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Bob Doll

Robert V. "Bob" Doll passed away from a heart attack on June 1, 2010 at the age of 77.

A native of Cincinnati, Doll had been active in the broadcast industry for 59 years, in Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, etc., working as a:
               disc jockey

Robert V. "Bob" Doll
1933 - 2010

In 1960 Doll was part of a group that acquired stations in KY, IN, and OH. In 1974, his profits from those stations paid for his own stations in Otsego, MI.

In 1983 Doll, after selling his stations, founded and ran the "Small Market Newsletter" for a decade - until selling the publication to Jay Mitchell in 1993. Since then he has been a speaker, consultant, and writer. In addition, he had written at least five books, mostly on the theme of his specialty - small town radio - but also on the history of the radio industry around the country.

For the last few years, he was based in Seguin, TX, where he and his wife Barbara lived, even as he continued to gather historical information and write articles based on his and others experiences.

Among his books are "Sparks from the Plowed Ground" and "Radio Funny Book," a series of anecdotes collected from broadcasters over the years. It is still available at last check at or for about $11 to 14.


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