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On this page, you will find some reports of stations being burglarized or vandalized:


12/17/09 10:29AM (updated 12/30/09)

Reports indicated that WCSZ, in the Greenville, SC market, was stripped of most all their equipment by thieves on December 16th. A second break-in this week left little more than debris.

The transmitter, an MW-50 was gutted, as was the co-located studio. The loss was calculated at over $100,000.

The station had been off the air - and is for sale - and with no power on at the site, any security systems were defeated.

Police are investigating.

According information received by Scott Cason:

" Nearly everything was taken. The station's Harris MW-50 was "meticulously" stripped of modules, wires, boards, and even knobs. The thieves used wire-cutters, screwdrivers, and even saws. 

"As this was also the station's studio location, the console, microphones, CD players, and computers are gone as well including a new Google/ Scott SS32 automation system.

"Processing, EAS, receivers, and practically everything from the racks was gone."


September 4, 2009 (early morning)

Two of KRKO's four towers were knocked over by vandals.


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