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Finding a Replacment Power Supply For a Behringer 2222 Mixer

[August 2016] Often, a relatively simple repair can be prevented or slowed by the lack of one part. Maybe you have been frustrated, too. Here Gary Glaenzer shares where he found the part.

It seems like almost everybody has at least one dead Behringer 2222, sitting in the back room somewhere, gathering dust.

These were great little units, useful for many things. The only thing wrong with most of these is the power supply often dies of old age.

Hard to Find

The Behringer 2222 uses a particular internal power supply: the part number is Q04-00000-08216. The problem is finding it.

Unfortunately, the usual Internet sites do not stock the Q04-00000-08216 Internal Power Supply, not even the place where our 2222 was purchased.

So, I started checking around: Behringer, based in Germany, does not have a web site to go in order to find and order parts.

No joy, either, at, ebay, etc. All came up without stock or a solution.

Unobtanium No More

However, after quite a lot of searching, I can offer some good news to you Behringer owners.

Fortunately for us, the correct, original replace-ment power supply is available and can be ordered!

The Behringer Q04-00000-08216 Internal Power Supply for the UB2222FX-PRO, UB1832FX-PRO, and UB1622PRO-FX is now available and being sold by Full Compass Systems for about $70.

One Minor Issue

Unfortunately, if you need the power supply sooner rather than later, you might end up having to wait for stock to be replenished from Europe.

In my case, it seemed like forever: The order went in on April 12th, and delivery was made on July 22nd.

But the main point is that, yes, we got the mixer fixed! And now, you know where to go so you can, too.

– – –

Gary Glaenzer is President of No Bull Technical Services, Inc. in Jacksonville, IL. You can contact Gary at