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Manufacturers’ News Archive: 2021

12/22/21 – Inovonics is reacting to some reported issues with the 635 and 637 SiteStreamers. The symptoms are premature failure of the PHY – Physical Network Interface, causing intermittent network connections. In order to ensure customers are not hurt by such premature failure, the warranty period is being extended to 5 years. If your 635 or 637 SiteStreamers is not functioning properly, contact Inovonics Customer Service.

Also, there is a new firmware update for their INOmini Receiver-Monitors, models 661, 673, 674, 676, and 679.

12/22/21 – The Telos Alliance now has a V4.0 software upgrade for the Omnia.11, along with the Silvio Clipper, from Frank Foti.
This free upgrade is available here – just register your Omnia.11 with its serial number.

12/8/21 – SENNHEISER introduces the HD400 Pro headset for a more natural acoustic listening experience. 
These open-back studio headphones are lightweight but with transducers set to provide a wide and transparent soundstage with low distortion, even at high SPL’s.  More info here.

11/30/21 – WorldCast is bringing out an updated (version 2.3.0) 5/10 kW Ecreso transmitter, featuring “1+1” redundancy, SmartFM [v2] to boost FM energy savings, better automation control, RDS improvements, and reinforced security from remote FTP.
More info is here.

11/16/21 – LAWO has announced its new radio console, the “diamond” – ranging from two to 60 pots (and 60 more virtual pots!). 

The diamond‘s IP-native mixing system is based on the open AES67/RAVENNA Audio-over-IP networking standards and also complies with ST2110-30/-31 and ST2022-7. The diamond is powered by the Lawo Power Core Engine. Fully and flexibly programmable, the surface is complemented by the optional Virtual Extension HD colo TFT touch displays for easy control.

11/15/21 – Looking for a microphone that gives top of the line presence and openness? 

The Sennheiser MD 435 and MD 445 dynamic microphones may be just what you need.

11/10/21 – Inovonics announces their new HD Radio Modulation Monitors, models 551 & 552. Shipping is expected in January. A new on-line Inovonics catalog is also now available.

10/18/21 – GatesAir has added native Livewire+ IP audio networking to its Intraplex Ascent cloud transport platform, effective immediately. Intraplex Ascent can now ingest and output multiple audio channels directly via IP without the need for conversion equipment. Future support is planned for WheatNet-IP.

10/17/21 – StreamGuys has unveiled a major upgrade to its HTML5-based SGplayer multimedia player. Complementing SGplayer’s existing embeddable configuration, version 3.2 offers a new full-page layout mode that provides additional ways for radio broadcasters and content producers to connect with their audiences and monetize their live streams and podcasts.

9/27/21 – Shure has updated the ADX5D firmware to add new features and enhancements to their wireless system receiver.

9/16/21 – Dielectric is seeking a Proposed RuleMaking by the FCC to permit AI-Based Directional FM Antenna Pattern Verification. Their new software may accomplish what the Method of Moments did for AM directionals.

9/15/21 – The Telos Alliance has announced the release of Omnia.11 version 4.0 – a free release featuring a brand new Frank Foti-designed clipper capable of providing significant sonic improvements for G-Force users and new presets. Learn more

Also, a whole series of software downloads have been released.

9/8/21 – Wheatstone plans plenty of exciting new products for the forthcoming NAB Show.

  • Blade 4, the fourth generation AoIP unit for WheatNet continues bringing all the various studio elements into an even better and more flexible ecosystem integration. 
  • The GSX2 console takes full advantage of the Blade 4 innovations, and is fully customizable locally or via IP connection. 
  • Streamblade and the new Wheatstream are a way to simplify the whole streaming process, especially for up to eight input streams with 32 output streams, featuring support for most streaming protocols. 
  • The MP-532 Audio Processor has all the tools needed to meet the needs for all broadcasts – AM, FM, and HD – and includes RDS, a multiplex power controller and the Wheatnet-IP audio network interface.

For more information, contact Wheatstone at 252-638-7000 or

9/7/21 – The Telos Alliance has announced the release of Omnia.11 version 4.0 – a free release featuring a brand new Frank Foti-designed clipper capable of providing significant sonic improvements for G-Force users and new presets.  Learn more

Download the latest Telos Alliance software updates here: Axia iQx AoIP Console v1.4.12, Axia Pathfinder Core PRO v1.8.5.00, Omnia.11 v4.0, Telos VSet6 + VSet12 Software v1.3.5, 25-Seven Systems Program Delay Manager (PDM) v2.5.13.

8/24/21 – LOGITEK  has moved into their new facility in Houston, not far from the old site. With the ability to customize the site for better manufacturing and service, they are ready to serve their customer. Phone numbers and email remain the same.

8/23/21 – DAVICOM will not be NAB this year, but will be showing off their newest products on their web site. Take a look at their new SNMP Temperature Probe Interface and the Lightning Awareness Products.

7/23/21 – INOVONICS is featuring their Rack Pack, a concept that has become very popular with  customers who appreciate the flexibility of combining a growing selection of their compact INOmini 1/3 rack-sized or half-rack-sized products in a 1U 19″ RackShelf.

An extra discount is an added bonus when ordering a Rack Pack. And you save on shipping too.

7/22/21 – Angry Audio has a new product, the Headphone Disconnector.

