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10 Bay FM Antenna

RFS CFM-LP-10 with HP tuner. Will handle 10kw power input. Was used for C2 FM. Antenna is in nice shape...never had any issue or leak. 6k OBO. Also have RFS 1-5/8 inch coax available.

Location: Park Rapids, MN

Contact: David DeLaHunt


BEXT FM Antenna System

2 each TFC2K 7-16 FM Bay circularly polarized, Broadband 7-16 Female input

1 each PD716 2716 Power Divider in 7-16 out 2 x 7-16

IBC2LMR400716 LMR400 Cables with 7-16 Male Connectors for a 2 Bay System.

Will handle 1kW power, broadband for any US FCC frequency.

This was used for 1 day in a test. $2500 total.

Location: Maricopa, AZ

Contact: Dennis Gilliam

602-710-0803 3/26/20

SWR TV Channel 14 Transmit Antenna

3000 watts max. SWEDL12OI/14 1 5/8 Flange input. NEW 2016. Gain 12.49, Great for low power TV or translator. $12000.00 or best offer.

Location: Kearney, NE

Contact: Val Lane

308-236-7201 3/5/20

Dielectric ALP Antenna on Channel 32

Repacked to channel 23 and the old antenna just came down. New station owner would like to get "something" for it.

Location: Macon, GA

Contact: Hal Sutton

348-951-0607 11/25/19


Want to trade Omnia 6exi FM/HD Processor

Have Omnia 6exi FM/HD processor in excellent condition currently in backup service. Would like to trade for an Orban Optimod 8500 FM/HD in excellent condition to maintain compatibility.

Location: Dayton, OH

Contact: James Stitt

513-289-6277 3/1/20

CRL Stereo Audio Processor 2000

I sold KDNO Delano CA in 1997. This excellent processor was not needed by the new owner. What is it worth to you?

Location: Nipomo, CA

Contact: Richard Palmquist

805-266-1234 1/23/20




H5MPB-110 for HJ5-50

HJ5-50 Connector - H5MPB-110. Condition is New in box. A total of three connectors are available. Cost per connector is $70 plus shipping.

Contact: Steve Moreen


Studio Headphone Amplifier System - RDL 4 Position System

Unused and in unopened boxs. Studio Headphone Amplifier System - RDL 4 Position Modular System consisting of Qty-4 RU-SH1 Headphone Amplifiers, Qty-4 RU-BR1 Mounting Bracket, Qty-1 PS-24V2A Power Supply, Qty-1 ST-PD5 Power Supply Distributor. Does not include interconnecting wiring. $195 plus shipping cost for all items sold together.

Location: Cathedral City, CA

Contact: Steve Moreen


Radio Systems Millennial Console Spare Parts

Spare parts and boards for Radio Systems Millenium consoles. Faders and pots and headphone jacks wear out. We've got 'em. Those membrane switches get flakey. It's a 10 minute DIY job to replace them. We've got 'em. Dim bulbs? We've got bright ones ready to go. And power supplies. You know those don't last forever, but they're modular and easy to fix. We've got the modules. Plus circuit boards. Let us help you keep your Radio Systems consoles shipshape.

Location: Nashville

Contact: Angry Audio


A wide variety of items

CircuitWerkes HC-3 Telephone Coupler
Description:    Phone Hybrid coupler $10 OBO + shipping

Benchmark IFA-10
Description:    4 x 4 Assignable Mixer $10 OBO + shipping

Myat 301-066 Coax Adaptor
Description:    3 1/8 " Coax to N 50 ohm Reducer Adapter...Brand new still in plastic bag   $75  + shipping

Andrew Type 2262
Description:    3 1/8" to N reducer adaptor....used but good condition   $50 OBO + shipping

3 1/8 " to 1 5/8 coax adaptor
Description:    Used 3 1/8" to 1 5/8" adapter....used good condition    $25 + shipping

Potomac AG-51 / AA-51 Test system
Description:    Combination AG-51 Audio Generator and AA-51 Audio Analyzer system in like new condition..Also included are a pair of DX-51 AM Detector, IX-51 Audio Input Transformer, and 4 test leads...
$500 for the lot +shipping

Design Acoustics PS-6 Speakers
Description:    Pair of bookshelf speakers by Design Acoustics (An Audio- Technica company) 12"H x 10 1/2"D x 8"W
$25 + shipping

ATI DP-100 "Disc Patcher"
Description:    RCA input to XLR interface amplifier.  I have a pair of them   $20 + shipping

Potomac RMP-19 (204) Remote Panel
Remote Meter Panel for Potomac AM-19 Phase Monitor in good condition.   $50 + shipping

Location: Ohio

Contact: Jim Keen

937-472-5644 6/26/20

New MYAT 20' Rigid Line

New Myat 20' rigid 3 1/8" flanged line section that's still in the crate. Best offer. You arrange and pay for shipping

Location: San Angelo, TX

Contact: Gary Smith

325-725-0827 5/9/20

Retiring Engineer's Gear

A friend is retiring and has a number of items available. He is not looking for top dollar, just something fair to all. Make a reasonable offer and it will be accepted.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Contact: Barry Mishkind 3/5/20

GW Instek GFC-8131H Intelligent Counter

A GW Instek GFC-8131H Intelligent Counter. It is out of box but never used, just sitting on shelf. I would like to sell it for $300 dollars but will talk

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Contact: Nathan Miller

505-259-1949 11/22/19

Andrews EW63

A new spool of 275 feet of EW63 waveguide line. Never opened.

