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The NAB 2017 new products are starting to show up. Here are some of them.

  • 2/17/17 - Wheatstone has agreed to purchase PR&E products from GatesAir. The well-regarded consoles add to the variety of products in the Wheatstone stable.
  • 2/7/17 - Comrex plans to introduce two new products at NAB2017.

    ACCESS NX (right) is the latest version of the famous portable audio IP encoder, adding an audio channel, plus a new, larger touch screen and a digital mixing stage.

    The other new product, Opal, is a web portal for audio, allowing the user to deliver high quality sound with low delay from any computer, without special gear.

    Opal serves a web page to allow remote guests to deliver studio quality sound, without the need for any special equipment on their end. It is 1 RU, with two fitting only slot.

  • 2/7/17 - Inovonics has introduced their new Model 223 AM Processor. The new model, in the INOmini configuration, replaces the Model 235 Processor.
    The Inovonics 223 is designed for NRSC AM, Monaural FM, TIS, analog SCA uses, plus studio and microphone processing. It features a tri-band compressor, selectable crossovers, and a look-ahead peak controller.
    Also, there will be a new line of Novia processors, and a new FM/HD receiver, the AARON 655.
  • 1/30/17 - One week after the last update, Broadcast Electronics is releasing an AudioVAULT Software Release 10.40.606.2, which can be obtained by contacting the Studio Technical Services department by phone at 217.224.4700 or e-mail BE suggests all AudioVAUILT users install the upgrade. 
  • 1/23/17 - Belar Electronics is now shipping their new low-cost versions of their HD Radio and All-in-One modulation monitors, introduced last Spring. These units, the FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite, emphasizing remote access via Belar's WizWin software over front-panel management, are half the size and nearly half the price point of the company’s traditional monitors.
  • 1/20/17 - Two of the major manufacturers in the broadcast industry are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.  GatesAir goes back to a start in 1922 by Parker Gates - 95 years - while Dielectric is celebrating 75 years of service. A number of events during the year are said to be announced shortly. Stay tuned!
  • 1/17/17 - The Telos Alliance has added SAS (Sierra Automated Systems) to the list of companies who will produce gear using the Livewire standard developed by the Telos Alliance.
  • 12/15/16 - Logitek Systems now has Dugan insert points available on its Artisan console systems. These insert points allows users to connect external devices made by Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc. to supply automatic microphone mixing, utilizing the Dugan Speech System algorithm.

    Eight post-fader inserts are supported and allow the connection of analog, AES or AoIP format audio.

    Designed for small to medium market TV stations as well as audio production studios, the Artisan is a modular control surface configurable from 2 to 38 faders along with two master mixes, eight stereo sub mixes, four stereo aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. All channels can be 5.1, mono or stereo.

  • 12/14/16 - GeoBroadcast Solutions (GBS) has announced an agreement with the MaxxCasting technology by the American Public Radio Group, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), and Southern California Public Radio (SCPR), to use GBS patents to enhance station coverages.
  • 11/10/16 - Closed Circuit Captioning is the focus of enCaption3R3 from ENCO. The application handles speech to text in a live setting without any pre-programming. enCaption3R3 is in compliance with industry standards, and is already in use by the Liquidation Channel. More info here.
  • 11/8/16 - DM Engineering has debuted their new Mic-Pod, featuring flexible microphone control and large LED on/off buttons. A cough function and remote control (for mic lights, etc) connections are among the other features. Models can have the buttons on the front or top of case. For info, click here.


