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Here are some things you might want to know about:

The FCC requires all AM stations to do an NRSC measurement each year, within 14 months of the last one. This is a good time to schedule your 2020 measurements, checking when the person making the measurements plans to be in your area. Need to find someone?  Check here for a listing.

Our friends at the New Jersey Broadcasters Association (NJBA) have pointed out a requirement for stations carrying political advertisements of national importance. According to them, the FCC requires stations to investigate into every political advertisement from third parties and list all the issues in their Online Public Information File (OPIF). Failure to list all issues included may result in a fine.

The entire FCC Order, from October is here. Note Page 3. We suggest that if you have any questions, a quick check with your DC Attorney is in order. They may already have provided some guidance on their website, or made arrangements to answer specific questions.

We mentioned this last week: Windows 7 has officially reached its End of Life, meaning no further support nor security updates will be made available. There is a way, however, to upgrade to Windows 10 without cost.

Hacks reported this week include a phishing attack affecting some 100 UPS Stores and revelation that as many as 250 million records from five Microsoft Elasticsearch servers were left without any password protection for - a researcher says - 14 years. Want more? A hacker exposed credentials for over 515,000 servers, routers, and home security products. All were using default or common passwords.

This is why we remind often everyone to constantly give attention to data security. Unfortunately, we can be fairly sure more instances will become known.

Please remember the recent ruling by the 3rd Circuit Court means that stations with pending renewal applications need to go to LMS and file an amendment to respond to 73.3555 - cross-ownership issues.

BTW: stations in Alabama and Georgia still need to run  their Post-Filing Announcements on the 1st and 16th of  February.

Stations in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi need to file their renewal applications prior to February 1, 2020

Actually, this week's ForSale listings are headed by a FREE set of PRE consoles. Check these and other items out, along with a request for an OIB-3 on the forsale page.

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Some recent articles of interest:

Paravel Systems L.L.C.


has announced their new DEX  -
The Davicom Exchange Portal, an online platform to bring together information and tips to allow you optimize the use of your Davicom unit and take advantage of its full potential. This new knowledge-base holds definitions, how to's, blogs, announcements, FAQ's, setup guides, articles and more.

More info is located here.

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Do You Remember?  This week in history:
Broadcast related:
 36 years ago (1984) the Apple Macintosh was introduced. Remember the Super Bowl ad?
                        And yes, that Apple carried a whole 128 k of RAM!
 40 years ago (1980) Paul McCartney was released from a Tokyo jail and deported from Japan.
 91 years ago (1929) Lee de Forest patented his Audion tube.
 94 years ago (1926) John Logie Baird gave the first demonstration of a true television system.

And, some items of more general interest:
 39 years ago (1981) the Iran Hostage Crisis ended, as President Ronald Reagan took office.
 44 years ago (1976) the Concord first flew commercial supersonic flights from France
                        and England.  Unfortunately, as fast as it was, it was so expensive to
                        operate that it never made a profit. A lot of noise, yes, money, no.
 63 years ago (1957) Wham-0 produced the first Frisbee - named after a bakery
                        whose pie tins sparked the invention.
 75 years ago (1945) the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz.
 85 years ago (1935) canned beer was first sold.
115 years ago (1905) the world's largest diamond was found - 3106 carets - in South Africa.
                        It is known as the "Cullinan."

... and for you deep history buffs:
It was 520 years ago (1500) when Vicente Yanez Pinzon discovered Brazil. The Brazilians, however, were unaware they were lost.

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