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Note from the Maintenance Shift:

How to Repair/Rebuild JBL 4301B Speakers

Depending upon the age of your studio speakers and the local environmental conditions, you might get a nasty surprise if you peek behind the grill - the speaker cone and mounting foam may have rotted away - or it might have been torn by a DJ who lives with every pot wide open!

Alan Alsobrook has put together a video tutorial that will save you a lot of money, with a small investment in time. He mentions that it usually will cost over $100, plus shipping both ways (as much as another $100 or more) to have it done, while you can buy a kit for under $25 and do it in about an hour or so.

Like Alan, you can be a hero, and save a great sounding speaker.

Here is the YouTube link  for the video

Want to talk to Alan? He is at:


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