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Solving Interface Problems Between the Henry USB Matchbox II and Wheatstone Network Audio

[January 2018] Sometimes digital gear does not talk to each other quite the way we would want. Here is a tip on how to better mate two popular products.

We have recently resolved an interface issue relating to using a Henry Engineering USB Matchbox II with a Wheatstone network audio system.

The AES output of the USB Matchbox II was not fully compatible with the AES input of a Wheatstone model IP88D Blade node device. After researching the issue and consulting with the fine folks at Wheatstone, I developed a simple modification to the USB Matchbox II. It now works perfectly.

If any BDR readers are having difficulty getting the AES output of a USB Matchbox II to work with their Blade (or similar network device), have them contact us. We will upgrade their USB Matchbox II at minimal cost (just $15 for shipping).

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