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Greetings from your broadcast friends out on the Desert…
This is the BDR Newsletter 757, Volume 15, #29 for February 14, 2024

Here are some things you might want to know about:

You may have noticed that since the FCC returned to full strength (5 Commissioners), there has be a lot of effort put to promoting some plans to get broadcasters to comply with various schemes of interest to the Chairwoman and others: pushing for more localism, more diverse programming (less simulcasting), more EEO reporting, and expanded emergency alert languages are some of them.

Not all of the FCC’s initiatives are welcome in all quarters. The NTCA (The Internet & Television Association) has told the FCC that its current move to greatly expand the number of languages involved in emergency alerts would impose “enormous technical and logistical challenges” for cable companies, not to mention everyone else.

As a general stereotype, broadcast engineers are a vanishing breed, usually working alone. But, can we know everything? Where do we get help? As it turns out, we are in the middle of a community of folks willing to help one another. We just have to reach out – in both ways – by letting folks know what our issues are … and that we are willing to do more than lurk.

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST, we hope to hear from a variety of situations, and how we can assist one another. We hope you will take a moment to join us and learn things. The link request is at or, you can subscribe to thebdrnet channel on youtube and not only see the program, but get notifications when we start and when videos are posted.

Some look at it as a quick “phone book” … but more to the point: The Manufacturers and Vendors’ Page ( lets you know who is supporting the BDR. Obviously, the more folks that tell these companies that they saw their banner on the BDR, the better it is for all of us.