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With this edition, we conclude six years of BDR Newsletters.

We hope you find this to be worth your time to read each week. For those that have not been with us from the beginning, we continue our pledge of sending out to you just one-time-a-week. You might have to wait a couple of days once in a while to get the scoop on a story once, but we would rather honor our commitment and get the story right, than be first. We are honored when you tell a friend.

Something else that you may want to know about the BDR: you will find that we do not track your every move. Aside from an occasional URL from a banner advertiser, you will not find our links include long, convoluted URLs to track where you go. And although occasionally we do get questions from potential advertisers who want information on readers, we do not do that. We will not do that. Even when it costs us money. Getting the last dollar is not our mission. Getting the information you want is our mission.

The Egyptian Radio Club reminds us July is a month with a "Blue Moon." What is a Blue Moon? When is the next one? Click here.

Hackers have hit another station by affecting their RDS stream. This time a Houston hip hop station learned that nasty language was being put up on their RDS. Talented hackers or inside job?  Either way, it is a reminder to check security on any computer or gear that touches the Internet.

AT&T has announced they will turn on FM in their 2016 cellphones. The NAB quickly affirmed support.

Some point to the lack of bids on many of the available CPs in FCC Auction 98 as proof that most markets no longer have room for anything, including LPFM. Is it time to talk Channel 6?

It is no surprise that LPFM stations have a rough time staying on the air - even those that plan well. The lack of transmitter power and commercial opportunities has caused many to fail (including hobbyists that do not really understand the costs until they try to build), others have lost out to "full power" stations. A new Petition has been submitted to the FCC to try to give LPFM stations some help. Whether it gets traction at the FCC or not, it is an indication that LPFM is trying to be more than it has been.

The Jobs page has an opening for a CE in Baltimore. Check the "Jobs!" tab on the main menu, or click here.

Want to buy something at good price? Want to sell something gathering dust?  Check here.

It is funny how one part of a story leads to another. A car crashed into KFKA, Greeley, CO. No major damage. The station is on the air. But some newspapers report the PR from the station's web site, claims that KFKA is the first commercial station in Colorado and the 2nd west of the Mississippi. Not quite true. Real history: the first stations in states and the first 100 on the air are listed here.


Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
37 years ago (1978) "Animal House"  was released.
40 years ago (1975) "The Hustle" was #1 on the charts in the US.
50 years ago (1965) Bob Dylan went "electric" and was booed at the Newport Folk Festival.

...and some non-broadcast related items:
15 years ago (2000) the Concorde crashed in Paris, essentially leading to the end of service in 2003.
37 years ago (1978) the first "Test Tube Baby" was born.
41 years ago (1974) Richard Nixon's Impeachment Hearings started.
56 years ago (1959) Nixon debated Khrushschev at a fair in Moscow.
94 years ago (1921) Insulin was isolated in Toronto, Canada.
104 years ago (1911) Machu Picchu was discovered.
107 years ago (1908) the FBI was founded.

...and one more.....
240 years ago (1775) the US Postal Service started. They still say the check is in the mail!


As always, please accept our sincere "Thank you!" ... for reading and sharing information from the BDR.


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