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The NAB 2017 new products are starting to show up. Here are some of them:

  • 3/27/17- GateAir staff is jumping for joy as Cumulus signed a PO for 70 assorted AM and FM transmitters. Major electrical savings are anticipated.
  • 3/20/17 - Kintronic Labs plans for the NAB include the new Kintronic Labs automatic dehydrators and the Titus II Android Tablet SDR Receiver.

    In addition they plan an AM synchronous transmitter simulation to demon-strate the value of synchronization for all AM stations in the US.

  • 3/19/17 - Another set of upgrades comes from Tieline which will demonstrate new features for their ViA codec. The firmware upgrade is available here.
  • 3/16/17 - Monroe Electronics will bring three upgrades, including the mandatory 3.1 version upgrade of the DASDEC software, to display at the NAB Show. The software is also said to be available next week.
  • 3/15/17 - Orban will come to the NAB Show (N3203) with a smaller set of models, a result of feedback from the field. At this point, the Orban line includes the 5500i, 5700i, 8600Si, 8600 FM/HD, and the new 8700i, which will be introduced at NAB 2017.
  • 3/10/17 - Kathrein Scala has named SCMS as one of only two Premier Distribution Partners in the US for their extensive line of antennas.
  • 3/10/17 - Telos Alliance member Axia is almost ready to ship their new Axia IP-Tablet.

    Axia IP-Tablet permits virtualization of control and hardware resources. It also aggregates control of several Telos Alliance devices, putting only what the broadcaster needs at his or her fingertips and creating shortcuts to control Telos Alliance hardware.

    Broadcasters can also use the IP-Tablet to manage user rights for device access, linking a user's profile to his or her needs and access privileges.
  • 3/8/17 - Enco is poised to expand its enCloud suite at the 2017 NAB Show with WebDAD, the first ENCO enCloud solution that allows broadcasters to take full control of the radio station from any remote location with a network connection.
    With a direct line to DAD in the studio, the broadcaster can control the complete on-air interface over IP via any standard web browser.

  • 3/8/17 - GatesAir will introduce a new ground breaking intelligent IP networking solution at the 2017 NAB Show that halves bandwidth consumption for Uncompressed Digital IP STL Transport. The Intraplex IP Link MPXp is the first FM MPX IP codec to support?sepparately or together?AES 192 digital and analog composite signals over a secure and reliable digital IP path.This will, of course, reduce the costs and bolster the opportunities associated with radio program transport.

  • 3/7/17 - Telos Alliance member 25/7 has launched a new product, the TVC-15 Broadcast Watermark Analyzer and Monitor. 
    The TVC-15 is designed to help stations monitor watermarking and adjust levels, even automatically to maximize the watermarking. A closer look and more info is here.

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  • 2/27/17 - Telos Alliance member Axia is now shipping their new Pathfinder Core Pro Routing and Facility Management Appliance. The Pathfinder Core Pro works for stations wanting advanced routing control without use of a PC.

    Pathfinder Core PRO lets users create their own user panels, giving them a unique and customized look and design for features like meters and buttons. Because there are a variety of automation systems that don’t understand the Axia language, Pathfinder Core PRO Device Emulators allow the unit to “look like” another protocol, emulating third-party protocols and translating them into the Axia language.  More information is here. 
  • 2/23/17 - LBA Technology has been named the Distributor for the EMCTD Smart Fieldmeter® systems. These high quality instruments are among the lowest in cost of competitive RF survey meters. LBA’s EMCTD offerings will support FCC, OSHA, and international radio frequency compliance in the industrial, broadcast, and wireless communications markets.  More information is here

    LBA also is shipping their new CAMI broadband isolator, which allows low power TV operators to locate to “hot” AM towers, and the new expanded line of CAMIs can handle TV power all the way to 40,000 Watts, VHF and UHF.
  • 2/22/17 - ENCO is now shipping their new Clipfire application. A flexible wall of audio cuts "touch ready," Clipfire is ideal for TV, radio, and remote broadcast insertion of audio clips. For more information, click here.
  • 2/17/17 - Wheatstone has agreed to purchase PR&E products from GatesAir. The well-regarded consoles add to the variety of products in the Wheatstone stable.
  • 2/7/17 - Comrex plans to introduce two new products at NAB2017.

    ACCESS NX (right) is the latest version of the famous portable audio IP encoder, adding an audio channel, plus a new, larger touch screen and a digital mixing stage.

