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Your comments on EAS, its current state, and what needs to be done.

When I was at Laredo, TX we seldom received an EAS test. Another engineer said that he never received them and thought that maybe their level was bad. LP1 and LP2 are in the same building, same owner. They told me that only 1 of their stations had EAS equipment.

EAS is a waste of paper. We receive weather warnings, but ignore them. Frequently they may not even be seen until several hours later. They are in English, and we are a Spanish station. Same problem with child abduction, plus there is no recording or written info.

Stan Swanson


I remember the second winter that I spent in Bloomington-Normal - probably the winter of 1967.  We had the biggest snow storm that I have ever enjoyed.
When things started getting really bad, WJBC stopped all commercials and went into a 100% public service mode.  I could not turn off the radio! The messages ranged from, "Unit Five School Bus # 12 made it as far as the Jones farm on Route 9;"  "Everyone is safe, and the Jones' freezer contains enough food for all the kids;" "Most of the hotels and motels are full, but cots are being setup for travelers in the Lexington High School Gym;" "Fred Smith made it to the Price home on Route 29.  His home phone line isn't working, but he wants his wife to know that he is safe." 

Obviously, I do not remember the exact words; but I have always thought that was one of the greatest acts of public interest that I had ever heard. There was no question in my mind that WJBC was exceeding their pledge to the FCC to serve the public interest. It made me proud to be involved in the broadcasting industry. I hope some of that dedication and responsibility still exists among broadcasters.

In those days, I made another observation. While most people were trying to figure out a way to get home, a lot of people that worked in radio stations were trying to figure out a way to get to work.  Once there, they stayed and slept on the floor. Were those great times or what?

Andy Rector


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