The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource

The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource


Shively 6513 5 bay half wave spaced antenna on 89.7

Shively 6513 5 bay half wave spaced VERTICAL ONLY antenna on 89.7 in reasonably great shape. Have tested this with 5KW power and it tests out fine. Pictures on request. We bought this to use on an FM with a channel 6 but no longer need vertical only.  $300 OBO, FOB Houston.

Location: Texas

Contact: Julio Pecina   713-271-1244  |

Shively 4-Bay Antenna

Central Valley Broadcasting Co., Inc. is selling a 1992 Shively 6810-4-DA Antenna. Used and stored for many years. Individual sections are 9ft 6in long. Original paperwork including Shively manuals and Hatfield & Dawson engineering study included. Antenna originally tuned to 101.5FM but could be used for 100.5 to 102.5. Missing the fine matching transformers which are available to purchase new from Shively. Value of a new system this size is $20,000. Selling 4-bay antenna for $900 obo. Shipping is extra. Photos are available upon request.

Location: Merced, CA

Contact: Lynne Gregory  209-723-1015  |

Shively 4-Bay Antenna

Central Valley Broadcasting Co., Inc. is selling a 1992 Shively 6810-4-DA Antenna. Used and stored for many years. Individual sections are 9ft 6in long. Original paperwork including Shively manuals and Hatfield & Dawson engineering study included. Antenna originally tuned to 101.5FM but could be used for 100.5 to 102.5. Missing the fine matching transformers which are available to purchase new from Shively. Value of a new system this size is $20,000. Selling 4-bay antenna for $900 obo. Shipping is extra. Photos are available upon request.

Location: Merced, CA

Contact: Lynne Gregory  209-723-1015  |

ERI 6-Bay FM Antenna

Tuned to 95.1Mhz. Rated 100KW ERP. Purchased for a project to increase our power output, however circumstances prevented us from this frequency. It has been stored in cool dry unit since I purchased it 7 years ago. From previous owner antenna runs efficiently and at full power. Asking $6,000. Approximately 80'Andrews HJB-50B 3" Heliax feed line is also available

Location: Orofino, ID

Contact: Jeff Jones  2084765702 | JEFFJONES@KLER-RADIO.COM

4-bay Cablewave CFM LP-4 with Radome Deicers

10 kW Power rating. Tuned to 95.3 Mhz and has given great service for years. $500 obo.

Location: Orofino, ID

Contact: Jeff Jones  2084765702 | JEFFJONES@KLER-RADIO.COM

ERI 10-Bay CP Antenna

ERI SHPX-10 AC 10 bay on 105.9 As removed with hardware. Antenna is in storage since removal for dual freq replacement. Asking $10,000

Location: Lawrence, KS

Contact: Gary Liebling  785-843-1320 ext 109  |



Orban 2200 Optimod and an Omnia 1 AM model .

(1) Orban 2200 FM audio processor, in fair condition. 
(1) Omnia a AM audio processor in good condition. 

Pictures available ... Make your best offer. 

Location: Arizona

Contact: Joel Hime  5202197755  |

Orban Optimods

(1) Orban AM Digital 9200 Optimod -- 1950
(1) Orban FM Digital 8200 Optimod -- 1200
(1) Orban FM Analog 8100 Optimod -- 550
(1) Orban FM Alalog 8000 Optimod -- 300
Buyer pays shipping, can deliver within 200 miles of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Location: Milwaukee

Contact: Patrick Lopeman  4147581598  |

Optimod 8000A, refurbished

Orban Optimod 8000A Analog FM Audio processor, serviced and recapped sounds great in good physical condition asking $425

Location: Bishop, CA

Contact: Kevin Fitzsimmons  7608735209  |

dbx-166XL Compressor/Limiter

dbx166-XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate. Working unit. In original box. $150 +shipping

Location: Maine

Contact: Tim Braddock

Aphex Studio Dominator Limiter

Gently used limiter. Removed from smoke free studios.$150.00 + shipping

Location: Maine

Contact: Tim Braddock  646-660-2651 |

Behringer MDX4600

4-channel compressor/limiter strip. $150 + shipping.

