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Emergency Communications

Yes, to Chris’ article on simple and older is better.

I chuckle every time there  is a cell phone or Internet failure panic. Even though the millenials do not know what radio is, especially AM radio, the day will come when it will save their hide.

Most broadcasters are committed to keeping a signal on the air no matter the circumstances or disasters. Both the cell phone people and the Internet people rely on “wires” or fiber optic or some other easily damaged link.

In contrast, Radio has always performed the necessary service to keep information flowing to the people that need it. The Internet cant do it, Cell phones cannot do it, Satellite radio or Television cant do it and with most other people not using off air television anymore (satellite or catv) television with the exception of viewers with real antennas, cannot do it.

I wonder how many billions of lives AM radio has saved in its almost 100 year history. In 100 years, I doubt if cell phones will still be around, they will be implants and will still only work 50% of the time at 50% of the locations.

If I am caught in the middle of a disaster, give me a good old 1960’s transistor radio and a couple of spare 9-Volt batteries, forget the rest of the technology “cr*p”

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Ron Schacht

Contract Engineer – Northcentral Iowa and Southcentral, MN