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Scala PR-950 antenna

Kathrein/Scala PR-950 Paraflector STL Antenna. In very good condx. Recently removed from service. $1750.00. You ship.

Location: Bourbonnais, IL

Contact: Arthur Reis   708-337-7377     |



 ERI MPZ-4 end fed on 101.7. Only four yrs old. Selling due to station move. $6,000.

Location: Salina, KS

Contact: Rod Rogers    7858206454    |


Shively Labs high level branched combiner

Shively Labs branched combiner
Model 2530-43-43-1A/B
2 units with 3 cavities per unit. Each unit is roughly about 6’x2’x5′. Currently tuned for 95.5mhz and 97.1mhz but retuneable.
3-1/8 EIA in/out.

Location: Greenville, TN

Contact: Denny Dunn     4235524440  |



Orban Optimod 8100A/1 FM processor with XT-2 Chassis

Orban Optimod 8100A/1 FM processor with XT-2 Chassis

Location: Baltimore, MD

Contact: Steve Scarborough  4103353136 |


Optimod 9100A and a 9011B

  • 9100A Removed working clean unit, been in storage need to make room. 1500.00 OBO
  • 9100B Was removed working and has been in storage, great shape wasn’t going to sell but I need to make room. 2000.00 OBO

text is best way to communicate.

Location: Tampa Bay, FL

Contact: Chris Williams   941-915-8942  |



Telos 1 X 6 Hybrid With Switch Console

a Telos 1 X 6 up to 6 line phone hybrid with the switch console. Includes 25′ connecting cable, power cord, and manual. Priced at just $995.00 plus shipping

Location: Baltimore, MD

Contact: Steve Scarborough  4103353136 |



Lawo mc296 AoIP post production system (2020)

A Lawo mc296 3rd Generation Console (2020 Edition).  16+24c+32 faders and expandability up to  200 faders,

This system comes with the possibility of worldwide shipping. Asking $42k

This may be a commercial  sale. 

Location: Jerusalem

Contact: Keith Mendelson   +9724534534    |


Mackies and Gatesway

  • 1 ea. Mackie 1604VLZ4 Mixer New In Box $750 + actual shipping
  • 1 ea. Mackie 1642VLZ4 Mixer <20 hrs $500 + actual shipping
  • 1 ea. Gates Producer console Recapped XLNT Condition $1000 + actual shipping
  • 1 ea. Gates Gatesway 80 console Sold to me as working. I have not tested it.
    Includes some spare circuit cards and external xfmr $1000 + actual shipping

Location: Stephenville, TX

Contact: Larry Barr    254 592 1008  | 


Autogram Console parts

Parting out: Autogram consoles. Let me know what you need or want to keep your old Autogram going. – pre-amps, pots, knobs, meters, transformers… or make a deal to come pick up the whole lot.
I have an AC-6, an AC-8, and a Rockwell-Collins branded IC-10.

Location: South Central NE

Contact: Barton Jones    4027561270  |




Nicom NLS-910 STL transmitter and NICOM RSL-900 STL Receiver

Transmitter 10 Watts output. Receiver sensitivity open squelch at .5 microvolts (3dBuV).
Clean audio. Both units frequency agile. Currently on 945.000 MHZ but can set to your frequency. $1,800.00.
Location: Lawrenceburg, TN
Contact: Toger Wright   931-629-7713  |

CommScope P3 875 Shielded Coax Cable

Large spool of new 1724 linear feet of P3 875 CommScope coaxial cable for broadcast and cable TV.  Already strapped down and mounted on pallet, ready to ship to your location. $0.69/foot + shipping!
Location: Hot Springs Village, AR
Contact: Dave Krieger    512-718-9604  |  

TWR High Intensity Lighting System

Set of 9 working TWR HILS strobe units with indoor rack-mount controller. Complete except for wiring. Spare parts and spare controller included. Make offer but you pick up. Will consider pulling circuit cards to ship.
Location: Wisconsin
Contact: Alan Kilgore    920-373-7569  |


15 full boxes of ScotchCart II music length carts. These are available at no cost for pickup in Las Vegas. Shipping? possible.
Location: Las Vegas NV
Contact: Joe Sands    (702) 868-7222  |

ABR 200 Receivers

About 14 ABR 200 satellite receivers for sale. Also a couple ABR 202’s. All were working when removed from service. Asking $100.00 each plus shipping
Location: Woodland, NC
Contact: Michael Pruden    252-536-6976  |

