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The YI Dome Guard Security Cam

Barry Mishkind author

[April 2024] Security is a more significant than ever concern these days, as more and more studios are as empty as transmitter sites. Installing cameras on site is an excellent way to monitor what is going on and be able to react to anything from a water leak to vandalism. It is getting easier to get cameras with more features.

Sometimes, you must install many cameras to see what is happening at the transmitter or studio.

Covering the entryways and critical locations inside the building lets you see who is there and what they are doing from almost anywhere. Cameras with some night vision make this a bit easier, and cameras where you can pan and zoom make it much easier.


Recently, I have been experimenting with a camera that can do much more than any single-view model.

The YI Technology Smart IP PTZ Camera is a modestly-priced camera that can look around an area.

the DomeGuard security camera from YI

The Dome Guard is a 2k indoor security camera. Its pan/tilt/zoom features a 360-degree view that lets you zoom in (4x) and see close detail.
Even at night, the IR night vision lets you see about 30 feet. Two-way audio lets you hear and talk to anyone on site. The camera can notify you when motion or sound senses are present so you can look at and see the live feed.

I have seen cameras that cost much more and do less. But there is more to this camera.


The YI Dome Camera has several features and capabilities that you do not normally see until you spend more time with them.

For example, with this camera, you can zoom in, if you want, and take a snapshot or video and save either to a micro-SD card or off-site using cloud storage (subscription required). Or, set the camera to automatic, and it will respond to motion sensing and follow the image around the area. Time-delay pictures are also possible. (If you use the micro-SD card to record, it can be set to loop to save the latest images.)

Some advanced features do require a subscription, such as letting the motion sense differentiate between human and other things, like cats, for example.


Setup is relatively easy with a 2.4 GHz WiFi router or access point.

Once you download the YI home app and plug in the camera, the app connects to the WiFi and walks you through the setup using the QR code on the camera, then takes a picture of the QR code on the app.

To complete the setup, an email is sent asking you to assign it a name/location. Then, set it in place; it is ready to go. (The box says there is an optional wall mount to give you a quick and easy way to center the camera where it will give you the best views.)

smart phone view of the DomeGuard video recordingAs you watch the live video, you can bring up a touch control to pan the camera virtually in a 360-degree circle, tilt upward 67 degrees or downward 17 degrees to view the area of interest, and zoom in with a 4x digital zoom using your fingers.

More than one user can be added, so the whole family can check in if desired. Also, a multi-cam view screen can add more than one camera. Alexa and Google Assistant give you voice commands to bring up any desired camera.


Depending upon your needs, the YI Dome Guard camera offers several options.

The free features may be all you need, especially if you only want to look at a site to see and hear what is happening live. The recording is also free on the micro-SD card.

When you bring it up, the app will ask if you would like to subscribe to the Kami Cloud storage service, the advanced features, and more. There is a 7-day free look at these options – the app keeps asking you to sign up.

The bottom line is that after a quick installation, you get a sharp, clear 2k picture on your cellphone that you can easily pan/tilt/zoom. As this is written, the YI Dome Guard camera is offered on the Internet for less than $34.

At this price, setting up a security monitor is an easy choice. Other models, including outdoor cameras, are available.


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