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Manufactures’ News Archive: 2022

12/22/22 – GatesAir will supply 168 Flexiva FM transmitters in a turnkey deal to modernize Radio Nacional de Angola’s nations FM infrastructure. Included are towers, antennas, auxiliary RF systems and studio digitization.

12/14/22 – The word on the street is that while some aspects of shipments from China are increasingly no longer backlogged, and container costs have dropped from $20,000 to $2,000 on average, the real problem is still the chips and ICs. Major transmitter manufacturers are still looking at 50 and 70 week delivery times.

The point is that if you are planning a purchase, Plan ahead! Do not expect instant delivery any time soon.

11/30/22 – StreamS has released an HTML5-MSE HLS AAC Audio Player that, works in all modern browsers, across all platforms, and has synchronous in-band metadata display. It is FlashFREE, no RTMP, no MP3, and does not require a dedicated special streaming server. The player can be served from the same HLS content server, and there is no user installation. Check it out.

9/20/22 – Digital Alert Systems is now shipping the DASDEC-III with Version 5.0 software and a series of new features. 


9/18/22 – Angry Audio has expanded its Chameleon line to include the C-LEVEL audio preprocessor. It is intended for similar use as the Aphex Compellor. Shipping beings in October.

9/7/22 – Sennheiser is set to release some new products at IBC, expanding the Evolution Wireless Digital family of radio microphones. Named , the new microphone systems will simplify professional workflows by utilizing refined technologies to deliver a digital UHF system that can be scaled with ease. Additionally, Sennheiser will announce a the AMBEO spacial audio renderer, and a collaboration with Dear Reality and Neumann to integrate their products.

9/7/22 – The Lawo diamond console, recently announced, will be shown publicly at IBC in Amsterdam, September 9-12. This Next Generation IoIP mixing surface has all sorts of configurations, workflow layouts, touchscreen, and more.

8/3/22 – Inovonics has announced a major change at the helm: After 50 years building and guiding Inovonics, Jim Wood has officially retired and the company has been acquired by President/CEO Ben Barber. Wood will keep ties with the company as a consultant, but needs to tend to a lot of projects that await his attention.

8/2/22 – StreamGuys has a new programmatic ad service. It is particularly aimed at mid-market and smaller stations with limited in-house advertising sales resources. Broadcasters can take advantage of StreamGuys services with minimal effort. StreamGuys utilizes server-side ad insertion (SSAI) and a waterfall method to target available inventory in real time and connect any unfilled impressions to StreamGuys ad marketplace. It is all done by StreamGuys – the station does not have to do anything.

6/29/22 – JAMPRO and ALAN DICKcelebrate 50 years of production of the UHF Broadband EMISlot Antenna, initially released in 1972. Used on every continent except Antarctica, The EMISlot was the predecessor to today’s H90 and H72 Broadband UHF Panels. In recent years ADBL has introduced EPOL and CPOL versions of both the H90 and H72 UHF panels.

6/27/22 – Kintronic Labs is opening a new online store, to make buying parts and products fast and convenient. The initial setup offers mica and vaccuum capacitors with more items planned to coming along soon. 

The Kintronic Online Store can be accessed from the Front Page of, or directly at

6/13/22 – DIELECTRIC has sparked a lot of interest in their new FM Pylon Antenna series. As they say, it changes the shape of FM antennas. More info is here.

4/19/22 – Nautel will present a first look at a new rackmount FM transmitter line – the VX –  during a web meeting on Wednesday, April 20, at noon EDT. To register for this, visit

4/11/22 – Evoca TV has successfully demonstrated how vital emergency information can be provided to video subscribers even when those viewers are tuned to programming delivered over the Internet.  The innovative Evoca solution, which includes a provision for advanced emergency alert messages via next-generation ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology, is powered by technology from Digital Alert Systems.

4/11/22 – Jampro has a new Hybrid 90 kW FM Combiner, already in production, which as both a Starpoint and Constant Impedance. The Combiner supports five transmitter inputs into a high-power broadband antenna array. Check it out at

4/11/22 – Dielectric Communications has prepared a new short video featuring their new FM Pylon Antenna. You can see it here.

2/4/22 – Henry Engineering is introducing the latest version of the Power Clamp, now in a single phase configuration. Also, the new model Talent Pod II. More info at:

2/3/22 – WorldCast Systems has announced the further evolution of its powerful APTmpX solution. Following optimization by Worldcast engineers, three new versions of the APTmpX algorithm are available offering new levels of compression at 600, 400 or 300kbps network bandwidth.

1/3/22 – Kintronic Labs announces that Joshua King will become the new President/CEO, taking over from his father, Tom.