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  • 10/13/17 - Comrex has begun shipping of their new Opal IP unit for remote interviews.
    Opal provides near-studio quality audio using a laptop or smartphone. Guests can connect instantly by clicking a link. Opal makes it possible to do interview segments in HD voice quality, without requiring guests to install apps or fiddle with settings.

  • 9/28/17 -  Inovonics has added a new feature to their INOmini 638 HD Radio SiteStreamer to monitor and log HD Radio EAS Messages. 
    Among other features, the INOmini 638 will alert station personal with an email each time an EAS alert is received, or a single email with the start and stop time of the alert received. 

  • 8/30/17 -  GatesAir has put together a whiteboard animation to introduce you to their various repack preparation services, including site surveys, installs, and more! You can access the information here.

  • 8/17/17 - Henry Electronics SAMS is shipping. With the ability to monitor up to 15 sources, one station or a cluster can see immediately if something is wrong.

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  • 8/17/17 - ACCESS NX, the latest portable IP codec from Comrex, is now shipping. ACCESS NX has been built from the ground up, implementing a decade of knowledge into a brand new hardware platform. New features include an added audio channel and a 5-inch capacitive touch screen. Customers should contact a Comrex dealer to place an order.

  • 8/7/17 - NAUTEL announced the delivery of 33 transmitters to the All India Radio DRM Network.

    The project has the goal of bringing digital radio to nearly a billion residents of the country.

    All 33 transmitters in the AIR project are configured for DRM30 operation.

    Some 6,000 kilowatts have now gone on line for this project. 


  • 8/7/17 - ROHDE and SCHWARTZ announce building up their Customer Support Staff
    in advance of the Spectral Repack crush.


  • 8/7/17 - DIELECTRIC COMMUNICATIONS has likewise moved to make things less of a hassle.
    A new 33,000 square foot manufacturing facility has been built 25 miles North of the existing plant, to increase capacity.  

  • 8/7/17 - ENCO has upgraded their DAD platform to provide tighter integration between
    production and newsroom operations, as well as exhibiting the power and
    interoperability of its Visual Radio solutions.


  • 8/4/17 - WHEATSTONE releases their second-generation processor, the FM-55 as well as the new PR&E DMX (See 7/24 below)

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  • 8/4/17 - WORLDCAST has updated their APT Codecs.

  • 8/1/17 - LAWO has upgraded the software for their RELAY Virtual Radio Mixer.  The software now includes four and eight fader virtual mixers, plus patch bay and sound card software.

  • 7/24/17 - Inovonics officially has ended production of the model 222 - NRSC - AM limiter. It was 30 years ago that the 222 was introduced, to help AMers meet the NRSC curves. The 222 and the drop-in solid state replacement for the Ampex 351 Electronics were largely the source of Inovonics' good reputation.

  • 7/24/17 - Wheatstone The PR&E DMX digital audio console, shown at NAB, is now in production. To match the new product, Wheatstone is rolling out support teams that know PR&E gear. PR&E DMX / Support Press Release (PDF)

  • 7/2/17 - GENELEC has updated their popular 1032C two-way studio monitor with features normally found on their higher end speakers. They will be available in Q3 2017.

    The company's Smart Active Monitoring software allows for more accurate calibration for playback in the studio. New Digital I/O and Class D amplification let the 1032C reach levels of 117 dBu.

  • 7/2/17 - Biquad Broadcast introduces the HP-600, a headphone amplifier capable of driving 12 headphones. 
    Noting the quality of the components, Biquad positions the HP-600 as a reference headphone amp.

  • 6/28/17 - Sound4 expands into the US with its products, including HD/FM audio processors: The Impact, Pulse, and First.

Sound4's Impact
   The features in the line include: HLS streaming, audio patch points for water-mark insertion and BS-412-compliance.

