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Nautel Builds an AUI Bridge to HTML5

[September 2020] As we near the end of embedded Flash support in Internet browsers, a number of applications used by broadcasters are soon to stop working. Nautel has been working on a solution.

Nautel users have long enjoyed the benefits of the well-designed AUI (Advanced User Interface) built into their transmitters.

Using Adobe Flash, the AUI has provided excellent visual and data displays with little latency, making transmitter observation and control easier. However, virtually all browsers have indicated that Flash support will end at the end of this year.

This is put pressure on all manufacturers to not only ensure their apps no longer have Flash, but to get the word out to their users before, “all of a sudden,” the apps fail.

Moving to HTML5

The preferred solution is to use the new HTML5 standard to rebuild the various control and monitoring apps. There are only two problems – and they are not insignificant.

Nautel has been working on the HTML5 AUI for quite some time now. Users have been asking ever since the announcement that it was forthcoming. Unfortunately, in their desire to ensure the app works properly, without bugs or glitches that might take a transmitter down, coding has taken longer than anticipated.

The other issue is the season. For many stations where the cold weather comes in at this time of year, access to the transmitter sites can be tricky or not possible.

To solve the problem, Nautel decided to build a bridge to the HTML5 app using a customized version of Adobe Air from Veriskope to ensure system security.

The Legacy AUI Access App is now ready for GV, NV, NVlt, VS, and NX model transmitters.

Getting the App

This AUI is available for both Windows and macOS. And, importantly, absolutely nothing needs to be done at the transmitter side.

You can obtain the new app by visiting the Legacy AUI Access App section on Nautel’s web site, and clicking on the “more info & download” link.

This app is completely free.

Loading It Up

Installation is quick and easy. It takes just a few minutes.

A transmitter is then accessed by entering its IP address in the app’s window.

By the way, the app is designed so you can enter the IP addresses once and use them anytime.

Once you have entered the IP address (a future iteration will allow naming sites) the app connects you directly to the software in the transmitter, with the usual login screen.

And once you log in, you will see the familiar operating AUI.

New Features

The Nautel AUI App does offer some new features while we await the HTML5 version.

For example, you can open two separate windows for a transmitter, so you can see the effects of any adjustments or changes you may make.

And, depending upon the memory capacity of your computer and Internet connection, you can open multiple windows for different sites.

Did we mention there is no cost for this app?

Learning More

In addition to information and tutorials on the Nautel site, during a recent Thursday Lunch Gathering, Matt Herdon, Nautel Product Manager discussed the Legacy AUI Access app and it being the bridge to the attendees.

Herdon noted that the HTML5 app is currently expected early in 2021, with the beta version out before the end of this year.

The presentation is available for viewing here.

It is of interest to know that, during the presentation, several attendees downloaded the app, installed it, and reported to the whole group that they connected to their transmitters quickly and easily without the use of their regular browsers.

As a bonus, a couple of users had even noted they were able to use the app to connect to other Flash-based gear at their stations with the need for a browser.

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For more information on the Nautel Legacy AUI Access App, you can go to the Legacy Access App section of the web site, located here.

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