Location: Rapid City, SD

Contact: Doyle Becker

605-661-3160 11/14/19


Retiring Engineer's Gear

A friend is retiring and has a number of items available. He is not looking for top dollar, just something fair to all. Make a reasonable offer and it will be accepted.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Contact: Barry Mishkind 3/5/20


Nautel and Harris 5 kW

NAUTEL 5 kW FM with exciter 1987 vintage ready for new home. Now on 98.7 MHz. Working as main without any problems. Asking $7,500.00

HARRIS HT5 with Digit exciter. Working at full power when removed from service. On 98.7 MHz. Yours for $6,500.00

Location: Various

Contact: Rob Malany

321-960-4001 5/11/20

BEXT 1 kW FM Transmitter

Model XL 1000 1000W FM Exciter/Transmitter, LCD Display, Frequency Agile. S/N: 1640; Password: A965 Composite, L+R, or AES EBU input. 7-16 output.

Used 1 day for s test. $7500

Location: Maricopa, AZ

Contact: Dennis Gilliam

602-710-0803 3/26/20

Omnitronic 10 kW AM on 1290

Its a nice transmitter its 10 kw and its sounds great but it was used on a open Y ac we didn't like to use it that way but the EMC wouldn't put us in a delta wired transformer so one day the three-phase winding opened up, its on 1290 Khz and we have caps for 1500 something and 5 more amp boards

Location: Canton, GA

Contact: Allen Branch

404-218-3170 3/19/20

BE FM20B on 103.9 - Collins 831G2 21.5 kW on 107.9

BE: FX-50 exciter, on 103.9 Mhz, Fresh Econco tube. $18000.00 or Best offer. Good shape. 20000 Watts

Collins 831G2: on 107.9 Mhz, Rebuilt, $3500.00

Location: Ord/Kearney, NE

Contact: Val Lane

308-236-7201 3/5/20

Sender 1500SS 1 kW AM Transmitter on 1490

AM Transmitter-Sender 1KW 1490 khz solid state in good condition. Model 1500SS. Manufactured 2007, but only used for a few months and then stored. Local pickup in El Paso, TX only. No warranty - but I'll demonstrate into dummy load. Single phase 220vac. Sender Chile still in business and sells parts for frequency change if needed. Its synthesized, just output inductors/caps needed if you change. Have books/schmatics in pdf. Also have a few extra 750w power modules $4200.00

Location: El Paso, TX

Contact: Cy Leland

575-491-4778 3/1/20

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Want to Buy:

Single Phase 15-20 kW Solid State Transmitter

Prefer nautel. must be at least 15KW, and single phase. HD not needed. prefer email contact. If you must call please leave a message ad I will return your call.

Location: Kansas

Contact: Nathaniel Steele



Looking for a post 2005 BE 10-S. Amplifier only would be ok. We want to convert our 2kw FMI 106 hd only to analog and hd to use as our primary.

Location: Pullman, WA

Contact: Bill Weed


Wanted: Chief Engineer in New York

Salem Media Group's WMCA/WNYM ls looking for a Chief Engineer.

More information is here.

Location: NYC


100.3 Crystal for Belar FMM-2 Mod Monitor

I am interested in purchasing a used 100.3 MHZ crystal for a Belar FMM-2 FM Modulation Monitor.

Location: Lafayette, TN

Contact: Randy Swaffer

615-633-5741 5/6/20

BSI Simian

Looking for BSI Simian that will run on Windows 10

Location: Pensacola, FL

Contact: Mike Glinter

850-501-6475 5/1/20

600 W FM Transmitter in Good Condition

Seeking 600w FM transmitter with FSK, remote login, audio processing in excellent-new condition. One that is resistant to reflected power.

Location: New Hampshire

Contact: Carl Strube

617-513-7278 4/15/20

Gates Stereo Producer Manual

Looking for a Gates Stereo Producer Manual. Please check your old files. Also any parts you may have.

Location: Osage Beach, MO

Contact: Kenneth Kuenzie

1-573-692-5716 4/15/20

Dorrough Model 610

Looking for a Dorrough Model 610 Discriminate Audio Processor. Can be in working condition or not.

Location: Lafayette, TN

Contact: Randy Swaffer

615-633-5741 4/15/20

Comrex Access Portable

Looking for a fully functional used Comrex Access Portable. USB2 model preferred.

Location: Pala, CA

Contact: John Fox

760-742-4200x1 3/30/20

9007/4CX26000A Socket

Looking for a tube socket for a RCA Burle 9907 tube. I can rebuild in-house if necessary.

Location: Pennsylvania

Contact: John Reeves


WT3N@QSL.NET 3/14/20

Broadcast Tools DAS 9.4 Plus

Broadcast Tools DAS 8.4 Plus Switcher wanted.

Location: Dayton, OH

Contact: James Stitt

513-289-6277 3/1/20


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Well maintained transmitter and working when removed from service.

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