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FCC Comment Time
Last week, we mentioned two of the proceedings you can comment upon right now at the FCC. There are several proceedings worth your time even though many people feel it is an exercise in frustration because "the FCC won't listen, they'll just do what they want to do anyway."

On the other hand, we might be in a time period where Commissioners like Ajit Pai are actively reaching out to broadcasters and trying to be helpful. Perhaps it is a good time for you to check the FCC's EFCS and comment on matters of interest to you.

A Tech Support position has opened.  Check it out.

Among the new listings, someone is selling a Classic Hits Library; there is some studio furniture; or maybe you would like one of three Harris transmitters just listed.  The For Sale page is free to individuals.

Do you have a 3CX10000 you do not need?  How about an Autogram or Gates console? Check out the Want to Buy section. Perhaps you can clear out something from your back room and bank some cash. The Want to Buy is on the For Sale page.

Want a maintenance suggestion before the bad weather sets in? When was the last time you had your tower(s) inspected?  A good check for the guy wire tensioning, anchor integrity, and the condition of the tower itself is good insurance against the next storm that may come your way. We know some good tower guys who can tell you what you need to know. Check out the guys closest to you here.

Henry Engineering

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

It was 11 years ago (2003) when a power blackout hit NYC during sizzling weather (and - concidentally - the day after your Editor left town!)
It was 30 years ago (1985) when Michael Jackson bought the Beatles' publishing rights.
It was 32 years ago (1982) when audio CD production began - with an ABBA album.
It was 37 years ago (1977) when Elvis left the building - and the earth.
It was 45 years ago (1969) when the Woodstock Music Festival happened - three days that had a major effect on music and culture.
It was 46 years ago (1968) when the Rascals hit #1 with "People Got to Be Free."  It stayed on top for 5 weeks.
It was 69 years ago (1945) when it was announced that Japan had surrendered, ending WWII.
It was 100 years ago (1914) when the Panama Canal opened.
It was 102 years ago (1912) when the Radio Act of 1912 began regulation of broadcasting - licenses were now required, but easy to get.
It was 105 years ago (1909) when the first race was held at Indianapolis' Motor Speedway.

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As always, we will be back next week .... Enjoy your weekend.


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