7/20/12 - 73.49 - The failure of an AM station to secure its tower base was again the focus of an NAL for $7k. An inspection of WLRG, in Sheridan, AR, revealed over half the fence was down. The station engineer admitted they knew about it for two weeks.

  • 7/18/12 - 73.49 - The FCC expects tower bases to be secure. Two NALs were issued today assessing $17k. An NAL for $10k went to WCMC, Wildwood, NJ and WPWC in Dumfries, VA got an NAL for $7k for not having a secure, locked fence. Why was the fine for WCMC higher? The station was told by the field agent to secure the fence - and they did not do so. Plus the station owner had a similar previous violation.

  • 7/18/12 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.48, 17.51 - Super Towers in Bonita Springs, FL received an NAL for $10k for not having the tower lights on at night. Apparently there was no alarm system, nor daily light inspections.

  • 7/13/12 - 303(q), 17.48, 17.50, 17.51, 17.57 - Two NALs went out this week for tower violations. James A. Davis's Hearne, TX antenna brought an NAL for $13k for several violations relating to failure to keep the lights operating properly and not notifying the FCC of the change in ownership of the tower.

    An NAL for $3k was issued to the current owners of the antenna used by KMRI for not updating the FCC's ASL when the station sold the tower.

  • 7/12/12 - 11.35 - A third NAL for $8k (do you see a theme here?) from the FCC for not having an EAS machine on line. KIRT apparently (or at least since August 2009) has never had an operational EAS box. That they finally ordered one, after an inspection, in March did not mitigate the fine.

  • 7/9/12 - 11.35 - A second NAL for $8k in four days was issued for an inoperative EAS receiver. This time is was at WMAF in Madison, FL. Agents responding to a complaint that the unit was not operative found it disconnected for some six months. According to what logs existed, no EAS test reception had ever been logged.

  • 7/6/12 - 11.35 -Lack of attention to the EAS receivers was the reason for an NAL for $8k issued to KDDD AM&FM in Dumas, TX. In this case, the EAS receiver could send tests, but could not receive tests - it had been nearly three years since the station logged a received test. The logs had no explanation of why the tests were not received. Ka-ching.

  • 6/27/12 - A bureaucracy needs all its forms on time, and the FCC is no exception. Joseph Tesiero received an NAL for $3k because, although he won the Aucion 91 for Speculator, NY, he missed the deadline to file the required 301 form. The Commission noted they could have defaulted Tesiero and dismissed his grant, but settled for the fine.

  • 6/22/12 - The NAL to WVBC (4/27/12 below) was affirmed with a Forfeiture Order.

  • 6/15/12 - Do what you say you will do. That is the idea behind the Forfeiture Order for $25k issued to A Radio's WEGA, Vega Baja, PR for not paying, as agreed $8k on a prior issue.

  • 6/15/12 - 73.3526, 1.17 - The FCC issues a lot of fines for missing Issues & Programs lists. WBPO, Port Neches, TX received an NAL for $15k - it was augmented because two inspections within a year uncovered the same violation. But the other shoe dropped - and in a big way: An NAL for $25k was issued for providing incorrect factual information to the Commission, when the station certified the file was in order and up to day. As has been stated before, you must be careful with anything submitted to the FCC.

  • 6/14/12 - 73.1745 - Birach Broadcasting got its second NAL in two weeks. This time its WOAP in Owasso, MI was issued an NAL for $4k for operating a daytime station at night. The station argued it was operating under a PSSA (which was withdrawn in 2007) or a Construction Permit (which was never built).

  • 6/13/12 - The FCC cancelled the licenses of five stations and translators, with effective dates as far back as 2001. According to the FCC's letter, most of the facilities had never operated as authorized. Some were dark for over a year. The Commission deleted all the licenses and denied the attempted transfer of one of the stations.

  • 6/13/12 - 17.47, 17.51, 73.1745 - Debut Broadcasting's WNLA-AM received an NAL for $14k for over power operation and tower lighting violations. The field agents had responded to a complaint that the station was operating with day power at night - and discovered the tower lights were out. Although the station knew it, they did not notify the FAA, even after the agents visit.

  • 6/6/12 - 73.1350 - WIPC, Lake Worth, FL managed to get a $500 reduction, but was left with an NAL for $3.5k for operating with day facilities at night.

  • 6/5/12 - 73.1745 - Townsquare Media's WLCO, Lapeer MI was issued an NAL for $4k after an agent heard the daytime station broadcasting an hour past sunset. The station had explained that a battery in the transmitter control system was the problem.

  • 6/5/12 - 303(q), 17.47, 17.51 - Martin Broadcasting in Beaumont, TX received an NAL for $10k for failing to observe the tower lights daily, keep a tower lit at night and/or notifying the FAA. The FCC also gave Martin 30 days to ensure compliance.

  • 6/2/12 - 73.3526, 17.49 - Birach Broadcasting's WCXI, in Fenton, MI received an NAL for $17k for failing to properly enclose a tower and for missing 24 (six years) of Issues and Programs lists.

  • 5/29/12 - 73.3526, 17.57 - Issues & Programs and tower registration were at the core of an NAL for $13k issued to Quinn Broadcasting, owner of WSNJ and WMVB in NJ. Seven I&P issues were missing, and the station failed to change the ASR records when they bought WSNJ. Because they operated for eight years without the notification, the fine was increased by $3k.

  • 5/25/12 - 73.1125 - An NAL for $5.6k was issued to Skytower Communications' WULF in Hardinsburg, KY, for moving their Main Studio out of the 70 dBu contour and operating for eight years without permission. A lot of legalese and dancing around words ended with the $7k fine being reduced to $5.6k.

  • 5/23/12 - 73.49 - A broken hasp cost a York, PA station $7k. WOYK was issued an NAL for $7k after an inspection by field agents determined the gate was not secured (and would not close). Although the station repaired the gate immediately after being informed by the field agents, the FCC determined the $7k fine was warranted - the station should have known and fixed it itself.

  • 5/22/12 - 73.3526 - The FCC issued an NAL for $25k to a cluster owned by Pacific Empire Radio Corporation in La Grande, OR. Each of five stations was found to be missing 12 quarterly Issues & Programs listings, blamed on a change in management. The fine was reduced from an initial total of $50k.

