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With this issue of the Newsletter, we complete five years at the Broadcasters' Desktop Resource. As the culmination of what we have been doing since the late 1970s, we are pleased to know when one of more features of the BDR meets your needs. A number of you have written to say "thanks" - and that is always appreciated.

Of course, we could not do this without the support of our sponsors. They, too, appreciate it when someone lets them know they saw their banner ad on the BDR.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the world famous Vashon Island picnic and transmitter site crawl. Although I've been invited in the past, this year I was determined to make it, and truly enjoyed the Island, the historic transmitter sites, and the good food and company at the picnic. SBE Chapter 16 is responsible for the entire affair, and attracts a pretty large crowd. Look for some pictures and commentary to be posted over the next week (the trip was some 3500 miles total on the road in 8 days, so a few days will be needed to get everything back up to speed).

An assistant IT Director is needed.  Check it out.  

Quarterly NRSC Reminder
If your NRSC was last done in June 2012, you have only one month to do the 2013 measurement. Norm Laramee has joined our list of qualified folks can do the NRSC measurement for you.



Do You Remember?  This week in history:

It was 14 years ago (2000) when the Concorde crashed in Paris, essentially leading to the end of service in 2003.
It was 35 years ago (1978) when the first "Test Tube Baby" was born.
It was 35 years ago (1978) when "Animal House"  was released.
It was 39 years ago (1975) when "The Hustle" was #1 on the charts in the US.
It was 40 years ago (1974) when Richard Nixon's Impeachment Hearings started.
It was 49 years ago (1965) when Bob Dylan went "electric" and was booed at the Newport Folk Festival.
It was 55 years ago (1959) when Nixon debated Khrushschev at a fair in Moscow.
It was 93 years ago (1921) when Insulin was isolated in Toronto, Canada.
It was 103 years ago (1911) when Machu Picchu was discovered.
It was 106 years ago (1908) when the FBI was founded.

It was 239 years ago (1775) when the US Postal Service started. They still say the check is in the mail!


Enjoy the weekend ... come back next week safe and refreshed!

As always, please accept our sincere Thank you! ... for reading and sharing information from the BDR.


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