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The LPFM Page

... While LPFM is a broadcast service and uses many of the same pieces of equipment as full power stations, it has its own special challenges. One of the main challenges is budgetary; with standard commercials not permitted, an LPFM station needs to be careful and efficient with its budget. The manufacturers, vendors, and service providers on this page are attuned to the special needs of LPFM stations.

Transmission Gear and Suppliers for LPFM

Transmitters - models specifically made or built for LPFM power levels. (Such transmitters need to be Type Certified to the FCC.

The V2 from BW Broadcast
Crown Broadcast's "E Series"
Nautel Ltd.


Broadcast Electronics FM Broadcast  
Nicom RVR Ramsey
Richardson Worldcast  

Antennas - several companies handle antennas that are designed to work with LPFM stations. They include:

Dielectric Communications
Jampro Antennas
RF Technologies

Here are some qualified Riggers who can install your antenna and/or tower.

Monitoring and Control - While specific logs are not required for LPFM, the Rules do require that a station know that it is operating within its Authorization - and be able to terminate transmissions if an out of tolerance condition is not remedied within three hours. (See page 15 of the LPFM checklist.)

Circuit Werkes Site Sentry2, Site Sentry4, or the Sicon-8 Remote Control Systems

The Davicom Low Power FM Site Monitoring Kit

DEVA Broadcast Mod Monitors, CODECs, and Streaming Monitors

        Inovonics - Model 610 - Internet Radio Monitor

Rep firms -, RF Specialties, and SCMS are poised to help you find the right mix of professional and semi-professional gear to make your station sound great.

American Amplifier Techonologes


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