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August 6, 2009     

Hello! And welcome to the Broadcasters' Desktop Resource.

Many of you may be familiar with the philosophy that I have had over the years (free-lance writing for 27 years, for the past seven years I was the Editor of Radio Guide Magazine), of trying to bring information to broadcasters to help them be more effective in doing their job. 

Now, I'm hoping to expand upon what we did at Radio Guide, and, as this site matures, you should find a lot to bring you back regularly. Articles, tips, tricks, tutorials, history and much more. Many engineers and managers have promised to continue to share their knowledge and experience, just as they did in Radio Guide.

Since there is so much information that floods in on us each day, the goal of this site is to keep things simple, so you can find what you need quickly. The Newsletter mentioned on the Home Page and at the bottom of the page is a simple, short newsletter a couple of times a week. It is not filled with ads, but is meant mostly as a short reminder when new articles are posted ... I encourage you to sign up.  It will take only 30 seconds. And you will not get anything else aside from the newsletter. Names/addresses are kept private at all times.

Some have mentioned they prefer holding a magazine in their hands. Frankly, I do, too. But there are many advantages of being able to publish this way. And you will find most of the articles are in an easy-to-print pdf format, so you can take them to the Reading Room when you want. Then too, we can claim to be environmentally friendly! Not one tree was harmed in the production of this web site! 

Of course, there are many things that you might think of that might make the site even  better. PLEASE let me know! Send an email - or give me a call.

Thanks everyone!
Barry Mishkind


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