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When Customer Support Saves the Day

[January 2020] Buying equipment is one thing. But, eventually, almost everything requires adjustment, maintenance, or repair. Working with companies that make a point of ensuring clients get the help they need makes everything a lot easier.

KXPB-LP is a Low Power FM in Pacific Beach, Washington.

We are all volunteers here with limited knowledge. So, when we had trouble with our transmitter, it was a serious issue. We needed help – patient help – from someone who understood our lack of skills.

Our previous transmitter came from a company that did not seem to really want to help us handle problems, so we did not want to repeat that experience. Finally we decided to buy a new unit from PTEK on the recommendation of an engineer we knew.

Glen to the Rescue

With some phone assistance, our tech got the new transmitter installed, and everything seemed to be fine.

But about nine months in, we had some troubles.

The transmitter was not working properly. So we called PTEK and spoke with Glen Martin. Getting to speak with someone right away was invaluable. He was very professional, and immediately went into to action, asking questions to ascertain what our problem might be.

Glen immediately sent us a loaner unit. He then checked out, repaired, and fully tested our transmitter and, in less than a week, sent it back to us. After hooking it up, our listeners reported to us that our signal was stronger and clearer.

One suggestion he did make was for us to give the transmitter more air – and we are doing that. Being located right along the beach in an area with high humidity and poor air circulation was apparently the reason for some of the failure.


We Have a Friend

In the day and age of diminishing customer service, it is clear to me that PTEK knows how important excellent customer service is to the client.

Glen Martin’s actions go above and beyond the norms. I was so impressed with my treatment by the company, and especially Glen’s help, that I decided to purchase the loaner as a backup transmitter.

After my experience with PTEK, I would highly rate them top notch, and recommend them to any radio station needing to replace a transmitter. PTEK rocks! You can rely on them to get you back on the air in record time.

So, once again, we thank you PTEK – and especially Glen Martin!

– – –

Cate Skinner is the President of KXRB-LP. She can be reached at