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Before dinner:       (See the after dinner version below)

No real surprise: they did it - and on schedule. Aside from the stations spun off, CBS Radio
is now merged into Entercom. Golden parachutes for CBS execs are floating away, with
some getting $8 million or more. Front line employees are hoping they still have jobs
under the new regime.

Another event man expected. The stock exchange NASDAQ has delisted Cumulus.
Not only has the share price stayed well below $1.00 for over a year - currently $0.26.
The total shareholder equity is now under $2.5 million. Yes, conceivably purchase all
of the shares for less than $2.5 million and own Cumulus - but you would also
immediately would owe creditors about $2.4 Billion (with a B) in debt. Quite a few
predict a Chapter 11 is in Cumulus' future. In the meantime, top execs still get big
paychecks and the front line employees struggle just to keep their jobs.

The FCC had given the Green Light to ATSC 3.0,the next generation of TV standards.
There are a number of parts to ATSC, but in the short term, it sends a message to
TV manufacturers - whose sale are slowing, as evidenced by the low prices you can
find on LCD/LED screens, with 50 and 55 inch screens now well under $500. ATSC 3,
OLED and curved screens should be on major display at CES in January.

Chairman Pai has indicated he wants to cancel the Net Neutrality rules from the Wheeler FCC.
Who benefits the most depends on whom you speak with.

The FCC seems ready to add a change to the EAS codes, adding BLU for alerting
when law enforcement personnel face danger. However, this code may not be compatible
with the many weather alert radios in the public's hands.

This is the time to check tower lights, generator readiness, building insulation
(both for heat and to avoid winter visitors), and any other maintenance that
is needed before white stuff happens or would be affected by cold weather?

Need some help? Here are some good folks to call. Need a consulting engineer?

Someone is looking for folks with a BC-1H (or maybe BC-1G) to part out a BC-1H.
Want to sell or get something before the end of the year?
The Buy/Sell page is all free to individuals:

Michael Patton and Associates

As part of their 45th Anniversary celebration, Inovonics has declared November
"Audio Processing Month" with special pricing on their 719 DAVID IV FM/HD-
Radio Audio Processor
. Check with your regular rep firm for specifics.

Michael Patton and Associates

Do You Remember?  This week in history:

Broadcast related:
22 years ago (1995) the FCC eliminated the Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit.
        (the FCC dropped First Class Radiotelephone licenses 31 years ago, in 1984.)
42 years ago (1975) Silver Convention hit #1 with "Fly, Robin, Fly."
49 years ago (1968) the Beatles hit "Hey Jude" was coming to the end of nine weeks at #1.
53 years ago (1964) the Shangri-La's hit #1 with "Leader of the Pack."
92 years ago (1925) WSM began the "Grand Ole Opry."

And, here are some other interesting dates ...
22 years ago (1995) the Federal Speed Limit of "55" was repealed.
27 years ago (1990) the Chunnel between England and France opened, allowing a 1/2 hour train ride
            to replace a 3 /12 hour ferry across the English Channel.
70 years ago (1947) the UN voted to partition Palestine, leading to the creation of the modern State of Israel.

... for a really old one....
It was 922 years ago (1095) when Pope Urban II ordered the first "Crusade" to liberate Jerusalem. We will not comment other than to say, you would think the Crusade is still going on.... sigh.

Michael Patton and Associates


OK ... After dinner is the whole WKRP episode.

It was 39 years ago when perhaps the most famous TV episode ever about a broadcast station aired. Repeat after us: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." It seems appropriate to remember WKRP this week.

Kind of makes everyone a bit nostalgic for radio of the 1980s. 

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