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Factory Updates


  • Adding Surge Protection for the Nautel J-1000
    A Field Mod to improve the Nautel 1 kW transmitter
  • Broadcast Electronics is notifying customers of an issue while operating in FM+HD mode at elevated power levels (greater than -20dBm) using the FMi-31, FMi-73, FMi-106, FMi-201, FMi-301, and FMi-402 transmitters.  A capacitor change is required.


Firmware/Software Updates:

  • BW Broadcast
    • 1/7/11 - ACCESS codecs. Version 2.8 firmware is now available to support 4G and AAC coding.
  • Davicom
    • 11/23/11 - Version 5.48 is available now for MAC Site Monitoring Firmware and MacComm software. 


  • Inovonics
  • LAWO
    • 3/30/17 - a free software upgrade for users of Lawo R3LAY software! Version contains a number of upgrades and enhancements to all versions.
  • Nautel  
  • Omnia  
  • Orban
  • rfEngineers
  • RCS
    • 3/9/11 NexGen Digital update version 2.11.1 for registered users. Several new features are included in this update.
  • Telos
  • Tieline Technology
    • 11/24/10 - Bridge-IT IP Codecs firmware release: V1.06.00; Download here for support for apt-X Enhanced and Multicasting.
  • Translantech
    • The company closed. Support may be available from BW Broadcast.




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