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Shively 6813-6R on 102.1

This six-bay full-wave spaced antenna was used with a 10 kw FM transmitter, at our former location. It was operating normally when last used.

You take down, you haul, it's yours!

Antenna is mounted on a 90' Magnum tower.

Location: Aberdeen, WA

Contact: Bill Wolfenbarger

Shively 6812B-2 Antennas

I have a client LPFM station that has in storage the following Shively low power antennas:
Shively 6812B-2 half wave spaced on 102.1
Shively 6812B-2 half wave spaced on 106.1
The 106.1 was up for only a couple of weeks before an interference complaint from the local airport shut them down. 102.1 has been up for a few years but now replaced by a move to the non-comm portion of the band on 90.1
Both are in their original shipping boxes and from what I see all the hardware is there. Client is entertaining any offer for anyone in need.

Location: St Petersburg, FL

Contact: John Elliott  727-410-1642  |

ERI 10-Bay CP Antenna

ERI SHPX-10 AC 10 bay on 105.9 As removed with hardware. Antenna is in storage since removal for dual freq replacement

Location: Lawrence, KS

Contact: Gary Liebling  785-843-1320 ext 109  |

6 Bay UHF

MCI 6-bay UHF broadband antenna model # 955526 currently in service. will be available july 1st. $5,000.00 obo

Location: Milwaukee, WI  

Contact: Martin Franke  414-416-3385 |

FM Transmitting Antennas

  • 5 bay Shively 6810 0.8 wave spaced with radomes on 90.1 MHz. Tuned & with parasitic elements for a pole mount. Arc damage to one of the fiberglass insulators holding a parasitic element. Good condition. Working when removed. Includes a fine matcher.
  • 3 bay ERI SHP-3AE with radomes on 90.1 MHz. Used at 400w TPO as space combined HD transmitting antenna. Working when removed. Includes the fine matcher. Good condition. Working when removed.
  • 1 bay ERI SHP-1AE without radome on 90.1 MHz. Used as an aux. Good condition. Working when removed.

See the University of Utah auction:

Location: Salt Lake City

Contact: Lewis Downey  8015815010 |

LPX-2E 2-bay FM Antenna

Rotoliller LPX Series Circularly Polarized FM Antenna  -  Input Power Rating 9 Kw  -  Frequency 275 102.9 -  Great Antenna taken out of service in July 2019. Dry stored. -- Antenna was purchased in 2013.

Location: Bluefield, WV

Contact: Rick Lambert      5739791047



Orban 8000A

  • 2 used Optimod-FM 8000-A's in working condition for $500 each or $750 for both plus shipping. S/N: 315298 and 83756.
  • a used Orban Studio Limiter, Model 414A-C (S/N 981372) for $300 plus shipping.

Location: Merced, CA

Contact: Lynne Gregory       209-723-1015 


Orban 9100 and 9200 AM Optimods

Two 9100 and one 9200 AM Optimods. In very good condition. Photos available upon request. Price is open to offers. Buyer pays packing and shipping. Domestic sales only.

Location: West linn, OR

Contact: Randy Pugsley 503.719.2325

Omnia 11-HD with G-Force and Declipper

Omnia 11-HD unit with G-force and Declipper

Fully working unit no issues

Location: Minneapolis

Contact: Mike Oberg 7155597654

Orban 8200

Orban 8200 just taken out of service. Condition is good (and sounds good). Also another 8200 that powers up but does not pass audio. Not sure what is wrong with it. $1300 for the working unit/$1600 for both. Plus shipping.

Location: Reno NV

Contact: Jerry Evans  | 7758848000 |



Arrakis 1200-5S

Arrakis 1,200-5S Console. Great Condition. On Channel #3, the Light Bulb is shot and needs to be replaced. Bulbs can be bought from Arrakis or Vendor of your choosing. Asking $600.00, plus buyer pays shipping.

I bought the console for myself, but I can't wire the modular pins due to handicap in right fingers. If you have a decent stereo or mono console with Analog Meters, will consider trade. I need a radio console for streaming.

