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the FCC announced finally opened up the web page to pay your
2017 Regulatory Fees. The deadline is real short: September 26th,
just two days before the NPT. Failure to file and pay (credit card is OK)
on time will start with a 25% fine and interest, and could lead to a "Red
Flag" that could cost you your license down the road. (Recent "D"s are
on the Enforcement Watch page:

On the other hand, the Biennial Ownership Report deadline has been delayed
from December 1st to March 2nd. However, information will still be as of
October 1st, so get your information ready now.

As we have noted, the flooding in Texas motivated the FCC
to "extend" filing Form One. If you have not done so as yet,
do it now.

The 2017 NPT is still scheduled for September 28th. Time now
to check your EAS box, ensure you receive all the sources you
are pointed to by your State Plan, that your logs are up to date,
and you have the copies of the EAS Handbook and State Plan
on hand.-

Harvey was enough, but Irma really wracked the Carribean and
Florida. This is not new. Just like "Tornado Alley" in the MidWest,
the SouthEast has dealt with tropical storms and hurricanes. If you
would like to learn a bit more on how stations in Florida have
made this a part of their operations, and you enjoy reading about
broadcast history, Towers in the Sand, a book by Donn Colee
should be on your list. Bookshef:

Do you have a plan, should a storm come to your neck of the woods? We have
several articles that have experiences and suggestions on how to keep everything
going a much as possible.   Check here.

This week the BDR Spotlight moves to Comrex. Please take a moment to check
out the information.

The SANDY Act, for the superstorm that hit the NE Coast a few years back
includes the possible designation of First Responder for broadcasters working
under the FEMA. So far, this would cover only a small number of incidents, but
it may be a start.

An unused Scala package and a price reduction on a BE 10 kW transmitter
are among the new postings this week.
Check out the selection at:

Belar Laboratories


More details at

Inovonics INOmini 638 now includes EAS Monitoring
Free firmware upgrade now available.

Belar Laboratories

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
 2 years ago  (2015) the FCC moved its servers.
One of our readers submitted this picture to explain
                                   why the move may have had some glitches.
10 years ago (2007) the FCC allowed AM IBOC operation at night (MM Docket 99-325)
32 years ago (1985) the first "Farm Aid" concert was held.
42 years ago (1975) Saturday Night Live ... with Howard Cosell  debuted a month
                                      before the NBC program of similar name.
45 years ago (1972) Mac Davis hit #1 with "Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me."
55 years ago (1962) The Four Seasons earn their first #1 hit with "Sherry"
49 years ago (1968) Jeannie C. Riley topped both the Country and Pop Charts with "Harper Valley P.T.A."
62 years ago (1955) Little Richard records "Tutti Frutti" ? oh Rudy
83 years ago (1934) the Mutual Broadcast System was formed.
96 years ago (1921) WBZ, Springfield, MA received the first "broadcast" license from the DOC.
        (no, WBZ was not the first broadcaster, this was just a bureaucratic action.)

And, here are some other interesting dates:
56 years ago (1961) JFK signed the Peace Corps legistation.
58 years ago (1959) Nikita Khrushchev was barred from visting Disneyland and was mocked in LA.
159 years ago (1858) The first transcontinental mail service to San Francisco begins.

Historically, this was not a good week for being President ...
116 years ago (1901) President William McKinley dies from gunshot. The new President was ***
136 years ago (1881) James Garfield was assassinated. Chester Arthur the US President.

Belar Laboratories

*** Teddy Roosevelt.


SpaceX has not had a smooth path into re-usable rocketry. But they
did keep on trying.

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