  • 5/18/12 - 73.1206 - Improperly recording a telephone call, even though it was not broadcast netted a $2k NAL to WWEG, Myersville, MD. The call was reported to the FCC by the recipient. Largely because the station immediately stopped the recording and did not air it, the fine was reduced from $4k to $2k. But the FCC emphasized that notification by broadcasters must occur before any recording or airing is done - with the exception of those phone lines where the caller specifically calls in to go on the air.

  • 5/18/12 - 399, 73.503 - Another case of repeated violations led to a Forfeiture Order for $12,500 to KUFW in Woodlake, CA. This case, which dates back to incidents in 2005 and 2006, deals with over 2000 prohibited advertisements on a non-comm station. Proper and improper language are discussed in the FO.

  • 5/18/12 - 73.1125, 73.1225, 73.1350 - An NAL for $21,500 was the result of several visits by a FCC Field Agent to KZMX AM/FM in Hot Springs, SD, only to find the main studio locked and unable to get any phone number answered. Without access to the station for inspection, and visually noting the repeated use of an unlicensed FM antenna, the fine was increased to $21.5k.

  • 5/15/12 - 303(q), 17.48, 17.50, 17.51, 17.57 - The FCC has issued another NAL, for $13k, to a tower owner, even though the tower is not used for broadcast. The key points: when the tower was sold from Clear Channel the new owner did not register in the ASR database, with poor paint, no lights, with no NOTAM the tower was a hazard, and the new owner did not respond to an FCC letter.

    The regulatory issue is in Section 303(q), where it says: "In the event that the tower ceases to be licensed by the Commission for the transmission of radio energy, the owner of the tower shall maintain the prescribed painting and/or illumination of such tower until it is dismantled, and the Commission may require the owner to dismantle and remove the tower when the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Agency determines that there is a reasonable possibility that it may constitute a menace to air

  • 5/15/12 - 73.3527 - WKCR-FM, Columbia University, New York City drew an NAL for $10k for self-reporting the lack of Issues & Programs lists during their operations from the last renewal period. The FCC said it would have given a short term renewal but since the station must renew in 2014, it decided to let that stand.

  • 5/14/12 - 73.3526, 73.3527 - Three stations checked the box indicated they had not properly filed everything in the Public Information File during the last license period. What makes things a bit different for Yeary Broadcasts' WXLZ AM and FM and University of Maryland, Eastern Shore's WESM is that is past eight years, 32 of the quarterly reports were missed. The FCC issued NALs for $10k each - PLUS a short term renewal of only fours years.

    • 5/2/12 - 11.35, 73.1690, 73.3527 - The FCC reinforced several NALs with Forfeiture Orders, due to the licensees not responding to the initial NAL letters.

  • 5/2/12 - Another station checked "no" on the renewal form regarding the Public File contents. And, as a reward, Toccoa Falls College station WTXR. Toccoa Falls, GA received an NAL for $10k. The FCC is not showing any sympathy to stations that fail to put the Issues & Programs lists in the files - on time - and maintain the Public File.

  • 5/1/12 - The FCC warned the "owner" of four towers, left over from a silent AM directional station, that they faced sanction and fines if they did not immediately report the actual ownership of the towers, get them lit, and possibly painted - or drop them. Fines of $16k a day, $112.5k for a single act ... and worse ... were mentioned.

  • 4/27/12 - 73.3539, 73.1740 - WVBC, Bethany, WV received an NAL for $6.5k because of a late renewal filing and for being silent over 30 days without authorization. The Bethany College station appears to have closed for the summer, but missed a couple of very important tasks - a timely warning as this school year comes to a close.

  • 4/26/12 - 73.3526 - The operator of four stations in Florida, Opus Broadcasting received four NALF's, each for $4k, this week for its WANK, WHTF, WWOF, and WQTL. Station owners admitted on the Renewal Form that they had not kept the Public File properly, specifically the Issues & Programs lists. The NALFs came back accordingly.

  • 4/24/12 - 73.3526 - Two more stations have self-reported themselves into an NAL for a $10k fine for Public File violations. WHLG(FM), Port St. Lucie, FL and WSBH(FM), Satellite Beach, FL, both owned by Horton Broadcasting, checked the "no" box on the License Renewal Form asking if the required items were placed in the Public File at the appropriate times. Noting that the violations were "extensive," running the entire time the stations were owned (as long as five years), the FCC was ready, willing, and able to asses the fines.

  • 4/23/12 - 73.1350, 74.1235 - Operating a translator as much as 280% over power and with a non-licensed antenna brought an NAL for $11k to the Ace of Hearts DJ Service in Cape Canaveral, FL. Protestations that the agents were wrong did not fly with the Commission.

  • 4/19/12 - 73.1350, 73.1740, 73.1015 - Failure to respond promptly to the FCC, operating from an unauthorized site, and being silent without authorization brought a Forfeiture Order for $18k to WVUV, Leone, American Samoa. The Commission rejected various arguments and affirmed the fine.

  • 4/18/12 - A California station, KXDZ in Templeton, is the latest to get a Public File NAL for $10k for having missing Issues and Programs lists. Among the excuses, part of the violation was from before they bought the station. That did not fly.

  • 4/10/12 - 73.3526, 73.3527 - Self-reporting on their Renewal Applications that they violated the Public File rules cost a pair of stations NALs for $10K each. WWNQ(FM), Forest Acres, SC and WBMQ(FM), Monroe, LA both answered "no" to the question certifying all proper Public File items were properly filed on time. A discussion on the how to prevent this problem is located here.

  • 4/6/12 - 73.1745 - Sometimes, an NAL comes out the shute fast: after all, it only takes two events to be "willful and repeated." ERJ Media's WOIR, Miami FL was observed not reducing power from 5 kW to 500 Watts two nights in a row (the field strength was "approximately the same value..."), and had no explanation during an inspection the next day. The NAL cash register total: $4k

  • 4/5/12 - 17.47, 17.51, 17.56 - The EB issued two separate NALs totalling $32k to Telava for violations in Kentucky and Georgia of various tower light issues, including failure to be lit as authorized, not visually inspecting the tower lights each day and improper reporting of outages. One site was said to have had no power at all since April 2010; the other site apparently had power, but no lights, and despite FCC contact, the lights were still not repaired over a year later. The NALs do not mention specific stations, but emphasize that monitoring tower lights is not a trivial matter.