Location: Gallatin, TN

Contact: Scott Bailey


Dees Digital Console by SAS

This is a premium modern surface with yesterday's tactile experience. We bought this several years ago for a room that never got built. The only other one in existence is in Rick Dees' personal studio. All we ever did with it was take it out of the box to marvel at it. Comes with a pair of engines, that have never been opened. Width 45'', depth 24'', and 16'' tall. Fifteen channels. SAS can provide additional gear to make this talk to Dante, AES67 etc. Asking $15,000. Far less than we have in it. 

Location: Bangor, ME

Contact: Andy Soule    2079902800   |


Arrakis MARC-15-15 Audio Console

Arrakis MARC-15-15 Audio Console for sale. Tested and in great operating condition. Fully populated with 15 input modules (Four A/B switchable mic input modules with jumper selectable Phantom power on each module, Ten A/B switchable Stereo input modules, One Telephone Hybrid Interface module), three stereo output busses (each has a corresponding mono output as well.) All audio and logic inputs and outputs use very convenient RJ45 jacks for easier and faster installation. Video of console connected and operating available on YouTube at

Prefer buyer picks up, but will consider delivery or meeting buyer within mutually agreeable travel distance. Asking price is $3,250, which is about $4,000 less than current list price. This is a current Arrakis product, which they are still manufacturing, selling, and supporting.

Location: LaFayette, AL

Contact: Dan Gunter    (334) 444-6796    |


Dynamax MX-12E Console

12 channel Dynamax MX-12E broadcast audio console, used in my personal studio. All modules re-worked by Dave Strode at Sandies USA (current manufacturer) and all switch lamps upgraded to LED lamps. Metering backlight also upgraded to LEDs as well. $1500 plus shipping.

Location: Connecticut

Contact: Bill DeFelice      203-736-9120


AEQ Bravo Sound Board

It was purchased about a year ago and was only used for a few months. It's in new condition and packed in the original box

Location: Murrieta, CA

Contact: Aaron Machado | 6192037952

AudioArts Lightning 12 Channel Console

Like new 12 channel audio arts console, it combines the best in a standalone console with the latest in modern conveniences such as USB and Bluetooth connectivity.
Lightning is a 12 channel tabletop configuration and has a modular design with four channel input panels, and a Master/Monitor panel with linear faders for headphone and control room level control. All faders are conductive plastic and all switches are LED illuminated. Input channels have A/B source selection, with balanced line in for the A source and trimmable -10 to +4 line in on B. Standard features include four stereo program buses, two auto mix-minuses for call-ins, four mic preamps with variable gain trim and switchable +48V phantom power, plus built-in headphone jack and CUE speaker amplifiers. Additional four channel mic preamp cards can be fitted if needed.

Asking $4800. Sells new for $7000

Location: Charlotte, NC

Contact: Mike Fitzgerald | 323-362-2395

Howe 7000 Console

Howe Audio Productions series 7000 mixer

Location: Pownal, VT

Contact: Amy Moore


Broadcast Tools SS4.4

Broadcast Tools, Model SS 4.4 Stereo Marrix Switcher. Bought brand new in 2017. In storage since August 31, 2018 when contract ended with Satellite Network. Only used for switching between Satellite Network and the Local Computer to run local spots. Used only Channel One for that purpose. Very lite use. $500.00 or B.O. Buyer must pay shipping.

Location: Gallatin, TX

Contact:  Scott Bailey

Nicom TSL910 / RSL900 STL 900MHz PAIR

$2500 SHIPPED For the pair

Tested working Nicom TSL910 / RSL900 STL (Studio-Transmitter-Link Pair) 900MHz Broadcast.

10 Watt transmitter, was tested for frequency accuracy, power output (currently set for 7 watts), transmit audio (line audio 1v p-p modulates 75KHz), receive sensitivity (hears well down to 0dBuV, and receive decoded audio. See all photos for test results.

Frequency adjustable anywhere on the 900MHz band (940-960). Password is set to the default 123.

