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Dana’s Daily Deals – 12/6/22

Dana Puopolo
FYI: The Daily Deals are usually posted by mid-afternoon.  If you find this useful, please let us know.

Dana keeps an eye on a lot of things, both to get the job done more easily, as well as some great bargains on things you need. It is important to note that many of these are short term deals – some for just the day! Comments? Requests? Let Dana know.

TUESDAY! 12/6 …

Just in time for the Holidays. Philips 3 outlet 15 foot polarized extension cord with flat plug & 16 gauge wire (green) $5.99 (Reg $9.15). Decent speaker wire:

Echo show 8 and Echo show 5 combo $70.00 (Reg $225.00). I use these to video chat with my daughter in college:

Lenovo 14” HD laptop with Win 11 $129.00 (Reg $279):

Canon all in one inkjet printer $59.00 (Reg $99.00):

GE 6 outlet extender 2 pack $12.48 (Reg $27.99):

PNY 240 GB SSD $17.00:

Lenovo smart clock with smart bulb $25.00 (Reg $70):

Qnap 8 port managed switch. Four 10 Gb SFP+ inputs and 8 GB outputs $179.00 (Reg $300):

TCL 2 pack Linkhub GB mesh WiFi system $25.00 (Reg $100.00):

Refurbished Apple MacBook Pros from $550.00 at Woot;

Like to draw? We got you covered. $6.62 (Reg $13.24):

Sennheiser HD 559 Open back headphones. With decent amplification, these headphones offer more than a glimpse into high end audio. $68.00 (Reg$150):

Amazon Fire 75” HDTV $550.00 (Reg $1100):

Samsung 32” UHD monitor with streaming TV $400.00 (Reg $730):

Asus 15.6 laptop with Win 11 $149.99. Decent deal:

Six foot 48 Gbps HDMI cable $4.35 (Reg $8.99):

Finally, Like Lollipops but afraid of cavities? We got your back. $7.74 (Reg $3.99):

FROM MONDAY – Might still work


Behringer A800 400 watt/channel reference audio amplifier $199.00 (Reg $369). I own this amp.
It sounds incredible. It also has balanced inputs and no fan:–behringer-a800-power-amplifier

It’s the time of year when we need new wiper blades. Amazon has them for $11.00 (Reg $22.00):

Ferrule tool kit with crimpers $20.00 (Reg $40.00):

Run your thermostat via WiFi. $44.00 (Reg $120):

Up to 68% off on GE smart WiFi stuff:

Wired security system with 8 channel DVR (1 TB drive) and 4 cameras $99.00 (Reg $300):

Wireless home security system $137.36 (Reg $400.). Paid security monitoring is optional:

Two pack UCB C-C right angle cables $6.69 (Reg $15). Click on 20% coupon on the page AND use code 30YLHXFK at checkout:

Commercial LED emergency light with 2 adjustable heads $9.65 (Reg $23). Ac with battery backup:

9 outlet power strip with 3 USB ports $12.00 (Reg $25). Use coupon code CY2A7X8E at checkout:

For some reason these make me squeamish. Ratcheting plastic PEX pipe cutter $6.74  (Reg $13):

4” adjustable wrench $4.50 (Reg $9):

BenQ 22” monitor $77.39 (Reg $150):

A 150 piece tool kit obviously designed for women. $18.00 (Reg $28):

5500 watt electric start  gas or propane generator $419.00 (Reg $649):

PNY 1 TB SSD $45.00 (Reg $108):

Audio Technica AT-LP60X Automatic belt drive turntable $89.00 (Reg $149). More than decent turntable with built in phono preamp:

The higher end turntable is also on sale. AT-LP3BK automatic belt drive turntable $129.00 (Reg $249.00:

Considered among the top sounding headphones of all time. Driven with good amplification they sound amazing! $268.35 (Reg $400):

43” Samsung smart monitor $300.00 (Reg $500):

Squier Fender Mustang electric guitar $139.00 (Reg $200):

257 piece Kobalt tool set $99.00:

Accept no substitutes for your Galaxy! Use genuine Samsung USB C-C cables! 3 pack 1 meter long cables $12.00 (Reg $45):

Finally, will someone buy me one for Xmas?

Those are our tips for today. Check back for more great buys and ideas.

– – –

Dana Puopolo has been doing radio and TV engineering for over four decades. His email is:


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