Location: Maine

Contact: Tim Braddock  646-660-2651 |

t.c. electronics Finalyer/Express

Two (2) each. Mastering Processor. Taken from a my VO studio. Clean, fully tested. $300 each + shipping

Location: Maine

Contact: Tim Braddock  646-660-2651 |

Telos Omnia Volt V2.0

A Telos Omnia Volt 1RU audio processor, analog /digital/livewire processor ready for  AM/FM/HD/SG.  Used in a home studio environment and in perfect condition. Driven with Aphex Channel strip (1RU which can also be available for purchase). Call for more details and pictures. Will ship Insured. All equipment in as close to new condition as possible. Downsizing in prep for retirement/New Home.

Omnia $2800. Aphex Channel $800. (Plus actual shipping costs.)

Location: Illinois

Contact: Todd Spicer  2174749110 |

Orban Optimods

  • Orban Optimod 2200 - I have an Orban Optimod 2200 that was just taken out of service at WJST in Albany, GA. I had this little guy sounding great! I love the warm sound it produces. I recently did an upgrade at WJST and actually kept the 2200 in the rack for a period of time in case I didn’t like the new processor’s sound.   Condition - Used, but works great.  Price - $1250.00
  • Orban Optimod 6200S - I had this 6200S in use at WJST at the program source feeding an Optimod 2200 at the transmitter for clipping and stereo pilot signal. With our recent processing upgrade, I no longer need this at the program source. Would be great as a stand alone internet station audio processor or part of a chain as I had it. This particular unit does have two KROQ presets stored, if you have a rock station.  Condition - Used, but excellent. Price - $1700.00

Location: Ft. Myers, FL

Contact: John Goldbish


Telos Phone Hybrids (30

Telos phone hybrids for sale. I have three of them: 1 is a 1 line; 2 of them are 6 lines. They are in excellent condition. They work well, we just don't need them anymore. Email me if you would like a picture. Give me your best offer.

Location: Arizona

Contact: Joel Hime  5202197755  |

Broadcast Tools ADC-1 A/D Converter

Two (2) each, he ADC-1 provides professional quality 24-bit A/D conversion. The ADC-1 is a perfect companion for converting the analog output of equipment (EAS encoders, etc) to stereo AES. The A/D converter may be configured for sample rates of 44.1 or 48kHz or an external word clock from 32 to 96kHz. Removed from smoke free studio. Also have RAK-1 available. $175 each o+ shipping.

Location: Maine

Contact: Tim Braddock  6466602651 |

Telos One+One Dual Hybrid

Two hybrids in one. Asking $250 + shipping

Contact: Timothy Pemberton  505 428-1180 |


Three used BE and 2 LPB analog consoles - Free!

Three of the BE and two of the LPB's, FREE. Most of them working when removed.

Just "come and get 'em"
Located in Hackettstown, NJ at WRNJ Radio

Contact: Larry Tighe  908-850-1000 |


autogram IC-10

Autogram IC 10 stereo console, 10- channel.  Clean, has all modules installed. Pick up in Central Misssouri

Location: Central Missouri

Contact: Mike Rice 314 265 2430 |


Avid Consoles

Avid S6 M40/32/9-D  -  32 faders, 9 knobs per channel, and TFT displays (S6 M40-32-9-D)

Location: Austin

Also:  From former Shanghai based post production studio :

1. Solid State Logic (SSL) Matrix (1st Model Edition), asking price $5200, 5.1 ready
2. Avid Pro Tools S6 M40-16-5-D with frame & Legs, asking price $39,000
3. Avid Pro Tools S6 M40-16-9-D with frame , asking price $48,000
4. Avid Pro Tools S3, asking price $160

Location: Shanghai

Contact: Anna Cheng  850-215-4468  |

Wheatstone AudioArts A-50

AudioArts A-50 in good working condition. Comes with spare modules and some additional spare parts. Also have the power supply as well. $1,500.

