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6/23/19 - A 25-year-old man was electrocuted Sunday while trying to steal copper in Dallas.

6/1/19 - Tower collapse takes KELK, Reno NV, down. The cause was a semi that hit a guy wire, dropping the 198-foot tower. The accident also damaged power lines, a restaurant, and three cars. The station plans to rebuild.

5/28/19 - Jon Levine, a TV Weatherman in Dayton Ohio, responds to twitterers who were complaining about storm/tornado coverage interrupting a reaity show. How vapid can viewers be? (Thanks, Adrienne Abbott)

5/16/19 - Microsoft has announced a severe zero day bug on older than Win 8 versions. Apparently, it is so bad, security updates for XP and Win7 are being put out.





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