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Unobtainium – What To Do? Where to Call?

As technology progresses, some things do get left behind. Trying to find parts for an older car might send you to the dealer, an aftermarket shop, the Internet, or that sad realization that not only is it no longer made, the manufacturer is out of business, and since no one can make money making and stocking the part, it may have moved to the category of “unobtainium.”

Still, with the worldwide access via the Internet, it is amazing how some things can be found – or a replacement for them fitted. This page hopes to not only help identify problem parts, but what options might be available. If you have information to add, please let us know!

Unobtainium Candidate

Options – at last report

Used in


Harris 10K

RF Parts had stock –
4-1000A Tubes Transmitters
RF Parts had stock – $1300
5-500 Tubes Transmitters
RF Parts had stock – $800
5534 audio chips Fidelipac cart machines
hard to find
TIL-308 LED display SX series transmitters
hard to find

SX-Series Oscillator Board
SX series transmitters

Mike Patton Associates

ST connectors by 3M Home Depot is reported to have

SSM2015 preamp chip

Broadcast Audio Consoles

hard to find

SSM2017 chip

Optimod 8200
Arrakis 1200

expensive when found, but the SSM2019 is pin compatible;
it is reported that the INA217 works in the Arrakis

SAD-1024 chip

Optimod 9000

6386 tubes

Sta-Level compressors

hard to find – a pair of 6BA6s said to be compatible

Plessey SL560C rf amp chip

Moseley PCL606 STLs

hard to find

DigiTalker chip

Gentner VRC-2000

hard to find

1-5/8″ EIA connector

RFS/Cablewave solid center coax

hard to find
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