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The Ooma Telo 4G LTE System

[May 2020] It is not always easy to assemble a solid, reliable phone system, always ready even during emergencies. Loss of power, Internet (for VoIP), or cellular service can come just when you need your phone the most. Ooma’s new system addresses the issue head on.

In the old days, when everyone was using copper-connected landlines, we were pretty much protected from any power outages, as the telco’s battery almost always kept our dial tone present. If we needed to call for help or let the power company know we were in the dark all we had to do was pick up the phone and get a reassuring dial tone.

Nowadays, with so many of us on VoIP phones, a power outage will usually leave us with a dead phone, either from the modem or an Internet feed that failed. This can create a bad situation for some, especially where elderly or ill patients need to have dependable phone service at all times.

What is needed is a reliable, affordable replacement for traditional landline service.

Telo 4G

Ooma, a manufacturer of high quality VoIP telephone units for the past 15 years or so, has used their technology to develop a solution that will provide phone service practically 100% of the time, even in emergencies.

The new model is the Ooma Telo 4G. It combines an Ooma VoIP Base Station with an LTE cellular antenna.

Ooma Telo 4g

Ooma’s Telo 4G consists of a Base Station, LTE antenna, and battery

Add the included battery backup and, together, you have a complete solution for connectivity.

With the Telo 4G you normally use the system to call out on VoIP under normal conditions or, if there is any problem with your Internet connection, it switches to the always-on LTE service, right into the cellular phone system.

The battery backup ensures that the Base Station and the antenna will operate even in the event where the power and/or Internet may become interrupted.

The LTE system can even become a backup Internet connection, using the cellular connection to keep the computer links going.


Installing the Ooma Telo 4G system is a quick and simple process.

2 The wiring interconnections take just a moment. The hardest part might be finding the right location for the LTE antenna reception.

It takes just a few minutes to fill out the web form where you register, choose a phone number (which can be in most any area code), set up billing (there is no contract, and the monthly cost is quite modest), and initialize the Ooma Base Station.

A couple of minutes later, the flashing red logo turns blue and the phone is ready to use.

It is that simple.


The basic feature set of the Telo 4G is just what most people want: crisp, clear audio with solid, reliable connections.

Ooma’s PureVoice technology gives you the ability to call anywhere, nationwide, at no cost. (International service is available for a modest charge.). You can plug a standard phone into the Ooma Base Station or use a cordless phone.

HD3 Cordless ooma handsetIf you do not have a cordless phone, there is an optional (HD3) cordless Ooma handset that mates right into the system.

The HD3 not only displays the number and name of your caller but shows their picture, if you have it in your contact list.

The Basic Service on an Ooma phone includes all the important features: Call Waiting, Caller ID, Voicemail, and 911 service. You can use the new number assigned or arrange to port over your existing phone number. And, it can be used from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the Internet.


The cost for Ooma’s basic service is very low compared to most other similar services. Once you buy the hardware, the service essentially is free.

The only monthly charges you pay for are taxes and fees, which generally are less than $10, plus $11.99 for the cellular connection.

Of course, there are some additional features that you can add for a couple of bucks a month more. With the Ooma Premium Service, you get advanced call blocking, where you can stop robocalls, telemarketers, spam callers, etc. by blocking single numbers or blocks of numbers.

Other features you may want include call forwarding, an instant Second Line, three-way conferencing, and the ability to listen to voicemail as it is being left. What more do you need?


Ensuring the security of your home and family has become much more important these days.

With that goal in mind, Ooma now has made additions to their offerings to make security an integrated part of your home communications system.

Oooma Smart Security System for ios or AndroidThe new optional Ooma Smart Security system is wireless and links up to an iOS or Android cell phone app via the Ooma Base Station.

Using the app, you can monitor your home, live from anywhere.

In addition to the live monitoring, the security system will send out real- 3 time alerts to report any motion, opening of doors or windows, or sensing any water leaks.

The user can set up to 35 sensors in any custom arrangement desired.

A Good Choice

Overall, after testing the Telo 4G for a couple of months, it is clear that Ooma has developed a really nice package of products that provides the all the telephone features you want, along with home security needs for a very low running cost each month.

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For more information please click here to check out the Ooma web site.