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Going to the Show?

Here are some suggestions that might make your trip easier:

information on the 2018 show.

NAB 2018 - Las Vegas - April 9th - 12th

  • #1 - Bring comfortable shoes!  Do not forget this one!
  • The Main NAB information page on the Show, exhibitors, etc, is located here.
  • The first thing for many is to get their credentials. The Free Floor Pass may now be unavailable - current information says it will cost $50. Check on the site for more info.
  • The NAB has cut some good deals with hotels. However, rates go up around the first of each month, sometimes faster.  Access is here.

  • If you are trying to get around without a car, the monorail might just be the best deal for you. The LV Monorail usually offers a special advance purchase price for the week. This deal is not available at the kiosks in Las Vegas.
    NOTE! Many major hotels have instituted parking fees of $7-$23 a day. This makes the monorail more attractive.
  • SECURITY is getting tighter at the LVCC. More information is required of attendees and there are checkpoints and metal detectors. At some point you may need a picture ID. Rolling cases are said to be prohibited this year. (At CES, the "handout" bag was clear plastic.)
  • A Lunch Gathering is planned for Tuesday the 10th - the location is at the Westgate Buffet. At this time, it will be an informal Lunch Gathering this year.) Some details are here.

    Futuri POST


  • HAMS! All hams visiting the NAB convention (or any time you are in LV) are invited to use the Las Vegas Radio Amateur clubs' repeaters on 146.94 offset -600 kHz, with a -100 Hz tone, located  next to the Convention Center. (No autopatching or linking.)
  • Bill Croghan says: "We also have a 448.500, offset -5 MHz, 100 Hz tone but it?s got issues at the moment.  It?s located about 8 miles from the convention center on a hospital and has noise issues on the input.  Use it at your risk.  It?s open but not linked.
    "For those of you wanting Dstar, IRLP, Echolink and other bands/nodes I invite you to check out our web page at Click on the local repeaters tab on the left side."

  • If this is your first time at NAB (the rest of us know this!):
    • Wear sneakers or very comfortable shoes - you will be walking a lot!
    • Drink a lot of fluids, especially water - the desert is much drier than you may think.
    • Lots of Vitamin C!
  • If you are staying in a hotel charging $12 or $15 a night for Wi-Fi, you might want to check out the various free Wi-Fi and other Internet opportunities around the floor. In most years, there has been at least a couple of "Internet Cafes" where free Wi-Fi was available. Also as most know, McDonald's, among others, has free Wi-Fi in their stores.
  • Site-seeing: Of course, the grand hotels have some interesting interiors... Caesar's Palace, Venetian (including live gondoliers), the Paris, with streets like Paris and the tower like ... well .. .like the tower.   Others have liked the Luxor interior. There are the circus acts running all day at Circus Circus. And more. It is Las Vegas. 
    Not too far outside of town is the Hoover Dam. A nice tour of the insides is available. The lake is there, too, of course, and boat rentals are available. A bit further out is the Valley of Fire state park. A nice change of pace.




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