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RF Specialties


We are a bit late this week, but we do have some late information below that you will want to see.

Here are some of the things you might like to know about:      

RF Specialties

The blast of cold weather reminds us that winter is coming - and animals like warm places. It is almost the flip side of Jeff Welton's article above: make sure all the openings in your transmitter building are filled, to prevent unwanted tenants from moving in. More than a few engineers have had the experience of going to the transmitter, smelling the odor, and finding an animal that gave its life to stop your format for a few minutes.

A Harris Z10CD and a Harris FM10K are among the new items listed. Mike Patton has an Armstrong 1kW AM, and someone needs a schematic for a Modulation Sciences SCA-186. Or, perhaps you have something you need or want to sell. Check it out: www.theBDR.net/hotlinks/forsale.html

Two Engineering positions are now open in Tucson. More info is here.

RF Specialties

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
21 years ago (1993) the FCC "solved" the AM Stereo issue by choosing the C-Quam system.
34 years ago (1980) 76% of TV viewers tuned in to find out "who shot J.R.
39 years ago (1975) KC and the Sunshine Band hit #1 with "That's the way (I like it)."
51 years ago (1963) Dr. Who first arrived on Earth from Gallifrey.
60 years ago (1954) the first transistor radio - the Regency TR-1 went on sale.
108 years ago (1906) the Morse Code "SOS" was adopted as the international distress signal.
137 years ago (1877) Edison invented the phonograph.

And, here are some other interesting dates ...
51 years ago (1963) John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
78 years ago (1936) Life Magazine was first published.

RF Specialties


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If you are snowed in ... or it is just too cold to play outside,
maybe this site will keep you occupied this weekend:
A whole selection of arcade games from the 1970s to the 1990s
that should play well on current machines.

Maybe we'll see you next week???  <ggggg>

Enjoy your weekend!


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