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We are a bit late this week, but we do have some late information below that you will want to see.

Here are some of the things you might like to know about:    

RF Specialties


First it was the EAS "Zombie Alerts," then it was hackers re-directing Barix boxes to crude hiphop audio, and now cryptowall ransomware taking down four to six radio stations over the past week. More reports have been received this week.

The articles at the top are not meant to say "panic now, the sky is falling!" but rather are another reason why it is so important to set up your LANs carefully, make regular backups, and train your staff.  Here's the basic concern: as more Internet access is used at stations, it provides more opportunities for bad actors to attack.

Unfortunately, from most reports, the biggest danger is what the Internet has dubbed "PEBCAK" ... Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard. In other words, the newest malware, activated by an injudicious click or browsing an infected site can wreak havoc on your entire LAN - even your WAN - before you know it. Worse, many anti-virus/malware software packages do not detect/remove the ransomware.

Do not panic. But be concerned. Warn the staff. Develop policies. Did we remind you to "make backups regularly?"


This morning, more than a few folks were startled to hear what appears to be a repeat of the 2011 National EAS Test. First reports are that the EAN was run on repeat of a morning show, which then propagated the alert around to some other stations.

Expect some fallout from this, starting later today.


The recently closed Energy-Onix company had many of its manuals online.  If you are an E-O user, you may wish to grab a copy of manuals for gear you have before this website is shut down.

AM Stereo anyone? A Motorola Exciter and Monitor are on the ForSale list this week. Also an AM Optimod, and the remainders of a university station in Wisconsin that turned off the carrier and started streaming. Someone is looking for a Marti CR-10 and a 1 kW FM Combiner and a CircuitWerkes TeleRadio.
Check out the items here. Listings are free to individuals.

RF Specialties

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
13 years ago (2001) the Apple iPod was launched - and a juggernaut began to roll.
29 years ago (1985) Whitney Houston got her first #1 hit: "Saving All My Love for You."
38 years ago (1976) Chicago got its first #1 hit: "If You Leave Me Now."
44 years ago (1970) Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber released "Jesus Christ Superstar."
48 years ago (1966) the enigmatic ? and the Mysterians hit #1 with: "96 Tears."

And, here are some other interesting dates:
42 years ago (1972) President Nixon suspended bombing of North Viet Nam.
93 years ago (1931) the George Washington Bridge was dedicated.
108 years ago (1904) the New York City subway opened. No sandwiches were served.
133 years ago (1881) the Shootout at the OK Corral happened, just down the road from your Editor. The Earps, Clantons, and the rest. History or Myth? - mostly a combination!

... and for our cousins across the Pond:
599 years ago (1415) Henry V led the English troops to victory at Agincourt.

RF Specialties


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Remember Lotus 1-2-3? What a workhorse for some folks, technical, financial, and otherwise. Maybe you still are using it on this or that computer.

Here's the "news:" Official support for the Lotus 1-2-3 has just ended.

Enjoy your weekend.




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