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Greetings from your broadcast friends out on the Desert…

This is the BDR Newsletter 746, Volume 15, #18 for November 29, 2023

Here are some things you might want to know about:

The FCC has issued an Order granting Sage users a three-month delay in the December 12th deadline to upgrade their receivers. More information is here.

It is not enough to just build an antenna. It needs to be where it was authorized and at the right height. Even for an LPFM. KYOM was only off by about 33 feet. But the Order and Consent Decree came with a $2500 cost (not to mention legal costs).

It might seem nothing is really secure. Last week Long Beach, CA turned off parts of its network system after a cyber-attack. And, a this week it appears hackers had cyber-attacked a municipal water authority in western Pennsylvania.

A recent report indicates zero-trust security models are becoming the norm – some 86.5% of organizations are installing them, according to Cisco. However, only 2% have fully implemented mature deployments based on what Cisco calls the “four pillars of identity: devices, network and workload and automation.” The gap between “policy” and “reality” seems to make organizations 
less likely to report security incidents.

With that in mind, our Thursday Virtual Lunch Gathering tomorrow will feature a discussion by Tim Pozar and Eric Scace on a building a basic security policy and how to make it work. Join us tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern/ 11 AM Pacific. The link can be obtained from or replying here. Yes, youtube live will also be on tomorrow,

Not just for the IT presentation tomorrow, but since so many have changed their email addresses over the last year or two, we have lost contact with some folks. Letting them know about the BDR Newsletter might encourage them to re-subscribe at their new address. Thanks!