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The Window opened in January for Class C and D stations, and which has resulted in well over 600 translator sales, comes to its end next week.  If you are a Class C or D station, wanting a translator, time is definitely running out. Get you application filed by July 28th. Any Class station can file starting on July 29th, but there are a few big things to remember: The earlier applications get precedence when there are conflicts. But, stations are allowed only one application in the Windows - so be sure your application will work. Dismissed applications mean you are done.

Meanwhile, translator owners are getting ready for new a run on their stocks. 

There is also a deadline upon in the EAS theater, although it is not as close. All stations must register by August 26th on the FCC site with Form One for the upcoming NPT in September. Some help in understanding the questions is at "Meet the ETRS." 

News this week that Beasley is buying Greater Media was received positively by many. Both are essentially family owned groups with reputations of serving their markets. Overall first looks seem to indicate like there will be no major job losses in this deal - at least not from the air or tech sides. If so, then both companies are to be applauded for thinking in bigger terms than money alone.

Among the other items, someone wants to purchase AudioArts A50 connectors, and there are some Mod Sciences CP-803s and a Symetrix 528e for sale.  Check them out here.


Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
38 years ago (1978) "Animal House"  was released.
41 years ago (1975) "The Hustle" was #1 on the charts in the US.
51 years ago (1965) Bob Dylan went "electric" and was booed at the Newport Folk Festival.

...and some non-broadcast related items:
 16 years ago (2000) the Concorde crashed in Paris, essentially leading to the end of service in 2003.
 38 years ago (1978) the first "Test Tube Baby" was born.
 42 years ago (1974) Richard Nixon's Impeachment Hearings started.
 57 years ago (1959) Nixon debated Khrushschev at a fair in Moscow.
 95 years ago (1921) Insulin was isolated in Toronto, Canada.
105 years ago (1911) Machu Picchu was discovered.
108 years ago (1908) the FBI was founded.

...and one more.....
241 years ago (1775) the US Postal Service started. They still say the check is in the mail!


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