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World Wide Antenna Systems

GSTK - Good Stuff to Know

Here is some information that should be in your personal notebook - where to find and get stuff you need.

Key Phone numbers and procedures:
Dealing with the FAA (Contact Numbers and other Information)

General Software - some cheap, some free, all useful
Problem solving:
Standard/Metric Conversions
Parts Identification
Filters to Handle Interference Problems
Hardware Pinouts, cable and connector layouts, etc

Finding open Frequencies for Wireless Microphones
Historical Items:
American Radio History

Finding specialized parts:
Replacement crystals
Fan replacements for Satellite Receivers

Show the Boss:
FCC Fine schedule for Rules violations


What else should be on this list?  Please share.  Use the Contact link at the bottom.  Thanks! 

Contacting the FAA 

The number to call for reporting tower beacon and side-light outages: 1-877-487-6867

(Be sure to get the NOTAM number and call and report when the lights are restored!) 

Want to check to make sure your NOTAM got into the system? Check out:

World Wide Antenna Systems

Additional FAA Resource Materials:

Links to online filing "Obstruction Evaluation" requests are on this page

The current FAA Antenna Circular (7460-1K) on obstruction marking and lighting requirements is located here. (about 3 MB)

The current Part 77 Rules are located here

Standard/Metric Conversions:

Parts identification

Historical Resources

Rules and Regularions

Have some listeners with interference problems?

Telephone line filters:

Replacement Crystals for Legacy Gear:


Replacement fans for satellite receivers:

Hardware Pinouts, cable and connector layouts, etc.

Finding open frequencies for wireless microphones




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