  • 6/26/17 - StreamGuys has produced a custom Alexa creation for broadcasters to add functions for streaming hosts. The new Alexa skills allow broadcasters to choose the words that users speak to launch the station's programming elements.  
  • 6/25/17 - Debuted at the Spring NAB Show, O.C. White, manufacturer of microphone booms and other products, the Mic-Lite on-air LED lighting system is available. It is easily incorporated into most studio installations.
  • 6/8/17 - The Telos Alliance Comrex is releasing a a major software update - version 3.16.52 for the Omnia.9sg stereo generator and final stage processor.
  • 6/1/17 - Crown has developed a new module to add IP remote control connection to their transmitters.
  • 6/1/17 - Nautel has a summer series of web seminars. Free signup is at:
  • 5/13/17 - Comrex is launching a world tour to show-case its new products, Opal and ACCESS NX.
    The tour, in partnership with their distributors and local broadcast organizations, will be visiting cities across North America, Central & South America, and Asia to demonstrate the products. More information will be on the Comrex web site or via email here.
  • 4/19/17 - POST and Futuri Streaming will be demonstrating their package to quickly make broadcast audio available on demand, as well as how their audience engagement technology is designed to drive ratings and revenue for broadcasters.  They will have a private suite (Encore Salon J) to give personal demonstrations. A quick email to will get contact going during the show.
  • 4/19/17 - Digital Alert Systems and Triveni Digital have jointly announced an ATSC 3.0 Advanced Emergency Alerting "starter kit," the first of its kind in the industry. This is significant for several reasons: including the ability to upgrade the DASDEC - which is currently used at well over 3/4 of all US TV stations - to handle ATSC 3.0 AEA will help stations looking to streamline and simplify a migration to ATSC 3.0. 

    The starter kit is also a foundation to build additional enhanced urgent communications capabilities enabled by ATSC 3.0 for fixed, mobile and portable devices.  DASDEC will be at booth N5009

    4/19/17 - The Telos Alliance announced the v2.10 software update for the Axia IP-Audio Driver, which makes it the first AES67-compliant IP driver in the world. The Axia Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver is available now as a free download and will be demonstrated at Booth #N7724.

    4/19/17 - Lawo announces that Modulation Index, the California company headed by Greg Ogonowski, will be the first partner to provide software for purchase in its webshoppe, for the R3LAY Virtual Radio Mixer. nCode, a version of Modulation Index's well-known StreamS Live audio encoding software can be seen at Lawo's booth: #N1424

    4/19/17 - Wheatstone will have busy booth at N6531. They have recently purchased PRE Consoles, they will show the new new PRE DMX console line, also they are introducing their second-generation FM-55 audio processor, the FM-55e, a 1 RU model, with free upgrade to all FM-55 users.
    Wheatstone also reports a partnership with real-time multimedia delivery company Artel to demonstrate live remote production using virtualized audio services across a wide-area network, the new VoxPro7, and there will also be an extensive display of AES-67 compatibility tools.