  • 4/3/12 - 73.3526, 73.1745, 1.903 - Excessive power at night for a daytimer, Public File, and an STL on an unauthorized frequency brought an NAL for $8k to Beacon Broadcasting (WGRP, WEXC, and STL WQGW238) in Greenville, PA. The original fine was $18k, but was reduced.

  • 4/2/12 - 73.1125, 73.3526 - A reduction from $25k to $500 might seem like a victory, but Vision Latina's KBPO, Port Neches, TX, there is a double-edged sword there. KBPO received their Forfeiture Order based on ability to pay, which typically means the $500 represents a little less than 8% of the station's gross income. Furthermore, although the station has certified they are now in compliance, the FCC is now aware of KBPO, and likely will check again - but likely without allowing another reduction in fine if the same violations are found.

  • 3/26/12 - There are too many items to list on this one, so we will invite you to read the story of how and why DWHNY, McComb, MS lost its license - and why the FCC declined to make any accomodation to the owner, Charles Holt. Be sure to note the contents of footnotes 5, 13, and 25 for additional background.

    But it gets better (worse?). Get yourself a large cup of coffee (a BDR Mug would be helpful) and get ready to be surprised at how this case meandered for well over a decade: The FCC issued a notice about DWLMA, Greenwood, SC. This former station, which has trying to sell itself for $75,000, has not had a valid authorization for as long as 15 years. It moved without authorization and ... well ...according to Powell Way, this station is "still on the air as if nothing happened."

  • 3/19/12 - 76.64 - Two NALs for $15k were assessed to one cable company, Bailey's Cable TV in Louisiana, for carrying two TV stations without re-transmission permission. The fine, reduced from $310k total, due to Bailey's financial condition, was accompanied by a stern warning that this provided no precedent for future reductions.

  • 3/14/12 - 73.1745 - A daytimer operating past sunset received an NAL for $4k. KULF, Bellville, TX was cited by field agents when they heard it continue programming after sunset on more than one occasion. The station had no explanation, so the fine stands.

  • 3/7/12 - 73.3526(e)(11)(iii) - Two more NAL's, for $3k, went out to TV stations for failure to file required materials on Children's Programming. Additional warnings were sent to at least three others. The Commission is apparently now focus on this one.

  • 3/9/12 - 73.3526, 73.49, 11.35 - WNFO, Sun City Hilton Head, SC racked up a pretty sizeable NAL for $25k after the FCC field agents responded to a complaint and visited in July 2011. A broken tower fence, no EAS connected, and no Public File were cited.

    The owner apparently refused to meet with the field agents on two separate days, nor would he send a representative. His claim was that an LMA company failed to keep the Public File available and vandals had caused the other problems, breaking into the transmitter building and fence, leaving some gear, but taking the EAS logs, and then locking the building back with its padlock was just not entirely credible.

  • 3/8/12 - 73.1350 - An NAL for $8k was issued to WRFM-FM in Wilkinson, IN for operation at variance with its authorization. The station was found some three miles from its licensed location, without an STA, after the FAA complained. The $4k fine was doubled due to several factors.

  • 3/7/12 - The FCC released a special Public Notice today that informs potential users of jamming devices on GPS or cell frequencies, for example, that fines of $100,000 will be part of the FCC's "aggressive action." The FCC says that jammers can potentially prevent emergency or public safety communications "with tragic consequences."

  • 3/7/12 - 73.3526(e)(11)(iii) - Four NAL's for $13k went out to TV stations for failure to file required materials on Children's Programming. This comes on the heels of actions last week to downgrade a number of stations for similar violations. BELO's WBXN-CA got one. As did the Glen Iris Baptist School (twice!). And WOIL-LP.

  • 2/28/12 - 73.1350 - Failure to change power and pattern bought a $4k NAL to WIPC, Lake Wales, FL. The 1kW day/540 W (DA) Ni7ght station was found not to change power on several occasions. The station claimed the control system had just recently malfunctioned, and the station owner had forgotten to change the power and antenna on the night the Field Agent was checking.

  • 2/27/12 - 17.57 - The importance of making sure all the paperwork is done on a station transfer of control is the underlying meaning of the $4.5k NAL issued to Hacienda San Eladio, PR's WRRE. The station was purchased in 2003, however they never filed the required FCC Form 854 to notify the FCC about the changed owner of the tower structure. Due to the long delay, the $3k fine was raised 50% to $4.5k.

  • 2/24/12 - 73.3526 - Self-reporting a violation was again the catalyst for a $10k fine for WTSM(FM) in Woodville, FL. On their renewal form 303-S, the station checked "no" in response to the requirement to certify that the proper documentation was placed in the Public File. Citing the station's self-reported admission, the EB issued an NAL for $10k, saying that it was evident the station's actions were "willful and repeated." (Similar to the WODR case on 2/3/12 below.)

  • 2/15/12 - 73.3539 - WSBU, St Bonaventure University's student run station in NY received an NAL for $7k for their late renewal (the 2006 renewal was finally filed in 2010, after the FCC initially deleted the station). The FCC did not accept a change in the staff advisor nor the non-comm status as mitigating factors.

  • 2/14/12 - 73.1125 - Failure to have the Main Studio open and staffed during business hours netted WJTB, Elyria, OH an NAL - and an enhanced fine. Several aspects of this are instructive. While the Field Agents were standing outside a locked door, someone drove up, apparently with the same last name as the individual in charge. When told the FCC Field Agents were there to inspect, she told them to call someone else, who did not answer the calls.

    It gets better (worse?). Despite the agents explaining there needed to be staff, and despite a letter to the station, the agents returned five and a half months later to ... a locked door. A letter from the station during the interim included a couple of odd excuses. The FCC, after considering matters, increased the $7k fine and issued an NAL for $10k.

  • 2/14/12 - 11.35 - Again, not strictly broadcast, but another cable system NAL. This time for not having an EAS receiver for at least three and a half years. The fine: $10k.

  • 2/13/12 - 76.1700 - While not strictly broadcast, perhaps some broadcasters will get a tiny modicum of comfort to know the Public File requirements affect cable systems, too. An NAL for $10k was issued to Allen's TV Cable System in Morgan City, LA for not allowing immediate access to the Public File during business hours.

