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Energizer Hard Case 4-LED Professional Headlight

[October 2009] Trying to do work in uncomfortable places always creates one of two problems: either there are not enough hands to do the job – or you are groping around where you cannot see your work and are stretched into some contorted position.

A big bright light often causes more problems than it solves, as the reflections can be almost a big a hassle as the darkness.

Or, maybe you have tried one of those clip on or gooseneck lights. The problem is, if you do not reset the list as you move around, you quickly move from working in the light to being in the dark. Sometimes it seems like you are playing a cat and mouse game just to get the light in the right place.

Hard Case

The answer may be as close as your local hardware store. Look for the Energizer Hard Case Professional series of lights. Among the offerings are an inspection light and a swivel-head light. But for less than about $39, you can get the “Headlight.”

Energizer hard case professional headlight

The Energizer Hard Case Professional Headlight

The Headlight comes with four LEDs, a white, a green, and two red. The green and red can be very useful in low light situations or at night for visibility to others. The Headlight earns it “Hard Case” name by being tested – it will survive a 15-foot drop.

The main light is 100 lumens, super bright white and enough to illuminate your work. Energizer also points out the red LEDs are good in dark spaces, reducing glare, which is easier on the eyes. The green LEDs can help to better see and indentify imperfections in pipes or tower legs, etc.

There is also a diffuser lens, so the light can be focused as a spotlight or set to be a softer, wider light.


The Headlight has several features that make it comfortable to use. The elastic straps carry the three AA batteries in the back, distributing and balancing the weight for the user. Furthermore the third, top strap can be used or removed, depending upon the wearer’s preferences.

Meanwhile, whether you are working inside a transmitter, under the console, or in need of an emergency light for a bicycle, the Headlight will let you see what you are doing – or let others see exactly where you are.

You might have to buy two, however, because as soon as others see this, it might tend to “migrate” from your toolbox. Better to give them a gift than to find your Headlight is gone when you reach for it!

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