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  1/29     - It's official! "Broadband" now means 25 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up
  1/29     - Several new software releases - free to users
  1/28     - FCC issues Public Notice about hotel jamming hot spots
  1/27     - NAL Watch: extended periods off-the-air without an STA - $5k
  1/26     - Oops! Phoenix engineer gets Super Bowl creds - and loses them
  1/26     - NAL Watch: Yet another EAS tone violation - on purpose
  1/22     - Antenna Basics - a very nice reference epub (read or print it out)
  1/20     - NAL Watch: FCC won't modify EAS fines against Viacom/EPSN
  1/20     - Microsoft announces free upgrade to Windows 10
  1/19     - Cryptowall hits Michigan station twice
   1/19     - FCC to vote on Net Neutrality and Municipal Wideabnd
   1/14     - Everything You Wanted to Know About Contactor Maintenance
   1/14     - Orbital Media Networks takes over from Clear Channel Satellite
  1/14     - Radio Shack may be close to filing bankruptcy
  1/13     - NAL Watch: pirate radio is not good. Interfering is worse!
  1/7      - Tests to begin at WTC, GatesAir to provide transmitters
  1/7      - Old, unsafe towers + no lights = KIDD goes dark
  12/30   - Keep the Flu out, Keep Your Staff In
  12/30   - LPFM dies from internal hassles
12/27   - Hughey and Phillips buys TowerSentry
  12/18   - Streaming for Everyone - Mark Shander
  12/16   - Spring NAB Registration now open

  12/15   - FCC says they have heard enough on Net Neutrality
  12/12   - Another zoning effort to stop towers proposes 25-foot limit
  12/11   - FCC set to require on-line Public Files for radio/cable
  12/11   - Site Security FLAP: P is for Presence - Kevin Kidd
  12/11   - Tower Down! WMDR, Oakland, ME tower fails
  12/9    - Security Watch: Arrest made in NC Station vandalizm
  12/5    - 3D Printers starting to become useful to broadcasters
  12/3    - A former Radio Shack employee rips the company
  11/25  - KTLA to rebuild iconic street-side tower higher up
   11/11  - The 86th anniversary of the first National Frequency Move
  11/6    - What you need to know about Retirement - Gil Gillivan
  10/29  - Conflicting Signals Do Not Serve EAS Community - Richard Rudman
  9/30    - Solving the FM Power and Allocation Mess - Jack Sellmeyer
  9/16    - A Timely AM Improvement Plan for Channels 5 and 6
  8/28    - Better Field Intensity Measurements - Alan Alsobrook
  8/11    - FCC votes to require text-to-911 by yearend. Is it possible?

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  8/13   - Ask the Lawyer - Your FCC Questions Answered  - Cary Tepper
  8/5     - Public Files Need to be Public
  8/3     - A trip to Vashon Island - and a picnic; Pure July relaxation
  7/15   - When RFR Protection Runs Amok
  7/3     - Recovering in the Aftermath of a Disaster - Clay Freinwald
  3/19   - Problems When the Lease Runs Out - Clay Freinwald
  2/11   - Choosing between STL and IP Radio Links - Fred Francis
  2/5     - Building a New Station - A Checklist - Phil Owens

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