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This is the week. The OPIF (Online Public Information File) goes online for many
stations. While one hopes the FCC will give some time for things to "shake down,"
it is probably a wise move to upload what is required this week, if your station(s)
are in the group told to get it going.

And that includes the Q2 Issues and Programs due by July 10th. There will likely
be scripts run to see who has not filed on time. Do not be the first one caught;
the "fame" is not worth it!

It is hard to tell if it is just the wrong season or if folks are too tired of long involved
NRPMs, but the commenting on the EAS NPRM and the RF Noise NPRM seems lighter
than usual. Got something to say? Let the FCC know what concerns you, while there
is still time.

The NAB broke ground on their new complex, moving much closer to the Capitol and
the FCC's current digs.

The Telecommunications Industry Association is getting ready to issue its latest tower safety standards. lighting regulations. Watch for the TIA TR-14 "Installation, Alteration, and Maintenance of Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas"  sometime in July.

We seem to have had a spat of losing several radio pioneers this. George Riggins passed
away earlier this month; Paul Schafer in February. We have almost as much a
remembrance as an obit for Paul.
Additionally, Glenn Winter, former head of Susquehanna Broadcasting and Kenneth Sell in Phoenix have passed away.  (Thanks to Fred Greaves and Rod Zeigler)

You may have read this past week or so that several stations had applied for, and got, call letters that were, shall we say, a bit crude? The FCC person who usually watches call signs for appropriateness may have been on vacation, but it seems you can no longer apply for something off color and get it.

Take a look, here, at the new, improved incandescent.

This week, as usual, some new entries, some ready to drop off if no action this week.
Take a look: 


Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
35 years ago (1981) Stars on 45 hit #1 with a wild titled song.
51 years ago (1965) Mr. Tambourine Man was released, said to be start of the folk-rock revolution
68 years ago (1948) 33-1/3 rpm discs are introduced by Columbia
82 years ago (1934) the Communications Act of 1934 creates the Federal Communications Commission

And a few non-broadcast related items:
53 years ago (1963) the first direct connection between the US and the USSR was set up.
                                It was not a red phone.
72 years ago (1944) FDR signed the G.I. Bill
228 years ago (1788) the U.S. Constitution was ratified.


Like all versions of Windows, Windows 10 is getting some good press, some bad.
... and then there is this little bit of broadcast fun.

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