Photos available here:

Location: Denver, CO

Contact:  Skyler Fennerll       3036194789

Stereo Audio Power Amplifiers

  • Hafler P3000 400 Watt Trans-Nova, True-Balanced JFET Input, Stereo Power Audio Amplifier. Power is rated for 150 watts per channel output into an 8 ohm load, 200 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load, and for monaural usage 400 watts into an 8 ohm load.  XLR & 1/4" Balanced or Unbalanced inputs. Rack mount. With Manual. GREAT condition, like new.  Have two (2) at $400.00 EACH + shipping
  • Hafler P4000 550 Watt Trans-Nova, True-Balanced JFET Input, Stereo Power Audio Amplifier.
    Power is rated for 200 watts per channel output into an 8 ohm load, 275 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load, and for monaural usage 550 watts into an 8 ohm load. 
    XLR & 1/4" Balanced or Unbalanced inputs.
    Rack mount. With Manual. GREAT condition, like new.
    Have two (2) at $1200.00 EACH + shipping
  • Alesis RA150 Stereo Audio Power Amplifier. A few years old but never used, new in box. $150.00 + shipping

Location: Texas

Contact: Ken Fine  575-942-0118   |

Bric-Link rack mount panels

NEW! Had these made to clean up the rack, have some extras. Look better than OEM complete with graphics.

$80 each shipped

Location: Pasadena, CA

Contact: Dan Feely  (323) 254-9619


RCS Next Gen Automation Dongle

I no longer need my Prophet/RCS NexGen automation system. The dongle which authorizes you to run the complete playback system is available. It's a parallel port dongle, but RCS will upgrade it to a USB device for $75. Make me an offer! (I can include a HD with my database & tunes on it if you need it.) Best to talk to RCS about that.

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: Paul Christy  713-256-8822


Powered Rack - Vintage SMC Cart Carousel

  • a used, powered rack cabinet for $50 plus shipping. Dimensions: 50H x 27W x 34D
  • Three vintage SMC 350 Monophonic Cart Carousels for $500.  Purchased "used" as a backup system in 1995 and never used by us.  Stored in 3 crates and includes the carousels,  mounting hardware and a manual.  One carousel may not have been working since it was listed as "spare parts".  Pictures are available upon request.

Location: Merced, CA

Contact: Lynne Gregory       209-723-1015 


These guys help us keep the BDR going

Sony DME-3000

A Sony DME-3000 rack mount system with power cord. Appears to be in good condition. Pulled from highly known Broadcasted event in Kentucky. Just looking for education and leads for this any many more items such as items by Drake, Videotek, Adc, Grass Valley, Leitch, Harris, Evertz, Extron, Blonder Tongue, DPS. 

Location: Evansville, IN

Contact: Robbie Cates  812 589-6476   |

Alesis RA 150 Stereo Power Amp

Alesis RA150 Stereo Power Amplifier - 45W per Channel into 8 Ohms

Never used, in the box.  $150.00 + Shipping

Location: New Mexico

Contact: Ken Fine  575-942-0118   |

4CV35000A Air Cooled Tubes

Carefully removed from a 250kW shortwave transmitter are two each 4CV35,000A air cooled vacuum tubes.
Prefer local pick up but can ship at buyers expense. SN's: ACN369V35 and BDR-821
Asking: $750 each. 

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Contact: Chris Hill  8055884560   |

Jennings Vaccuum Cap 24-450 pF CVHP350-555

7 each 25-450pF 55kV Jennings Vacuum Variable Capacitors available. Condition: Used, carefully removed from a 250kW shortwave transmitter.
Prefer local pick up or shipped at buyers expense. About 30 pounds each.  Asking $1,000 each or $6,000 for all 7. All proceeds go to charity.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Contact: Chris Hill  8055884560   |

Ikegame HK302 Camera Control

2 units - untested - boards appear ok - front consoles very clean - switches and knobs crisp and smooth - cleaned out (dusty) - some oxidation on cases - have pics- no power cord

Location: Albany, NY

Contact: Jeff Pelleetier  5183391485   |

Tunwall Radio TRC-2 Switch Controller

Tunwall TRC-2 dual switch controller controls 2 coax switches, 3 transmitters and two antennas. Unused with manual.

