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The LitraTorch 2.0 Gives a Lot of Light

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[May 2019] LED lights have gotten smaller and brighter. While they cost a bit more, some of the better ones can put out a blinding 800 lumen output in a small package – just perfect for the emergency go-bag, or all around use.

With solid state transmitters getting smaller and smaller, it is not so often that we might find ourselves crawling around inside a transmitter.

However, even more often we may need good lighting to inspect PC Boards, as well as other places in the station – including the time you might need to go underneath +console furniture, etc.

LitraTorch 2.0

During CES, in January, Litra unveiled several products, mainly for the TV and Streaming industries. The LitraTorch2.0 was one of them, It is just over a 1-inch cube.

1 inch cubeActual Size Using 16 high-brightness LEDs the LitraTorch can put out 100, 450, or 800 lumen output, and a strobe light as well. This light design comes from the video lighting base – emphasized by the various mounts, including for SLR and GoPro cameras, and smartphones, as well as a diffuser to spread the light out.

Oh – not to forget the built-in magnet to easily stick it on metallic surfaces, while you work.

Ideally suited for in-studio and even out-of-doors shooting, it might be the perfect “fill-in” light for a lot of uses. Of course, Litra makes several models, with even more brightness available. Some models include software apps to adjust the light intensity and color temperature.

At the same time, all of this is a good tool for tech folks who need to peer into dark areas, or inspect circuitry while trouble-shooting.

Lots of Light

The nominal spread is 70 degrees of illumination, but the diffuser lights up the whole area.

At the highest output, it will run for well over a half an hour. Lower settings run over four hours. And, with the USB cable, it can be “reloaded” on site.

If you are curious about build-quality, it is solid, just holding it in your hand gives a feel of solidness. And it is waterproof to 60 feet.

This is no $5.00 LED light. The six accessories include a belt clip (or pocket clip, or bag clip) to keep this small cube handy and secure. Of course, there is also a charging cord.

I have used the LitraTouch 2.0 for everything from checking punchblock connections to tracing wiring under studio furniture to examining various gear and connections at the transmitter site.

More information is available at: or

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