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Greetings from your broadcast friends out on the Desert…
This is the BDR Newsletter 747 Volume 15, #19 for December 6, 2023

Here are some things you might want to know about:

The LPFM Window is now open, and will remain open for just one week – until 6 PM next Wednesday. If you have been planning to file, you need to get to it immediately.

The FCC continues to cite landlords where Pirate stations are operating.

When the power goes out, where do you turn for information? The first answer is local radio, but how. Calleigh Peterson from  Midland Radio will be with us this week to show off an AM/FM/WX radio with a solar charger, as well as by USB or a hand crank.

As always, we are at the usual time and place: 2 PM Thursday Eastern / 11 AM Pacific. We are on zoom and youtube live. Need the  link? the request is at … youtube is at (If you subscribe, you will get notice of when the broadcast and video posting.)

The latest FCC enforcement effort includes warnings to landlords in the Boston area that appear to host pirate stations. The potential fines are as much as $115,000 a day. There is no immediate information as to how many evicted the pirate stations.

It was the rise in cost of living that triggered likewise rises in the music royalty fees paid by broadcasters.

Freedman Group, the parent of Rode, has added Mackie to its list of pro audio companies, which include Aphex, SoundField, and Event.

Do you have one of those gmail accounts you used to use for spam avoidance? Google is starting to delete old gmail accounts that have not been signed into for the past two years. All you have to do to keep it is sign in – if you can remember the password!

There is an investigation at Microsoft as to why users of the Microsoft Store have had an HP Smart app installing automatically and renaming all local printers to HP LaserJet M101-M106. You may not even have an HP printer to have this happen. Check with Microsoft for assistance.

If you need a spare console for air or production, these Harris Medalist consoles seem to be good bargains. The consoles and other items are available here.

Not just for the IT presentation tomorrow, but since so many have changed their email addresses over the last year or two, we have lost contact with some folks. Letting them know about the BDR Newsletter might encourage them to re-subscribe at their new address. Thanks!

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Some recent articles of interest:

      May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR – and you!


      The 2024 NAB Show registration is now open. For those registering now, Inovonics shares this Free Floor Pass code: NS5268

      = = =

      Lawo plans to start the 2024 broadcast shows by debuting its new crystal console at the Barcelona ISE-2024 at the end of January.

      = = =

      There are often more news items from manufacturers (and links) at: and

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      Do You Remember? This week in history:
      Broadcast related items:

              • 25 years ago (12/5/98) Sonny Bono dies in a skiing accident.
              • 15 years ago (12/5/98) the Dancing Baby appears on Ally McBeal to the tune of “Hooked on a Feeling.” *
              • 34 years ago (12/9/89)  Billy Joel’s “We didn’t Start the Fire“hit #1.
              • 43 years ago (12/5/80) Flash Gordon, the movie, debuted with a theme song by Queen. **
              • 43 years ago (12/8/80) John Lennon was shot dead in NYC.
              • 44 years ago (12/6/79) The Village People debut their “dance” on American Bandstand.
              • 44 years ago (12/3/79) Eleven people were killed in a stampede outside the Who concert in Cincinnati. ***
              • 51 years ago (12/9/72) Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman” hit #1.
              • 54 years ago (12/6/69) Steams “Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye” hit #1. ****
              • 54 years ago (12/6/69) the Altamont Festival ended the 60s in violence.
              • 56 years ago (12/9/67) Jim Morrison became the first rock star arrested in mid-performance.*****  
              • 58 years ago (12/4/65) The Byrds hit #1 for three weeks with “Turn, Turn, Turn. ******
              • 60 years ago (12/7/63) the Singing Nun reached #1 for four weeks with “Dominique.
              • 85 years ago (12/6/38) W9XZY in St. Louis experimented with delivering newspapers by FAX transmissions.

              … and 100 years ago (12/6/1923) the first presidential address on US radio. Which President? *******
              … and here are some more general milestones:

              • 16 years ago (12/9/07) Apple released the first iPhone.
              • 17 years ago (12/9/07) Phantom of the Opera became the longest running Broadway show.
              • 36 years ago (12/9/87) Microsoft released Windows 2.0.
              • 55 years ago (12/9/68) the first computer mouse was demonstrated.
              • 56 years ago (12/3/67) The first successful human heart transplant was accomplished.
              • 82 years ago (12/7/41) like 9/11, a date that has lived in infamy: when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.
              • 139 years ago (12/6/1884) the nine-inch aluminum pyramid topped off the Washington Monument in the DC

              … and 236 years ago (12/7/1787) Delaware became the first State of the US, by ratifying the Constitution.

                May we please recommend this fine company which supports the BDR – and you!

                * ooga chaka!

                ** Flash! – ah ahhhhh!

                *** WKRP in Cinncinnati devoted a story line to the incident.

                **** The group “Steam” was actually made up to support a studio cut …  The steam went out of Steam shortly after.

                ***** Morrison was arrested for inciting a riot, indecency, and public obscenity.

                ****** The song as adapted from Ecclesiastes by Pete Seeger.

                ****** Calvin Coolidge.
                MID-WEEKEND BONUS

                According to “Pitchfork,” here are the 100 best songs of 2023.

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