  • 11/8/16 - Wheatstone will showcase real-time remote control and transport of IP audio at NAB, NY with a foosball table on one side of its booth and a ‘home studio’ on the other, with fiber optic connectivity between the two.
  • 10/23/16 -  Inovonics has made a major firmware upgrade across all its models that use email. TLS1.2 is now supported. The downloads are here.
  • 10/20/16 -  Nautel has opened registration for the Nautel Users' Group this coming Spring. The NUG will be at the Flamingo Hotel again, as it was this year, on April 23rd .
  • 10/4/16 - Henry Engineering's latest product has been announced, for delivery in November. The System Alerts Monitor provides an instant visual, audible, and email indication if anything goes wrong or needs attention regarding up to 15 status inputs. List price, not including monitor: $695

                      Henry Engineering SAM         Monitor with possible alert texts

  • 10/4/16 - BW Broadcast and SCMS note the FCC has corrected itself and  acknowledged the certification of the BW Broadcast TX300V2 for use in LPFM service. (This reverses a citation issued earlier in the week.)

  • 9/14/16 - Dielectric will be showing an expanded line of FM filters and combiners at the Radio Show, September 21-23 in Nashville, TN. The new products are designed to meet the need for solutions for some specific applications, including LPFM and high performance antennas with compact footprints. Additionally, Dielectric is making a lot of information on how the shifting Spectral Auction and Repack will affect FM as well as TV stations. More information can be accessed at

  • 9/9/16 - The Telos Alliance introduced the new OmniaSST, a full-featured software audio processor. Said to be the first processor to support Telos Alliances AuMPX codec, the OmniaSST is purpose built for FM radio, and can transport signals over a 320kbps pipe.

  • 9/8/16 - Henry Engineering has added yet another box to their line: Mike Alert!
    This is a new control interface for use with mic arms, utilizing a two-color integrated tally light system, which easily integrates into mic arms such as Yellowtec.
    The Mike Alert! is now in stock. More information at

  • 9/3/16 - The Telos Alliance will introduce the "xNode Matrix Mixer" which uses the latest Axia xNode software, version 2.0 to transform any Axia AES/EBU, Analog, Mixed-Signal, or Microphone xNode into a Matrix Mixer, opening up a variety of new applications.
    Also being unveiled: The "micro MPX" ...a specially designed audio codec purpose-built for FM radio that is able to transport high-quality Multiplexed FM signals over a relatively small 320kbps data pipe.

  • 9/2/16 - New products for the Fall show season from Wheatstone includes the LXE - an IP audio console - fully flexible control interface with programmable switches, rotary controls, and fader groupings that can be remotely located and operated from
    Also on view will be the VoxPro6, acquired last year. VoxPro6 now allows recording and playing audio at the same time, plus a new Gap-Buster to remove silent sections, plus major improvements to the Hotkey function, and other new features.
    And the AirAura X1, a verson of the X1 designed primarily for small and medium markets, will have a new distortion-managed final clipper, an iAGC section feeding a 31-band limited section, Vorsis bass tools, and more.
    Not going to IBC nor NAB? Visit for more information.

  • 8/31/16 - The INOmini line from Inovonics is expanding. The INOmini 639 FM/HD Monitor/Receiver is replacing the model 632 during September. New features include more processing power, which will allow improved RDS decoding, adjustable analog and AES outputs, alarm thresholds, and additional signal parameters. Pre-orders are invited from your favorite dealer.

  • 8/25/16 - The VH2 dual-line hybrid from Comrex, debuted at the Spring NAB, is now shipping.

  • 8/25/16 - The Telos Alliance is now shipping the Omnia.7AM, introduced a the NAB Show this past spring.


  • 8/10/16 - The Telos Alliance has now made available its Version 3.0 software for the Omnia.11. The update is free for all Omnia.11 users. Find it here.
  • 8/8/16 - GatesAir has established an ebay page where overstock and clearance parts can be ordered 24/7. Take a look here. 
  • 8/1/16 - RF Specialties' newest member is John Lackness, a long-time broadcast engineer based in Texas. In addition to his years of broadcast engineering in the field, in recent years John has been Sales Manager at Marti Electronics and handled international sales at Tieline. John's new email is,  or phone 210-775-0185.

  • 7/12/16 - Broadcast Electronics has released updates to two of their products, AudioVAULT Flex 10.40.392.1 and TRE (The Radio Experience) Version 2.9, Build 122.