5CX1500A Tube

Unused and unpacked ECONCO rebuilt tube. Best offer.
Location: Lakeside, AZ
Contact: Hank Ash    8134041858  |

Nagra Kudelski iii Reel to Reel tape machine

Famous Nagra machine. with power supply. Motor work. Sold AS IS where is. $950. Pack and ship extra.
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Contact: Patrick Lopeman    4147581598  |


Feedline is used but in good condition, stored indoors. NO SHIPPING. Pickup only from Ponca City, OK

Location: Ponca City OK

Contact: David Land    580-767-1400  |

Kintronic Isocoupler / AM RF Items / BBS Telecom Plexus Phone System

  • Kintronic FMC-7.5 isocoupler. Factory tuned to 107.5 MHz. Good condition; working when removed from service. $500 OBO.
  • Free for pickup, or you pay shipping: ATU Panel from dismantled 5kW DA. Approx. 60 by 48 inches. Standoffs and holes for component mounting. I can email pictures.

  • Free for pickup, or you pay shipping: States (Multi-Amp) Ohm-Spun 1 kW Dummy Load. Please note 70 ohm

  • Free to pick up, or you pay shipping: BBS Telecom Plexus phone system. Main interface, ten extensions, and wiring harnesses if you want them. We prefer you take it all, but we would consider parting it out. Working when removed from service. We had six business lines and three studio lines. You will need software to re-program; we do NOT have an extant copy of the software. Can be used with VOIP using ATAs (not included; ATAs can also adapt any old phone system to VOIP).
Location: SW Kansas

Contact: John Mulhern    620 629 5919  |

(RDS ) Phantom 4 Broadcast Automation System

Built-to-order by Register Digital Systems LLC
Shipping as well as free pickup available. Starting at $8,495. Please reach out if you have any questions.

This is an ad for a commercial company.

Location: Macon, GA

Contact: Hayden Hart – RDS  4783191586  |

Jennings and Comet Variable Vac Capacitors

  • Comet model CV1C-1000EW/15 ceramic, vacuum variable capacitor.
    Variable capacitance ranges from 15pF to 1000pF. Voltage rating is 9KV to 15KV depending on capacitance and current rating is up to 133 Amps depending on frequency. This capacitor is brand new, in original packaging. This capacitor is ideal for a high power ATU, phasor, or tuned loop, transmitting, antenna.
    Price is $990.00 plus shipping.
  • Jennings model CVDD-100-15D1379, 10-100pF @15KV vacuum variable capacitor with ceramic shaft isolation coupling. Price 250.00 plus shipping.
  • Jennings model CADC-30-15S, 3-30pF @15KV vacuum variable capacitor with insulated mounting block and connection clamps. Price 225.00 plus shipping.
Location: Port Clinton, OH

Contact: Geoff Mendenhall   419-341-5699  |

Econco tubes

Two 4CX20000C one was removed making full power, the other was never put in use. Owner wants $4000 for both.

Location: Daphne, AL

Contact: William Arnold   2512880759  |

Moseley PCL-6020 STL receiver

 (1) Moseley PCL-6020 STL frequency agile receiver. Comes with a manual and power cord. Priced at just $ 895.00 plus shipping.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Contact: Steve Scarborough  4103353136 |


West Texas 50 kW C2

San Angelo / Christoval area C2 with Aux station available. 440′ tower, 8 bay ERI, 15 acres (more or less). No LMA outright sale only.. Call for more info.

Location: San Angelo / Christoval, TX

Contact: John Parle    870 213-7179 |


NCE Class A Construction Permit

North Arkansas NCE permit available with coverage of popular Greers Ferry Lake
resort area including Clinton, Fairfield Bay, Heber Springs etc. 91.1 MHz
Must be a non-profit to transfer. Call for more info.

Location: North Central, Arkansas

Contact: John Parle    870 213-7179 |


Harris 6 kW CD transmitter parts

parting out all parts from harris cd 6 kw transmitter

Location: Ackerly, IA

Contact: Stan Siems  319 231 3449  |  SSIEMS@MYCNS.NET


BE AM Parts

  • BE AM Modulator Card – Refurb by BE. This was found in box in storage. Still in BE bubble wrap. Mid Band.
  •  BE AM Power Supply – Refurb By BE.  Power supply for AM5/6 and likely others still in BE bubble wrap.