Location: Panama City, FL

Contact: Randy Williams  850-215-4468  |

PRE Harris Impuilse Console

This board is in excellent condition and used very little. It's very heavy so local pick up is preferred. Does not need an external power supply, it plugs into power with power cord provided. Recently powered up and everything seemed to work as it should. $1.800.

Location: Panama City, FL

Contact: Randy Williams  850-215-4468  |

Wheatstone AudioArts R-17

Good condition. AudioArts R-17 10 channel console. Also comes with power supply. Pictures are available.

Location: Panama City, FL

Contact: Randy Williams  850-215-4468  |

AudioArts D70 Console

With power supply, and a big box of in-out cables - like new but needs a good cleaning

$ 1200 pick-up only in Jacksonville IL or will meet you within 300 miles of here

Location: Jacksonville IL, (90 miles N of St. Louis)

Contact: Gary Glaenzer  217-370-7257 |

Harrix BMX Digital

a 22 channel Harris BMX Digital console with power supply, that was used, since its purchase, in a University radio station. It is in very good condition. I am open to offers, and would consider delivering if the buyer is located in the midwestern United States.

Location: Iowa City, IA

Contact: David Zollo  3195945740  |


Sennheiser Microphone

Sennheiser microphone - Ew100 cordless and AT897 stick.

Location:  Austin

Contact: Emily Thornton  5128707835  |



Studio Furniture - and consoles....

Two sets of Middle Atlantic furniture modules with rugged black Formica surfaces.

Each set consists of:

  • 1 console table with shelf/overbridge
  • 4 side floor units with rack rails
  • 2 flat wedges to connect console table to floor units on both sides.
  • 2 table top rack shelves

One is available now for pickup near Norwalk, CT.  It is wired up to punch blocks and includes a good 10 channel stereo Audiotronics console used for 6 years.

Other is in Windham, NY will be available in June.  Arrakis 10 channel stereo console suffers from a coffee spill but still in use after 22 years.

Please e-mail for photos. Reasonable offers accepted.

Location: Norwalk, CT

Contact: Dennis Jackson 203-762-9425  |

3" Copper Strap - Unused - Approximately 60'

Roll of 3" wide copper strap used for ground systems. I have a left over roll of about 60', give/take a foot. Polyphaser sells a 50' roll of this for $646. You can have 60' for $550, and I'll throw in 50" of 2" and a few feet of 1", both used with some holes, but usable. Shipping would be for about 18 lbs., probably USPS will be the cheapest.

Location: Chicago

Contact: Jim Addie  708-296-3267 |


Austin 17D1 lighting ring transformer

Transformer is new in box, never used, with instruction book. Look up specs on Austin website

Location: Central Missouri

Contact: Mike Rice 314 265 2430 |


4VC35,000 and 4CV100,000 Vapor Cooled Power Tetrodes

  • Two each used 4CV35,000 vapor cooled power tetrode tubes available for your consideration.
    These were part of a part of a HF shortwave radio station in Alaska that never went on the air.
    Pick up in Santa Barbara CA or you can pay shipping. Roughly #50 each.
    Most likely 35kW Plate Dissipation. Still looking for data sheet on these.
    Asking price each: $300. All proceeds go to a 501(c)3 ministry organization.
  • Two each new and two each rebuilt 4CV100,000 vapor cooled power tetrode tubes available for your consideration.
    These were part of a part of a shortwave radio station in Alaska that never went on the air.
    Pick up in Santa Barbara CA or you can pay shipping. Roughly #100 each.
    A few specs: 100kW Plate Dissipation, Filament 10V@300A, Grounded Cathode Electrode capacitance: Input 420-500 pF, Output 46-56 pF, Feedback 1.5-3.2 pF. Grounded Grid Electrode capacitance: Input 170-210 pF, Output 46-58 pF, Feedback 0.6 pF.
    Asking price each: New $1,125, Rebuilt $562. All proceeds go to a 501(c)3 ministry organization.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Contact: Chris Hill  8055884560  |


Winsted Non-Linear Edit Desk (New!)

Winsted E4606 Digital Wrap Around Desk with Riser - Gray desktops black legs.