    The TRE updates include better integration with the Omnia 9 processors and several automation systems. Both upgrades are available from BE Customer Support by email or phone.

  • 7/7/16 - WorldCast is making the Worldcast Manager free to users until September. This is an easy-to-use SNMP monitoring tool enables you to monitor all your SNMP devices, from any manufacturer on a single screen.

    The full Platinum version is available free of charge and without commitment until 30th Sept 2016. Just enter the code 'PLATINUM-FREE' when activating your licence.

  • 6/28/16 - the Telos Alliance introduces the Telos VX Primme Broadcast IP Telephone System.  Designed for smaller stations, with two to four studios.

  • 6/22/16 - Inovonics has released the new Model 223 Multimode Audio Processor, debuted at the Spring NAB. A DSP-based processor, the tri-band  Model 223 has quick menu-driven, application-specific setups for:  NRSC, European or shortwave AM broadcast; Traveler's Information Service;  More information from Inovonics here.

       The 3-band processing has selectable crossovers, EQ and tight limiting with
       pre-emphasis protection. Features include gated and windowed "gain-riding"
       AGC, 3-band compression with adjustable EQ, and a fast "lookahead" final

  • 5/20/16 - Hot spots?  Should have linked here.

  • 5/10/16 - Nautel has again expanded their product line with the GV60 and GV80 modules, both IBOC capable.

  • 4/13/16 - Wheatstone will bring several new product to NAB 2016. Among the are the IP Mix Engine, the LXE console, the AirAura X1 audio processor, and Version 6 of VoxPro. (Booth N2530)     

  • 4/13/16 - LAWO continues its expansion into the US market with the new R3LAY Virtual Radio Mixer. This software defined mixer starts out as a basic touch screen mixer, but can have any number of specialized modules added, to customize the mixer for any need, from telephones to audio processing. (N1822)


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  • 4/13/16 - Visitors to the Nautel booth (N2522) will find two new transmitters displayed. Nautel has introduced two new NX Series AM transmitters, the NX3 and NX15. Operating at 3 and 15 kW of analog power, these two transmitters bring high efficiency (86% AC to RF) and a large suite of operational features to mid-power AM operations.
  • 4/12/15 - Orban - For the third year in a row, Orban will conduct its "Station Rejuventation" promotion, giving away $30k worth of Orban gear to attendees registering during the Show.
    Orban will also unveil two products during NAB, the the lastest update to their flagship processor, the Orban 8700 and the new Optimod-PC 5501e. .

Orban: (Booth N5006)

  • 4/11/16 - ENCO brings their new video for radio application. Visual Radio gives broadcasters an easy way to enhance their DAD automation system with high-quality, professional video feeds.  (Booth N2518).
  • 4/8/16 - Another new INOmini monitor will be shown by Inovonics: the Model 638, FM/HD Radio SiteStreamer. The 638 will monitor up to six FM or HD signals via the Internet, with email alerts or text alarms. The preset stations can be monitored in a round-robin method.
  • 4/8/16 - The new Omnia.7AM will be a feature at the Telos Alliance  booth during NAB.  (Booth N1934).
  • 4/7/16 - Davicom will show an updated universal SNMP interface that will work with all SNMP-enabled gear, requiring only a network cable and low-cost switch. All new Davicom DV-mini and 208/216 products will have the SNMP feature built-in. 
    Davicom also will show a lightning strike counter, a temperature sensor hub, and a replacement cord for easy changeonver from selected remote control units.
    (Booth N3532).