Location: Lawrence, KS

Contact: Gary Liebling  785-843-1320 ext 109  |

AM Isocoupler

Kintronics AM Isocoupler unit - bought new last year, used about 2 months and had to move to another tower. Bought for AM 870 and FM 107.7. Rated at 1.5kw AM power, Type N connections for the FM pass.

Location: Taylorville, IL

Contact: Randy Miller  (217) 824-3395   |

Scala.Kathren Antenna/Radiowaves Antenna/Aerovox Caps/Ampex AM-10 VU meter.

  • Aerovox Type 1960 & 1994 Caps.
    A new with a tattered box, Type 1960 .0039 Mfd capacitor @ 8000 P-P and a used Type 1994 .022 Mfd @ 7000 P-P . Both check correct capacitance, bought several years ago when a station went out of business.
    Make an offer.
  • Ampex AM-10 / 4010098-01 2 VU panel. 
    A used Ampex VU meter panel , Has been tested and metering are in calibration The condition is good, no scratches on meters and very minor on front SS panel. Cad plating on chassis shows some discoloration. $250.00 plus shipping.
  • Scala/Kathren CL-FM/FCM/50n 88-108 MHz Antenna.
    A nice Broadband 88 to 108 MHz Log-Peridoic antenna, center mount horizontal pol. 7dBd gain 500 Watt "N" connector for sale. It was used for demo when we were selling transportable FM stations. Price $1000.00 plus shipping.
  • 1.2M/4 Ft 5.25-5.85 GHz Antenna.
    A new Radiowaves SPD4-5.2 Dual-Polarized 5.25-5.85 GHz 4 ft antenna with Radome. 35 db gain with all mounting brackets, Local pickup or truck freight. $1300.00 plus freight

Location: Smithville, MO

Contact: Tom Schulze  8165064151


Belar Monitors

Belar used equipment in working condition:

  • Belar FM Monitor, Model FMM-2, S/N 160627: $600.
  • Belar Stereo Monitor, Model FMS-2, S/N 170603; $600.
  • Belar RF Amplifier, Model RFA-1, S/N 401377; $250.
  • Buy the complete set above for $1,000 plus shipping.
  • Belar SCA Monitor, Model SCM-1, S/N 501551 in working condition for $500 plus shipping.

Location: Merced, CA

Contact: Lynne Gregory       209-723-1015 



New in the box. Radio Design Labs ACM-2 AM noise monitors for FM radio. The RDL ACM-2 is a test instrument which monitors the amplitude component present on frequency modulated carriers.  

With Manual    $300.00

Location: New Mexico

Contact: Ken Fine  575-942-0118   |

Field Intensity Meters

Two Nems-Clarke and one RCA (actually the same product) Field Intensity Meters in good shape. Make an offer for one or all. 

Location: Dallas, TX

Contact: Jack Sellmeyer   972-365-4545   |

Potomac AM-19 DA Monitors

One 2-tower analog unit, missing covers. One digital 3-tower unit, appears complete. Selling both as operating condition unknown for $250 + shipping.

Location: Maricopa, AZ

Contact: Dennis Gilliam  16027100803   |


FM20H3 for parts

Harris FM20H3 (107.3MHz)  Salvaging and being replaced. Was working as a backup. Advise if you need parts

Location: Wisconsin

Contact: Clif Groth 6087512663  | CLIFGROTH@GMAIL.COM


BE 3.5A (upgraded to a BE 5A)

BE 3.5A FM Transmitter (Upgraded to BE 5A) Single Phase 1985. FX30 Exciter included. Recently removed from service.