    4/19/17 - WorldCast has announced their newest products. First is a
    built-in audio processor to the Ecreso transmitter line and a AUDEMAT CONTROL upgrade, including a special DB37 connector that may especially interest users of Burk gear.  Booth N8924
  • 4/12/17 - Dielectric (C2613) continues to lower initial and operational costs by reducing the amount of parts required to filter two or more channels. This year Dielectric will display unique cross couplings to its manifold filter design, effectively allowing less frequency separation for combined channels.  Since fewer cavities are used, efficiency is improved and operational costs are reduced.
  • 4/12/17 - GatesAir (N2613) continues innovation around its Intraplex brand of intelligent networking solutions with IPConnect, a new software application designed to fortify data transport across IP networks. Available as an option in most Intraplex IP Link codecs, IPConnect solves the problem of reliable data transport across complex networks - both studio-generated data, as well IP data from external sources - that traditionally suffer data loss through dropped packets.
  • 4/12/17 - WORLDCAST (N8924) will have a demo of new RDS2 technology at NAB 2017. The new standard extends the capabilities and geographical reach of RDS and offers many exciting and enriched new services for a new content-driven generation of audience. It is also backwards compatible with existing encoders.
  • 4/12/17 - INVONOICS continues rolling out its 2017 products, with the Novia Model 262 Audio Processor and the updated AARON 655 receiver on display.
  • 4/12/17 - ENCO (N2024) will showcase enhancements to its DAD radio automation system that strengthen integration between production and newsroom operations, and diversify options for dissemination of Program Associated Data (PAD). The iNews MOS Interface will allow DAD systems to play out assets from the Avid iNews newsroom computer system.
  • 4/7/17 - Henry Engineering's (N7608) NAB offerings this year include the Power Tracker, an easy way to remote the status of three-phase power at a remote site, and Mike Alert, a control interface for microphone arms using two coloe tally light system.
  • 4/7/17 - WorldCast (N8924) announces their new WorldCast MANAGER Server software (a replacement for MANAGER Desktop) which is said to be vendor-agnostic - designed to handle NMS communication with multiple devices at multiple locations.
  • 4/5/17 - PTEK - is adding new 3.5KW, 4.0KW and 4.5KW Transmitter designs. These new Wattage ranges are packaged in the same 4 Rack Unit chassis as our other PS Series Transmitters. Also, PTEK is working on a new web server GUI for its products, expected to be released later this year.
  • 4/4/17 - Lawo (N1424) has a new audio production console, the flagship of an IP-based series especially for video production.
  • 4/4/17 - Davicom's booth (N8517) at NAB have several new items, including the Universal SNMP Interface, The DVLC-1 lightning strike counter, the TSH-4 temperature sensor, and the BKB-1 "Brand B" interfact harness.
  • 4/4/17 - Kintronic Labs' booth at NAB will be filled with new items planned for release. Of interest to any station running dry air, the LAB4.50 and LAB9.50 automatic dehydrators feature several innovations, like having a pair of pumps and dehydration chambers, said to yield >165,000 hours of operation MTBF. Low noise operation, auto regeneration, and alarm functions are included in the design.
    Other new products include isocoupler models for for co-locating Digital LPTV and TV translators on AM towers for the TV repack, and the Pantronix Titus II software-defined receiver(SDR), the World's first consumer-ready SDR package, consisting of a handheld portable Android tablet computer with wideband digital RF receiver capable of analog AM and FM, DRM30(MW & SW), DRM+(Digital FM) and DAB+.
    And to top it all off, there will be a display of AM synchronous technology, to demon-strate the value of synchronization for all AM stations in the US.
  • 3/30/17 - WorldCast (N8924) will be launching their new Solar FM Rebroadcaster system at NAB. The hybrid power system is said to be able to run in harsh environments; the system can receive multiple audio sources.

    The system includes an app to control power sources (and show battery level) and audio inputs.
  • 3/27/17- GateAir (N2613) staff is jumping for joy as Cumulus signed a PO for 70 assorted AM and FM transmitters. Major electrical savings are anticipated.
  • 3/19/17 - Another set of upgrades comes from Tieline which will demonstrate new features for their ViA codec. The firmware upgrade is available here.
  • 3/16/17 - Monroe Electronics will bring three upgrades, including the mandatory 3.1 version upgrade of the DASDEC software, to display at the NAB Show. The software is also said to be available next week.
  • 3/15/17 - Orban will come to the NAB Show (N3203) with a smaller set of models, a result of feedback from the field. At this point, the Orban line includes the 5500i, 5700i, 8600Si, 8600 FM/HD, and the new 8700i, which will be introduced at NAB 2017.
  • 3/10/17 - Kathrein Scala has named SCMS as one of only two Premier Distribution Partners in the US for their extensive line of antennas.
  • 3/10/17 - Telos Alliance (N7724) member Axia is almost ready to ship their new Axia IP-Tablet.

    Axia IP-Tablet permits virtualization of control and hardware resources. It also aggregates control of several Telos Alliance devices, putting only what the broadcaster needs at his or her fingertips and creating shortcuts to control Telos Alliance hardware.

    Broadcasters can also use the IP-Tablet to manage user rights for device access, linking a user's profile to his or her needs and access privileges.
  • 3/8/17 - Enco (N2024) is poised to expand its enCloud suite at the 2017 NAB Show with WebDAD, the first ENCO enCloud solution that allows broadcasters to take full control of the radio station from any remote location with a network connection.
    With a direct line to DAD in the studio, the broadcaster can control the complete on-air interface over IP via any standard web browser.