  • 4/6/16 - Kintronic Labs is being two new products to the NAB Show: a new line of Low power FM combiners and a new line of low cost Model ISO-130-FM series of FM isolation inductors tailored to low or high impedance AM base insulated tower environments. (Booth N5138)

  • 4/6/16 - Belar Electronics is launching a new line of modulation monitors during the NAB Show. Noting that many engineers now need or prefer remote access to the modulation monitor, the FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite bring full-featured monitoring capabilities at a savings of 40% on the price of the Belar flagship models - without sacrificing any of the capabilities. Shipping is expected in June, although the WizWin updates can be for the FM-HD1 and FMCS-1 models are available now. (Booth N3730)

  • 4/6/16 - ERI will introduce a pair of FM combiners during the Spring Show. The Model FI136 is a compact low power Tee combiner which is capable of combining two FM channels up to one kilowatt each, 2 kilowatts combined. The Model FI836 is a high power, two channel combiner rated for 15 kilowatts per input, convection cooled, and with the forced air cooling option is rated at up to 30 kilowatts per input. (Booth C2324)

  • 4/5/16 - GatesAir new line of Flexiva LX transmitters will be on display in Las Vegas. The LX series will use digital technology from the exciter to a GUI web control application to build a budget-friendly but strong, high efficiency analog FM transmitter.  (Booth N2512)

  • 4/4/16 - Henry Engineering has announced its latest new product, the SUPERELAY II. This model is compatible with LED "on air" lights and has a built-in flashers and a DC Tally Light output. (Booth, #N3530)

  • 4/2/16 - ESE will display several new products this month at NAB. The ES-410 is a GPS-based frequency standard that puts out 10 MHz Sine and Square Wave signals and a 1 PPS logic signal.
    ESE has improved its existing line of master clocks (including ES-185U, ES-160U and ES-188 with IPv6 compatibility, dual battery backups, and new Control Panel software. 

  • Also the LX-5212U is an enhanced 12-inch clock that shows both digital and analog.
    The clock can auto-detect a number of time codes, including SMPTE/EBU-LTC, ESE, ASCII time code and ESE timer code.
    The LX-5212U is IPv6 compatible and allows the choice of LED colors.
    (Booth C2539)


  • 3/30/16 - The Telos Alliance has announced the shipping of their new Z/IP Stream R/2 stream/encoder/processor. Live demos of the Z/IPStream R/2 will be at NAB booth #N1934 during the NAB Show. The Z/IP R/2 will carry up to eight stereo channels with optional Omnia processing and the new metadata processing system.

  • 3/29/16 - And still more from Inovonics: The INOmini637, AM SiteStreamer. The 1/3 rack-size product will allow remote montioring of up to six stations.

  • 3/29/16 - Worldcast Systems are going to show their new model 10 kW Ecreso transmitter. In addition to a fully digital modulator, the transmitter is said to have higher reliability, redundancy, and efficiency.  (Booth N6134)

  • 3/8/16 - A high quality 5.1 headphone monitor will be introduced at NAB by DaySequerra. The iMix 5.1 Monitor allows for accurate and quick assessment of 5.1 surround audio including program quality, levels and loudness.

       The iMix 5.1 was designed to be a robust solution that allows users to work
       with their preferred type of headphones, achieving the sonic accuracy they
       need without special setup or calibration.
(Booth N3426)

  • 3/9/16 - Several manufacturers continue to "raise" power levels on their trans- mitters. At BW Broadcast, this adds a TR600V2 to the all-in-one box translator series.

  • 3/9/16 - Dielectric plans to introduce new products for FM that emphasizes greater operational efficiency, reduced footprint, and broadband, multichannel operation. Innovations include a panel antenna design for low-power broad-   casters that reduces the size of the feed system by half, and a ring-style solution for high-power stations that greatly lowers the costs and complexity of sidemount installations. (Booth C2213)

  • 3/9/16 - Belar Electronics has added Automated Channel Scanning to its FCMS-1 all-in-one monitor for multi-station FM or FM/HD monitoring. (Booth N3730)

  • 3/8/16 - DaySequerra will be bringing new Series 2 TimeLock™ products to NAB. The new M4 TimeLock Series 2 and M4 TimeLock DDC Series 2  offer greater versatility in identifying and synchronizing diversity delay in HD Radio broadcasts. New features include double the delay capacity and full SNMP support. (Booth N3426)

  • 3/4/16 - GatesAir will be showcasing its line of IP links during NAB, headed by a new model, the IP Link MPX. Among its features will be multiple inputs and outputs, which permit placing all signal generation at the studio, from proces-sing to RDS. (Booth N2512)

  • 3/3/16 - Inovonics new AM Modulation Monitor is ready to go. The 525N adds network connection to the monitor, with a web interface to allow control and display from anywhere. The monitor is HD radio and MDCL compatible.

