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2016 NAB Radio Show-

Nashville was the site for the 2016 NAB Radio Show. The venue was popular, with 2272 in attendance, up 102 from last year - and the largest group since 2010.

Several FCC Commissioners were there and gave broadcasters some hints of some changes they would like to see brought to bear.

Ajit Pai said he would like to see the new C4 FM Class come to pass for smaller, rural stations. Saying he was not done with AM Improvement, he wanted to help some of the smaller FM stations. The activation of more FM chips in cell phones is one of his other recommendations to the full Commission.

AM Improvement was also on Chairman Tom Wheeler's mind. His term is coming to a close in the not too distant future, and he feels his legacy would be boosted if he could get some more AM Improvement into action. Thus far, in the main effort by the Commission, 1727 AM stations are using 1961 FM translators.

Mignon Clyburn also wants to see AM Improvement continue, as there are more minorities owning AM stations. She sees potential in allowing stations to boost power at night.

Commissioner O'Reilly was one of several suggesting the Main Studio Rule is due for changes.

The vitality of radio was emphasized by the CEO of LifeLock who spoke about how radio had made his company succeed.

The next NAB Radio Show is set for Austin, TX in 2017.


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