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The Broadcast Archive

A number of folks have reacted to the closing of SRS Electronics in Cleburne, TX, and offered their thoughts on Rick Neace, who continues to struggle with health issues.

For those who worry about needing parts and service, the good news is that Marti products still have a robust support system. In addition to this list of sources for parts and support, we had a conversation with Tim Bealor at Broadcast Electronics, the company that purchased rights to manufacture Marti gear. Tim assured us that they will continue to support Marti gear.

PTEK, the transmitter manufacturer in San Jose, CA, has announced the appointment of Larry Longhurst as President of the company, with a focus on improving product quality and customer service. PTEK is well-known for value-priced gear, and the promise of enhanced quality and support will be welcomed by users.
As we wander around, we find ourselves in all sorts of curious places - and sometimes crazy situations. Please take a quick picture and share with us what caught your eye. For example, did you see Jared Seese on top of 4 Times Square? Or how about the Church of the FCC? And Richard Rudman is always carrying his BDR mug to new places (it must be easier than taking the garden gnome!). The BDR Picture Page is always looking to share .... interesting... odd ... and funny pics!

The remainders of a Hawaiian station are for sale until this weekend, as is most everything from a university station in Wisconsin that turned off the carrier and started streaming. All this, and more are on the ForSale/Wanted page.

A Chief Engineer and a Maintenance Engineer are needed in New York. Check here.

The Broadcast Archive

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
37 years ago (1976) the #1 spot on the pop chart was taken by "Disco Duck."
47 years ago (1957) the Everly Brothers topped the charts with "Wake Up Little Susie."
95 years ago (1919) the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was officially launched as a public company. (GE held the controlling interest.)

And, here are some other interesting dates:
41 years ago (1973) the OPEC states declared the oil embargo against the West. Remember the long lines?
57 years ago (1947) Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier for the first time in the X-1 rocket plane.
83 years ago (1931) Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion.
147 years ago (1867) the US took possession of Alaska after buying it from Russia. Whose "Folly?"***

And, here is something about the foundation of the US:
247 years ago (1767) the Mason-Dixon line survey was completed.

The Broadcast Archive

*** It was called "Seward's Folly" when Secretary of State William Seward bought Alaska from Russia for $7 million - 2 cents an acre. Critics saw no value in the huge, distant place. Today, Alaska is almost 20% of the US land mass.

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