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Greetings from your broadcast friends out on the Desert…
This is the BDR Newsletter Volume 14, #43 for May 24, 2023

Here are some things you might want to know about:

The President Biden nominated Anna Gomez to be the fifth FCC Commissioner. The NAB has voiced its support of Gomez.

If confirmed, she will break the 2-2 deadlock that has prevented some initiatives FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel has wanted to accomplish. At the same time, Biden has renominated Democrat Geoffrey Starks and Republican Brendan Carr to continue as FCC Commissioners for another 5-year term.

This past week both Houses of Congress introduced the AM For Every Vehicle Act, seeking to mandate AM radios in cars sold in the USA. The NAB endorsed the Bills, as did the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. The Bills would require the government set rules for AM radios within a year.

Obviously, some of this has been heard by auto makers: Ford has announced that they have decided to include AM radio in all their 2024 vehicles and offer a software update to any Ford EV without AM.

With no word yet on how the FCC would handle existing RFI from EVs already on the road, many observers wonder if the growing number of EVs already on the road will, along with LED traffic lights, etc., continue to erode AM coverage to a point where the band may be killed.

This will be our prime topic for discussion tomorrow (Thursday) on the BDR Lunch Gathering. We are planning a special guest or two that you will not want to miss.

Yep … 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific. Zoom and Youtube Live. Join us and learn things.

By the way – if you missed last week’s Lunch Gathering, you missed Angry Audio buying us all lunch! A repeat is in the planning stages!

Digital Alert Systems has now released Version 5.1 Software for current DASDEC and One-Net platforms. This will also be appropriate for units made since 2016, with a 32/64 bit processor. The new software features an improved GUI and increased system security. DAS noted that stations with V5.0 – and now 5.1 – will receive the forthcoming V5.2 later this year at no charge.

The real estate magnate that bought the Tribune Company (including LA Times and CHicago Tribune and WGN) and then took it into bankruptcy has passed away..

China says that major companies in the country will be banned from buying tech from US maker Micron Technology. In a strange reversal of accusations, the Cyberspace Administration of China has decided Micron’s products could pose a significant security risk to Chinese national security.

We have a number of new listings this week, including a 10 kW AM transmitter, and a 30 kW FM unit, lots of Telos phone systems, a Denon CD “cart” machine. an IFR 2000 analyzer, a Nems-Clarke, and more. Those and other items for sale or wanted are listed right here.

And then there are Dana’s Daily Deals. You should not missed them!

May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR – and you!
Some recent articles of interest: 


    May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR – and you!



    CW Broadcast is the new company name for the Circuit Werkes and PTEK brands. The new re-designed CW Broadcast transmitters have a series of new features, including a doubling of the warranty and various sensors to ensure reliable operation. Additionally, all older PTEK transmitters will continue to be supported, with those post-2013 having retrofit kits to add the new features.

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    is having a special package offer on it Ecreso FM AiO transmitters.

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    Telos Alliance
    new product: The Axia Altus is on display here.

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    Digital Alert Systems
    has now released Version 5.1 Software for current DASDEC and One-Net platforms. More information here.

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    There are also more news items from manufacturers (and links) at: and

    May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR – and you!


    Do You Remember? This week in history:
    Broadcast related items:

    • 1 year ago (5/27/22) Abba’s virtual reality show opens with avatars performing instead of live singers.
    • 6 years ago 95/22/17) A suicide bomber detonated just after Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, UK. 22 dead/60+ injured.
    • 7 years ago (5/21/16) Drake had 20 of the Hot 100 songs of the week, a record.
    • 26 years ago (5/24/97) Spice Girls eponymous album became the first British act to him #1 in the US with their debut album.
    • 31 years ago (5/21/92) Johnny Carson’s last Tonight Show featured Bette Midler serenading him. The song? *
    • 43 years ago (5/21/83) ZZ Top release their video for “Gimme All Your Lovin’.” **
    • 44 years ago (5/23/79) Tom Petty fought his record label and filed for bankruptcy a real sea change in recording. ***
    • 45 years ago (5/25/78) Star Wars opened in theaters with John Williams instantly recognizable score.
    • 54 years ago (5/26/69) The Who released the Rock Opera “Tommy.”
    • 56 years ago (5/26/67) the Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band” album was released.
    • 59 years ago (5/27/63) Bob Dylan’s breakthrough album “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” was released.

    … and 178 years ago (5/24/1844) Morse transmitted his first message.****

    Here are a couple of more newsy-type items:

    • 82 years ago (5/27/41) The Bismarck was sunk by the British Navy.
    • 86 years ago (5/27/37) the Golden Gate Bridge opened.
    • 88 years ago (5/24/35) Major League Baseball held its first night game.*****
    • 88 years ago (5/25/35) Babe Ruth hit his last home run.
    • 96 years ago (5/26/1927) the last Model T rolled off the Ford production line.
    • 140 years ago (5/24/1883) the Brooklyn Bridge opened. It was immediately offered for exclusive sale by Rich Wood – and can still be acquired from him today.

    … and 126 years ago (5/26/1896) the Dow Jones Industrial Average started. ******


              May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR – and you!


              *Carson’s run came to an end with “One for My Baby (and One More for the Road).”

              ** marking the first appearance of the Eliminator, Billy Gibbons’ 1933 Ford Hot Rod. The car appears in three other ZZ Top videos and becomes closely associated with the band.

              *** Petty’s action broke some of the stranglehold record companies held over artists.

              **** yes, it was “What hath God wrought?”

              ***** In Cincinnati, the Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1.

              ****** The DJIA started with a total of 12 stocks.

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              Loyalty programs have been around for a long time. You might remember “green stamps” … or the Radio Shack battery card or special discounts. Now, it seems companies want you to pay for the loyalty benefits. Check this out!

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