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Quarterly Issues and Programs List
The latest list is required on July 10th or before. That is next Friday.

Strike While It Is Hot!
The Texas Association of Broadcasters pegs their annual convention in Austin to early August. Now, you might think "why?" .. but if you want some great BBQ and a good summer show, that's the time and place to be.

Among the new listings: a couple of used Optimods, and a trio of TFT Reciters. And some folks are looking for a 5 kW phasor and a BE 250A Console. Check out these and other good deals here.

Do not blink too much.  Just before mid-night, you get an extra second of life. Not quite eternal life, but any extension is good, right?  Now, if the paradise were here!

Cary Tepper alerts us that he has updated the tower maintenance sheet in his article. A reader pointed out how important it was to check the weepholes on towers with hollow legs. Not only check to make sure they are open and draining when necessary - check to make sure the sections are installed correctly. We have seen towers with the weepholes at the top end of sections!

Just a summer reminder. Several of the folks who do NRSC are already out on their circuit. They might be able to visit your station during the run - saving you some travel money! Here is the info.

Comrex Corporation

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
13 years ago (2002) Sirius satellite radio service began.
30 years ago (1985) Back to the Future was released, featuring the 1981 DeLorean DMC-12.
36 years ago (1979) the first Sony Walkman was sold in Japan.
38 years ago (1977) Theme from Rocky hit #1 on the charts.  (Gonna Fly Now)
52 years ago (1963) WWVB began operation at 60 kHz.
58 years ago (1957) John met Paul for the first time.
61 years ago (1954) Elvis Presley recorded "That's All Right (Mama)"  - in his first studio session.
74 years ago (1941) Commercial TV stations were first licensed. First up: WNBT, NY.
81 years ago (1934) the FCC began operations.
87 years ago (1928) the first experimental TV station was licensed.
104 years ago (1911) the Radio Division was created as part of the Commerce Department. 

... and also of some interest:
23 years ago (1992) the One Millionth Corvette was built (it took 39 years).
49 years ago (1966) the bikini swimsuit was first shown. The name came from the island where US atomic tests were done. 
78 years ago (1937) Amelia Earhart disappeared.
85 years ago (1930) work began on the Hoover Dam.  The current water levels are the lowest since Lake Mead was first filled.

And ... 239 years ago (1776) ... let's see .. .what could possibly have happened on this date?***

Comrex Corporation


**** HOWEVER: The Declaration of Independence was actually voted on and signed on July 2nd. The printed copy, however, was dated July 4th. Some would say the holiday is two days late!

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