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The FCC opened up for comments on killing off the Main Studio rule. There are a lot
of opinions that this rule is outdated. While it is true many Public Information Files
are now on the FCC server, there is a danger that too many stations will chose to
just lock the door and let the automation play.

Indeed, there are a lot of rules that are long out of date, even entire sections of
rules (Part 11, anyone?). And Chairman Pai says he is radio's friend. We can only
hope the FCC's "one-size-fits-all" mentality can be moderated to let stations have
flexibility - but still pay attention to the home market.

News from North Dakota is about a station that wants to reduce day power from 50 kW
to a whole 4 kW.  KXMR in Bismark is going the opposite way from many stations. Will
THIS start a trend and begin to "thin out" the band?

The FCC does not like it when stations fail to respond to their letters or phone calls.
This week, it appears the EB has decided to drop the "D" on three stations.

We have a new feature on the BDR. It is called Spotlight and is designed to
give you a more focused look at a company or product.  This page can be
found here.   Take a look as we put the spotlight on different manufacturers.

If you have not done your 2017 AM NRSC measurements as yet, this is a good
time to get it done. You must do it each year, within 14 months. Need someone
to do it?  Check right here.

Need a decent, but inexpensive auxiliary transmitter? A BE FM10A is available.
Also a Tieline BridgeIT Codec and a complete Studio, including console, for only $2k.
Check these and other gear out at

Myat, Inc.


News from Comrex: A World Tour is under way, with the next stop in New York City on May 31st
More info link:

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Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary, announced a major software upgrade to their One-Net? and DASDEC? platforms for advanced Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messaging compliance. The new software, Version 3.1, gives One-Net and DASDEC customers the latest compliance mandates, operational improvements, and security features, as well as industry-first MPEG-DASH message playout. The Version 3.1 upgrade is free to all current Version 3.0 users, and all those registered customers will be receiving an email with download credentials.

Importantly, Version 3.1 includes a critical update for emergency alert authentication to address changes made by national authorities in both the U.S. and Canada. This is an essential update that includes the latest FEMA IPAWS and Pelmorex NAAD digital certificates, which are required to ensure proper validation and authentication of emergency alert messages.

The new Version 3.1 also includes dozens of other new features and improvements. For example, a new

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By the way, you can still see our NAB Spring Show reports at:
and the Manufacturers' News:

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Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
It was  40 years ago (1977) when Star Wars exploded in movie theaters.
It was  59 years ago (1958) Jerry Lee Lewis' child bride became known in London.
                                       How old was Myra? ****
It was  62 years ago (1955) when the Chuck Berry recorded "Maybellene."
It was 173 years ago (1844) when Morse Code was demonstrated from Washington to Baltimore
        with the famous line: "What hath God wrought?"

These events also might toggle a memory cell or two (!):
It was  27 years ago (1990) when Windows 3.0 was released.
It was  82 years ago (1935) when Babe Ruth hit his last home run.
It was  90 years ago (1927) when Lindbergh landed in Paris.
It was 134 years ago (1883) when the Brooklyn Bridge opened.
         It was immediately offered for sale by Rich Wood - and can still be acquired from him today.

Myat, Inc.

** During the first aerial flight in North America by balloon on January 9, 1793, from Philadelphia to Deptford, New Jersey, Jean-Pierre Blanchard carried a personal letter from George Washington to be delivered to the owner of whatever property Blanchard happened to land on, making the flight the first delivery of air mail in the United States.

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