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Greetings from the your friends out on the Desert...

Here are some things you might want to know about:


Sort of like exercising a muscle that had not been used for a while, going to the
various sites at NAB required retraining our feet. No Riviera for NUG, and the
back of the North Hall for most of Radio.

Fortunately, we fell into pattern fairly quickly, although we did have to work a bit
to avoid the $30 parking sites.

Last week's Newsletter told you a few things about the 103,012 attendees and
what was on tap. This week, we offer you five different articles on NAB activity,
three of them from the floor and two dealing with some EAS issues that you
might want to know more about. Richard Rudman, Kevin Kidd, Adrienne Abbott,
Alan Alsobrook, and yours truly put something together for you.

I, for one, did not see the security issues as being a problem. The monitors had
sharp eyes for missing or turned badges, and were careful but pleasant.

While we could not cover all 1 Million+ square feet of the convention - but we
do think you will get a nice taste of what happened. Of course, if you really
need more, you can ask the Telos Guitar Crew to come play "Won't Get
Fooled Again!" at your next local broadcast gathering. Well ... you can ask.

In general, radio manufacturers were pleased with the turnout and sales on
the floor. That was really important in an industry where life has been
difficult since the market crash in 2008.

Those of you who were there may have something in mind that we missed. If so,
let us know and perhaps we can add that info as we head into May.

By the end of the week, everyone was ready to get home and get caught up.
By the end of this week, I will have managed to get through the email that
stacked up over the past week!


Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
 38 years ago (1978) the Blues Brothers first appeared on Saturday Night Live.
 53 years ago (1963) Little Peggy March hit #1 with "I Will Follow Him."
142 years ago (1874) Guglielmo Marconi was born.

94 years ago (1922) these stations went on the air after being licensed by the Dept of Commerce:
(the actual First Day of Broadcast was not always the same as the license date for the early stations.)

And some other items of interest:
   3 years ago (2013) the Boston Marathon was disrupted by two Chechen brothers and their bombs
 30 years ago (1986) the Russian nuclear disaster at Chernobyl happened.
 31 years ago (1985) CocaCola introduced "New Coke."  (Extra credit: how long did it take to restore "Classic Coke" to the marketplace?****)
 36 years ago (1980) two 747's collided in the Canary Islands, killing hundreds.
101 years ago (1915) the ill-fated allied invasion of Gallipoli began.
102 years ago (1914) Wrigley Field opened in Chicago.

... and if you really want to get technical: According to the German mathematician Kepler it was 6993 years ago this week (4977 BCE) when the universe was created. More recently, estimates of 14-16 Billion years have become more accepted (... and which also seems to be the age of something in the back of the refrigerator at many stations!).


*** Three months after "New Coke" was released, Classic Coke was back on the shelves and outselling New Coke. As you might imagine, the name "Edsel" was bandied about.

We do hope you are recovering (if you went to NAB) or just ready to enjoy your upcoming weekend.

See you next week!








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