Location: Tampa Bay, FL

Contact: Chris Williams   941-915-8942  |


All sorts of items…

    All sorts of items… 

    Moseley 9003Q  TX 900 Mhz STL        Transmitter  Moseley LANLINK Dual Gateway LANLINK
    Moseley  9003Q RPTR 900 Mhz STL Repeater  FULL DUPLEX        
    Moseley 9003Q RX2 LAN 900 Mhz STL Receiver    
    dBX 166XL Processor          
    dBx 286 A Microphone processor      
    dbx 376 Tube Channel Strip w/ Digital out     new tube       
    Presonus Eureka Microphone processor
    ART 341 15 Band EQ     
    MX882 Behringer 8  channel Splitter/Mixer
    HeadAmp 6 PRO 6 Channel Headphone Distributio Amp     
    Behringer MDX 4600 Multicon Pro-XL Processor
    AudioArts Engineering Air 1 console
    Harris Digit CD Exciter 994-9410-004    Parting out
    XDS-Pro4R Sat Receiver     XDS-Pro Sat Receiver
    Broadcast Tools 8x 2 Dual Stereo Switcher   Broadcast Tools SRC-16 Plus Serial Remote Control   Broadcast Tools ACS 4.1 Stereo Matrix Switch

    Location: Saco, ME

    Contact: Timothy Braddock  646-660-2651  |


    Hughey and Phillips Flashguard 2000 Tower Strobe Beacon System

      There are seven (7) towers worth of strobe system available. Out of the seven systems there are 5 that are fully functional. The other two require maintenance, most likely new flash tubes. All 7 systems include the control unit in weatherproof box, and the beacon unit. They have been removed from service. They are approximately 10 years old, with one unit (the spare) not ever having been installed on a tower, and used only for testing.

      Buy all, one, or as many as you like. Pricing will depend on how many systems are purchased. Some spare parts are also available. No cabling is included.

      Shipping will be at buyers expense, either pickup or FedEx Ground.

      $1500 per system (shipping not included), discount for two or more, open to reasonable offers.

      Please contact me with offers or questions.

      Location: Chicago, IL

      Contact: Jim Addie 708-296-3267  |



      Potomac AM-19

        in good working order.1500$ OBO

        Location: Pinedale, WY

        Contact: Dave Smith   307-231-6032   |


        Potomac AM-19

          in good working order.1500$ 

          Location: Pinedale, WY

          Contact: Dave Smith   307-231-6032   |


          FIM-21 SN 586

          • Very nice FIM21 Field Meter, has been well taken care of. I have decided to no longer offer AM contract services so this gem needs a new home. 2500.00 OBO
          • Delta Electronics OIB-1.  Great shape and works perfect, I am no longer doing any AM work so this bridge needs a new home
          • NOS 4cx250B Eimac Tubes Qty 5.  These were spares for a decommissioned FM20H, 5 NOS tubes and 2 chimneys. Make offer but was thinking 150.00 each.

          Text is preferred communication.

          Location: Tampa Bay, FL

          Contact: Chris Williams  941-915-8942   |


          Scientific American PowerVU Model D9850

          Never used. Still in box. Make offer


          Contact: Keith Flanary  919-616-0911   |



          BE Transmitters and Mosley system

          • (1) BE FM 1C1 transmitter with FXi60 exciter, fair condition, $5k, negotiable
          • (1) BE FMi703 transmitter with FXi250 exciter, installed in 2006, fair condition, $15k, negotiable.
          • (1) BE FMi703 transmitter with FXi250 exciter, installed in 2006, good condition, $20k, price negotiable.
          • (2) Moseley Starlink SL9003Q-TX2LAN, $1500 each, both recently refurbished by Moseley.
          • (2) Moseley Starlink SL9003Q-RX2LAN, $1500 each, both recently refurbished by Moseley
          Location: New York, NY
          Contact: George Evans  718-817-4550  |

          Nautel J-1000 on 1600

          Nautel J-1000, barely a year old, like new. Station went dark, xmtr on 1600, immediately available, price is $9000 firm.

          Location: Dallas, TX
          Contact: Mike Vanhooser  214-725-5621  |

          Nautel FM7

           Working, Nautel FM7 Transmitter at 101.5 or higher. As Is $5,000 obo. Buyer is responsible for removal and shipping from Transmitter Site.

