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Next Wednesday, the 28th is the date for the first NPT issued by the FEMA to 000000 (all US).
Ready?  That means you have your EAS box up-to-date with the firmware that recognizes the
000000 location code, the NPT, and has filters set accordingly. This is where the upgrades in
2012 reach the go/no-go dividing line.

We advise checking with your boxes' manufacturer for any last minute information as learned
from last week's unannounced test. Monroe Electronics, for example has short application
notes with screen shots for both V 3.0 and V 2.x firmware.

Of course, there are some key items that are still unclear, including the FCC's definition of
"immediately" as it relates to handling the NPT.  In the opinion of our Editor, it is
inexcusable that the FCC has not given even the minimal guidance to the industry, leaving
folks to worry about what the EB will do if they guess wrong.

The same goes with the new EAS Handbook that was issued with insufficient attention
being paid at the FCC. (e.g. EOMs are not three data bursts and a tone) Yes, the FCC
has been concerned with important things, like trying to sell off broadcast spectrum.
However, with all the advisory committees being used by the FCC, it really would be
better if they would listen to them.

We had several folks share their broadcast oriented license plates
this week. Do you have one?  Please share it with us!

LPFM has definitely grown this year, nearly doubling from 2014 levels.  Three states
now have over 100 LPFMs licensed. The Pew Research info is here.

DTS, which purchased HD Radio from iBiquity has been, in turn sold to Tessera
Technologies as part of an $850 million sale. The Tessera press release says over
450 engineers will now focus on "next generation" technologies. More information
will likely come as the closing in Q1-2017 is completed.

The iPhone7 has been released - but there is no longer a phone jack for headsets.
Part of this is to make the phone waterproof, but it removes the capability of
using headsets as an antenna for FM radio - if Apple would allow FM in the
first place. There are to be new Bluetooth ear plugs, but without the wire
for an antenna, it looks like FM and NextRadio will not happen soon in the Apple.

A bunch of additional hospitals have been hit with ransomware viruses. Why are
hospitals such targets?  The private health records alone make delivery of
health services difficult, which causes many hospitals to pay up. Broadcast is
a somewhat similar target, as dead air does bring many stations to pay up.
Experts say paying is bad for everyone else.  But it goes on.

The week, we have an LPB Console, a Belar AMM-2, and a C Band uplink among
the new items for sale.  Check them out here.

VIRTBIZ Internet Services

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
39 years ago (1977) the Emotions hit #1 with "Best of My Love."
                        (a wonderful audio chain test cut!)
47 years ago (1969) the Beatles "Hey Jude" began a nine week tour at #1 on the charts.
56 years ago (1960) the first Kennedy-Nixon debate took place on television.
                            (Most people remember more about how they looked, than what they said.)
90 years ago (1926) when RCA was incorporated.

And, here are some other interesting dates:
59 years ago (1957) West Side Story premiered on Broadway.
75 years ago (1941) Ted Williams became the last Major League player to hit .400 in a season.
154 years ago (1862) Lincoln issued the Emacipation Proclamation.

Historically, this was not a good week for being President ...
115 years ago (1901) President William McKinley dies from gunshot. The new President was ***
135 years ago (1881) James Garfield was assassinated. Chester Arthur the US President.

VIRTBIZ Internet Services

Finally, Did you check your password on a meter?

Some of us do rely on "password meters" to tell us if the password
is secure enough. But, should we trust them?

Please enjoy your weekend!


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