Based on the principles of the power cords on Apple and Surface computers, it is a magnetized cord that disconnects rather than pulling a wire out of a headphone or the plug. 

7/7/21 – Italian manufacturer RVR is now shipping their newest model: the TEX1002TFT FM Transmitter, a 1 kW unit based on the latest RF technologies, featuring a user friendly color touch screen, enhanced cooling, up to 80% efficiency, and more.

7/7/21 – WorldCast Systems has a major new release of the APT IP Codec range. The 4.0 system release (SR 4.0) is available on the APT IP, AoIP Multichannel, and MPX Multichannel codecs and includes several new features and enhancements. The most significant are the unique APTmpX technology, the world’s first and only non-destructive MPX/composite compression algorithm, and SynchroStream, a new APT technology for precise and stable time-synchronous IP transmission and playout of audio content. Both available as software options. Other enhancements include a precision clock module for GPS, an NTP – content time alignment, and NAT transversal connection mode

6/12/21 – The WireCAD library is designed for the broadcaster to make facility and project design more organized and document everything. With cloud-based and desktop software WireCAD can aid the engineer with easy to understand computer aided design. There is a demo video on the page.

6/11/21 – Digital Alert Systems now has a new technology partnership with COMARK (Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark LLC), a systems integrator and supplier of the LEX-2000 MPEG-2 digital TV encoder/multiplexer for the low-power television (LPTV) market. The partnership links the Digital Alert Systems’ DASDEC™ Emergency Alert System (EAS) messaging platform over a standard IP network with the LEX-2000 encoder. Users can now present the alert message as a text crawl with audio over all configured program streams.

5/25/21 – Jampro is offering their FM Sidekick portfolio of combiners to allow Channel 6 TV Stations to provide ATSC 3.0 TV and FM Audio Transmission on the same antenna infrastructure. The RCCC-101-FM-4EH will allow broadcasters to combine both the Next-Generation ATSC 3.0 TV and FM audio broadcasts within the assigned channel 6 bandwidth.

5/9/21 – Inovonics has announced their new model DAVID IV 719N FM/HD Radio Broadcast Processor with Network Interface – adding easy Web Access for set-up, control, and increased networking capabilities to the popular DAVID IV 719 DSP-based design processor with no price increase.

Furthermore, Inovonics will provide free upgrades to 719 users that purchased their processors from January 1, 2020 to May 2021 (transport not included). For those with 719 processors purchased before 2020, there will be a $500 upgrade fee + transport to convert their 719 units to the new 719N model.

5/7/21 – The  Telos Alliance has premiered their new powerful, adaptable Telos VXs Virtual VoIP system for radio.

4/21/21 – LAWO has debuted HOME, an innovative new management platform for IP based media infrastructures. Built on cloud-ready microservices architecture, HOME enables users to connect, manage and secure networked production setups from the ground up, helping broadcast professionals address some of the most demanding requirements of modern IP infrastructures, including automated discovery and registration of devices, connection management, flow control, software and firmware management, scalability and security.

4/13/21 – WorldCast Systems have officially launched their SynchroStream technology for the APT Codec Range with the release of SR 4.0. The SynchroStream technology and its “single pane of glass” approach benefits the broadcaster by hugely simplifying the setup, configuration and maintenance of a solid and stable SFN network. SynchroStream is compatible with baseband audio coding and the existing MPX/Composite linear coding schemes and also the new APTmpX algorithm, the world’s first non-destructive MPX/Composite algorithm, also part of the new SR 4.0.

4/7/21 – Nautel has played a key role in recent digital signals from a single FM transmitter in order to provide a wider range of services. The tests have successfully demonstrated the viability of operating up to six separate digital channels from one transmitter, each of which carries multiple HD Radio or DRM services.

4/7/21 – Orban Labs’ OPTIMOD-FM 5500i, 5700i, and 8600Si processors have received Nielsen certification and are now available with onboard PPM encoding, joining Orban’s XPN-AM which. last fall, was the industry’s first processor to include internal PPM encoding and receive Nielsen certification.

3/29/21 – Digital Alert Systems has released software Version 4.3 for the DASDEC EAS boxes. The update s free, and contains security upgrades and a Single Sign On (SSO) feature so administering multiple boxes can be done with one login and password. 

3/29/21 – Dielectric Communications has promoted Mike Spugnardi to hear the RF Systems and Components Division., after successfully handling the TV Re-Pack. 

3/13/21 – The program automation company Enco has moved after 20 years, and is now down the road to new offices. The new site in Novi, MI is 17 miles from the old offices.

Among the benefits of the move, ENCO will have a lot more space, and be able to bring all departments together at one location, making the whole operation more efficient. 

3/5/21 – Broadcast Depot is featuring the Brigitte Studio Furniture line. It is described as all-in-one, customizable, able to adapt to any studio size.

More information here. Features include adjustable legs, USB/WiFi/Bluetooth connections, Electrical outlets, smart lights with on-air and incoming call signalling. Alexa enabled.

3/3/21 – Henry Engineering is pleased to announce the SportsCaster is back in stock. Due to the Covid situation, the Sportscaster  – a comprehensive audio management system specifically designed for radio, webcast, and TV coverage of semi-pro and scholastic sporting events – had been unavailable and on “hiatus” for several months.
Detailed information is available at

2/10/21 – Nautel has acquired Digidia, a French company deeply involved in high power electronics and digital signal processing, including DAB+ and DRM.