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Greetings from your broadcast friends out on the Desert...
This is the BDR Newsletter Volume 13, #48 for June 29, 2022

Here are some things you might want to know about:

July 5th is the date for SECCs to comply with the FCC directive to update their State EAS Plans. A number of volunteers in their states are working hard to get this done on time. *Then* ... it is to be an annual update.

Back in 1984 and 1988, the FCC goofed and inadvertently (they say) deleted an exemption for Class D FM stations (mostly 10 Watt NCE stations) regarding Public Inspection Files and Issues and Programs lists. The FCC has now put the exemption back in 73.3527, and adding the fine issued against a Montana station was "disavowed."

This Thursday (Tomorrow), Ben Barber from Inovonics will be presenting their new 551N FM-HD monitor and showing some of the neat things it can tell you about your signal, including some insights into FM modulation even if you are not running HD.

Join us at the usual place and time.  Zoom at 2 PM Thursday Eastern ... 11 AM Pacific.  We will also be live on youtube - and if you wanted to subscribe to thebdrnet channel, youtube will email you when we begin and when we post the video!
More information and the link request is at   or just respond to this email.

Hope to see you - and maybe a colleague or two!

By the way, if you missed any of the recent presentations on Remote Control Hacks, or IP Codecs, and more, the videos are available right here.

We have had our Monsoon start here in Arizona. Lots of heat, rain, thunder, lightning, etc.  In addition, news reports have suggested that we may be seeing power outages this summer - not only in Arizona, but around the country. What is the point? If you have a generator, this is the time to check and ensure it will run - and run under load. By the way, you might remember Gary Minker's comments on generators and those that say they know it all.

It is hard to tell whether it comes from the effects of consolidation, age, the economy, or the recent pandemic - or all of them. However, it is clear from the requests we receive that good engineering help is not easy to find in many parts of the country. We do have some contractors who can help - or sometimes recommend someone closer to you. Here are some reliable folks worth a call.

The man behind KHQ and other stations in Seattle and Spokane was really devoted to the medium. Donna Halper's look at the Centenary Station concludes with Part 2 here.

Kintronic Labs is in the Spotlight this week, as their online store is up and running.

Industry reports have been showing that reliability and reduced pricing has led to solid state drives overtaking the sales number of older drives. Some think hard disks are headed the way of cassettes.

You probably know that record albums are selling well. But did you know album sales hit $1 billion for the time since - are you ready? - the 1980s. Sales grew 61% in 2021 alone, and according to the RIAA the growth was more than for paid streaming services.

Looking for a Rohde & Schwarz NV7640? Or maybe a BE FM-10S? Or parts for a BE FM-30? Perhaps you have an 8-foot Mark or uW Parabolic Grid Antenna. Plus a lot more to see. Check them all out here: The page is here.


May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR - and you!


Some recent articles of interest: Divider

May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR - and you!



celebrate 50 years of production of the UHF Broadband EMISlot Antenna, initially released in 1972. Used on every continent except Antarctica, The EMISlot was the predecessor to today's H90 and H72 Broadband UHF Panels. In recent years ADBL has introduced EPOL and CPOL versions of both the H90 and H72 UHF panels.
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online store page is up and running, so customers can order parts at any time day or night.

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takes their training sessions on the road - this time to Turkey, where 42 new NV5LT 5 kW transmitters bring to more than 250 AM and FM transmitters installed by the Turkish Radio-TV Corporation.

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is celebrating their 50th Anniversary. A short two minute video slide show highlights some of the things they have done over the past 5 decades. Take a look HERE!

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There is also more news items from manufacturers (and links) at: and


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Do You Remember? This week in history:
Broadcast related items:
  • 20 years ago (7/1/02) Sirius Satellite service began.
  • 41 years ago (6/27/81) – Kim Carnes returned to nine weeks at #1 with “Bette David Eyes," interrupted for one week by Stars on 45.
  • 43 years ago (7/1/79) the first Sony Walkman was sold in Japan.
  • 45 years ago (7/2/77) the Theme from Rocky hit #1 on the charts. Actual Title? *
  • 47 years ago (7/1/75) American Top 40 with Casey Kasem debuts. The #1 hit that week? **
  • 50 years ago (7/1/72) Neil Diamond's "Song Sung Blue" hit #1.
  • 81 years ago (7/1/41) Commercial TV stations were first licensed. First up: WNBT, NY.
  • 81 years ago (7/1/41) the first true TV commercial aired in the US. On WNBT ***
  • 94 years ago (7/2/1928) the first experimental TV station was licensed. (W3XK)
  • 99 years ago (7/1/1923) the first network linked WEAF and WMAF together.
  • 111 years ago (7/1/1911) the Radio Division was created as part of the Commerce Department.
  • 112 years ago (7/1/1910) Public Law 262 initiated licensing of wireless radio operators.
  • 125 years ago (7/2/1897) Marconi got his first patent – in England.
 and here are a couple of more newsy-type items:  

  • 8 years ago (6/23/13) A Wallenda makes the Grand Canyon crossing on a high wire.
  • 15 years ago (6/29/07) Apple released the first iPhone.
  • 17 years ago (7/1/05) the last of more than 4.4 million Ford Thunderbirds produced.
  • 25 years ago (7/2/97) "Men in Black" premiered in theaters.
  • 27 years ago (6/29/95) the American space shuttle Atlantis docked with the Russian space station Mir to form the largest man-made satellite ever to orbit the Earth.
  • 30 years ago (7/2/92) the One Millionth Corvette was built (it took 39 years).
  • 37 years ago (7/3/85) Back to the Future was released, featuring the 1981 DeLorean DMC-12.
  • 38 years ago (7/1/84) the PG-13 rating debuted.
  • 58 years ago (7/2/64) President Johnson signed Civil Rights Act.
  • 72 years ago (6/27/50) President Truman ordered U.S. forces to Korea.
  • 74 years ago (6/26/48) The U.S. began the Berlin Airlift.
  • 85 years ago (7/2/37) Amelia Earhart disappeared in the Pacific..
  • 193 years ago (6/27/1829) the English scientist James Smithson established the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC ****
 And finally: 246 years ago (7/2/1776) ... let's see .. .what could possibly have happened during this week in history?*****


May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR - and you!


* Gonna Fly Now

** Three Dog Night's "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)."

*** for the Bulova Watch Company.

**** Curiously, Smithson never set foot in the US, but bequeathed his entire fortune to the Institute.

**** The Declaration of Independence was actually voted on and signed on July 2nd. The printed copy, however, was dated July 4th. Some would say the holiday is two days late!


Have you been the victim of Shrinkflation?

Are Your Passwords in the Green? We hope you are not using password as a password - nor 12345678.
Perhaps this good long weekend might give you time to reflect on your password security.
This site shows how long your password will resist a brute force hacker. Kind of stunning....
A similar site lets you see how strong your password is as you modify it.

And here are a couple of helpful pages - there are many checkers out there:

A safe site to check your password strength
This University of Illinois site does a strength test and shows how it got it.
Have I been pwned? is a site where you can enter your password and see if any databreach lists it.

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