See one here !!

I bought it for $3500 a few years ago- It's Brand new! I just set it up and put in a room I never built . My bad planning is your gold mine!

Location: New York, Long Island

Contact: Michael Glaser   631-672-6743  |


Bird Digital UHF DUmmy Load.

Bird Digital Air Series UHF Air-Cooled 15kW,470-890MHz Dummy Load. used, In good condition

Location: Rohnert Park, CA

Contact: Gerry Pacitti  707-584-2034 |


Powered Rack and Vintage SMC Cart Carousels

  • Used, powered rack cabinet. Dimensions: 50"H x 27"W x 34"D $50 plus shipping.
  • Three vintage SMC 350 Monophonic Cart Carousels for $500. Purchased "used" as a backup system in 1995 and never used by us. Stored in 3 crates and includes the carousels, mounting hardware, and a manual. One carousel may not have been working since it was listed as "spare parts". Pictures are available upon request.

Location: Merced, CA

Contact: Lynne Gregory  209-723-1015  |

Parting out 5 kW station

  • AM Audio Processor: Orban 9200
  • AM Transmitter: BE AM 5E  mfgr: 2001
  • AM Transmitter: Elcom-Bauer 705
  • Remote Control Sine Systems RFC-1B and 
  • Remote Control: Moseley 1600 Parts only
  • Phasor: Kintronic 4-tower 5 kW
  • Antenna Monitor: Gorman-Redlich CMR 4 tower
  • X-fer Switch: Kohler 56-E-8633 400-Amp 3-phase
  • ATU: Kintronic for Scrap

Location: Portland, OR

Contact: Kent Randles   |


Equipment Manuals

Equipment manuals approx 180 - 200 *lot buy only*

Numerous equipment manuals for broadcast equipment, many production changes, many series.
- AM and FM Monitors,
- Radio STL's: Moseley, Marti, SBS, Nicom, Harris.
- AM and FM transmitters, exciters. Various makes and models.
- Test equipment. Various makes and models

Location: Ontario, Canada

Contact: Gary Hooper  416-936-8655  |


833-C Richardson tubes NIB

833-C tubes (3) available new in box. Box is marked Richardson tubes made in China. $100 bucks each or best offer.

Location: California

Contact: Scott Horner  805-443-0688  |


Broadcasting Yearbooks

A look back: One or all - make an offer: 2005  2002  2001  1999  1997  1995  1993  1990  1988  1986  1984  1981  1980

Location: Tucson

Contact: Barry Mishkind


Harris Intraplex System

 w / cards working !!  Call for details.
4 Units available 2 complete systems.

Location: New York, Long Island

Contact: Michael Glaser   631-672-6743


Circuit Werkes Site Sentry 2

Purchased, opened, tested, but never used in service -- CircuitWerkes SiteSentry 2 remote site monitor and controller.

Device has 2 DC metering inputs, 2 status inputs, and 6 relay outputs. This includes the web server, so you can access it via the web along with receiving SMTP (email) alarm notifications. It also includes audio metering, however, this model does NOT offer streaming audio (just metering). 

$300 + FREE shipping to lower 48 only.
(shipping available elsewhere at buyer's expense)

Location: Haletown, TN

Contact: Logan Carmichael   | 423-421-5538


Studio items

  • Burk LX-1 Stereo Selector 6 channel with meters. Good condition. Asking $195.
  • DEVA DB8008 Silence Detector. Good condition and functional. Plays backup audio. Asking $500.
  • Lectrosonic AMB/4.Automatic Matrix mixer with up to 8 channels. Was used as a studio mic mixer. Asking $50
  • Broadcast Tools SS 4.2 Stereo Switcher. Completely functional. Asking $125 plus shipping.

Location: Sante Fe, NM

Contact: Timothy Pembertonr  505 428-1180 |

Omnitronix parts

Misc. Omnitronix AM transmitter parts for 1 and 10 kW units such as PC cards, 300 W amplifiers, 700 W amplifiers, (3) 3-phase 10 kW transformers. Also amplifier housings, racks, and cables. All negotiable. 