  • 3/8/17 - GatesAir (N2613) will introduce a new ground breaking intelligent IP networking solution at the 2017 NAB Show that halves bandwidth consumption for Uncompressed Digital IP STL Transport. The Intraplex IP Link MPXp is the first FM MPX IP codec to support?sepparately or together?AES 192 digital and analog composite signals over a secure and reliable digital IP path.This will, of course, reduce the costs and bolster the opportunities associated with radio program transport.

  • 3/7/17 - Telos Alliance (N7724) member 25/7 has launched a new product, the TVC-15 Broadcast Watermark Analyzer and Monitor. 
    The TVC-15 is designed to help stations monitor watermarking and adjust levels, even automatically to maximize the watermarking. A closer look and more info is here.

  • 2/27/17 - Telos Alliance (N7724) member Axia is now shipping their new Pathfinder Core Pro Routing and Facility Management Appliance. The Pathfinder Core Pro works for stations wanting advanced routing control without use of a PC.

    Pathfinder Core PRO lets users create their own user panels, giving them a unique and customized look and design for features like meters and buttons. Because there are a variety of automation systems that don’t understand the Axia language, Pathfinder Core PRO Device Emulators allow the unit to “look like” another protocol, emulating third-party protocols and translating them into the Axia language.  More information is here. 
  • 2/23/17 - LBA Technology has been named the Distributor for the EMCTD Smart Fieldmeter® systems. These high quality instruments are among the lowest in cost of competitive RF survey meters. LBA’s EMCTD offerings will support FCC, OSHA, and international radio frequency compliance in the industrial, broadcast, and wireless communications markets.  More information is here

    LBA also is shipping their new CAMI broadband isolator, which allows low power TV operators to locate to “hot” AM towers, and the new expanded line of CAMIs can handle TV power all the way to 40,000 Watts, VHF and UHF.
  • 2/22/17 - ENCO  (N2024) is now shipping their new Clipfire application. A flexible wall of audio cuts "touch ready," Clipfire is ideal for TV, radio, and remote broadcast insertion of audio clips. For more information, click here.
  • 2/17/17 - Wheatstone has agreed to purchase PR&E products from GatesAir. The well-regarded consoles add to the variety of products in the Wheatstone stable.
  • 2/7/17 - Comrex plans to introduce two new products at NAB2017.

    ACCESS NX (right) is the latest version of the famous portable audio IP encoder, adding an audio channel, plus a new, larger touch screen and a digital mixing stage.

    The other new product, Opal, is a web portal for audio, allowing the user to deliver high quality sound with low delay from any computer, without special gear.

    Opal serves a web page to allow remote guests to deliver studio quality sound, without the need for any special equipment on their end. It is 1 RU, with two fitting only slot.

  • 2/7/17 - Inovonics has introduced their new Model 223 AM Processor. The new model, in the INOmini configuration, replaces the Model 235 Processor.
    The Inovonics 223 is designed for NRSC AM, Monaural FM, TIS, analog SCA uses, plus studio and microphone processing. It features a tri-band compressor, selectable crossovers, and a look-ahead peak controller.
    Also, there will be a new line of Novia processors, and a new FM/HD receiver, the AARON 655.
  • 1/30/17 - One week after the last update, Broadcast Electronics is releasing an AudioVAULT Software Release 10.40.606.2, which can be obtained by contacting the Studio Technical Services department by phone at 217.224.4700 or e-mail BE suggests all AudioVAUILT users install the upgrade. 
  • 1/23/17 - Belar Electronics is now shipping their new low-cost versions of their HD Radio and All-in-One modulation monitors, introduced last Spring. These units, the FMHD-1 Lite and FMCS-1 Lite, emphasizing remote access via Belar's WizWin software over front-panel management, are half the size and nearly half the price point of the company’s traditional monitors.
  • 1/20/17 - Two of the major manufacturers in the broadcast industry are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.  GatesAir goes back to a start in 1922 by Parker Gates - 95 years - while Dielectric is celebrating 75 years of service. A number of events during the year are said to be announced shortly. Stay tuned!
  • 1/17/17 - The Telos Alliance has added SAS (Sierra Automated Systems) to the list of companies who will produce gear using the Livewire standard developed by the Telos Alliance.




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