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Paper... The spec is: 38mm x 4M coreless thermal paper

  • Seiko #: NAP-0038-006
  • Office Depot Stock #:SS038-009A 
  • Quill - Stock # PMF5228.  Phone: 800-789-1331
  • Reliable Office Supplies - Stock #5228.  Phone: 800-735-4000
  • Paper Rolls Plus reportedly sells a 12 roll case (18' per roll) for $19.50. The part # is 15XS.
    (FWIW: the Canon TP-6 paper is 13' so there are 5 more feet on these.) paper.htm
  • (It has also been noted that Canon TP-6, TI 5000 or 5008, Sharp 8180 or Casio FX-802 paper will work in most cases.)

Printer and Power Supply: 

  • DM Engineering has OEM printer modules and power supplies for the Sage.The printer sells for $69 and the power supply (heavy duty, 15VDC 1.7A) sells for $69. DM also has 10-packs of Seiko 9 meter rolls for $25.


  • According to TFT, the 911 "uses standard large hub adding machine paper, available at any drug store or office supply store. For example:
    •   20799254      OfficeMax P/N: OM98104
    • Omni Print -   TP58-80                               Omni Print P/N: TP58-80
    • TFT, Inc. -  1130-0103                               TFT P/N: 1130-0103
  • The ribbon is a standard Epson ERC-09 cartridge available at computer supply stores and lasts about two years." Another ribbon cross-reference is DataProducts #R2366


Free EAS software:

Other EAS software:


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