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Causing a Radio Commotion

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[April 2012] With the Internet having become such a large force in communication, especially through social media, broadcasters have sought ways to meet the challenge. Mark Shander reports on a new product.

In a sea of software solutions that are specially geared toward staying constantly connected to your radio listening audience, there are very few solutions that stand out above and beyond dozens of others.

There are fewer still that have figured out how to make interaction with your radio station a daily interactive social activity that complements and augments their own social media experience, and makes listeners feel as if you are programming just for them as an individual, instead of to a flock.

Broadcast Electronics is seeking to be a major source of solutions with Commotion™, their new application to bridge radio stations with their listeners.

Connecting with Listeners Where They Live Online

Commotion is a software solution that integrates your station with live social media networking in a unique way. It becomes part of a live social media experience, rather than a passive listening experience.

The concept is to facilitate consistent interaction with listeners, rather than trying to drive them to your stations presence on social media, and asking listeners to “like” or “plus 1” your station.

Reaching listeners and constantly interacting with them through social media is recognized as being as important to the success of your business as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is to successful operations behind the scenes.

Causing a Radio Commotion

Commotion is not ERP software, it is an SaaS (Software as a Service) product that does for social media what ERP software does for business operations.

It replaces manual time-consuming chores with processes that efficiently streamline the effort necessary to accomplish the goal of constant interaction between listeners and your DJ, newsroom, station and even your advertisers. It literally brings everyone together for an experience where your station is the center of the social media mix.

Even more alluring is the fact that BE has found a revenue model for Commotion that allows even the smallest radio station to see instant results. Commotion is a product that is scalable, and the cost is set up so the size of your station, or the market you are in, does not cause the cost of the solution to eventually price itself out of consideration. It grows with your audience, and more accurately, it grows your audience.

Why This Approach Works

Twitter and Facebook are currently the leading places to reach listeners. Mobile users run Apps that keep them interacting with Twitter and Facebook constantly throughout the day.

Prior to Commotion, connecting with listeners has been accomplished by setting up an interactive website and/or inviting callers to call in and speak to the DJ via a request line. Today there is a much higher likelihood that a listener is spending more time jumping between Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn they are on any individual website. For that reason, radio station executives looking to build their audience should have a special focus on the social media software connecting to them.

One-to-One …. to Many

While an individual may be listening to your station for several hours per day, what Commotion does is to turn the passive listening experience into an interactive social media experience.

It gives your DJ the power to interact with the listeners on a constant basis, and makes those listeners feel as if the DJ has a one-to-one relationship with them as individuals, and with their friends.

One-to-one conversations or one-to-many

Commotion encourages listeners to stay on a station’s website to participate in a social media aggregation.

The conversation history is available, so you can leave listeners with the perception that you are always engaged with them personally in their one-to-one conversation, appearing to remember details from all of their earlier posts. This, in addition to a one-to-many between listeners, hosts and DJ’s and the station, adds much more to the listener’s social media experience than visits to any single social media site or website.

The Commotion Activity Stream

The Commotion Activity Stream has two sides – one for listeners to view posts shared by other listeners, and another for the DJ or Host or Producer to approve and publish posts.

When a listener Tweets or posts to Facebook via Commotion, it keeps listeners focused on interactions with other station listeners, in an aggregated community setting, so you do not lose them, and they do not wander off somewhere else.

If your listeners activate location sharing, you can even tell where they are as you interact. This is especially good for traffic reports, etc.


See where listeners are located.

Commotion is a tool that becomes a part of a listener’s life, and makes constant interaction with your station and your stations listeners into a daily routine, and something they do not want to ever be without, just like their mobile phone.

Commotion is beyond website sticky. It is beyond Twitter and Facebook. It is all of that and more.

In a way, using this App is like being an actor in your favorite movie living in that favorite movie all day – and the movie never ends and becomes your life.

Commotion is available on a website or as an App on mobile phones like iPhone or Android devices. Listeners get the Commotion App free.

The Commotion App

The App is like a constantly updated social media wall, collecting elements from Yahoo, MySpace, AIM, and others.

The Commotion Mobile App connects listeners to other listeners and to the host or DJ with a much more immersive, interactive experience than has been available in the past. Conversation data is archived for conversation continuity and a listener’s history.

There is also an SMS (text messaging) campaign manager component, and Crowd Control, which allows listeners to log in using their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts.

That means listeners already belong to your station’s website, because they already belong to either Twitter or Facebook or both.

Using Commotion, listeners can make requests real-time, and can vote on songs they would like to hear on the station or even purchase.

As songs are voted on, the radio station can either play the songs that are most popular right now, prepare special programming like “The Top 8 at 8,” or program a station’s music rotation based totally on your listeners’ Crowd Control, voting for (and hearing) their favorite songs 24/7. You are always in control of the pool of songs available to vote on.

Commotion is truly a differentiated software solution for integrating with your listening audience.

It is worth more than just a look at the tool – it is definitely worth requesting a demo to fully understand the impact this tool can have on making your radio station as pertinent to a listeners’ life as are Facebook and Twitter.

More than a way to gain listeners, Commotion is literally a rare competitive advantage to help your station succeed.

For more information on Commotion, go on over to BE’s Commotion page:

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Mark Shander, a computer show host and syndicator, is based in Phoenix, AZ. You can contact him at

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