  • 2/7/12 - 73.3526, 73.1560, 11.35, 17.51 - One might suppose it was a bargain when the FCC reduced the $42k fine racked up by KQMG AM/FM in Independence, IA. and issued an NAL for $10k. The violations read like a laundry list - and were tripped by a complaint the tower lights were not working and no NOTAM had been sought: only a single non-flashing center beacon was on. By the time the Field Agents arrived 10 days later, no lights were on at all. Worse yet (if that is possible), the operator on duty admitted the lights had been out for over three months.

    But, there is more. A single Public File (not correct) had no Issues & Programs list since 2001. The operator could not trigger an EAS test. There was no EAS log, but the operator said there were no EAS receptions in at least three months. There was no station log either, nor remote control for the two stations (the phone line had been disconnected) - and one was found to be running 108% of licensed power. The agents could not determine the power level of the other, as the antenna current meter was broken.

  • 2/7/12 - 73.3526 - You might be surprised at the continuing list of stations that get cited for Public File violations. While it may be a pain to maintain, it is pretty straightfoward. But when a station is on the air over 30 years and yet the FCC comments "there was no evidence the station had ever maintained" its Public File, you know what is next: the FCC issued an NAL for $10k to KPIR, Granbury, TX.

  • 2/6/12 - 73.1212 - In perhaps the largest specific broadcast fine in a while, the Sponsorship ID Rule was involved in the NAL for $44k issued to WLS, Chicago and its licensee "Radio License Holding XI, LLC," (which most folks might not recognize as Citadel - pre-Cumulus). At issue was an ad, run 11 times, which was related to a state legislative issue. The Commission held that in the form broadcast (see the NAL) they were designed to sound like a news story. Given the content and manner of broadcast, the Commission decided to issue a fine for each of the 11 ads. It might also be a warning to all stations for this election year.

  • 2/3/12 - 73.3526 - An NAL for $10k was issued to WODR, Fair Bluff, NC for self reporting Public File violations in 2006-2008. The Padner Group station blamed part of it on operations under an LMA. The FCC acknowledged the station had reported itself, but affirmed the $10k fine as appropriate.

  • 2/1/12 - 11.35 - Roswell, NM seems to be an EAS problem area recently (12/7/11). Now, KCRX' Rosendo Casarez, Jr. has been given an NAL for $8k, for not having a working EAS receiver for about eight months. The receiver had been damaged and repaired, but was apparently never re-installed.

  • 2/1/12 - Section 301 - While we know the FCC has been hitting pirates for $10k fines, two from Florida this week indicate that Field Agents are losing patience with some offenders. One, who pleaded poverty to reduce a previous fine of $20k to $500, was back on the air again. So, the EB figures that to send a message, an NAL for $25k was appropriate. A different pirate was found interfering with FAA transmissions. An NAL for $20k was issued.

  • 1/24/12 - 1.903 - A somewhat strange Forfeiture Order for $3.2k was issued to Gila Electronics for running an STL for station KUKY, Welton, AZ on 956.65 MHz - at an unlicensed location, 15 miles from designated for WNTB570. While Gila attempted to defend its operation under Part 101, the FCC noted that does not apply to the final RF link in a broadcast chain. The $4k fine was reduced as Gila had no other violations in over 20 years of operation.

  • 1/23/12 - The EB may be looking more closely at your NRSC measurement reports. An NOV was receently issued to KRDM, Redmond, OR for not having an NRSC report for over two years when inspected in October 2011.

  • 1/20/12 - 73.1216 - A 2008 contest run by Clear Channel's LA Cluster brought an NAL for $22k for violating the Contest Rules - and a warning. The NAL says posting contest rules on a website does not exempt a station from 73.1216. There also were conflicting dates for the contest and the judging. Significantly, the NAL ends by increasing the base fine of $4k to $22k stating, "in light of Clear Channels' prior history of non-compliance, we caution that the imposition of even higher forfeitures may result in the future if such mis-conduct persists." (Several previous contest violations were noted in the footnotes.)

  • 1/19/12 - 73.3526, 73.1745 - It took a decade for the FCC to discover that WPLY in Mount Pocono, PA had no Public File and was operating at only 250 W Non-D (instead of a 4-tower DA). The fine of $14k was increased to an NAL of $17k due to the ten year failure to observe the FCC's Rules and Regulations.

  • 1/18/12 - 17.50 - Although not issued to broadcast stations, the two NALs for $10k each (the other one) for not having a tower properly painted are worth noting.

  • 1/18/12 - 73.1660 - WRLE-LP in Dunnellon, FL was issued an NAL for $12k for intefering with FAA transmissions while using a non-certified transmitter. (See 9/7/11, below). Today, the Notice of Forfeiture reduced that to $1.5k, based on an inability to pay.

  • 1/5/12 - 73.3526 - The FCC affirmed an $8k Forfeiture Order against Lazer Licenses in Santa Maria, CA for failure to have Issues & Programs lists available for its three stations, KSBQ, KLMM-FM, and KLUN-FM. The Order notes that although the station said the files were in the station, it apparently took three months - and an NAL - before the station actually put things right.

  • 12/30/11 - 73.2080 - The Enforcement Bureau ends 2011 with a flourish - $22k in NALs for EEO violations. Clear Channel's South Carolina stations got one for $14k and MHR's Virginia stations got one for $8k. Bottom line: Internet ads are not sufficient for the bureaucrats.

  • 12/21/11 - Another sort of deadline that sometimes gets missed is the expiration of a CP (Construction Permit). At that time, a filing for a license is expected - or the CP abandoned. Somehow the folks at Roberts Broadcasting Company in Evansville, IN appear - according to an FCC Letter - had not done either, for three years. Do we hear an "our paperwork got lost" response coming?

  • 12/14/11 - 73.3539 - Missing the filing deadline by three months late in 2004, cost WJTB, North Ridgeville, OH an NAL for $1.5k.

  • 12/7/11 - 11.35 - KRDD in Roswell, NM had been without an operational EAS receiver for over six months. Upon inspection, the station blamed the situation on vandalism. This FCC issued an NAL for $8k and demanded certification within 30 days that the EAS receiver is now operational.

  • 12/6/11 - 73.3539 - Another late renewal fine raffirmed, this one exacerbated by a "red light' violation - where a station owed the FCC money from a prior issue. KJCB's license in Lafayette, LA ran out in 2004, when the station did not respond to the dismissal (See 7/22/11, below). In its appeal, the station also blamed the engineer. The NAL for $13k stands.

