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Here are some of the things you might like to know about: 

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It is always nice to get extra views of an event. No one person sees it all. Alan Alsobrook's Southern View is part of this week's items, above.

We are almost done with this one!

  • Stations in Delaware and Pennsylvania: your Post-Filing Announcements will run 1st and 16th in May and June.
  • And this renewal season is over!

Do you have some gear that you just cannot quite repair, but are not ready to junk?  These folks may be just the ones to help you solve the problem!

This week, we have some new consoles, an MW-5, a couple of Marti units, and some studio furniture. Check here for some good deals or for a chance for you to clear out your back room - free to individuals.

It seems that now that the flood of LPFM CPs as slowed down (we await the MX applications being worked out), the reality of the cost of operation is setting in. LPFM is not cheap, but does not need to be overly expensive. There are many ways to get good, serviceable gear, without overstretching a modest budget. Ideas?  Try some of these.

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Do You Remember?  This week in history:

It was 46 years ago (1968) when KNX began operating as an all-news station.
It was 49 years ago (1965) when David House first used "Moore's Law" to predict increasing PC chip performance.
It was 53 years ago (1961) when FCC set up the FM Stereo rules.
It was 80 years ago (1934) when WLW was permitted to use the 500 kW transmitter.
It was 92 years ago (1922) when these stations were first licensed by the Dept of Commerce:
(the actual First Day of Broadcast was not always the same as the license date for the early stations.)

  • KZN (now KSL-1160)
  • KPO (now KNBR-680)
  • WAAB (now WJBO-1150)

It was 108 years ago (1906) when an earthquake leveled San Francisco.
It was 239 years ago (1775) when the American Revolution began.

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