Location: New Bern, NC

Contact: Lee Afflerbach 252-639-0860 or Cell 443-745-0496|


4CX1500A Tube

Used , installed 1 year ago. Equipment was dismantled from an existing radio station.

Location: Klamath, Oregon

Contact: Chris Lindsey 5418915474 |


Gentner/Burk GSC3000 Remote Control

Four (4) used Gentner GSC3000 I/O 16.  We were able to verify that they all still work. $150/each plus shipping.

Also one that is labeled Burke but is still in plastic with and was never used.  $300 plus shipping

Location: Elkhart, IN

Contact: Beryl Loomis  574-262-8900  |


Comark EXACT High End Rack Modulator/Excite

Digital television exciter ... 1 RU high ... ASI/SMPTE-310M 75 ohm input interfaces

Location: Wethersfield, CT

Contact: Sal Minniti  860-729-5991  |


Moseley Starlink SL9003G STL System - Long Range Package

The system includes:
1 - SK9003Q-TX2 Transmitter
1 - Crescend 10 Watt RF Amplifier
2 - SL9003Q-RX2 Receivers
1 - TX-RX Systems 2 cavity filter

All tuned to 945MHz, working when removed from service in December 2021.
No antennas included.

$6500, or best offer. Shipping at buyers expense.

Location: Chicago

Contact: Jim Addie  708-296-3267  |


Transmitter parts

Peter Dahl plate transformers 5kv
Peter Dahl chokes
CCA harmonic filter
CCA tuning controls
Make a reasonable offer. You must pick up

Location: Milwaukee

Contact: Patrick Lopeman    414-758-1598  |


Trilithic B3030 EAS Encoder for LPFM

TRILITHIC B3030 EAS ENCODER FOR LPFM, CAP-CERTIFIED, INTERNAL RADIOS OPTION. EXCELLENT CONDITION, only used once still in original box. Purchased for 2350.00 selling for 1500.00

Location: Birmingham, AL

Contact: Toni Everson-Eubanks 205-586-2349 |




Recently recalibrated. Includes alligator clip cables and original operation manual.

Posted 4/28/2022. I'll be RI / Cape Cod until 5/6/2022. You can pick up locally. After that, I'll be in the Seattle area.

Location: Providence, RI/Seattle

Contact: Dave Doherty   2012475620    |


Tektronic WFM/Vect 1750

Tektronic WFM/Vect 1750 LIKE NEW Beautiful !

Location: NY Long Island

Contact: Michael Glaser   631-672-6743



Very good condition. I have owned and used it since 1984. I had it calibrated twice, last time was 2008. I have the certificates from Potomac with the original soft case. Looking for $1300 plus shipping. Pictures are here:

Location: Kilauea, HI

Contact: Don Mussell  (808) 828-0209  |

Belar Monitors

Belar used equipment in working condition:

  • Belar FM Monitor, Model FMM-2, S/N 160627: $600.
  • Belar Stereo Monitor, Model FMS-2, S/N 170603; $600.
  • Belar RF Amplifier, Model RFA-1, S/N 401377; $250.
  • Buy the complete set above for $1,000 plus shipping.
  • Belar SCA Monitor, Model SCM-1, S/N 501551 in working condition for $500 plus shipping.

Location: Merced, CA

Contact: Lynne Gregory       209-723-1015 



New in the box. Radio Design Labs ACM-2 AM noise monitors for FM radio. The RDL ACM-2 is a test instrument which monitors the amplitude component present on frequency modulated carriers.  

With Manual    $300.00

Location: Texas

Contact: Ken Fine  575-942-0118   |

Field Intensity Meters

Two Nems-Clarke and one RCA (actually the same product) Field Intensity Meters in good shape. Make an offer for one or all. 

Location: Dallas, TX

Contact: Jack Sellmeyer   972-365-4545   |


FM Translator and Matching Dual Output Amp

TEPCO (Robert A. Jones) FM Translator, model J316M, S/N T426 In-Chan 236, Out Chan 296
TEPCO (Robert A. Jones) FM Amplifier, model J319-1, S/N T111 Out Chan 296
Units power up but I have no way to test further. Insides are clean.

