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Greetings from your broadcast friends out on the Desert…
This is BDR Newsletter 777, Volume 15, #50 for July 10, 2024

Here are some things you might want to know about:

Q2 I&P
Today is the day. If you have not uploaded your Q2 I&P by today, the FCC might be checking. Just in case you think the FCC is going to excuse lateness, check out the story here. A NCE operator has been popped with an Order to pay $16,500. The FCC did not accept an excuse.

The amount of programming that can be simulcast by two FMs in the same area will be reduced by the FCC’s latest Rules change.  Commercial FM stations that are commonly owned and share overlapping coverage areas. will not longer be able duplicateg more than 25% of their programming. The effective date is August 2nd (with a grace period of 6 months). AM stations are not affected.

We know that a regular inspection is the best way to keep your towers standing straight up. However, while there are some things you can find and fix when inspecting your tower site – there are some things that you really need to call a competent tower crew to take care of do they are done right.

Bob Jellison from PPM Telecom is our guest this week. He will do a show and tell of what to look for and when to call in the experts.  This will be an interesting discussion from ground level and up on the tower, showing some things you might not have seen or noticed.

2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific … Come join us and look through the eyes of an experienced tower crew. The link for the requests is at

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The FCC listed the latest number of licensed stations. Would you believe there are fewer AMs? The new LPFMs have not yet hit licensed status, but the number of NCEFM stations did jump noticeably.

The Swiss nation is dropping not only AM but also FM stations as of December 31st, joining other European nations to convert to DAB signals.

We have a bunch. Can you add to the pictures?

Manuel (Manny) Centeno has been promoted to being the new IPAWS Director. Active for some 14 years at the FEMA, he is often seen at industy gatherings.

We have an STL system, coax cable, and several transmitters among the new listings. Take a look on the BDR ForSale page.

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Some recent articles of interest:

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    LAWO reports new installations at Bethel Radio in Peru and the Taipa radio and television networks in the Netherlands, with special capability to bring various contributions from different locations together into a finished product.

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    ‘s Evolution wireless microphone series is now 25 years old and the fifth generation is now fully digital.

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    announces the expansion of its Ecreso FM AiO Series with two powerful new products, along with a major software update. The new additions extend the AiO Series portfolio up to 2kW, meeting the medium power needs of broadcasters with 1kW HR (high redundancy) and 2kW transmitters in a compact 3U form factor.

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    With the lightning season in progress, Nott Ltd in Farmington, NM has several time-tested lightning dissipation tools that can help you survive the electrical storms.

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    Do You Remember? This week in history:
    Broadcast related items:

    • 28 years ago (7/8/96) the first Spice Girls record “Wannabe” hit #1 in the Uk, then the US.
    • 29 years ago (7/14/95) Fraunhofer picked .MP3 as the file extension for compressed audio.
    • 32 years ago (7/9/92) the first AM HD transmissions were being tested in Cincinnati.
    • 39 years ago (7/13/85) Live Aid, a worldwide rock concert organized to raise money for the relief of famine-stricken Africans, was broadcast around the world from London and Philadelphia. How much did it raise? *
    • 45 years ago (7/12/79) Chicago White Sox fans, led by two DJs blew up thousands of disco records, causing a cancellation and forfeit of a Major League ballgame, nine injuries, and 39 arrests. Some called it “the end of Disco.”
    • 52 years ago (7/8/72) Bill Withers “Lean on Me” started three weeks at #1.
    • 52 years ago (7/14/72) the FCC eliminated the First Class RadioTelephone license.
    • 62 years ago (7/12/62) the Rolling Stones performed their first concert.
    • 62 years ago (7/10/62) Telstar 1 was launched.

    … and 64 years ago (7/10/60) the Hollywood Argyles hit the charts with “Alley Oop,” kicking off a “novelty-song” outbreak. What was your favorite?

    How about some “regular news history” type items:

    • 13 years ago (7/8/11) Atlantis is launched on final mission of US Space Shuttle program.
    • 45 years ago (7/11/79) Skylab crashed to earth – five years after the last Skylab mission. (The space stations orbit began to deteriorate earlier than was anticipated because of unexpectedly high sunspot activity.)
    • 56 years ago (7/14/68) Hank Aaron hit his 500th Home Run.
    • 62 years ago (7/10/62) a U.S. patent was issued for the three-point seatbelt.
    • 83 years ago (7/9/41) the Enigma key was broken.
    • 99 years ago (7/10/25) the Scopes’ “Monkey Trial” began in Dayton, TN.
    • 110 years ago (7/11/1914) Babe Ruth made his Major League debut.
    • 140 years ago (7/9/1879) The Bell Telephone Company was founded � the first busy signal was not far behind.

    .. and 220 years ago (7/11/1804) Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

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                  How are you fan motors? If you see (hear!) one going bad, what are your alternatives? This video may answer your questions and offer maintenance tips, including talking about the power factor.

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