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EndoSnake Gives the View You Need

[August 2020] There are some tools that you just do not realize you need until … well, until you need them. Here is one that is worth consideration so that it is handy when you need it.

How many times have you needed to look into a small space or around an edge where you just cannot insert your head?

Over the years, most radio engineers have had to deal with many a repair or replacement where they had to do the job by “feel” or using a mirror on a stick. Visualizing can be much easier these days, with the ability to take pictures with our cell phone in a tight space – even to record things a bit, so that when putting things back, we can do it much more easily.

But for real time pictures, while you have your hand in an area, it is still not so easy. Enter the EndoSnake.


Although there are a number of cheaper and more expensive inspection cameras available on the Internet, the EndoSnake has a couple of features that make it much more useful – and certainly the price is modest.

The EndoSnake is a 720p resolution waterproof camera on the end of about one meter of optical cable (options include 2 meters or 5 meters of cable), with built-in LED lights.

Perhaps what makes the EndoSnake most impresssive is its 3.9 millimeter size, which makes is useful not only for electronics. HVAC and plumbing troubleshooting, but if you are a gun owner, this is a borescope that will allow you to easily inspect your firearm(s).

While in use, you can not only see into difficult locations, you can take snapshots or videos of your object of interest.

Putting It To Use

The EndoSnake is about as simple to use as it gets.

The enclosed information directs you to download the software, then connect the camera via USB, microUSB, or USB-C connectors, and put it to use.

Oh, you have an iPhone with no connector? The EndoSnake can use a WiFi adaptor that makes things even more flexible.

In addition to the software for the various OS’s, there are videos available to show you how to get the most out of the product.

Putting Into Use

As mentioned, using the EndoSnake, you can peer into tight spots in transmitters or computer systems, air conditioning systems, even into plumbing systems.

The cable has an LED adjustment, so you can set the illumination level to show what you want to see, and not floodlight everything.

Accessories include a tiny mirror, a magnet, and a hook to extract items you find.

I put the EndoSnake to use right away to accomplish two tasks. First, I looked inside a computer motherboard for a tiny screw that “got away.”

With the EndoSnake you can easily see inside tight spots and cases.

The tiny magnet accessory proved to be more than enough to pull out the screw.

Getting Data

Another opportunity came when I needed to see deep inside a refrigerator where a model/serial number plate was located with data about the unit that was needed so that we could order parts for it.

It was easy to take a snapshot of the plate even though it was difficult to make out from in front of the refrigerator.

Another use that I can well imagine: taking a very close look at a printed circuit board to look for micro cracks in the circuits or damaged capacitors.

Right now the EndoSnake is available at a nice discount: Just $49. More information is here.

This is a tool you can and will use.