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There are probably an endless number of categories of strange things that can - and do - happen in broadcasting. Perhaps some of the strangest relate to station staff:

Brain Dead DJs - How is it that they are able to speak to hundreds or thousands of people, yet, once off the air, sound like they just got back from a lobotomy?

Dealing with the GM - some are imperious, some are certain they know more than everyone else -  some are just scary. Maybe Dilbert's boss is not just a cartoon!

Dealing with the the Public - many just have no idea how the programs get from us to them.

Fun with numbers - Has anyone noticed that most bookkeepers highest goal seems to be preventing any money from being spent?

General Staff - These could happen in almost any business. But it did happen in a radio station!

Silly Tech - Of course, engineers have also contributed to the weirdness.

And please check out some of "The Worst I've Ever Seen!" and other "Warstories" menu choices...

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