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Fixing the Iphone Safari Address Bar

[October 2021] Every time our computers or cell phone get an “update” it seems something changes that is hard to figure out the “why?” aside from “they do it because they can.” The recent iPhone update contained one of those things. Did you notice it?

Whether you knew it was coming or it was something of a surprise, your iPhone recently has been updated to iOS 15.0.

Yes, I am noticing a performance improvement – although it is not guaranteed for everyone. Other features I am noticing include that when texting groups of photos, they display “stacked.” But, who cares? And then there are changes I did not want.


One major annoyance from the update is what it does to the Safari address bar.

Yes, some of us do browse the Internet from our phones!

Without asking the user, the great and powerful Apple decided to move the address bar to the bottom of the page. I cannot begin to wonder why they would make such a dramatic change.

They surely did not ponder the amount of phone calls that I received asking “where is the address bar?” from users who clearly were among the many people who did not look to the bottom of the screen.

About the only “good” thing is the you can now swipe side to side to change the tab you are looking at, without “showing all” and selecting the tab you want to see.

But unless you like to have a lot of tabs open and constantly shuttle between them, this will not be a major change to how you use Safari.


How can we correct this crime to the iPhone user? It is relatively easy.

  • Step One: go to Settings
  • Step Two: go to Safari
  • Step Three: scroll down to Tabs
  • Step Four: move the check from “Tab Bar” to “Single Tab”

Now you can exit and all should be good in the world. Hopefully I will not receive anymore 6 AM calls about this “feature.”

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David Bialik has been doing broadcast engineering and IT work for over 40 years.

He is the Chairman of the Broadcast and Online Delivery Technical Committee for the Audio Engineering Society.

You can reach David at:

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