    The other new product, Opal, is a web portal for audio, allowing the user to deliver high quality sound with low delay from any computer, without special gear.

    Opal serves a web page to allow remote guests to deliver studio quality sound, without the need for any special equipment on their end. It is 1 RU, with two fitting only slot.

  • 2/7/17 - Inovonics has introduced their new Model 223 AM Processor. The new model, in the INOmini configuration, replaces the Model 235 Processor.
    The Inovonics 223 is designed for NRSC AM, Monaural FM, TIS, analog SCA uses, plus studio and microphone processing. It features a tri-band compressor, selectable crossovers, and a look-ahead peak controller.
    Also, there will be a new line of Novia processors, and a new FM/HD receiver, the AARON 655.
  • 1/30/17 - One week after the last update, Broadcast Electronics is releasing an AudioVAULT Software Release 10.40.606.2, which can be obtained by contacting the Studio Technical Services department by phone at 217.224.4700 or e-mail BE suggests all AudioVAUILT users install the upgrade. 
  • 1/23/17 - Belar Electronics is now shipping their new low-cost versions of their HD Radio and All-in-One modulation monitors, introduced last Spring. These units, the FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite, emphasizing remote access via Belar's WizWin software over front-panel management, are half the size and nearly half the price point of the company’s traditional monitors.
  • 1/20/17 - Two of the major manufacturers in the broadcast industry are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.  GatesAir goes back to a start in 1922 by Parker Gates - 95 years - while Dielectric is celebrating 75 years of service. A number of events during the year are said to be announced shortly. Stay tuned!
  • 1/17/17 - The Telos Alliance has added SAS (Sierra Automated Systems) to the list of companies who will produce gear using the Livewire standard developed by the Telos Alliance.
  • 12/15/16 - Logitek Systems now has Dugan insert points available on its Artisan console systems. These insert points allows users to connect external devices made by Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc. to supply automatic microphone mixing, utilizing the Dugan Speech System algorithm.

    Eight post-fader inserts are supported and allow the connection of analog, AES or AoIP format audio.

    Designed for small to medium market TV stations as well as audio production studios, the Artisan is a modular control surface configurable from 2 to 38 faders along with two master mixes, eight stereo sub mixes, four stereo aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. All channels can be 5.1, mono or stereo.

  • 12/14/16 - GeoBroadcast Solutions (GBS) has announced an agreement with the MaxxCasting technology by the American Public Radio Group, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), and Southern California Public Radio (SCPR), to use GBS patents to enhance station coverages.
  • 11/10/16 - Closed Circuit Captioning is the focus of enCaption3R3 from ENCO. The application handles speech to text in a live setting without any pre-programming. enCaption3R3 is in compliance with industry standards, and is already in use by the Liquidation Channel. More info here.
  • 11/8/16 - DM Engineering has debuted their new Mic-Pod, featuring flexible microphone control and large LED on/off buttons. A cough function and remote control (for mic lights, etc) connections are among the other features. Models can have the buttons on the front or top of case. For info, click here.


  • 11/8/16 - Wheatstone will showcase real-time remote control and transport of IP audio at NAB, NY with a foosball table on one side of its booth and a ‘home studio’ on the other, with fiber optic connectivity between the two.
  • 10/23/16 -  Inovonics has made a major firmware upgrade across all its models that use email. TLS1.2 is now supported. The downloads are here.
  • 10/20/16 -  Nautel has opened registration for the Nautel Users' Group this coming Spring. The NUG will be at the Flamingo Hotel again, as it was this year, on April 23rd .
  • 10/4/16 - Henry Engineering's latest product has been announced, for delivery in November. The System Alerts Monitor provides an instant visual, audible, and email indication if anything goes wrong or needs attention regarding up to 15 status inputs. List price, not including monitor: $695

                      Henry Engineering SAM         Monitor with possible alert texts

  • 10/4/16 - BW Broadcast and SCMS note the FCC has corrected itself and  acknowledged the certification of the BW Broadcast TX300V2 for use in LPFM service. (This reverses a citation issued earlier in the week.)

  • 9/9/16 - The Telos Alliance introduced the new OmniaSST, a full-featured software audio processor. Said to be the first processor to support Telos Alliances AuMPX codec, the OmniaSST is purpose built for FM radio, and can transport signals over a 320kbps pipe.



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