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Greetings from the your friends out on the Desert...

Here are some things you might want to know about:

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For those of you who are in AL, CO, CT, GA, ME, MA, MN, MT, NH, ND, RI, SC, SD, or VT - and
have five or more full time employees, you must put your EEO compliance report in the Public
Information File and website, if you have one. BTW, if you are now among those with your PIF
online, do not forget to upload today.

Similarly, stations in CO, MN, MT, ND, and SD, with more than 11 full time employees, you
need to file your "Mid-Term EEO Report" on FCC Form 397.

LPFM stations excepted.

You might not have received our Newsletter over the last two weeks due to an AT&T/Yahoo
mess. It appears someone unsubbed from this newsletter list by marking us as "Spam" and
AT&T responded by blocking us from getting through to you. SBCglobal, PacTel, Prodigy,
and other email addresses were also blocked off until this week.

These blackhole lists are a real pain, but we try to resolve them as soon as we find out.
If you ever fail to receive our newsletter, please let us know. We will try to send from a
different ISP, so you do not miss anything!

Earlier this month, the FCC sent several Puerto Rican station an letter,
telling them to discontinue their AM Synchronous operations within
six months. This is in regards some licensed operation for as long
as 13 years, albeit under "experimental" licenses.

The FCC did issue a Public Notice after the station's engineer protested,
and link to that as well as where you can comment on this is located here.

We mentioned this issue last week, and there is some effort to get the
FCC to take a stance regarding the man-made RFI that is killing
coverage for many stations. You are invited to comment on this, too.

Some listings are going away this week, like the Santa Cruz station,
complete with three studios. Also there is the vintage Stereo Volumax,
and more. You can see them and much more here.

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Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
21 years ago (1995) the FCC eliminated the Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit requirement to operate a broadcast station
37 years ago (1979) Eleven people were killed in a stampede outside Who concert in Cincinnati, Ohio  (WKRP in Cinncinnati devoted a story line to the incident.)
44 years ago (1972) The Temptations earn their final #1 hit with "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"

Also possibly of some interest:
15 years ago (2001) Enron filed for bankruptcy.

SAS Audio

We do encourage you to file comments on the AM Synchronous issue. Just follow the link at the top of this newsletter.


And, thanks for reading the BDR Newsletter. See you next week!
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