Sold as a lot - asking $250 or best offer.

Location: Lancaster, PA

Contact: David Olson  717-393-0803  |


Harris 700 Watt Amp Module, 150 W IPA

  • Delta RF Tech model 2032 PAB P700-FM. Taken from a working transmitter. Good condition.
  • Harris 150 Watt ipa. Harris part number 9926842004 D Used, taken from a working HT20 transmitter. $350 plus shipping.

Location: Mandan, ND

Contact: Brad Bales  7016632345   |


Parting out a Harris DX-50 and Harris Z4HD transmitters.

Parting out:

  • Harris DX-50. Boards, Meters, RF Power cards, RF Parts. 1200 kHz. Was not a running unit when pulled out of service. Ask ET for the list of other RF parts.
  • Harris Z4HD on 101.9 Mhz. Dexstar unit, IPIO unit, ePAL unit.

Location: Coldwater, MI

Contact: Ed Trombley  517-398-5063   |


Harris THE-1 Exciter

Selectable 55 or 15 watt output. Taken from a working transmitter. 87.5 to 108 Mhz. (50Hz steps) $875 plus shipping.

Location: Mandan, ND

Contact: Brad Bales  7016632345   |


Harris HT35 Transmitter

Harris HT35 transmitter and HV cabinet. I need it moved from it's present location by August 2022. It needs some work to get it running...our company has decided to purchase a new one. If your interested give me a call.

Location: El Dorado, AR

Contact: Terry Canterbury  870-918-0393   |


Harris Platinum Z10 Parts

We have taken out of service two Harris Z10 Platinum FM analog transmitters. We are going to part them out. Both transmitters are 22 years old,  used in an alternate main setting, so they have about 11 years on the air each - run at 7.5kw. Available are  850 watt PA modules, able to be hot swapped between PA and IPA modules. These are the ANALOG version of this module. They will only work in an analog transmitter. GatesAir gets $ 1,000 each for these. We are selling them for $ 300 each plus shipping. We will also have a controller available. Make an offer.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Barry Victor  424-538-8655   |


BW Broadcast TX150 and DSPX

One FM transmitter and DSPXmini processor for sale, The 2 units were recently decommissioned and in working order and will be sold together.The transmitter is frequency agile. Best offer. I have other items Am xmtr, console and other radio items

Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Contact: Eli Cavazos  7757378484  |



For Sale by owner - Rohde & Schwarz NV7640 UHF ATSC, DVB-T TRANSMITTER SYSTEM. Includes CCU, Exciter, Includes 16 RF LDMOS solid state power amplifiers, redundant water cooling system, exterior heat exchanger, dehydrator, dummy load. A three phase step up 240/480 VAC Square D power transformer is included. Included is a full power output bandpass filter. RF output EIA 3 1/8"
This complete transmitter system is a low hour complete package that was decommissioned. The exciter will need to be reconfigured to ATSC. Electronic copies of the R&S installation, commissioning and operational manuals included. Due to weight buyers responsible to remove from the site. Local inspection is welcome by appointment. Photograph system documentation available.  $12,500 or best offer!

Location: Vermilion, OH

Contact: Ralph Malewski  (440) 343-7507 |


CCA 25 kW

25KW CCA FM transmitter with Collins exciter. Includes IB books and some spare parts Working condition.
Easy to change frequencies.

Location: Central Missouri

Contact: Mike Rice 314 265 2430 |


BW BRoadcast TX300 V2

BW Broadcast TX300 V2 FM Transmitter for sale. Variable RF Output-30-Watts to 300-watts, Type-N Female Input, 2U rack, fully frequency agile, Analog, Digital and MPX inputs, internal Stereo Generator, 4-Band DSPX audio processing with 14 selectable presets. Ethernet remote control and email alerts. SNMP, TELNET, RS232, ALARM OUTPUTS, TRIGGER INPUTS AND RF MUTE INPUT, VSWR and Temperature foldback protection. Like New in box with manual only used once. Purchased for $3345.00 sell for $2500.00

Location: Birmingham, AL

Contact: Toni Everson-Eubanks 205-586-2349 |


FM20H3 for parts

Harris FM20H3 (107.3MHz)  Salvaging and being replaced. Was working as a backup. Advise if you need parts

Location: Wisconsin

Contact: Clif Groth 6087512663  | CLIFGROTH@GMAIL.COM


BE 3.5A (upgraded to a BE 5A)

BE 3.5A FM Transmitter (Upgraded to BE 5A) Single Phase 1985. FX30 Exciter included. Recently removed from service.

