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The Southern View
The NAB Spring Show 2015

Some comments on NAB's 2015 Spring Show

Alan Alsobrook reporting



A few words from the Floor, the 2015 NAB convention is now well underway. Over the weekend and through Monday afternoon I was unable to get an update out since I was busily working on my own presentation in the AM Boot Camp this afternoon. Now that that is behind me it is time I got back to doing my job and let you know what is going on out here in Vegas. 

Of course Sunday started off bright & early with the Final NUG (Nautel Users Group) event at the Riveria.

No the NUG is not going away but the Riveria is.. Next year the NUG will have a new home, I am not sure where that will be, I just know it will be.

Later Sunday it was time to visit the Gates Air event,









               Tim Anderson from GatesAir

In addition to a look at their current and new product line GatesAir put out a very nice spread and gave good info. For years we have seen Harris seeming to lose focus on broadcasting and, now with the birth of GatesAir, it is looking like things are taking off again.

I will have more on Gates Air later in the show. One new offering I will be exploring is their water-cooled FM transmitter. 


I was absolutely exhausted when I came off the floor today and I do not think Barry was doing much better. 

I started today looking at a new FM transmitter that is soon to be offered by Evolution Broadcast. I was told the units were waiting final FCC approval, and should be ready for sale in May. The planned street price is supposed to be better than most of the other units currently on the market. They are advertised as assembled in the USA.
I also visited with Jim Wood at Inovonics, where he was showing several new products.
  As you travel through the show floor you are often surprised by who (or what) you bump into. To tell the truth, I do not know if this was a who or what, but she seemed to be hanging around the GoPro booth right near GatesAir.
Comrex was happy to show off their reconfigured Bric which now has XLR connectors and has moved the headphone jack to the front.
At the Nautel booth the Cake was quite nice even after coming back from Barry’s BDR lunch. If you happened to be in the market for a new AM transmitter they were also happy to show you the new NX series transmitters which will give new options for the 5KW and 10KW power levels.
Over in the Omnia area Cornelious Gould was causing quite a stir with the Voltair. The  Voltair is targeted at processing the Neilson data stream to make it more robust and decoded better by the PPM’s (personal people meters). Is this going to be the next “secret” box locked up to boost ratings?  
As the show was coming to a close for the day, the weather had taken a turn for the worse, with very high winds with a dust storm. This did not slow things down in the hall, but I am glad I was not flying in or out during this time. By 9PM it was clearing up a bit, but Wednesday was said to have the possibility of more dust.  


I stated off outside of radio looking at advances the NAB lab is working on, one of the big items they are working with is 8K video. Last year 4K video was the big push and now it is 8K. This is quite interesting, the picture is extremely nice, but I’m not sure how they plan on delivering it, or what the target audience is.

Also under testing is a new integrated TV package. This is intended to be built into future TV’s and it is anticipated to pull content from many different sources. One of the features of it was that it would pull local commercial content and place it within programming from other sources. When you think about that it has both business appeal as well as a serious scare factor to it. While it wasn’t mentioned you could anticipate that some large advertising mega company (could rhyme with foogle) might easily gain primary control of such a device.

At noon I was off to the Technology Luncheon where John McAfee (r) of anti virus fame spoke about cell phone security and what our apps can do to us. It was quite an eye opener. He encouraged everyone to download his dcentral app that will let you know what all you’ve allowed the apps on your phone to do to you. The website with more information on that is HYPERLINK and look for the DCentral1 information.
  After the keynote it was time for the Technology Awards, of which Tom King of Kintronic Labs was the recipient of the Engineering award for radio. He was joined on Stage after the ceremony by family and several past winners that many of us know, including Jack Sellmeyer, Ben Dawson, and Ron Rackley.
As I made my way back in, Bob Orban was happy to show me the Orban processing software Optimod-PCn that is able to a take a mono source, and make it stereo or even up to 5.1 audio, and do it very nicely. It also has all the other features that you’ve come to expect from Orban.  
BE was showing a new (21 RU) 10KW FM transmitter - the STX-10 - as well as their new 500W exciter / transmitter that goes with it or stands alone: the STX-500.

Back by the Axia booth I had a bit of discussion with Milos Nemcik about a couple feature requests for future Livewire releases.

With the day winding down I trotted over to the Westgate Resort for the HAM (amateur radio) reception. With hundreds of HAM’s from the broadcast community, as well as a majority of HAMs from the local area it is a packed house but a great event. The line to get in ran around the corner. Meanwhile, someone grabbed my camera and shot me!

I do promise to get Thursdays report is next.

That is it for the moment, expect a bit more tomorrow..




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