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Dana’s Daily Deals – 3/28/23

`Dana Puopolo
FYI: The Daily Deals are usually posted by mid-afternoon.  If you find this useful, please let us know.

Dana keeps an eye on a lot of things, both to get the job done more easily, as well as some great bargains on things you need. It is important to note that many of these are short term deals – some for just the day! Comments? Requests? Let Dana know.

Tuesday 3/28

400 GB of cloud backed up storage (2×200 GB) $101.00 (Reg $200) one time charge:

6.7 oz gourmet Pesto sauce $2.50 (Reg $9):

Nine count beef jerky $16.79 (Reg $22). Save another 25% if you subscribe and save (Can cancel anytime):

Kraft Mac & Cheese (Original flavor) 99¢ (Reg $5):

24 pack Lipton Instant chicken noodle soup $19.00 (Reg $40):


8 inch chef’s knife $7.99 (Reg $40):

14 foot fiberglas multi position ladder $99.00 (Reg $229). Limit 5:

Bear Creek vegetable beef or minnestrone soup mix $3.82 (Reg $9):

Philips wireless Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones $34.99 (Reg $200):

Samsung 25 watt USB C charger $11.49 (Reg $20). Other stuff on sale here also;

TP Link 2K outdoor wired security camera $29.99 (Reg $50):

T Mobile Tuesdays: Here is what we all have been waiting for this year: 2023 Season of MLB.TV Subscription FREE! (Reg $25/MONTH). Listen and watch ALL 2023 season MLB games on your phone or computer:

100 watt Aknker two port USB C wall charger $34.99 (Reg $80):

Knipex 8 inch pipe wrench and water pump pliers $25.58 (Reg $35):

Or there’s the 10 inch pliers too. $29.90 (Reg $57):

Audible Premium members: Two titles for one credit  (Valid through 3/31):

Fifteen outlet power strip with 10 foot braided cord and 3 USB sockets $16.40 when you use coupon code U6UFVIKU at checkout (Reg $37):

KFC: 8 piece fried chicken bucket $10.00 when you use the KFC app (YMMV):

Three pack Anker 100 watt USB C to C cables (3,6 and 10 feet) $19.50 (Reg $30):

3 outlet/ 4 USB ports power strip with 5 foot flat cord $10.10  (WINS News – reg $24):

Five dollars off a haircut at Great Clips (YMMV):

Monday’s deals … worth a look

Finally, how about a nice chocolate dipped granola bar? How about 48 of them? $15.00 (Reg $20) when you use the two coupons mentioned:

IRIS modular wood furnitire is on sale. Various stuff:

Netgear 5 port gigabit ethernet switch $14.99 (Reg $35):

Monoprice mike boom $7.80 (Reg $20):

PNY 500 gb SSD upgrade $15.00 (Reg $39). Walmart in store, YMMV:

65 watt USB C wall charger $16.00 (Reg $21):

Six pack 3/4 x 30 feet multi color electrical tape $4.94 when you use coupon code UY8LOVP8  at checkout (Reg $9):

Five piece SAE wrench set $5.97 (Reg $13):

Must…resist…must… resist…

PNY 256 TB USB 3.1 drive %15.00 (Reg $35):

4 TB SS Hard drives are now beloe $200. $199.99 (Reg $240):

Five pack 6′ HDMI cables $4.99 (Reg $30) when you use coupon code TECHDEAL. $6.99 for 10 foot ones also:

Wage Pro gaming headset $6.99 when you use the coupon code TECHDEAL at checkout (Reg $40):

Neumi BS5 speakers (factory refurbished) $69.99 (Reg $110). Excellent speakers that can compete with 300 dollar + per pair speakers:

Though not on sale, these Neumi BS5P 38 watt per channel amplified speakers are an amazing bargain when you update their DSP firmware. The latest firmware uses DSP to correct the (minor, well known) response anomolies  in the speakers and the result is pretty amazing. Best $160.00 amplified speaker deal I’ve ever seen. They blow away speakers twice their price. They have analog, Bluetooth, coaxial and optical digital plus a remote control:

Finally, who doesn’t love Oreos? $11.00 when you click the 10% off box on the web page (Reg $15):


First off, I have a secret deal. Angey Audio is offering a $199.00 (Reg $599) ‘upgrade’  path for Breakaway Broadcast users to to obtain their C6s audio processing software. This software was designed by Cornelius Gould and is just incredible. NOW, here’s the secret – you don’t need to HAVE Breakaway software to get this deal –  all you need is to use the coupon code breakaway in the cart. This is a perrmanent license. If you are looking a great, INEXPENSIVE multiband audio processor, buy this NOW before they figure out their mistake and fix it. Since I just posted this the clock is ticking:

Those are our tips for today. Check back for more great buys and ideas.

– – –

Dana Puopolo has been doing radio and TV engineering for over four decades. His email is:


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