Link to Pix

Location: Beaumont, TX

Contact: Otis Dyson  832-721-1101|


Continental 816C (21.5 kW), BE FMi 106 (104 kW), Larcan FMS 1 kW

  • I am selling a Continental 816C, owned by New Hampshire Public Radio, currently operating on 89.1 MHz, at 20KW. In great shape. Fully functional. Purchaser must arrange for pickup. It is going offline in September, 2021.
  • Fully functional BE solid state transmitter and HD exporter/exgine.
  • Fully functional 1 kW FM transmitter. Just decommissioned.

Location: Concord and Keene, NH

Contact: Randy Woods  603-223-2415   |


Gates BC-1T McMartin 500D CCA FM and McMartin 1000 W AM

I purchased a station and it had several transmitters sitting in the transmitter room. (1) GATES BC 1-T. I was told it makes power. Also a McMartin AM 500D. this was unhooked when I bought the station.  Also a CCA FM transmitter. The owner told me it had a driver issue. There is also an Energy Onix Pulsar that has a problem with the power module. This was not grounded property. I have replaced all transmitters with new solid state ones. I am selling these for best offer. You must have help loading them. I also have a excellent running McMartin 1000 watt AM transmitter that is still on the air today for sale. I will be replacing it soon. Should make a great ham transmitter. It's on 1360 khz. I hate to take these to the dump, but I'm going to be needing room soon.

Location: Ozark, AL

Contact: Fred Dockins 573-701-4708



Harris FM35k transmitter

Item is being replaced soon and would like to trade to someone who would remove from service and haul away at the time of removal. Looking at late October or early November. Currently on air at 94.1mhz. Call if interested.

Location: Little Rock, AR

Contact: Gary Horne  501-416-5912


Harris HT5-FM transmitter

Harris ht5-fm transmitter for sale. Making power when removed. In service tube several months service. Spare tube approx. 2 years service. Tuned on 101.7

Location: Winterset, IA

Contact: Mike Gruca  5157077016 |

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Help Wanted

Our three station independently-owned radio group in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Nevada is looking for a Chief engineer. Low cost of living compared to the rest of the state and a low-pressure position perfect for someone who wants to escape traffic and urban clutter. More info 

Location: Sonora, California

Contact: Tom Nankival    209-533-1450  |



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Want to Buy:

Panasonic AV-HS04M8 DVI Input Board for AV-HS410

Full HD Dual DVI option inout board for Panasonic HS-410 switcher.

Location: Honolulu, HI

Contact: Dan Tokumaru  8083835565  |


Harris Digit CD Exciter

Wanted... for purchase or lease!

Contact: Don Roden    |



Denon ACD-5B disk carrier

Hoping someone will provide a couple of these Denon ACD-5B disk carriage for DN-951FA player for me to try in a player that powers up but wants this little plastic thing to hold the CD for getting shoved inside. All the sellers on auction sites want to sell in big quantities. I just want one to find out if this machine even works. Thank you.

Contact: Tom Higgins    5203608707 |


Autogram MM-8APS Power Supply

I am looking for a power supply and DC power cable for an Autogram Minimix 8A console. The power supply model is MM-8APS.

Contact: Richard Hardy    918-520-4630  |


ADM EQ modules

Looking for a quantity of console EQ modules manufactured by ADM. Models are 1500, 1540, and 1541. These are the 4-part parametrics, with switchable (not continuously variable) frequency points.

