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Here are some things you might want to know about:

Digital Radio Engineering, Inc.

You may be aware of the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that brought
a number of sites down for hours last week. The question is: should you be concerned?

There are two key points that should be noted by broadcasters. First, experts point
out that these attacks are getting more and more difficult to prevent, as a huge
number of IoT (Internet of Things) products are put into use with default settings.
This allows botnets to be set up, pushing as much as 1TB/second of connections to
a server. Yes, IP cameras and other email enabled items can be potential attackers., the firm targeted, was a major DNS server for the Internet. If you tried
to hook up to a site, that relies on DYN, for an ftp download, send an important message,
or connect to a audio feed of some sort - and were not using static IP addresses - you
could be left with the "wait" icon for some time.


October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Since the most likely victims are the
more isolated stations and engineers, this is also a good time to remind our colleagues
to protect their critical station equipment, like EAS devices. (Thanks, Ed Czarnecki)

Just as recent events highlighted the dangers of not having equipment protected
by a firewall/router and changed passwords, last week's attacks show why any mission critical
equipment should be connected by static IP addresses whenever possible.

If this is unclear, check with your local 12 year old computer wiz.

We had several folks write to express appreciation for the comments on getting your site
ready for winter and keep problems out. It is a good reminder. With access to some
mountain sites soon to be very difficult, now is the time to do a check and see if anything
has deteriorated over the year.

We are just a week from the Fall change back to "regular" time zones.

Also just ahead: Monday, October 31st is the last you can apply for the 250 Mile Waiver
for FM translators that can move to rebroadcast AM Stations.

Early registration for the Nautel Users' Group meeting just before NAB is now open.
As this year, the all-morning program will be at the Flamingo Hotel on April 23rd.
Here is a link to the signup.

Several new listings this week. How about a whole 5kW AM station? Or a 10 Watt VHF
station? There also are several wants this week: someone wants a Belar FMS-1, and another
seeks a Delta AM Stereo monitor.  You can see them here.

Digital Radio Engineering, Inc.

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
50 years ago (1966) ? and the Mysterians hit #1 with "96 Tears."
51 years ago (1965) the Beatles were awarded the MBE by Queen Elizabeth.
53 years ago (1963) Beatlemania hit the Ed Sullivan Show... starting the British Invasion of the US - musically speaking!
78 years ago (1938) Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" frightened many.
96 years ago (1920) 8ZZ/KDKA broadcast election results - but was not the first broadcast station to do so, nor was it the first broadcast station. More information here.

And, here are some other interesting dates:
 4 years ago (2012) Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast, creating the widest emergency area since
                           Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005.
23 years ago (1993) the European Union went into effect. A sort of United States of Europe.
                         However, the UK is getting ready to leave the EU.
60 years ago (1956) Israel invaded Egypt during Suez Crisis.....
64 years ago (1952) the first hydrogen bomb was tested. (As if the atom bomb wasn't enough?)
69 years ago (1947) Howard Hughes flew the Spruce Goose to prove it worked, and then parked it.
87 years ago (1929) the Stock Market crashed and set off the Depression.

... and for our really old one:
499 years ago (1517) Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses.

Digital Radio Engineering, Inc.

See you next week!


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