Link to Pix

Location: Beaumont, TX

Contact: Otis Dyson  832-721-1101|


Continental 816C (21.5 kW), BE FMi 106 (104 kW), Larcan FMS 1 kW

  • I am selling a Continental 816C, owned by New Hampshire Public Radio, currently operating on 89.1 MHz, at 20KW. In great shape. Fully functional. Purchaser must arrange for pickup. It is going offline in September, 2021.
  • Fully functional BE solid state transmitter and HD exporter/exgine.
  • Fully functional 1 kW FM transmitter. Just decommissioned.

Location: Concord and Keene, NH

Contact: Randy Woods  603-223-2415   |


Gates BC-1T McMartin 500D CCA FM and McMartin 1000 W AM

I purchased a station and it had several transmitters sitting in the transmitter room. (1) GATES BC 1-T. I was told it makes power. Also a McMartin AM 500D. this was unhooked when I bought the station.  Also a CCA FM transmitter. The owner told me it had a driver issue. There is also an Energy Onix Pulsar that has a problem with the power module. This was not grounded property. I have replaced all transmitters with new solid state ones. I am selling these for best offer. You must have help loading them. I also have a excellent running McMartin 1000 watt AM transmitter that is still on the air today for sale. I will be replacing it soon. Should make a great ham transmitter. It's on 1360 khz. I hate to take these to the dump, but I'm going to be needing room soon.

Location: Ozark, AL

Contact: Fred Dockins 573-701-4708



Harris FM35k transmitter

Item is being replaced soon and would like to trade to someone who would remove from service and haul away at the time of removal. Looking at late October or early November. Currently on air at 94.1mhz. Call if interested.

Location: Little Rock, AR

Contact: Gary Horne  501-416-5912


Harris HT5-FM transmitter

Harris ht5-fm transmitter for sale. Making power when removed. In service tube several months service. Spare tube approx. 2 years service. Tuned on 101.7

Location: Winterset, IA

Contact: Mike Gruca  5157077016 |


We have a BE AM10A transmitter that took on damage, and we are looking to sell if possible. Below is a link to pictures of the transmitter and damage.

Would this be something you guys would be interested in to repair or use for parts?

Thanks for your consideration!

Location: Nashville, TN

Contact: Jon Garrison  6155341860 |

ITS-930A , Axcera LU500BTD, and Larcan DTT-250 Transmitters

ITS-830A Analog NTSC transmitter on channel 25, 500 watt. Single exciter. Single small rack. Serious inquiries only, $1,000 firm. Local pickup only.

Axcera LU500 digital transmitter on channel 35. 500 watt TPO, includes mask filter. Dual exciter with hot swap. Four amplifiers. One rack design. 3p 240v. $2,000 firm. Buyer must remove and ship.

Larcan DTT-250 digital transmitter, single exciter. 250 watt TPO, presently on Channel 8. Single rack. Space for second amplifier. $1,500 Firm. Buyer removes from site and transports.

Location: Lima, OH

Contact: Frederick Vobbe  419-228-8835 |

Sparta 701B AM

Used Sparta AM transmitter worked on 1460 kHz when it was taken out of service

$100 - Purchaser responsible for delivery costs

Location: Redding, CA

Contact: Patrick Karch  (530) 510-1903 |

Harris DX10 and Nautel XR25

Harris: DX10 Transmitter on  1510 kHz. 10 kw, Used as auxiliary for 25 kW station

Nautel: 25 kW main transmitter, 1510kHz. No longer needed with power reduction.

Location: Wisconsin

Contact: Jody Nielsen  4143053939  |

Armstrong 1 kW AM

I have a 1,000 watt Armstrong X1000B transmitter, intended for WSYL Sylvania, Ga but never installed.

Manufactured 4/18/2013, it originally was on 1240 kHz, but was re-tuned to 1490 kHz and reconditioned at Armstrong in January 2021. They ran it for 3 days and said it performed flawlessly.

It's still in the box after being shipped from Armstrong. I have pictures by request. Asking $7,000.