Contact: Bruce Seifried    413-268-9990 |


Nautel VS-1 borow or purchase

Looking for a unit that is still under warrantee Other brands considered. 1000 watts needed.

Location: Huntsville, AL

Contact: Don Roden    2565099212 |



Channel Switches for Arrakis 150 SC

Seeking 4 Eaton or equiv lighted switch. Doing restoration for museum.

Location: Maine

Contact: Tim Braddock   | 646-660-2651  |


Broadcast Tools

Looking for a manual for a Robert A Jones FM Translator. The front panel identifies it as a model J37611, S/N T426. It may be a called a J371

Location: Haletown, TN

Contact: Logan Carmichael   | 423-421-5538


Robert Jones Translator Manual

Looking for a manual for a Robert A Jones FM Translator. The front panel identifies it as a model J37611, S/N T426. It may be a called a J371


Contact: David Olson   | 17173930803


Audio Arts ADC-75 card

Community radio station ISO analog input daughter cards (ADC-75) for AudioArts D-75 console, in good condition.

Location: Colorado

Contact: Jeff Reynolds   | 970-234-5863


Sparta AS 30B Power supply

Looking for a power supply for a Sparta/Cetec AS30B.

Location: Ohio

Contact: James McCluskey   |



Looking for a Collins 830D 1kw FM transmitter Need not be working as long as its pretty complete. Do not need the exciter just the PA and its necessary items such as power supply.

Location: Midwest

Contact: Ron Schacht  605-475-3001 |


PRE Manuals/parts/etc

Looking for any PR&E Manuals, service information, extender cards, tools, stereomixer plug-in’s, etc.

Location: Blaine, MN

Contact: Gene Zalabski  763-784-3831 |


Surplus Transmitters

Want to acquire surplus transmitters that can be parted out. I am looking for transformers, tubes, sockets, etc. to repurpose for building Amateur Radio HF amplifiers. Please contact me with pricing, location, date equipment needs to be removed.

Location: Dallas - Ft. WorthJ

Contact: Rodney Minks  682-503-9861 |


Sage Endec 1822

Sage EAS Endec 1822. Good condition

Location: NJ

Contact: Russell Craig  215 495 8034 |


solid state FM

FM Transmitter, Solid State, Used but good condition ... Will replace a tube 5kW transmitter on 95.9MHz and the TPO is 4100 Watts. To be installed in central IL but near St. Louis.

Location: St Louis, MO

Contact: Joe Geerling  3146169773 |


Switching Power Supply

Switching power supply. 30 volts at up to 50 amps.
240 or 120 VAC input.

Location: Lawrence, KS

Contact: Gary Liebling  785-843-1320 ext 109  |


Need a 20-25 kW Solid state FM Transmitter

Need used SS FM xmtr tuned or tunable to 105.5.

Location: Arizona

Contact: Hank Ash    8134041858 |



Rohn A-4197L AM Tower Base Insulator

ceramic base insulator for AM Tower Rohn or Lapp

Contact: Alfred Hammond    (443)956-0663  |


Dayton AF-210 FM

Dayton FM off-air AF-210 receiver. OR a tuneable FM off-air receiver with MPX output. Working condition.

Contact: Barry Williams   (270)202-3640 |


Looking for trade

I'm looking for / in need of the following trades: Nems Clark 120E or Potomac FIM21 AM Field Intensity Meter
Potomac FIM71 FM Field Intensity Meter
Broadcast Electronics FX-50 Exciter or Decade FM800/850 w/Composite Input Option FM Exciter
ISS / Radio Systems TR6000 AM Carrier Current AM Transmitter
LPB TCU-30 Carrier Current Coupler
Any kind of Dynamic RDS encoder

Location: Scottsbluff, NE

Contact: Robert Chrysafis website with info 12/11/21

Need FM Vertical Only and CP antennae for new NCE stations

Need to hunt down a vertical only (shively 6510 6813) or similar FM Antenna for one FM station and a 2-12 bay CP antenna for another new non profit fm station Can pickup anywhere usa will pay reasonable price.

Location: anywhere

Contact: Bob Hill  832-744-5057   |




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