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We start this week with some free things you may want:

Transmitter manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz has prepared a very nice ePub on Antennas. The free download, which can be read on line and/or printed out, has material for beginners and experts. They will ask for your name, but that is only to gauge how many different people find the booklet useful (they promise no marketing emails will result).  Grab it here.

Get yourself a free floor pass now.

FREE, SOON - ProTools
ProTools is getting ready to release a free version ProTools First. While the date has not been announced, you can sign up to be notified when it is released. Some information is here.

Microsoft has announced that users of Windows 7 and 8 will be allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 at no charge for a year after the new OS is launched, later this year.

Someone is parting out a Continental 316F, including the variable vaccuum caps. An ERI 6" to 3" adaptor flange is also among the new items. And, frankly, we are surprised the "Free" BG-1G has not been taken, so far as we know. And someone still needs help with parts and manual information for an Energy-Onix Pulsar 5000. Can you help?  Buy or sell here.

OK, there is still a lot of snow on the ground in many places, including New England. But this is a great time to plan projects for the spring. Need a consulting engineer to help design things? Here are some excellent folks. And if you need a contractor to come out and do the work, check out these folks.

SCMS, Inc.

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
29 years ago (1985) 45 stars gathered to record "We are the World."
46 years ago (1969) the Beatles played together as a group for the last time, on the roof of Apple Records.
51 years ago (1964) the USA launched Echo 2, its second communications satellite.
57 years ago (1958) the USA launched its first satellite, Explorer I
(At the same time, this was historically a bad week for the space shuttles...
(12 years ago (2003) the Space Shuttle Columbia burned up during re-entry, killing all aboard.
(29 years ago (1986) the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launch, killing all aboard.)
66 years ago (1949) RCA introduced the 45 RPM record. It was probably less than a day later when the first radio engineer glued an insert on a 33 so the 45 could be more easily slip-cued on the air.

And, some items of more general interest:

32 years ago (1983) Lotus 1-2-3 debuted as the spreadsheet to have. What did 1-2-3 stand for?***
33 years ago (1982) Intel debuted the 80286 microprocessor.
57 years ago (1958) the Lego brick's design was patented. (Lego comes from "leg godt" - play well - in Danish).
65 years ago (1950) President Truman announced the invention of the H-Bomb.
67 years ago (1948) Mohandas Ghandhi was assassinated.
70 years ago (1945) the concentration camp at Auschwitz, Poland was liberated.
100 years ago (1915) the first Intercontinental telephone call was connected without a busy signal.

.....And 128 years ago Monday (1887) when Groundhog Day was first started ... except for Bill Murray.
Got Winter? 

SCMS, Inc.

*** Lotus' application handled three important functions: spreadsheet calculations, database functionality, and graphical charts - hence the name "1-2-3".


We know, for many, the weekend is an extended party, watching the Super Bowl ... or as Stephen Colbert calls it, the Superb Owl.

But, for those of you who are not fully interested in the Super Bowl - Dish Network says they will reverse their controversial AutoHop feature during the day of the game so that viewers could skip the game and just watch all of the commercials in succession the day after the game.

And, OK ... if it makes you feel any better, here is the potential flip side of the snow mess in New England (although it never was as bad as the news programs led us to believe). Global warming?  That is just for lightweights.  Try this one!

Whatever you do, enjoy your weekend!


... and now for something completely different:
... all the extra stuff .. some important ... some just interesting.

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