  • 2/26/16 - SAS has produced a video giving a nice overview of their product line and technology they plan to bring to NAB this Spring (Booth N3138).

  • 2/25/16 - The BW Broadcast transmitter line has now reached 2500 Watts TPO with the release of their latest model TX2500 V2. More information here.

  • 2/16/16 - Comrex has announced CrossLock, a new feature for their ACCESS line. Among the features included in ACCESS groundbreaking new firmware 4.0p3, CrossLock provides bonding capabilities, allowing the use of multiple networks at one time. More info at: (Booth C1633)

  • 2/5/16 - StationRotation is the name of the new feature in the Inovonics INOmini 635. This feature allows users to program in a series of stations to monitor and then the unit scans each one for the time period programmed, and then moves on. More info:

  • 2/3/16 - Henry Engineering has announced two new products that will be introduced at the Spring NAB Show. The AES Digiswitch 3X1 will switch digital inputs to one output.

    Also debuting is the Power Pod, a power supply that will power up to 12 of the "Pod" products from one power supply.
     See them both at NAB, Booth N3530.

  • 2/3/16 - ACstate is new from Stackley Devices. ACstate is designed to check AC line voltage and provide voltage presence via remote as well as indications for status inputs. More info at:

  • 2/3/16 - The Audio Control Interface, a system where the modulation monitor gives instruction to compliant processors is at the heart of the Wheatstone/ DaySequerra/Belar systems. 

  • 1/26/16 - Those familiar with Inovonics  line of products can now get them bundled in new RackPacks, an easy way to mount three units in 1U rack space. Power su pply and jumper cables included.

  • 1/14/16 - Kintronic Labs is pleased to announce that following a period of two years of preparation it has now received ISO 9001:2008 certification of their quality management system for the Design, Manufacture and Distribution of AM and FM Antenna Systems.

  • 1/12/16 - DH Satellite is introducing its newest product,
    the 3.7 meter Sectional Antenna with 48” Az-El Mount, to meet the demand for sectional antenna that can be easily transported and set up.
    DH notes that this 4-piece dish performs the same as their one-piece antenna.

  • 1/12/16 - RTW's compact  is a budget-friendly, professional loudness monitor with easy and flexible preset controls. Tthe TM3 features PPM and True Peak instruments, with comprehensive loudness measuring options. TouchMonitor TM3

    RTW’s TouchMonitor TM3-Primus is an ultra-compact and innovative product that is tailored for music, voice and multimedia producers in professional, as well as non-commercial environments.

  • 1/11/16 - V-Soft Communications has updated its AM-Pro 2 software to study AM station allocations using the new FCC AM revitalization rules and proposals.
  • 12/8/15 - StreamGuys has new capabilities to integrate their SGPlayer with the Nielsen system to provide enhanced on-line streaming audience measurements. The new features make it easier to develop data for subscribers and advertisers.
  • 10/12/15 - mWAVE Industries has acquired the assets of the Gabriel and Mark Antenna brands. A factory is being set up in Windham, ME, and product shipment is planned to start before the end of the year.
  • 6/5/15 - DM Engineering has upgraded its Solid State Relay Pack to operate on either dry contacts or 5-30 VDC. The 5 x 6 x 1.5 inch size makes it easy to control anything from OnAir lights to remote starts.


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  • 4/8/15 - JAMPRO has two new FM antennas to show off during the NAB Show. A 3-element Yagi and a Band II folded dipole will be in the booth (C1055).




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