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FCC Media Bureau Hotlinks

The Media Bureau plays a key role in promoting innovation in the media marketplace, as it develops, recommends, and administers the policy and licensing programs relating to the media industry, including cable television, broadcast television, and radio. It also handles post-licensing matters for satellite services and releases public reports on the data collected from the industry.

FCC People Finder

Find contact information for FCC personnel.

FCC Inspection Checklist

The Federal Communications Commission Broadcast Self-Inspection Checklists include: the AM Broadcast Station Checklist, the FM Broadcast Station Checklist, the TV Broadcast Station Checklist, , the FM Translator Checklist, the LPFM Checklist 

These are dated 2003 except 2008/9 fopr the FM checklist, but are the most recent.

FCCinfo.Com Database

FCCInfo provides data directly from FCC databases including AM, FM, and TV data that primarily originates from the FCC Media Bureau’s CDBS database. They also include broadcast microwave and land mobile data from the FCC Wireless Bureau’s ULS database.

Radio History (Oldradio.Com) is a resource that provides a information about Radio Broadcasting in both the past and the present. It has used many sources, including FCC files, university lecturers, historical publications and more to provide you with a complete look at the history of Radio.

Broadcasters’ Forums

The was set up to host professional mailing lists to serve those in the broadcast industry. Lists include general discussion about broadcasting for professional broadcasters, technical assistance, finding old broadcasting friends, hearing about the history of broadcasting and more!

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Broadcast Oriented Software

Find out more about RF Software, EAS Software, Audio Software, and Miscellaneous Broadcast Oriented Software.

Broadcast Manuals

Check out our collection of manuals and schematics for your broadcasting gear, both current and out of production.

Ham Info And Other Useful URLs

Useful websites about Ham radios in broadcasting, satellite reception, RF papers and circuits.

Broadcasters Bookshelf

The Broadcasters Bookshelf includes a variety of books about the Broadcasters life, the history of broadcasting, and technical books to help you learn more about broadcasting.

Where Are They Now?

Are you looking for someone in broadcasting who has changed jobs, is looking for a job or retired from broadcasting? Check out our contact info and get in touch today!


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