  • 12/6/11 - 73.1216 - Saga's WAQY, Springfield, MA, was denied a review of the NAL for $4k for violating Contest rules. WAQY was found to not have provided the prizes in a "prompt" manner.

  • 12/1/11 - 73.3539 - Apparently, Hope Broadcasting's WFGN, Gaffney, SC, does not like to file forms with the FCC. The 2003 License Renewal Application was not filed until May 2011 - after the FCC notified the station the license had expired seven years before.

    Unfortunatly, 2011 was when the next round of renewals for South Carolina were scheduled - and WFGN missed the August 1st deadline for this year by a month. The station was issued an NAL for $10k, reduced to $4.6k, but the FCC did approve the late 2003 renewal and accepted the current one.

  • 11/30/11 - 73.3539 - WWLU (FM)Lincoln University, PA caught a break from the FCC in the $250 NAL issued for not filing their last renewal on time in 2006. Although the filing was almost three months late, it did come before the license actually expired. Another factor: WWLU is a Class D FM, hence the reduction to $250.

  • 11/23/11 - 1.89 - An NOV was issued to KMYX-FM in Arvin, CA, when an inspector noted that the transmitter was approximately 1000 feet from the coordinates listed on the license.

  • 11/23/11 - 1.89 - An NOV was issued to K205DZ, a translator in Devore, CA. It appears the antenna, a directional, was found no longer pointed in the licensed direction. This is of interest in that similar notices were issued to the same translator in 2007 and 2009, and also noted the 10 Watt translator was operating at 11 Watts.

  • 11/1/11 - 11.35, 73.526, 73.49 - The FCC affirmed the NAL listed at 7/19/11 (below) to Spirit Broadcasting and WGTM, with a Forfeiture Order for $25k.

  • 11/1/11 - 17.49, 17.51 - An NAL for $10k was issued to the owner of WERX-FM, Columbia, NC, for failure to exhibit obstruction lighting and to have required records.

  • 10/31/11 - 17.50, 73.49 - Failure to paint the tower cost WMID, Atlantic City, NJ an NAL for $20k. A tower fence gate was also found to be unlocked. The owner, Equity Communications, LP, was informed of the problem in April of 2010 and promised correctionsd. However, but seven months later there was no correction and the gate was found unlocked again.

  • 10/31/11 - 73.1745 - Another station failed to lower power at sunset and received an NAL for $4k. KPIO, Loveland, CO. The FCC indicated the 7 kW station was running about 1.5 kW day and night. The engineer for the Catholic Radio Network station indicated there was a defective base current meter and remote control.

  • 10/28/11 - 73.1125, 73.3526, 73.3539 - KVOZ, Del Mar Hills, TX, received an NAL for $21k because they did not have a main studio in the community of license, no complete Public File, and operating differently than the station authorization.

  • 10/26/11 - 73.1745 - Failing to lower power at sunset resulted in a $4k NAL to KBRZ, Missouri City, TX. The agents measured field intensity before and after sunset - and although the license required 1/32 of the day power during the night, the field strength was unchanged.

  • 10/24/11 - 11.35, 73.1690, 73.3527 - A 12-Watt Non-Comm station received an NAL for $22k for not having a Public File, no operating EAS receiver - and having moved the transmitter a half-mile without authorization. RJ's Late Night Entertainment Company's Highland Park, MI station (WHPR-FM) said they thought a short move did not require FCC authorization, and blamed the lack of a Public File on a local library closing "several years ago."

  • 10/20/11 - 73.3539 - Several failures to renew licenses on time brought some stiff fines this week. WQTQ, Hartford, CT received an NAL for $7k for operation from April 2006 to September 2010 without any authorization.The Hartford Board of Education said it either forgot to renew, or thought it did (!). The FCC did waive about $10k of potential fines.

    WRAN-LP in Randolph, VT also operated four years without a license. The assessment on this low power station was for an NAL of $500.

    Salmon River Communications in Salmon, ID, did not do quite as well. Not only did its two stations operate for five years after the licenses expired in October 2005, but the STA issued for them to operate while correcting matters was allowed to expire in May. The station KSRA (AM) received an NAL for $13k, as did KSRA-FM, a total of $26k.

  • 10/21/11 - 17.57 - When the owner of an ASR registered tower changes, the FCC must be notified. P&Y Broadcasting in Los Angeles received an NAL for $3k for not having noted the transfer of the KMPC antenna.

  • 10/20/11 - Operating past the Post-Sunset Authority resulted in a $4k Forfeiture Order to Clarion Country Broadcasting's WKQW, Oil Town, PA. The infractions occurred in late 2008. (It must be assumed the reference to "FM Station WKQW" was a typo!)

  • 10/18/11 - There was no fine issued on this one, but the FCC made a point of shutting down a translator that caused interference to a co-channel station. (And providing free cell phones did not impress the FCC.)

    While it was not the focus of this Notice, the FCC also pointed out that a translator has to protect regular listeners, even outside a station's licensed contour (top of page 3/footnote 6).

  • 10/14/11 - 73.3526 - Six years of missing Issues & Programs brought a $10k NAL to WMMG, Brandenburg, KY.

  • 10/3/11 - 73.3539 - Yet another NAL for late renewal reminds stations that the burden of compliance is on each station. The authorization for WPRX in Bristol, CT expired in April 2006. However, no renewal application (nor STA) was filed until until the Commission wrote to WPRX four and a half years later.

    The arguments that the failure was unintentional and they did not get any reminders because they changed their mailing address did not move the Commission. An NAL for $7k stands, with a reminder that it is the licensee who bears all burdens for compliance.

  • 9/26/11 - 73.3539 - A trio of late renewals and subsequent unauthorized operation brings a total of NALs adding up to $8k (marked down from $39,000) for an FM station and two translators. WSBU (FM) at St Bonaventure, NY, K292BA, Dubois, WY, and K232CZ, Winona, MN all operated for some four or five years after their license period.

    In each of these cases, the FCC did not designate them as "serious violations," knocking the fine for the translators down to $500 each. However, it is clear that failure to file the renewal applications on time is getting more attention, and will not get a full "pass" from the Commission.

  • 9/13/11 - 1.903, 1.947, 11.35, 73.3526, 74.532 - Several violations led to a $17.5k NAL (reduced from $20k) for KRAL(AM) and KIQZ(FM) in Rawlins, WY.

