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Greetings from the your friends out on the Desert...

Here are some things you might want to know about:

The FCC announced this week that they will be going "live" with their major redesigned
web site. The date for conversion is supposed to be December 9th, with the new web
site up on the 10th. We are not going to predict problems like with the server move,
but if you have needs, it is best not to plan to use on the 10th...

We learned some things about the FCC and its "process" that we probably already knew, but
did not want to acknowledge: those huge, headline-grabbing fines have not been paid. Excuses
ranged from "legal procedures" to "following policy" to "we don't really know why" ... but it appears
there is a dark secret: lawyers know that if they drag things out long enough, the Statute of Limitations will kick in, preventing the Justice Department from pursuing any of the fines.

So, of the $100 million or so in fines the FCC has issued of late, including those mammoth fines for
jamming WiFi in hotels, hampering throughput on cell systems, and all those violators of the
cellphone "Lifeline" subsidy, what do you think was collected? No, not that much. $0.00
That's zero dollars and no sense at the FCC.

Another way to look at it: The FCC is like a big mean dog with a loud bark, but no bite - its
teeth are gone, removed to "follow process."

... and the hits just keep on comin'!

It is anticipated the new rules will go into effect shortly. If you have a contest coming up,
do check out Cary Tepper's discussion.

We have several new listings of used transmitters ranging from a couple of "Power Pebbles" to
a Gates 5, and a Ham favorite, the 20V3.
Do you have something to sell? ... or need something? Check out our forsale page here.


Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
20 years ago (1995) the FCC eliminated the Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit.
        (the FCC dropped First Class Radiotelephone licenses 31 years ago, in 1984.)
40 years ago (1975) Silver Convention hit #1 with "Fly, Robin, Fly."
47 years ago (1968) the Beatles hit "Hey Jude" was coming to the end of nine weeks at #1.
51 years ago (1964) the Shangri-La's hit #1 with "Leader of the Pack."
90 years ago (1925) WSM began the "Grand Ole Opry."

And, here are some other interesting dates ...
20 years ago (1995) the Federal Speed Limit of "55" was repealed.
25 years ago (1990) the Chunnel between England and France opened, allowing a 1/2 hour train   ride to replace a 3 /12 hour ferry across the English Channel.
68 years ago (1947) the UN voted to partition Palestine, leading to the creation of the modern State of Israel.

... for a really old one....
It was 920 years ago (1095) when the Pope Urban II ordered the first "Crusade" to liberate Jerusalem. We will not comment other than to say, you would think the Crusade is still going on.... sigh.


What would you pay for a great headset? Really good, accurate sound reproduction,
and high quality parts?  $150? $350? $500?

How about Sennheiser's Orpheus, a marble clad, tube-amped, headset?
5 Hz to 100,000 Hz response.  Even your dog will love it!

Take a look ... only $55,000 each.   !!!!!  Really!

As always, we wnat to thank you for checking in! We will look for you next week .... .

Now .. .some extra stuff .. some important ... some just interesting.

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