          Location: Merced, CA
          Contact: Lynne Gregory   2097231015  |

          BE AM 1A

          2 BE A<1 transmitters, just taken out of service after 15 years. Excellent condition. One is one 820, the other 1400. Both 1 kW, asking $6500 each. 

          Location: Newport, OR

          Contact: David Millerl     5412701427    |


          Like New, Harris Digit-CD FM Broadcast Exciter

          Harris Digit-CD Digital FM Broadcast Exciter with Digital Stereo Generator Input Module and Digital Composite Limiter. Accepts AES-EBU digital audio input, plus (3) analog subcarrier inputs. The digital input module can be switched to analog composite input mode with a contact closure or it can be fully converted to analog input only by swapping the input module. Power output is adjustable from 1W to 60W. Frequency is digitally programmable. Currently on 97.9 MHz. This exciter is essentially new with slide out rack mounting tray and in original factory packaging, having only been used a few times for trade show demonstrations. Price: $1800.00

          Location: Port Clinton, OH

          Contact: Geoff Mendenhall   419-341-5699  |

          Harris FAX Broadcast FM Power Amplifier Module.

          1.8KW LD-MOS Power Amplifier covers 87 to 108MHz and easily modified to operate on the 2 meter amateur radio band. This module contains the complete RF pallet with (2) NXP/Freescale type MRFE6VP61K25H, LD-MOS devices, alone, worth over $400.00, copper heat spreader, bonded fin heatsink, and controller board. The current operating condition of this amplifier is unknown, but the LD-MOS devices and the RF pallet are believed to be good. Requires 48-50V DC @ ~42A. Price: $350.00 plus shipping.

          Location: Port Clinton, OH

          Contact: Geoff Mendenhall   419-341-5699  |

          Gates-Harris FM 2.5k

          Taken out of service 1989. Could use a new PA.
          no exciter. 3000 or best offer. You pick-up.

          Location: Las Vegas, NM

          Contact: Joseph Baca   505-425-6766   |


          BE FM35B

          Parting out our old BE FM 35B transmitter. Big 3 phase transformer failed but the rest is still good.

          Location: Little Rock, AR

          Contact: Gary Horne  501-265-0570  |


          AM Transmitters

          1- Continental 317-C 50 kW 1970 kHz.Went to 10kW. Top shape.

          1- Continental 315-R1 Power Rock 1330 kHz.READY TO ship.

          All units are in stock a ready to ship.

          Location: Texas

          Contact: Richard Witkovski   972-931-6055  |


          FM Transmitters

          2-Continental 816-R -6, 30 kW 1 with Harris digit solid-state exciter the other has a BE solid-state exciter. Both are on 94.5 mHz. Well maintained 

          1-Continental 816-R 4, 27.5 kW with Harris digit exciter Recentily removed from serevice Tuned to 107.9 mHz

          1 Continental 816 R-3. 25kW, with Harris digit solid-state exciter Tuned to 107.9 mHz
          Major market use. Was in controlled environment. 

          3-Harris HT-10 10 kW with digit-exciters one on 92.4 mHz, one on 88.7 mHz and one on 94.5 mHz. 

          All units are in stock a ready to ship.

          Location: Texas

          Contact: Richard Witkovski   972-931-6055  |



            Take it away, all or nothing HT-5FM tx. Running fine at 100% TPO when removed. Two tubes. One low hours, other spare running 75% TPO. Free will offerings accepted.

          Location:  Winterset/Des Moines, IA

          Contact: Mike Gruca  515-707-7016   |

          11/30/202 3

          ========= ========= =========

          Want to Buy:

          Arrakis 12000 Console modules

          Looking for working or repairable Arrakis 12000 modules [TMP1-TMP1M-TMP2-TMP3-TOB1-TCRM1]

          Location: Altamonte Springs, FL

          Contact: Lou Mueller  407-970-2636


          legacy Gates/Altec/RCA modules

           looking for Gates SA-70, SA-94, and SA-20 preamp and program amp modules and the SA800 rack and the SA-7 or SA-103 power supply. These are the modules found in the SA40 and SA50 broadcast consoles. I am also looking for Altec 458a, RCA BA-2(A,B, or C) and Dukane 1A485C mixer/preamp.

