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As this is being written, the Inauguration of the new President is
about a day away. However,  before leaving NYC, Mr. Trump met with
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai. Whether Pai will become the new Chair,
Temporary Chair, or someone else coming in o ver the next few weeks
will end up in the top chair, it does appear that the new Administration
definitely is looking to be more broadcaster friendly.

Here is a reminder for those of you who want to get a head start on the technical tests/reports
for the year. NRSC measurements are required for all AM stations, for FM stations, it is not
mandatory, but considered good practice to do a line sweep on a regular basis - often
problems can be seen and corrected before a line fails.
Some fine folks who do NRSC measurements.  And, here is a lead on line sweeping.

We have updated the look at CES, showing a sliver of what was interesting - and
perhaps different - on the floor. 

No, relax, not all iPhones. But the original iPhone will no longer function, as AT&T has
pulled the last of the G2 networks.  It only took ten years from game-changer to

Among the newly listed items this week are a Tieline G3 Commander codec and a Harris
AirWave console. Also, someone wants a TFT941 manual, another wants a 20V2 or 20V2 or
MW1, and someone is looking for TK-76 items. See the whole list here.

Magnum Towers Inc.

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
33 years ago (1984) the Apple Macintosh was introduced. Remember the Super Bowl ad? And yes,
the Apple carried only 128 k of RAM!
37 years ago (1980) Paul McCartney was released from a Tokyo jail and deported from Japan.
88 years ago (1929) Lee de Forest patented his Audion tube.
91 years ago (1926) John Logie Baird gave the first demonstration of a true television system.

And, some items of more general interest:
36 years ago (1981) the Iran Hostage Crisis ended, as President Ronald Reagan took office.
41 years ago (1976) the Concord first flew commercial supersonic flights from France and England.   Unfortunately, as fast as it was, it was so expensive to operate that it never made a profit. A lot of noise, yes, money, no.
60 years ago (1957) Wham-0 produced the first Frisbee - named after a bakery whose pie tins sparked the invention.
72 years ago (1945) the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz.
82 years ago (1935) canned beer was first sold.
112 years ago (1905) the world's largest diamond was found - 3106 carets - in South Africa. It is known as the "Cullinan."

... and for you deep history buffs:
It was 517 years ago (1500) when Vicente Yanez Pinzon discovered Brazil. The Brazilians, however, were unaware they were lost.


Magnum Towers Inc.

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