    Agents noted inoperative EAS equipment, an incomplete Public File, and an STL not being operated from its authorized location. Excuses of "not willful," "the former employee did it," and "we can't afford that much" were not accepted.

  • 9/13/11 - 17.48, 73.3526 - A dark tower led to a $10k NAL (reduced from $13k) to WOXD-FM in Oxford, MS. When the FCC turned up to investigate a report that no lights were working, they learned the failure had been ongoing for about six weeks. When the agents asked for the Public File, the station could not find one.

    The station contended that there were other, higher towers in the area, hence no need to notify the FAA. Taylor Communications' president claimed he was unaware of the missing Public File until the inspection, and laid blame on a previous station manager, who was accused of stealing it. The former manager's story was "the FCC Public Inspection File could not be located" after a renovation six months before.

  • 9/8/11 - 73.1745, 73.3526 - Another large NAL, for $14k, landed on KGLA, Gretna, LA. The station's GM admitted the daytime station "had been operating at reduced power throughout the night for several years." A Public File missing station authorizations and eight Issues & Programs list pretty much sealed the issue. Possibly the lack of the station authorization was why the station had the "mistaken belief that it was authorized to broadcast at night."

    The FCC denied all the arguments from Crocodile Broadcasting Corp, including the excuse that they did not mean to violate the Rules, but had failed "to carefully read [sic] the letter from the Media Bureau" denying an STA request for night time operation.

  • 9/7/11 - 73.1660 - When the FCC calls, saying you are intefering with FAA transmissions, it is not a good idea to refuse them. Twice. And while using a non-certified transmitter.

    The NAL for $12k received by Power Ministries' WRLE-LP in Dunnellon, FL makes it clear that even low power transmitters can cause destructive interference - and why you need to listen when the FCC is at the door. The $5k fine for the use of a non-certified transmitter was augmented by $7k for the "obstruction" by station personnel.

  • 8/12/11 - 17.51, 17.47 - Failure to monitor antenna structure lighting and failure to exhibit all required obstruction lighting brought a $12k NAL to Miller Communications in Red Hill, GA.

  • 8/11/11 - 73.3527 - Two more non-comm stations have run afoul of the Public File Rules and received Forfeiture Orders from the FCC. Southern Adventist University's WSMC-FM in Collegedale, TN and Texas Educational Broadcasting Coop's KOOP (FM) in Hornsby, TX both self-reported on their renewal forms that they had not kept the Public File properly up to date. Additionally KOOP was in violation by having excessive foreign voting interest on their board.

    Both stations sought cancellation or reduction of the fines, arguing that they had many changes of management and they had reconstructed the missing Issues & Programs lists. The FCC was not amused, considering as many as 22 Issues & Programs lists were involved at one station. But they did reduce both fines. WSMC's got a $2000 reduction and an NAL for $8k, while KOOP saw a $6300 reduction and an NAL for $8.7k.

  • 8/4/11 - 73.3527 - It seems college stations particularly are often "caught" in the self-reporting questions on renewal forms. Perhaps it is due to their being honest and truthful, perhaps it is because student operations are more susceptible to missing Issues & Programs lists. Either way, an NAL for $9k went to WUSC-FM, Columbia, SC for violations in 1996-99.

  • 8/3/11 - 73.3539 - Filing license renewal applications on time continues to be something on which the FCC does not give ground. The federal cash register rings up $3k for failing to file and $10k for operating for four years after the license expired. WPRX, Bristol, CT, is another of those cases where the station never got around to filing until the FCC informed them in 2010 that their license had expired in 2006 and the call letters deleted. The station's response? They said they did not get the renewal reminder postcard in 2005.

    The Commission notes that it is the licensees responsibility to know when their license expires and file accordingly, postcard or no. However, they found "factors" and policy to reduce the NAL to $7k, a $6k reduction on the $10k fine for operating without a license.

  • 8/3/11 - 73.3539 - Even missing the filing deadline by a "few months" is not acceptable. Applied Life Ministries in Hot Springs, AR, originally won a reduction from $7k to an NAL of $5.6k, but the Commission declined to accept any further adjustments and affirmed the fine for filing five months late.

  • 8/3/11 - 73.3527 - WBDG, Indianapolis, IN checked the "No" box on their 2004 license renewal application, indicating Issues & Programs lists were missing from 1996-99. The Commission rejected all arguments and kept the $9k NAL fine against the Metropolitan School District.

  • 8/3/11 - 73.3526 - Once in a while, the machinery grinds a bit slow. WLBK, DeKalb, IL managed to slide on a $10k NAL, because the violations noted ended in 2004, while the NAL was not issued until 2007. One might expect the FCC will try not to let this much money slip through their fingers again.

  • 8/3/11 - 73.3539 - Another reduction concerns a translator in Fayetteville, AR. A late renewal originally drew a $4k fine, but the FCC reduced the NAL to $500 as a policy in dealing with translators.

  • 8/1/11 - 73.3598 - Not only for license renewal, but there are penalties for late filings of Form 302 (Application for License, filed after a construction under a CP (Construction Permit) is completed. WKLC in St. Albans, WV, somehow did not remember to file their 302 on a CP that expired in July 2007. WKLC apparently discovered the omission while preparing their license renewal, due June 1, 2011.

    The EB noted that in addition to the $3k fine for late filing of the 302, the four years of operation without a license was subject to a $10k fine. This was reduced to $4k and an NAL for $7k was issued in this case.

  • 7/29/11 - 73.3526 - In a variation on the "my dog ate my homework" excuse, HK Media's KFOX in Torrance (LA), CA, claimed water damage destroyed their Public File in May 2010. However, in late September 2010, during an inspection by the EB, no one could locate a Public File. The NAL for $10k notes that the station started to recreate the Public File the week after the inspection - which was not considered a good enough excuse.

  • 7/25/11 - 73.1212, 317, and 507 - Emmis Communications made a voluntary contribution of $12k to the US Treasury as they signed off on a Consent Decree regarding KROX-FM in Buda (Austin), TX. The station had been tagged for possible payola charges in 2007 relating to the station and a show host receiving "valuable consideration" from artists who wanted to get airplay.