          Location: Los Angeles

          Contact: Benjamin Lysaght  3472287007


          Used/dead E2V CX2708 and similar thyratrons

          Wanted: Used and preferably dead CX2708 and similar thyratron tubes for ongoing art project. This is a 100% serious ask, if you have unwanted CX2708 or other thyratron tubes with a similar form factor I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for them plus shipping. Please let me know what you have including model numbers and the quantity, even if it’s just one.

          Contact: Bruce Hart  206-459-0021


          2nd Gen AM HD encoder

           Looking for working 2nd Gen AM HD encoder, any brand but Harris preferred.

          Contact: Mike Vanhooser  2147255621


          Mod monitor

          FM Stereo Modulation Monitor like TFT844A.  FM Stereo must be frequency agile.

          Contact: Allen Moore  2568814829


          Nautel ND10 Modulator Driver PCB

          The board identification is Nautel Assy 159-3010, NAPE 44
          I need both boards. Identified as A5 and A6 on the documentation.

          Contact: David Olson  717-393-0803


          Used Audio Processor

          Need a composite processor for FM station.

          Location: Arizona

          Contact: Hak Ash  8134041858


          Orban 8600

          I’m Looking for a pre owned working condition Orban 8600 priced reasonably.


          Contact: Kevin Fitzsimmons  7608735209   |


          Control ladder and overload board for Bauer 602FM

          Control ladder and overload board for a Bauer 602 FM transmitter, 065-5300 C, or 065-5300 E.


          Contact: Duane Williams  4062936234


          AM Audio Processor

          Our Amateur Radio club salvaged a CCA 1000-D xmitr, saving it from the scrap yard. We are converting it to the 80 Meter Ham bands and are seeking a suitable AM audio processor for it. Our club — the East Greenbush Amateur Radio Association — is a non-profit 501c3, so any donation should be eligible for a full market tax deduction. We would be happy to pay shipping, or arrange pick-up if it’s within a reasonable distance of the Albany, NY region.

          Location: Albany, NY

          Contact: Bryan Jackson  518-894-3500


          BE transmitter mod and power cards – any condition

           Power card PA in power drawers of B E transmitter AM Mod card too. Cards that don’t work $100 a spare power supply needed also. Same thing if don’t work I pay $100 or so

          Location: Mount Olive, NC

          Contact: James Mayo    2525500461


          8 to 12 bay FM antenna

          Needed: 8 to 12 bay circulator polarized FM antenna between 104.5 and 107.1 Mz

          Location: Texas

          Contact: Danny Ray Boyer    (214) 870-3703


          3-1/8″ EIA male to 1’5/8″ EIA male adapter

           3-1/8″ EIA male to 1’5/8″ EIA male adapter

          Location: Cincinnati, OH

          Contact: James Stitt  513-289-6277


          Arrakis Digilink IV

          I know, this is really ancient technology, but I have a client who still maintains a couple of active systems using these old gems. Attrition is taking its toll, so we are looking for some spares. They do need to be intact, but otherwise condition isn’t a high priority.

          Contact: Bill Glenn Glenn  509-528-4800


          Inovonics INOmini 635 Sote Streamer

          looking to obtain a Inovonics INOmini 635 – INOmini FM/RDS Site Streamer for one of my clients. Please reach out if you have one for sale.

          Contact: Mike Baxter  757-573-8633



          Dehydrator – low pressure for transmission line.

          Contact: Dennis Jackson   203-762-9425


          Optimod units

          I am searching for a used Orban Optimod 8500/8600/8700 for a good price. It does not matter where the unit has been installed

          Location: The Netherlands

          Contact: Stefan Bottelier   |


          Wheatstone D-75 card

          Wanted is a Wheatstone/Audioarts Analog Daughter Board ADC-75 for a D-75 Console.

          Location:Portsmouth NH

          Contact: John Scavo  6034309722



          ========= ========= =========


          IL Job

          1/22/24 – Saga Communications Radio Cluster in Champaign, IL is looking for a Chief Engineer. 

          Experience in AM & FM RF transmission systems, including digital HD radio, studio audio (analog & digital) and sufficient IT knowledge to work with and install broadcast automation, DAW’s and general workstations required. 

          Offer includes a competitive salary, cell phone, excellent health plan and 401k plan.  

          Email Resume in confidence:  

          Location: Champaign, IL

          Contact: Sheila Wetherell      2173524141  |


          TN Job

          11/14/23 – A four station cluster needs an experienced engineer with andio/RF/and IT experience in Cookeville, TN.   

          Send your resume and three professional references to Cookville Communications: 




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