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Here are some things you might want to know about:


Among the most hated things broadcasters have to maintain, the FCC took the next step in
requiring most stations in the top 50 markets to begin loading their Public Information File
to the newly reorganized OPIF on the FCC site.

While stations with less than 5 employees and Non-comm stations are currently excused,
and FCC intentions are still coming together, the Public Notice makes it clear that filing
things on time will become even more important as time stamps will quickly expose

The FCC does indicate that they will give most stations six months to upload all the
pertinent files to the OPIF site. More information and link to the demo site is here.

The FEMA has announced another regional NPT (National Periodic Test) for the IPAWS
EAS system, ahead of a national test this Fall, and then said the date is under review.

Due to some issues in Washington Station, as of today, the regional test has been
re-scheduled for 2:20 PM MDT  (1:20 PM PDT) on Wednesday, June 15th. The National
still is set for September 28th.

More information, including a link to the FEMA live web broadcast of information on May 13th is here.

Last week we talked about the computer security issue. This week it is Ubiquity
radios running a version of airOS. If you have any of these units in your program
chain, for example, it is worth checking to ensure your firmware is up-to-date and

A QEI FMQ-5000 transmitter is new to the list, as well as a change in pricing on some
6 GHz STL antennas.  Check them out at


Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
It was 15 years ago (2001) when XM got their satellite system in place.
         (The official launch of the service was on September 25, 2001.)
It was 34 years ago (1982) when "Ebony And Ivory" began a seven-week run at #1 on the pop charts
It was 36 years ago (1980) when the Mt. St. Helen erupted.
It was 50 years ago (1966) when Bob Dylan was called a "Judas" for electrifying "Rolling Stone.
(This was three years after Dylan walked off The Ed Sullivan Show in a song dispute.)
It was 51 years ago (1965) when the FBI laboratory decided to decode the dirty lyrics of "Louie Louie."
It was 52 years ago (1964) when the first Motown record hit #1: Mary Wells with "My Guy."
It was 94 years ago (1922) when these stations were first licensed by the Dept of Commerce:
(the actual First Day of Broadcast was not always the same as the license date for the early stations.)
WCAY (now WTMJ-620)
WDAP (now WGN-720)
WDAM (consolidated into WEAF, now WFAN-660)

And here are some items that might also interest you.
It was 43 years ago (1973) when the Watergate hearings began.
It was 62 years ago (1954) when the landmark case of Brown vs Board of Education was decided.
It was 212 years ago (1804) when Lewis and Clark set out to explore the NW part of the US.
It was 212 years ago (1804) when air mail service began - but you could only send between NY, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.
It was 224 years ago (1792) when the New York Stock Exchange was formed.


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