  • 7/22/11 - 73.3539 - Renewal issues cost KJCB(AM), Lafayette, LA, an NAL for $13k. When the renewal was filed two weeks late in 2004, it was dismissed due to a delinquent debt to the Commission. Apparently, the station did nothing until the FCC notified them in April 2010 that they were operating a deleted station. In the meantime, another station filed a CP that assumed the then DKJCB was history.

    The station finally filed a renewal application in June 2010 - but continuing to broadcast for nearly a year more, a total of six years without a license. The EB ticked them $3k for the original failure to file properly, and $10 for, essentially, being a pirate for six years.

  • 7/22/11 - 73.3526 - Two Citadel stations in Louisiana won a reduction from a 2004 NAL of $18k for Public File violations. The NAL was reduced to $8K, as the EB noted some of the violations occurred before Citadel acquired the stations.

  • 7/19/11 - 11.35, 73.49, 73.3526 - The EB has issued another NAL for $25k. WGTM in Wilson, NC was found upon inspection to have no Public File, no EAS equipment, and an open fence around an energized tower. A series of apparently conflicting statements led the EB to assess $8k for the EAS Violation, $7k for the unlocked or missing tower fence, and $10k for the missing Public File.

  • 6/30/11 - 73.1125, 73.3526 - We close the month of June with a big one: a whopping $25k NAL issued to KBPO in Port Neches, TX for failing to have the Main Studio properly staffed and for Public File

    Last December, the FCC agent made several attempts to inspect the station's Public File, but found the station locked. When someone was finally found, it was an announcer who could not produce a complete Public File, saying the owner was in Mexico for another 10 days. A return visit and ... yep ... no station owner. According to the NAL, the agent was told the owner would return "sometime in January."

    The EB agent was not amused and the fine was factored up from $17k to $25k.

  • 6/29/11 - 73.3527 - Colby-Sawyer College's WSCS (FM), New London, NH received an NAL for $10k for Public File violations - 14 missing Issues & Programs filings. Blaming it on the student operators was a non-starter; the Commission noted the responsibility for such matters is with the licensee. Thus the buck - all 10,000 of them - apparently will stop there.

  • 6/29/11 - 73.3539 - The NAL to WTBR for $5.6k. The Pittsfield, MA station filed for renewal four and a half months late in 2005. The reduction was noted to be for the station's unblemished record going back to the 1970s.

  • 6/29/11 - 73.3539 - The NAL to KZUE for $4k. The El Reno, OK station filed for renewal five months late in 2005.

    Two aspects of this are worth noting: 1) Although the fine came late - more than a year after the event, the EB switched the actual infraction from "late filing" to "Willful operation without a license," and 2) The station claimed it "thought" its electronic application was accepted when the FCC site "validated" the application. The EB holds that it is not their fault when the applicant makes an error in the filing procedure. However, the EB did reduce the fine from $7k to $4k.

  • 6/23/11 - 73.3539, 73.3526, and Section 301 - The EB is showing no tolerance for late renewal applications. An NAL for $12.8k was delivered to Manuel Huerta, owner of WJHX, Lexington, AL. It appears he was three weeks late.

    The EB noted that under Section 301, he was operating an unauthorized station by not having filed to renew. The renewal application also included a confession that no Issues & Programs lists were placed in the Public File for two years. The fine was reduced by $3,200 upon petition, but is still a reminder that as the renewal dates come, they are not to be missed!

  • 6/22/11 - 73.3539 WKWL, Florala, AL, will need to enrich the US Treasury by $1,500 as their appeal of a Forfeiture Order based on the late filing of their last renewal application.

  • 6/20/11 - 73.3526 WLSW, Scottdale, PA was tagged with an NAL for $15k for missing quarterly Issues & Programs lists. The station claimed that "a person or persons had gone through the file and that some items had been removed.... " The station committed to replacing or constructing new files to replace the missing ones.

    The problem was that a year later, Issues & Programs lists were still missing. For ignoring the results of the FCC inspection, WLSW got a 50% increase in the fine.

  • 6/7/11 - 73.3527 KSLC(FM) Linfield College in McMinnville, OR received an NAL for $8k for failing to keep the Public File up to date. It appears that the fine, reduced from $10k, was triggered when KSLC told on itself: on their last renewal form they certified that items from 1999-2001 were missing from the station's Public File. This "gotcha" from the renewal form tends to play right into the EB lawyers' hands.

  • 6/2/11 - 11.35 CRS Radio Holdings in Spring Lake, NC received an NAL for $8k for a failure to have an operating EAS Receiver. This NAL stems from inspections in 2008.

  • 6/1/11 - 17.51, 17.48 Big Fish Broadcasting received a $7k Forfeiture Order for failing to maintain tower lights on two separate towers. An FCC inspector found the lights out and power turned off over a period of over six months. Additionally, Big Fish had not notified the FAA until after the FCC inspection. The original fine was $20k, but was reduced due to alleged inability to pay.

  • 5/26/11 - 73.3526 (UPDATED!) The Public File was the subject of four different NALs this week so far. Della Jane Woofter got an NAL for her station in Glenville, WV, WVRW. It seems that Ms. Woofter had neglected the Issues & Programs lists for nine quarters. The cash register at the EB rings up another $10k.

    Apparently not to be outdone, Stephen Peters at WHAW, Lost Creek, WV, did not have any Issues & Programs lists in the file. The NAL for this one was also $10k.

    Over in Washington, NC, Media East LLC received an NAL for $10k for not having a complete Public File - that is, anything after 2006. The manager was said to have thought the rest of the file was at the company's headquarters in Statesville, NC. - only about 250 miles by road. The agent was not amused and the EB affirmed a $10k NAL.

    And if that was not enough, Blue Skies' KSKT-CA in San Marcos (Escondido), CA apparently had no Issues & Programs list since the station was licensed in 2001. For almost ten years of failing to do the lists, the EB assessed $14k.

  • 5/19/11 - 73.1350, 73.3526 - Entertainment Media Trust drew two fines today from the EB for infractions at two sets of sister stations in the St. Louis, MO area. KZQZ was found to not be switching directional patterns, and with sister KQQZ missing Public Files and NRSC measurements. That cost $25k. On the other side of the Mississippi, more missing Public Files at WQQX and WQQW added another $24k to the tab.

  • 5/17/11 - 11.35, 73.1400(a), 73.3526 - Poverty saved this station from a total of $21k in fines. The NAL for $5.5k was issued after WCLM, Highland Springs, VA pleaded their inability to pay the full amount for not having a functioning EAS receiver, remote control and Public File. According to the station, their remote control had been out of service for over a year.

