The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource

The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource

Contract & Project Engineers

Need someone to organize and coordinate a project from a transmitter install
to a complete studio build? These are the folks to call.


Bob Carter
MidAtlantic Engineering Service
Little Falls, NY

Radio, TV, RF, Satellite, Computer Networking, Automation, Logging, EAS, Regulatory Compliance, Onsite Engineering, Remote Support, Emergency Engineering, AoIP, STL, Studio Build, Transmitter Installation, Due Diligence, AM directional, HD Radio, Preventative maintenance, radio/TV buyer/seller due-diligence, remote control/monitor setup, equipment sales, AM/FM field strength measurements, AM NRSC measurements. Covering the entire NE.

David Peabody
Broadcast Signal Lab
Boston, MA

Since 1982: On-site transmitter measurements and calibrations, coverage maps and surveys, annual and periodically required measurements, RF safety surveys and compliance assistance, reports for inclusion with FCC filings, and off-air frequency measurement done from a NIST compliant laboratory.


Anita Easter
Fort Bend, TX

45 years of experience. NRSC measurements; AM/FM transmitter install, maintenance & repair, specializing in AM directionals; Studio installation and equipment repair, system design and integration; AM & FM proofs of performance, due diligence inspections, HD Radio, LPFM, satellite, supervision of tower work, computer networking, vacation relief.

Nova Electronics
Dallas, TX
Our engineering staff has over a century of experience and is highly skilled in all aspects of AM/FM/TV/SW transmission. broadcast engineering and construction. Our specialty is the construction and/or repair of AM Directional systems. We can build, rebuild, or repair your station in a time and cost efficient manner with the knowledge and tools to do the job right. We can handle all construction needs in-house, saving you the expense and headache of dealing with numerous subcontractors, their mistakes, and delays.
Jim Stanford
Waco, TX

AM and FM RF Consulting: 40 years experience specialist in high power AM directionals and all types of transmitters. Project level work anywhere. 


James Boyd
Tualatin (Portland), OR

Radio, HD Radio, RF, Directional Antennas (AM), NRSC Measurements, Due Diligence

Tom Driggers
Clovis, CA

Over 40 years of experience in radio and television. Engineering services and equipment sales provided for all aspects of radio, TV, LPFM, Podcasting (video and audio), satellite, system design, integration, custom solutions, Proof of Performance, multimedia, web, IT.

Richard Rudman
Oxnard, CA

Contract radio engineering management, disaster preparedness for communications facilities, remote radio broadcasts, including off-shore remotes almost anywhere.

SWE Services
Sacramento, CA

Transmitter repairing, re-channeling, refurbishing, and installing high power FM/AM/TV transmitters, Antenna Network Analyzer sweeps, Installation and Tuning/Optimizing Services, DTF/TDR troubleshooting, AM ATU and Phasor tuning and troubleshooting, Directional AMs, NRSC Measurements, Tower Installations, inspections, and maintenance. Due Diligence Services: Site inspections and maintenance.


Gordon Carter
Chicago, IL
Project planning, advice, and management for all aspects of a radio facility.
DIPRO Engineering Services
Tulsa, OK

Contract and project engineer. Also an equipment reseller from antennas and transmitters - all the way down to basic studio equipment. Whether it's routine maintenance/repair of a facility, or consulting/building new studios, I do it all.

Dave Dybas

Nationwide radio broadcast engineering. Studio and Transmitter services, AM Directional Antenna services, Facilities planning and minor IT work.

Curt "Cowboy" Flick
Dayton, OH

Everything from studio to antenna. Available for AM, FM, DA, IT, studios and closets, torches and shovels. A real engineer with a climbing harness.


Alan Alsobrook
St. Augustine, FL

Contract Engineering, NRSC Measurements

Gary Minker
Lake Worth, FL

AM/FM/TV /heliax/waveguide line Sweeping, infrared testing, power factor testing, frequency standard testing, field intesity measurements, studio and transmitter site installation, diagnoistics, and repair.

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