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Greetings from the your friends out on the Desert...

We are back from NAB Spring Show and slowly plowing through all the stuff I brought home - and
all the email that stacked up. There is a lot of good stuff to share in coming weeks.

Right now, here are some things you might want to know about: 


The NAB had over 103,000 in attendance this year. Of course, the shift from broadcast is evident, with the tremendous number of non-broadcast booths.  Just to note one: a popular portable video company had several large booths, right in the front (how did that happen?) featuring drones - a high interest product all over the floor.

With the end of the Riviera, it will be interesting to see what and how the LVCC proceeds with the space. They are slowly eating up all the available land close to the site. Those of you who walked through the Westgate (formerly the LVH .. .formerly the Hilton) noticed the construction - and the new emphasis on TimeShare. Apparently the North Tower is already assigned for that next year. Prices are sure to be "lofty."

We heard that the hotel gave some folks the wrong directions to the Lunch Gathering. Nevertheless, we had standing room only at the Westgate Buffet. It was great to see so many folks come along, and Cary and Laura were listened to intently during the Q&A period. Next year?  We'll see.....

Both Alan and Barry have posted some of their thoughts and pictures from the Show, with more coming. We also plan some commentary from another point of view. Updates on those will happen thoughout the next week.

A Harris CD Link STL system and a BC-1H are among the new items this week. And aomeone is looking for an old CRL processor and an LPB board.  Sell or Buy ... listings are still free to individuals ... although tips are optional!  Find them here.

Not that NAB is over, maybe you are ready to attend to Spring Chores, getting some important
projects under way.  One is the annual NRSC meansurements for AM stations. Another is
to check the paint on your tower, so if it needs painting, you can pick the right time to
get it done.
    Here is a link to some folks to take care of your NRSC needs.
    Here is a link to some tower folks who can check your paint, tower, guys, etc.
    Here is a link to general contractors ... for maintenance to keep you on the air.


Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
 37 years ago (1978) the Blues Brothers first appeared on Saturday Night Live.
 51 years ago (1963) Little Peggy March hit #1 with "I Will Follow Him."
141 years ago (1874) Guglielmo Marconi was born.

93 years ago (1922) these stations went on the air after being licensed by the Dept of Commerce:
(the actual First Day of Broadcast was not always the same as the license date for the early stations.)

And some other items of interest:
   2 years ago (2013) the Boston Marathon was disrupted by two Chechen brothers and their bombs
 29 years ago (1986) the Russian nuclear disaster at Chernobyl happened.
 30 years ago (1985) CocaCola introduced "New Coke."  (Extra credit: how long did it take to restore "Classic Coke" to the marketplace?****)
 35 years ago (1980) two 747's collided in the Canary Islands, killing hundreds.
100 years ago (1915) the ill-fated allied invasion of Gallipoli began.
101 years ago (1914) Wrigley Field opened in Chicago.

... and if you really want to get technical: According to the German mathematician Kepler it was 6991 years ago this week (4977 BCE) when the universe was created. More recently, estimates of 14-16 Billion years have become more accepted.



*** Three months after "New Coke" was released, Classic Coke was back on the shelves and outselling New Coke. As you might imagine, the name "Edsel" was bandied about.


Some of you know that John Oliver has some of the best rants on what is going on.
He got a lot of international attention with his interview of Edward Snowden.

Here, he has a great rant on Patent Trolls and the state of the law.

Most people assumed it was a touched-up, imaginary picture. But the XP Wallpaper we have seen for 14 years or so is an actual picture. The story/video of the picture and the photographer is here.

And, to repeat for those who got a bad URL:
Here is something for those of you who think your site is secure.

This is the next V-Mag "high speed" Main Exit gate at the Central Wastewater
Plant - when a drunk lady went through it the other night in the
middle of the night.  It doesn't appear that she even showed down.
This gate replaced the older steel gate that a drunk went
through it a year or so ago. Another new "high speed" is currently in the process of being made.

Please enjoy your weekend!


... and now for something completely different:
... all the extra stuff .. some important ... some just interesting.

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