  • 5/17/11 - 73.49, 73.3526, 11.35 - Another case of failing to maintain the fence around an AM tower. Station personnel admitted the fence had been missing for "about a year." Lack of a Public File and no EAS receiver for over 60 days added to the faults at WIRJ, Humbolt, TN. The NAL will cost WIRJ $25k.

  • 5/17/11 - 73.49 - Failing to properly enclose the towers and keep the ATU huts locked brought a $7k NAL to WWSM, Annville-Cleona, PA. Not only did the owner admit to knowing about the problem, but it took the agent almost a week to reach the station's general manager.

  • 5/16/11 - 73.1125, 73.1745(a), 73.3526 - KVOZ, Del Mar Hills, TX, racked up a $21k NAL for violations of the Main Studio and Public File Rules and operating at a major variance from the station authorization. The 10 kW/day, 1 kW/night station was operating a 3 kW around the clock "for several months."

  • 5/5/11 - 11.35(a), 17.47, 17.50, and 73.3526 - KANR, Belle Plaine, KS owner Daniel Smith dodged a $25k bullet (see 11/12/10 below) for a series of violations. The EB reduced it to $11,500, which it deemed to be "7.7% of Station KANR's average gross revenue."

  • 5/4/11 - 17.51 - CBS' KNX, Los Angeles was sent an NAL for $10k after an FCC employee noticed the top beacon was not working. Five days after an inspector called the FAA with the NOTAM, KNX filed one. The station acknowledged the person tasked with monitoring the light had not done so.

  • 5/4/11 - 73.3526 (e) (12) - Pilot Media and WIBL, Fairbury, IL was issued an NAL for $4000 because the Issues & Programs list was missing - as were the three previous lists. A minor plus: the station saved $6000 because the inspector found the Public File "mostly complete."

  • 5/4/11 - 73.35 & 73.1125(a) - WLBH-FM in Mattoon, IL, was cited for having tower fencing that was falling down or missing around a four-tower DA. Also, no one was at the Main Studio when the FCC came calling, nor did anyone answer the telephone (which did not have voicemail). Together, a fine of $14k was assessed.

  • 3/23/11 - 73.3539(a), Section 301 of the Communications Act of 1934 - KWTS-FM, Canyon, TX was let off on a fine for filing their renewal application late, but got dinged anyway because of not having an STA for the operations when they had no license. All in all, it cost $3,200, plus lawyers fees on that one.

  • 3/4/11 - 73.1745(a) - Clarion Country Broadcasting's WQKW, Oil City, PA was fined $4k for operation after the times detailed in the license.

  • 3/4/11 - 73.3526 - Multicultural Broadcasting's NYC stations WZRC and WKDM were cited for failure to keep a complete political file in the Public File.

  • 2/28/11 - 73.3526 (e)(12) - WWIZ, Mercer, PA, has received an NAL for $10k. The forfeiture is for a Public File that did not have the last nine quarterly Issues and Programs lists.

  • 2/17/11 - 73.1206 - The FCC Enforcement Bureau apparently is trying to make a statement of some sort. This time a $25k fine was issued, to the Spanish Broadcasting Systems WZNT, San Juan, PR, for broadcasting two prank phone calls without the recipient knowing and giving consent.

    One of the reasons given (paragraph 7) for the relatively high fine is that this is not the first time SBC has been before the FCC for this reason. WXJD, WSKQ, and WCMQ also have received fines for similar infractions. The footnote 36 shows how the fines have escalated from the base $4k in a violation going back ten years.

  • 2/7/11 - 73.3527(c) - KCET-TV, Los Angeles, collected a $10k NAL (Notice of Liability for Forfeiture) from the FCC for demanding a member of the public make an appointment to see the stations' Public File.

  • 1/31/11 - 11.35(a) - Even as FEMA mulls the Alaska EAN test, the FCC EB issues a $10k fine against WWRR Scranton, PA. It seems this station had no EAS receiver from 2006 until well after an inspection - despite a note in the maintenance log in 2008 noting the non-compliant status of the station. The FCC NAL is here.

  • 12/3/10 - A couple of interesting proposed forfeitures this week:
    1. 73.1125(a) - A $10,000 forfeiture has been proposed for Pennsylvania station WQOR, cited for not having a "meaningful management and staff presence." The station was visited and advised of the Main Studio Rule Violation, but did nothing at all. A subsequent visit three weeks later found exactly the same conditions. A "Director and Officer" of the station was contacted - and told the agent "she was not aware of the main studio requirement... " The FCC Notice of Apparent Liability is located here.

    2. 73.1745(a) - A $6,000 forfeiture has been proposed for KCKX, OR, which did not lower power at sunset from 1000 Watts to 15 Watts as required. The station owner told this agent that he knew he was required to reduce power under Section 73.1745(a), but "it was too expensive" to do it.

  • 11/12/10 - 11.35(a) - In one of the more bizarre NALs (Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture), the EB has tagged station KANR, Belle Plaine, Kansas for not having an operational EAS box for somewhere between four and ten years.

    According to the response to the FCC, KANR disconnected the power cord to their EAS "sometime between the year 2000 and the year 2006 and had remained inoperable since then." The station had no idea when its last EAS test was conducted.

    17.47, 17.50, 73.3526 - The inattention to following the FCC Rules was also noted in their failure to renew the paint on the tower or make the daily observation of the tower lights, which were either dark or not flashing. (The station "offered" an observation was made sometime during the daytime!) And then there is the little matter of a Public File that was missing the required Issues/Programs lists the past two years.

  • 8/25/10 -The FCC has released news of a couple of fines this week that, if nothing else, offer a few things for stations and engineers to put on their list to "check" for compliance:


  • a station in Santa Monica, CA was cited for not monitoring the proper stations for EAS purposes. KCRU had apparently changed from the assigned stations, but never checked with the state and local coordinating committees.

  • a contest was ruled bad because the station, WWEG(FM) had picked a winner before the stated end of the contest - and sure enough, a listener showed up and after not being allowed to enter the contest, filed a complaint with the FCC. The upshot: a $4000 fine. WWWK pulled an $8500 fine for not having the Main Studio manned during business hours and EAS gear that did not work.

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