Location: Fort Myers, FL

Contact: John Golobish  8634457383 |

Hitachi Comark 16 kW UHF TV transmitter

Hitachi Comark Parallax 16 KW UHF TV transmitter, liquid cooled. This transmitter was lightly used for only one year during the FCC Repack process as an Interim transmitter. Price new was over $700K. Will take reasonable offers.

Location: California

Contact: Tom Driggers  707-529-7755  |

BW TX1000 1 kW FM

1 kW FM transmitter from Broadcast Warehouse. Efficient, solid-state, and frequency agile. Good condition. $4,900 plus shipping.

Location: Cape Coral, FL

Contact: Dennis Jackson  203-216-3156

Jones Model J316 FM Translator

Jones J 316 translator, looks to be in pretty good shape, will check out and get
more details if somebody needs one. It's a 10-watt unit, input in the educational
band and outputs on 103.9 I think. Thinking $250 or so,shipping subject to negotiation.
Will sell only to FCC license holder.

Location: Marietta, OH

Contact: Ralph Metheny 740 374 8637

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Want to Buy:

Need an 8 - 12 Bay Circular Polarized Antenna

Wanted - 8 - 12 Bay Circular Polarized Antenna on or near 104.9 MHz. Hopefully someone will have a used one to replace the antenna that was destroyed when our 300 foot tower collapsed in February due to the Ice Storm.

Location: Texas

Contact: Danny Ray Boyer 214-870-3703   |

MiniDisk Player/Recorder

Need rack mounted minidisk player-recorders in working condition for high school radio station. State condition and price. Thanks in advance.

Location: Gary, IN

Contact: Arthur Reis  7083377377  |

FIM 41

I need a great condition FIM 41 for ABIP inspections. I do inspections in multiple states. Please contact me ASAP

Location: Illinois

Contact: Brian Dougherty  309-333-1657  |

25 Hz Decoder

Need a 25hz decoder that will provide a relay closure when the tone is present and will hold until tone is no longer present.

Location: Montana

Contact: Al Sargent  406.679.0527  |

Rotron Centrimax Blower

Looking for a CX33A3Gxxxx 240v 60Hz for Bauer 602

Location: Montana

Contact: Duane Williams  4062936234  |

Nautel M50 exciter for parts

Looking for a non-functional Nautel M50 exciter for parts.

Contact: Gary Liebling  785-843-1320 ext 109  |


TM Century GoldDisc Libraries

Looking for TM Century GoldDisc libraries, AC, Classic Rock or Oldies, CDs or GoldDrive. Other digital libraries considered along with music scheduling software.

Location: Fullerton, CA

Contact: Edward Ford    (760) 955-2267 |


Audioarts R-60 modules and parts.

Audioarts R-60 audio console modules and parts; especially CR-60 control room module.

Location: Liberal, KS

Contact: John Mulhern    620-624-3891  |


Nautel V-series power supply

KGNU, the community radio station in Boulder/Denver, is looking for a spare power supply module for its Nautel V-series transmitter. The Nautel part number is UG-39 and the OEM is Tectrol TC91S-1465.

Tectrol is no more… but perhaps someone has an unused spare on the shelf, or a V-series that’s being parted out.

Location: Boulder, CO

Contact: Eric Scace  617-712-1523  |


Inovonics 264 Audio Leveler

This is a quad audio leveler. I would like one working or not. I will pay $200.

Location: Yakima, WA

Contact: Bryan Hubert  2062767487 |

KeyCart Stereo Cart machine manual/schematic

Need help with the manual and schematic for a Key/Cart Stereo Broadcast Cartridge Machine, model 1000, play/record. The machine was made in the UK by Keydial Limited, Guildford, Surrey, UK.

Or is there a Key/Cart machine out there that someone doesn't want? Thanks!

Location: Texas

Contact: Bart Kennedy  915 772-1211 |

Sine Systems relay panel

KCGS radio needs an additional RP-8 panel to expand their Sine Sync system for their AM station

Location: Marshall, AR

Contact: Sam Patton 

Recorder Couplers

Looking for old WE or Elgin auto answer recorder couplers KS-19522.

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: John Hutson  832-942-4468  | 


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