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Allsop’s PowerTrack Wireless Charging Mousepad

[March 2020] There are several good reasons to use a mousepad. This new Allsop mousepad adds another benefit, one that will even help “unclutter” your desk a bit.

If you are like me, you have used a fair number of computer mice over the years.

Some use rubber balls to move the on-screen pointer. Others use a laser to detect changes in the surface. Either way, there are a couple of issues that crop up to test your love for your mouse – assuming you really loved your mouse in the first place.

For example, some surfaces are just not fully conducive to accurate mousing. Especially this is true when the desktop is a single color or very little variation, and the lens cannot really track movement well.

Another problem – and one that I had – is that long term use of a mouse can cause your desktop to get a little grungy, discolored, and/or rough.

Better Solution

Usually, the simplest answer is to put a mousepad on the desk. Such a product makes mousing easier and more accurate. And it protects the underlying desktop.

This is exactly what I found with the Allsop PowerTrack Wireless Charging Mousepad. It has a pleasant grayish color and feel, with a fairly non-slip backing. But as its name implies, there is even more value here.

Allsop Powertrack Wireless charging mousepad

The Allsop mousepad contains a wireless charging system. When you place a smartphone – or any Qi-standard wireless rechargeable product, up to 10W – the mousepad becomes a convenient charging point.

But there is more.

Sometimes it is hard to be sure you found the right spot for the wireless charging. The Allsop PowerTrack makes this as easy as possible, by using a pair of pulsing blue LEDs to show that charging is ongoing.

If, for some reason, you become worried that the smartphone, etc, had moved off the “spot,” all you have to do is look – and the lights will show the status so you can be sure.

Status Lights

The Allsop PowerTrack is about 9.5 x 13.8 inches, looks nice, and it fits nicely on virtually any desk. It is available for about $30.00 from several sources.

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For more information, you can check the Allsop website here.